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Chapter 700

Chapter 700: Night Discussion

The towering mountain peak of the Misty Cloud Sect was hidden in the darkness of the night. Tiny, dense lights were just like fireflies that covered the entire mountains. Although it was already late in the night, the defense of this mountain peak was even tighter than in the daytime. Numerous exposed and hidden patrols were wandering the darkness, absorbing all activity on the entire mountain into their eyes.

The enormous sect stood on the peak of the Misty Cloud Mountain. It was like a fierce beast under the cover of the hazy night that creeped over to this spot while faintly emitting an unusual pressure that caused one’s hairs to stand on end.

A gentle light was swaying under the wind in a remote hall located deep inside the sect. The faint light covered the entire hall, expelling the coldness lingering in the hall.

The enormous hall was empty. Only a person wearing a white-colored robe in the middle gave this large hall a human presence.

Yun Yun was seated cross-legged on a futon. Her graceful, noble, beautiful face was filled with an unusual fury at this moment. Yun Shan had come to speak to her earlier, causing her body to descend into an ice-cold state.

“Marry Gu He?” The iciness in Yun Yun’s heart grew increasingly denser after she thought of the words that were spoken from Yun Shan’s mouth. In what way was the current Yun Shan even slightly similar to her compassionate teacher back then? This was really too unbelievable!

Yun Yun’s beautiful eyes swept toward the tightly shut door and her delicate hands were tightly clenched. Her sharp nails pierced her palm until they felt painful. A moment later, she suddenly knit her eyebrows and coldly cried out, “Since you are here, you should just show yourself. Why do you need to act so sneakily?”

“Ugh, Ugh… it is unexpected that despite your Dou Qi being sealed by Yun Shan, your senses are still this sharp… ugh.” A helplessly bitter laugh and sigh slowly sounded in the hall after Yun Yun’s cry sounded. Immediately, a large human figure slowly appeared from a spot in the hall. From the looks of that familiar face, it was surprisingly Pill-King Gu He from back then!

“It’s you?” Yun Yun was also startled when she saw Gu He appeared. She immediately lifted her eyebrows and coldly laughed, “Gu He, it is really unexpected that you are actually such a person. Taking advantage of others when they are in trouble. To think I thought so highly of you in the past.”

Gu He was also stunned when he heard the cold laughter of Yun Yun. He immediately understood something and spoke with a bitter smile, “This matter really isn’t related to me. All of this is Yun Shan’s intention… he asked me… moreover, I really do…”

“If you don’t marry me, what can he do even if it’s his intention?” Yun Yun’s gaze flickered as she looked at Gu He. Her tone was aggressive. Although her Dou Qi had been sealed, her aura was not the least bit diminished.

Under this attitude of Yun Yun, Gu He was also somewhat unable to react despite his strengths. He rubbed his head and sighed a moment later, “Yun Shan’s suggestion does indeed possess a great attraction to me. It is not as though you don’t know my feelings toward you. You merely choose to forget about them…”

“You are a friend who is hard to come by but…” Yun Yun lowered her face and shook her head. She said, “If you still have any regard to our past relationship, you will reject teacher’s suggestion. In this way, we can still be friends in the future. Otherwise… otherwise, don’t blame me for not considering our past relationship…”

Gu He slowly inhaled a bre

ath of air as he looked at the ice-cold moving face under the lamp light. He suddenly asked something surprising, “It’s because of that Xiao Yan right… you have rejected me because of him.”

Yun Yun’s face suddenly changed when that familiar name sounded. She roared out, “Don’t talk nonsense! You are being ridiculous. It’s not like that.”

“Yun Yun, it is not as though I am an idiot… Yun Shan has told me all those things. Now that I think about it, you have intervened a couple of times to rescue Xiao Yan when he was chased by the Snake-People race in the Vast Tager Desert back then because of this reason.” Gu He’s expression was somewhat bitter. He was always a proud person. However, even today he did not expect himself to still be unable to beat a little fellow…

Yun Yun’s red lips moved. She did not say anything. Her bright eyes glances at Gu He before speaking, “You need not bother with my reasoning. I am only going to ask whether you are willing to reject teacher’s suggestion?”

Gu He was silent. He shook his head a moment later as he spoke in a somewhat deep voice, “I am worthy of you. Moreover, it is impossible between you and Xiao Yan!”

“There is no need for you to bother about my issues. Moreover, what right do you have to control me. You don’t have the qualification to.” Yun Yun coldly reprimanded. The corner of her mouth was lifted in ridicule, “I have said before that if it is something I am unwilling to do, even teacher cannot order me to agree. If you really intend to be stubborn in your ways, you can come and marry an icy corpse at that time.”

“All because of that little fellow?” Gu He cried out in a low voice. A fury immediately surged up on Gu He’s face when he heard that Yun Yun was actually threatening him with her death.

“It has nothing to do with him… moreover, Gu He, your medicinal refinement skills are renowned throughout the entire Jia Ma Empire. It is not difficult for you to find a woman who is more outstanding than me. Why do you need to do this kind of thing in which one is unwilling?” Yun Yun gently tightened her delicate hand as she spoke in a faint voice.

“But I only like you!” Gu He roared out angrily. “In what way am I inferior to that fellow? He is but a little boy. Is he worthy for you to care this much?”

Yun Yun also sighed softly when she saw that Gu He was this stubborn. She finally ceased saying anymore as she slowly shut her eyes and ignored him.

Gu He’s fury increased when he saw that Yun Yun was acting in this manner. However, he did not dare to violate this lady in front of him whom he had always held some love and great respect for. He immediately pace up and down the hall for a long while before he gradually but finally recovered his emotions. He suddenly spoke in a deep voice, “Xiao Yan has indeed returned to the Jia Ma Empire.”

That name had just sounded when it appeared to have some sort of magical powers that caused the lady with her eyes shut to once again open those bright eyes to sweep over Gu He.

Gu He involuntarily mocked himself upon seeing that the mere mention of the name caused Yun Yun to react in this manner. It was unexpected that after being so grand for so many years, he would actually be suppressed by a little boy to the point where he could not turn the tides…

“However, you should not be happy too soon. Although he is now making contact with the other factions within the empire, you should also know the great strength of the Misty Cloud Sect. Yun Shan is also much stronger than he was back then. Even though Xiao Yan’s strength has soared during these last three years, his chances of defeating Yun Shan are still quite low. Moreover, if he were to fail again this time around, it is likely that Yun Shan will not give him another opportunity to flee. Hence, perhaps in a short period of time, this person called Xiao Yan might be completely eliminated from the Jia Ma Empire.” Gu He spoke faintly.

“Moreover at that time, you will also be able to truly be relieved…”

Yun Yun’s face might still remained calm after hearing Gu He’s words but her delicate hands under her sleeves were tightened. Some complicated emotions flashed across her lowered bright eyes.

It was just as Gu He had said. The strength of the current Misty Cloud Sect was something that she could not be more clear about. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it could sweep through the entire Jia Ma Empire. From the aura that she had sensed back then, Xiao Yan’s current strength might be quite strong. However, there was still quite a big gap when compared to that of Yun Shan who was already at the Dou Zong class…

Hence, if Xiao Yan was really intending to engage in a bloody fight with the Misty Cloud Sect, it was likely that his end would not be too good…

Yun Yun’s face involuntarily revealed a worry when she thought of this. This fellow was really made of up stone. He clearly knew that he would not break through head-on but he had to still come and do so. He had luckily fled back then but it was likely that he would not be so luckily this time around…

Gu He by the side was staring at Yun Yun with his eyes. He naturally absorbed the anxiety on her face through his eyes. The unknown flame in his heart grew even more intense. This kind of worry was something that he had never seen her display toward him!

“As long as Xiao Yan is defeated this time around, he will end up with a terrible fate. You should forget about this person as soon as possible…” Gu He frowned and said.

Yun Yun’s expression once again slowly became ice-cold. She glanced at Gu He before speaking in a cold voice, “There is no need for your concern. I will still say the same thing. If you still want to be friends in the future, you should reject teacher’s suggestion. If you really covet beauty, there are an unknown number of people in the world who are more beautiful than me. Why do you want to waste your time on me, a person who is imprisoned?”

“Covet beauty?” This phrase from Yun Yun angered Gu He until his face twitched. Gu He roared out furiously, “Have I paid even the slightest attention to another woman other than you all these years? When you were the sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, I had gone all out to help you stabilize the situation. When have I voiced any bitterness? When have I asked for even the slightest compensation?”

Yun Yun’s ice-cold face slowly became gentler as she looked at the flushed face of Gu He. She sighed softly and whispered, “Big brother Gu He, Yun Yun will never dare to forget about your help. However, there are some things that cannot be forced just because of gratitude… Xiao Yan and I aren’t what you imagine.”

Gu He merely laughed bitterly when he heard Yun Yun’s gentle voice. He waved his hand and said, “I will think through this matter properly. After the recent events are over, I will ask Yun Shan to undo the seal in your body… At that time, I will accompany you wherever you want to go.”

Yun Yun could only helplessly shake her head when she saw that this person was actually so stubborn.

“I’m afraid that two days from now will be the time that Xiao Yan and the Misty Cloud Sect will engage in their decisive battle. You should pay attention that day. Don’t anger Yun Shan…” Gu He mused for a moment before suddenly speaking.

Yun Yun’s face changed a little. She tightened her delicate hand once again.

“It is already quite late today. You should go and rest first…” Gu He sighed again when he saw that Yun Yun did not react. After which, he walked toward the door. Just before he exited, his footsteps suddenly paused as he said, “That’s right, according to what I know, there have been some unusual fluctuations from the ‘Gate of Life and Death’ within the sect’s forbidden grounds. If I guessed correctly, Yanran, who has been training inside for three years, should be about to come out…”

He did not continue to remain after saying this. The large door of the hall was pushed opened before his body slowly disappeared into the night. That large heavy door once again slowly shut itself tightly after Gu He had left…

The bright eyes were stunned as they looked at Gu He who had left. A moment later, gratification gradually surged out of Yun Yun’s eyes.

“That girl Yanran is finally about to come out from her retreat huh…”

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