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Chapter 736

Chapter 736: Succeed

“Yan Alliance?”

Jia Xing Tian softly uttered the name in his mouth. His eyes moved to Xiao Yan by the side and laughed, “Good name. It is likely that the position of this Yan Alliance in the future will far surpass the Misty Cloud Sect. Hopefully, there will be a seat for the Jia Ma Empire in the northwestern region in the future.”

XIao Yan nodded with a smile and softly replied, “Xiao Yan will naturally do my best.”

“Ke ke, since this alliance has been established, we will naturally need a leader who will lead everyone…” Fa Ma stood up and smiled as he said, “It seems that this position will definitely belong to little friend Xiao Yan.”

Mu Chen, Nalan Jie, and the others hurriedly voiced their agreement after hearing Fa Ma’s words. After Xiao Yan had spent so much time and effort to establish a faction, these people would naturally not naively think that he was impartial. The position of the Alliance Chief was naturally encapsulated within it. Naturally, there would not be anyone who would foolishly voice any opposition in this kind of situation.

Xiao Yan smiled in the face of this agreement. He did not purposefully put up an act to decline it. Instead, he got up and laughed, “The Yan Alliance does not belong to Xiao Yan alone. Its future achievements still need to rely on all the founding members seated here!”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded upon seeing that everything was progressing as he had expected. He waved his hand and the female servants by the side served some wine that had already been poured in front of everyone.

“The formation of the alliance today can be considered a big matter. Let’s all have a drink for the Yan Alliance!” Xiao Ding raised his wine cup and laughed.

“Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha. Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!”

The largest faction within the Jia Ma Empire was finally established amid the laughter in the hall. Perhaps in a short while, this new faction would be mentioned by the mouths of every single person from the Jia Ma Empire. Many people would know that this faction would be the replacement of the Misty Cloud Sect!

Whether this replacement would walk even further than the Misty Cloud Sect would be determined by what abilities its leader possessed!

Everyone left one after another after the discussion in the hall was completed. The serious atmosphere of the hall slowly became a relaxing one.

Xiao Yan also let out a long breath when he saw the last person out of the Xiao Mansion. He sat in his chair and sighed, “I have finally settled this. In the future, our Xiao clan can be considered to have a protection that is reassuring.”

“Given your current strength, you can just forcefully order them to join. Yet you want to make it this troublesome. You really are seeking your own bitterness.” Queen Medusa who had been quiet until this moment finally glanced at Xiao Yan and coldly spoke.

Xiao Yan rolled his eyes upon hearing this. He was too lazy to be bothered reasoning with her. In the heart of this vicious woman, strength was the greatest, no matter what kind of topic it was.

“The Yan Alliance involves all of the strongest factions within the empire after it has just been established. Its potential is extraordinary. In the future, I will make the information network of the Yan Alliance spread over every single corner of the empire. At that time, anyone who is against our Xiao clan will enter into our ears. Even if that ‘Hall of Souls’ wants to touch the members of our Xiao clan again, it would no longer be as easy as it was in the past.” Xiao Ding ignored the argument between the two as he laughed faintly and spoke.

“Aren’t we giving them too much authority in this Yan Alliance? The E

lder’s Council can decide the Alliance Chief’s will. This might be a lot of trouble if it is not handled well in the future.” Xiao Li knit his brows and gave his input.

“Relax, I am only doing this to stabilize their hearts. Once more time passes and the concept of their clans fade in their hearts, they will naturally begin to place the alliance as the priority. Moreover, I will also quietly use some tactics to cause most of the people in our Elder’s Council to be made up of people from our Xiao clan and those that support our Xiao clan. In the future, there will definitely be no one interfering with any decision that third brother makes.” Xiao Ding knocked his hand against his legs and carelessly laughed.

Xiao Yan smiled. He stretched his lazy waist and said, “Now that the alliance has been successfully established, I will hand the subsequent matters to big brother and second brother to settle. I am not very good at this.”

“You brat…” Xiao Ding helplessly shook his head when he saw that XIao Yan had already began to shirk his responsibilities.

“That’s right, second brother, have you found all the medicinal ingredients that I got you to look for?” Xiao Yan appeared to have suddenly recalled something as he inquired.

“The Primer clan has managed to dispatch the list of these medicinal ingredients to all its auction houses. They have gathered all the medicinal ingredients but there is only enough to refine two medicinal pills. If you fail, it is likely that they will need to spend two months in order to continue gathering all of them. Old Hai said that these medicinal ingredients were far too rare. Even the Primer clan does not keep much of them around.” Xiao Li was startled when he heard the question. His gaze swept over Xiao Ding without leaving a trace as he immediately replied.

“Two sets huh.., it should be enough to refine one pill. You should deliver the medicinal ingredients to my chamber later.” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment. Two sets of medicinal ingredients was indeed a little risky. However, the little life that Xiao Li currently had left did not allow him to delay any longer. Hence, Xiao Yan immediately opened his mouth to reply.

Xiao Li slightly nodded.

No doubt was aroused in Xiao Ding’s heart when the two of them were discussing the medicinal ingredients. After all, it was extremely natural for Xiao Yan to refine medicinal pills since he was an alchemist. Hence, their eyes glanced at the pretty, cold face of Medusa by the side after the two of them finished their conversation. Xiao Ding immediately gave Xiao Li a look before having him push his wheelchair out of the hall.

They looked… looked…

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head when he saw the actions of the two of them. He immediately threw his gaze toward Medusa. After being silent for a moment, he softly said, “Thank you very much.”

This thanks was naturally because she was willing to come and hold the fort for him. Medusa was the best choice if he wanted to deter and shake those old fellows. However, her character was too cold. Xiao Yan was also prepared to be rejected when he invited her to help. He did not expect that the other party would agree in such a crisp fashion.

“I only wanted to come and kill. Unfortunately, things did not go as I hoped.” Medusa merely responded faintly in the face of Xiao Yan’s thanks. However, even she might have sensed her ice-cold pupils become a little gentler at this moment.

“Xiao Yan, the Yaowan that you have given me has long been finished. Now that your injuries have completely recovered, you should hurry and refine some more for me.” Zi Yan, who had been following beside Medusa immediately muttered.

Xiao Yan smiled as he stepped forward and gently rubbed Zi Yan’s head. He agreed with a faint grin, “Alright, I will refine for you in awhile, you little greedy fellow.”

“You should be quick. I can sense that I seemed to be about to become stronger again and require a large amount of energy. Otherwise, I am about to fall into a slumber.” Zi Yan knit her little brows. Ever since she had blocked that blow from Protector Wu on the Misty Cloud Mountain, she faintly began to feel a strange feeling. Hence, she was anxiously in need of a large amount of energy.

Xiao Yan and Medusa were startled when they heard this. Their eyes immediately revealed a curious glow as they looked at Zi Yan. A moment later, they exchanged looks with one another and said in surprise, “It seems that she is about to advance?”

Xiao Yan mused for a moment. Zi Yan was at the Dou Wang class when he had first met her in the Inner Academy back then. According to the rank of a Magical Beast, it was only natural for a rank 5 Magical Beast to advance after having eaten so many natural treasures.

“The advancement of a Magical Beast will require an unusually large amount of energy. Hence, an ordinary Magical Beast that advances would first find various kinds of natural treasures. However, this girl has been eating countless numbers of treasures for so many years and only advanced now. It seems that the energy she needs to advance is indeed massive. I really don’t know what kind of being she is…” Medusa’s tone also carried some surprise. It was also the first time that she had seen a Magical Beast require such a large amount of energy to advance. Normally speaking, the greater the energy needed during the advancement, the stronger the Magical Beast. However, someone like Zi Yan… seemed to require so much that it was a little overboard.

“You can rest assured that I will help her obtain it no matter how great the amount of energy she requires. This little fellow has followed me and run out of the Inner Academy. I cannot allow her to be injured. Otherwise, I would have difficulty accounting to First Elder Su Qin in the future.” Xiao Yan pinched Zi Yan’s tender jade-like little face. He could not help but laugh gently when he saw the cute manner of the latter in which she repeatedly swung her face to avoid his hand.

Medusa was also startled when she saw the gentleness that Xiao Yan displayed at this moment. She immediately said in a faint manner, “This little fellow is very close to me. I will not agree even if you allow her to be injured.”

Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head upon seeing Medusa appeared to be protecting the child. He seemed to have recalled something as he raised his eyes and looked at Medusa. He softly said, “Our one year agreement will arrive after one to two months.”

Medusa’s hand that was helping comb Zi Yan’s purple hair stilled. Her pretty face, that was showing signs of a gentleness earlier, slowly turned icy-cold. Those eyes that were filled with a bewitching charm glanced at Xiao Yan. Her voice was indifferent as she said, “Don’t you know that you will definitely be the first person to die in my hands once I consume the ‘Soul Recovery Pill’? Or do you think that the current you can contend with me?”

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly and said, “I am naturally aware of this. However, there is an agreement and I will naturally not break the agreement. Moreover, from the way you are gathering medicinal ingredients from all over the place, it seems that you are also really looking forward to it. Don’t tell me that I can actually ignore it?”

Medusa’s eyes were ice-cold as she glanced at Xiao Yan. She immediately pulled Zi Yan’s little hands, turned her body and walked out of the hall. Only when she reach the doorway did she pause her footsteps and speak in a faint voice, “Those medicinal ingredients have all been eaten by Zi Yan. If you are really anxious to refine the medicinal ingredients, there is no need to go to the trouble. You can just tell me and I will strike you.”

“Of course, don’t think that this Queen has a change of heart. It is just that I wish to allow you to live for a little longer.”

A stunned look appeared in Xiao Yan’s eyes after he heard Queen Medusa throw these words out before leaving the hall. A strange expression covered his face.

“This woman…”

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