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Chapter 727: Situation

The events that transpired in the Misty Cloud Sect spread to every corner of the Jia Ma Empire within a few days as though the news had sprouted wings. A great disturbance rose within the entire Jia Ma Empire in an instant.

Almost everyone knew just how powerful and frightening the strength of the Misty Cloud Sect was in the Jia Ma Empire. Due to Yun Shan being present these few years, the reputation of the Jia Ma Empire had greatly rose. However, the shocking news of the Misty Cloud Sect being disbanded was currently spreading. This was undoubtedly an earth-shakingly big matter to the citizens of the Jia Ma Empire.

While this matter was spreading and creating an uproar, the main character of this issue, Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan, also became completely known to everyone within the Jia Ma Empire. Some people might feel somewhat unfamiliar and at a loss about the name, but those with a good memory would still be able to vaguely remember the rookie, who had rose like a comet within the empire, from three years ago…

However, Xiao Yan back then was merely a very outstanding individual among the younger generations. He was not worth mentioning in the eyes of an old demon like Yun Shan. Hence, he was chased out of the empire back then because he had offended the Misty Cloud Sect. However, within three short years, he had returned as a strong person. Moreover, his strength had reached a frightening extent where he could defeat a large being like the Misty Cloud Sect. Such swift improvement really caused one to involuntarily click one's tongue and exclaim.

During the time the entire empire was shaken because of these matters, the Misty Cloud Sect finally released the news that they were about to disband for the first time. With the confirmation of the news, it involuntarily stirred up a countless number of stunned voices once again.

The Misty Cloud Sect's disciples began to leave the sect and descend the mountain not long after the news of the Misty Cloud Sect being about to disband was released. Finally, they hid their identities and blended in with the ordinary citizens of the empire. In the future, they would no longer be able to rely on that identity to boast to others.

Within a short half a month, most of the Misty Cloud Sect's disciples had already left. The Misty Cloud Mountain had also changed from being tightly guarded to being empty. This mountain peak which was viewed by the people from the Jia Ma Empire as a training holy ground in the past would become an ordinary mountain range in the future. Perhaps with the flow of time, even the name Misty Cloud Sect would be gradually forgotten in the long river of time.

An ancient sect which was once prominent within the Jia Ma Empire for a few hundred years had quietly declined in this manner.

Jia Ma Empire's capital, Jia Ma Sacred City!

A countless number of whispers and emotional sighs sounded within the Jia Ma Empire following the disbanding of the Misty Cloud Sect. All of them had witnessed the decline of this enormous faction. While they were witnessing this great and unexpected change, Xiao Yan's name had also began to spread through the mouths of a countless number of people. This was because anyone who was not stupid understood that this young man might well replace the status that the Misty Cloud Sect enjoyed in the past within the Jia Ma Empire and become an overlord in the training of Dou Qi within the empire!

The Xiao Mansion which was seated in a good location within the middle of the city had undoubtedly become the existence which attracted the most attention recently. There would be an unceasing flow of people in this place everyday. A countless number of leaders belonging to various reputable factions within the capital would personally come with expensive gifts to congratulate them. They were even willing to ignore their status and queue outside of the mansion for a long time. Some of them were even full of smiles toward those members of the Xiao clan who were guarding the door in order to express their thoughts to the Xiao clan. Their tones were extremely affectionate. Such a treatment caused the vanity of some members of the Xiao clan to soar. Even their disposition had also changed slightly. They no longer hid about like in the past and acted as cautiously as a mouse.

A black-robed, young man was seated in a chair within a spacious quiet hall in the Xiao Mansion. His eyes were slightly shut. The beautiful female servants within the hall used small steps to walk as they carefully filled his teacup before standing by the side and secretly weighing this new overlord within the Jia Ma Empire, who was the most sought after person. A redness covered their faces. Which young lady did not have a crush? The current Xiao Yan was the hero adored by a countless number of young ladies in the Jia Ma Empire. He was able to fight with a legendary elite Dou Zong at only twenty odd years old. Such a talent and achievement really caused people to feel disbelief.

"Ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, little fellow, you are finally out. How is it? Are your injuries cured?" A laugh suddenly broke the silence of the large hall. Xiao Li's figure immediately appeared outside of the door. Behind him, a female servant was pushing Xiao Ding's wheelchair and slowly walked in.

The black-robed, young man slowly opened his eyes when he heard the laughter. A faint fiery glow flashed across his dark-black pupils. His young and handsome face still carried a little paleness. The dense white fire seal on his forehead looked life-like. If one were to look carefully, it appeared like a substance-like flame, giving one an unusual demon-like feeling. The person with such an appearance was naturally Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan looked at Xiao Li and Xiao Ding as they entered. A slight smile was revealed on his expressionless face. He stood up and walked over.

Xiao Li walked forward swiftly and used his strength to pat Xiao Yan's shoulder. He rejoiced and laughed, "Have you fully recovered from your injuries?"

"I am too seriously injured this time around. How can it be so easy to recover from them?"

Xiao Yan shook his head. His injuries this time were the most serious ones he ever gained. Not only was the Dou Qi within his body exhausted but his Spiritual Strength was also greatly damaged. Even the bones in his hands were broken. If it had been an ordinary person, these numerous injuries would likely have caused him to die or at the very least lose half his life. It was fortunate that Xiao Yan had taken many natural spiritual medicines and was far from what an ordinary person could compare with. He naturally knew how to use the right remedies and use the best method to slowly heal the injuries within his body. Despite this, he had merely barely healed his injuries after spending nearly half a month. He still needed to spend a period of time if he wanted to recover to his peak condition.

"Take it slowly. There is no need to hurry, no need to hurry. Do it slowly. Everything is fine as long as there is no sequelae. You are the most important person in the Xiao clan and no mishap can happen to you." Xiao Ding smiled as he spoke.

Xiao Yan nodded. He turned his body and sat in the chair. After musing for a moment, he asked, "How is the Misty Cloud Sect?"

"Over half of them have been disbanded. However, there are quite a number of people within the Misty Cloud Sect. I think that they will only be able to completely disband after another half month. They have been let off too easy this time around!" Hearing this, Xiao Li's expression immediately became dark and cold as he spoke with a chilly voice.

Xiao Ding shook his head and smiled faintly, "We have already taken revenge and achieved the deterrent effect by killing the few masterminds. Moreover, there are many ordinary Misty Cloud Sect's disciples. It would not have much benefit to the reputation of our Xiao clan if we were to really wash them with blood. Instead, it would cause some people to feel terrified. We would experience a big drawback from a long term perspective."

Xiao Yan glanced at the smiling Xiao Ding but was quiet. If not for Yun Yun, he had indeed planned to wash the Misty Cloud Sect in blood to take revenge… if one were to discuss what changed, one would say he had taken into account his personal feelings.

Xiao Ding gaze glanced at Xiao Yan. He smiled after he seemed to clearly understand what Xiao Yan was thinking. He slowly spoke, "Third brother, you did not do anything wrong. It is because of you that the Xiao clan need not live in hiding. You are now the support in the hearts of everyone within the Xiao clan. The members of the Xiao clan will do their best to support your every decision whether they are right or wrong."

While he spoke, Xiao Ding's gaze narrowed and stared at Xiao Li. The latter shrank his head and hurriedly spoke with a smile, "Hee hee, I have stayed a little too long in the 'Black-Corner Region' and is somewhat out of touch with an ordinary person."

A warm feeling flowed through Xiao Yan's heart as he heard the words of these two people. These were his blood-related brothers. No matter what he did, whether it was right or wrong, they would support him without hesitation.

"If it is possible, bring that Yun Yun to let big brother and second brother take a look. I heard from Old Hai and the others that you have shown mercy this time around because of her. She does indeed have little connection with the matter of our Xiao clan. We will not mind too much." Xiao Ding held the teacup beside him, took a sip before suddenly teasing.

Xiao Yan was a little distressed when he heard this. He hurriedly explained, "It is just that I owed her quite a lot of favors when I was training in the empire…"

Xiao Ding smiled when he saw this manner of Xiao Yan. He ceased making fun of him and said, "I am already aware of the words that you conveyed. I also already sent someone to inform Old Hai. I think that he should be able to hurry over in a little while."

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded. He glanced at Xiao Li by the side and thought that he should maximize the time and resolve the 'Life Devouring Pill' issue within the latter's body. Otherwise, how would he account to big brother if any mishaps were to happen to second brother after some time.

Xiao Yan's gaze involuntarily glanced at the dark-black ring on his finger as he thought of the method to resolve the 'Life Devouring Pill'. A faint melancholy seeped out out of his eyes.

"That's right. Thanks to you, the Xiao clan's reputation has soared greatly within the empire. There is a never ending number of people who come visiting with gifts everyday. This scene was one that we never experienced back in Wu Tan City. If father were to see this, it is likely that he would feel very gratified. He had always expected great things for you among us three brothers." Xiao Ding was extremely attentive. He could see the sadness in Xiao Yan's eyes. He immediately changed the topic and laughed out gently.

Xiao Yan nodded quietly. His fist slowly tightened as he softly spoke, "I currently have some clues about father's location. However, my current strength is far from sufficient if I want to rescue him now."

"We trust you. We believe that you will be able to do it." Xiao Ding smiled and replied. Xiao Yan had given them quite a number of miracles during these many years.

Xiao Yan smiled at the confidence that Xiao Ding and Xiao Li had in him. He nodded slightly and was about to speak when a clan member hurriedly entered. He spoke respectfully, "Old master Hai Bodong is arriving. Old master Hai Bodong is about to arrive."

Xiao Yan hurriedly and got up when he heard this. Currently, they had already settled the matters of the Misty Cloud Sect. Next, it was time to consider the future circumstances of the Xiao clan in the Jia Ma Empire. Although the reputation of the Xiao clan in the Jia Ma Empire had greatly soared, this was still inadequate in Xiao Yan's opinion. He had once promised his father that he would truly let the Xiao clan prosper!

A prosperity that was greater than any point in history! A great prosperity that was worthy of getting people to rejoice and feel excited about!

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