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Chapter 686

Chapter 686: Sweep Away

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The low, deep of a physical body exploding repeatedly resounded within the enormous manor. This sound was like the sickle of a death god. Without exception, a Misty Cloud Sect’s disciple would turn into ashes each time it sounded.

The Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples swarmed toward the innermost layer of the manor like floodwaters. The people behind were completely unaware of the unexpected changes that had occurred at the front due to their limited vision. Hence, when their swarming momentum gradually entered a certain boundary, the sickle of the death god sliced over…

A terror and disturbance finally spread in all directions as an increasing number of Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples’ bodies strangely auto-ignited. Hence, the atmosphere fell greatly, spurred on by the terror. Finally, they were unable to endure any longer and began to wildly withdraw…

The white-colored torrent that had just come surging over like floodwaters once again fled miserably in all directions a moment later. Their panicked manner was as though they were afraid that the strange auto-ignition would descend upon them.

Hence, the enormous attack of the Misty Cloud Sect began to self-destruct without being attacked under this strange auto-ignition of bodies. Fear and shock was present on everyone’s faces. Something that could kill someone without shape and color had an even easier time eroding a person’s courage compared to sharp knives and swords.

When the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples fled for their lives out of the outermost part of the manor, the unusual phenomenon of the auto-ignition of bodies gradually began to disappear. However, at this moment, the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples had already suffered serious losses. During that terrifying time of auto-ignition earlier, at least half of the people were turned to dust in an extremely strange manner…

The manor was covered by a kind of grayish-white powder as the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples withdrew in a torrent-like manner. Due to the large amount of it, it had resulted in a layer that was as thick as a finger. The powder danced when the breeze blew over. The entire sky was adrift with terror and bizarre danger, giving one the creeps.
Both the inside and outside of the entire manor had turned into a dead silence under this treacherous feeling. Just a moment ago, half of the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples had been turned into powdery ashes in less than ten minutes. Regardless of whether it was the members of the Primer clan, the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples, or the surrounding observers, all of them felt a chill over their bodies as though they were in an abyss…

This scene was really too terrifying for them.

After the silence continued for a moment, numerous gazes finally began to turn to the black-robed, young man, who was carrying a heavy ruler, in the sky. At this moment, the latter was slowly extending both of his hands. If one were to carefully look at his hands, one would be able to vaguely see clusters of invisible flames fiercely burning above it. From the looks of the situation, it was clear that the earlier frightening auto-ignition frenzy was caused by him!

The Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples who withdrew from the manor displayed shocked and terrified faces as they looked at Xiao Yan in the air. That manner was as though they were looking at a vicious, bloodthirsty demon. The viciousness of the latter’s tactics earlier was enough to leave behind a phobia in their hearts, one that was difficult to eliminate. This devil-like human figure would follow them like their shadows, appearing occasionally in their hearts. It caused their hearts to be filled with fear.

The members of the Primer clan within the manor looked at the powder outside of the manor’s c

ourtyard. They, too, involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Their gazes looked at one another with their eyes filled with shock. The Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples who had beaten them until they were unable to retaliate earlier were turned into firecrackers that randomly blasted all over the place. After which, over half of them were eliminated. Only at this moment did they truly understand that in the eyes of a truly strong person, a human life was really mere dirt…

Ya Fei was similarly shocked by this frightening scene. Her enchanting pretty face was somewhat pale as she raised her head to look into the air. The black-robed, young man’s indifferent face had a thread of ruthlessness to it. She sighed once again. The hatred Xiao Yan felt toward the Misty Cloud Sect had truly reached a stage where he anxiously wanted to eat their flesh. Ya Fei was quite familiar with Xiao Yan’s character. Normally, he would not do something like this. Hence, the Misty Cloud Sect only had themselves to blame for all this.

“Ke ke, this fellow is no longer that softhearted young man from back then… however, this might be considered a good thing for him.” Xiao Ding did not felt the slightest resistance to Xiao Yan starting a massacre. Instead, he felt a faint joy within his heart as he laughed and slowly spoke. His voice contained gratification and an unknown soft sigh.

Ya Fei nodded her head slightly. She was just about to speak when the sound of orderly horse hoofs suddenly sounded outside of the manor. She raised her eyes and was surprised to see a dark-black torrent suddenly swarming from all over the city. A moment later, they had completely surrounded those Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples outside the manor, not allowing even water to flow past them.

“These people… are the army of the imperial family?” Ya Fei looked at those black armored soldiers on horseback with surprise. She felt somewhat stunned before raising her eyebrows and immediately laughing softly, “The tactics of Yao Ye are really not bad. They did not appear when the Primer clan suffered a calamity earlier. They ended up dispatching their army immediately now that Xiao Yan had returned and the situation had changed drastically. This speed at which they changed direction was really quite quick…”

Xiao Ding laughed faintly and said, “They are naturally trying to curry favor with third brother by maneuvering their military now. However, it is naturally best that she is trying to court us. There are quite a great amount of benefits for the Primer clan to have a good relationship with the imperial family. Moreover, everyone shares the same great enemy known as the Misty Cloud Sect.

Ya Fei nodded. Her gaze looked at the torrent of metal only to see that a pathway was split opened. A strong horse slowly sailed out. There was a lady wearing a purple-black gown and a phoenix crown seated on it. The lady was tall and her eyes contained a dignity as they flashed. From her appearance, she was naturally the future female emperor who would gradually control the Jia Ma Empire’s imperial family, Yao Ye.

“The Misty Cloud Sect has ignored the laws and has assembled a mob to invade into the capital. Bring all of them away!” Yao Ye waved her delicate hand and roared. Her eyes were cold as she glanced at the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples who were surrounded.

Perhaps they had lost all their courage from having been massacred by Xiao Yan earlier or perhaps it was because of the threat of the many two to three meter long spears but these Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples did not put up much resistance this time around. Instead, they placed their weapons down in a relaxed manner and allowed these gruff tiger-wolf-like soldiers to place a shackle that suppressed Dou Qi on their bodies.

Yao Ye also quietly sighed in relief when she saw that these Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples did not resist. These people from the Misty Cloud Sect did have some ability. There might be some trouble if they were to resist.

Yao Ye settled the problem in this place before her gaze faintly swept across the manor. Her delicate hand under her sleeves immediately tightened when her gaze swept over the powder on the ground. She had saw some of those people suddenly auto-ignite earlier. Hence, her expression was currently somewhat uneasy. This kind of strength was really too great. Was a truly strong person so frightening? No wonder great-grandfather had always chosen to endure before he had absolute confidence to deal with Yun Shan.

Her gaze was raised and she looked at the black-robed, young man in the air. A somewhat moving smile was revealed on Yao Ye’s pretty face. Her gentle soft voice was emitted from her red lips, “Ke ke, may I know if I should call you mister Yan Xiao or mister Xiao Yan?”

Xiao Yan glanced at this somewhat familiar looking woman. He knit his brows and was unable to recall the latter’s identity within a short amount of time.

“This is princess Yao Ye. You met her back then.” Ya Fei’s laughter was slowly transmitted to Xiao Yan while he was frowning, causing him to come to a sudden realization.

Yao Ye smiled at Ya Fei as the former saw her slowly walk out from the manor. She immediately jumped down from her horse and held the latter’s hand affectionately. She said, “Ya Fei jie, I’m sorry. Originally I wanted to come as early as possible but the time needed to dispatch the army is also quite long.”

Ya Fei did not display any surprise at Yao Ye’s sudden warmth to her. She smiled. Her heart was well aware that it was likely that the imperial family was likely trying its best to form a good relationship with Xiao Yan at this moment. However, some of the matters back then had caused Xiao Yan to possess quite a poor impression for the other factions within the Jia Ma Empire. Hence, this intelligent woman in front of her had chosen to try and court her and use this opportunity to make contact with Xiao Yan.

“Oh it’s princess Yao Ye…” Xiao Yan also carelessly smiled after being reminded by Ya Fei. However, he did not display much interest on the outside. He lifted his head and looked at the chaotic battleground in the sky before muttering with his mouth, “There is currently no time to catch up with princess. Let’s slowly talk after I settle all these people.”

This future female emperor of the Jia Ma Empire did not display any dissatisfaction toward these somewhat cold and indifferent words of Xiao Yan. She merely nodded with a gentle smile.

Xiao Yan randomly dismissed Yao Ye before the jade-green fire wings on his back were flapped. His body gradually rushed toward the chaotic battleground in the sky.

Due to being outnumbered, the few Misty Cloud Sect’s expert Dou Wangs were already at a disadvantage in the fight within the sky. They could only parry the attacks and were unable to retaliate. Hence, the situation instantly became one-sided when a heavy weight, like Xiao Yan, joined in.


The blurry, black figure flashed across the sky for a mere few minutes when nearly four expert Dou Wangs became seriously injured and fell from the sky. The fresh blood that they spat out along the way was just like a red fog that slowly drifted in the air.

The entire city was completely silent as they looked at the repeatedly defeated expert Dou Wangs from the Misty Cloud Sect. Then they looked at each other. Anyone could tell that the Misty Cloud Sect did not have the slightest ability to turn the tide.


Another ruthless fist smashed into the back of a shocked elite Dou Wang. The fierce powerful force caused him to instantly lose his fighting strength. In the end, that person fell head first from the sky with no one knowing whether he was dead or alive.

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled turbid air from his chest. His gaze slowly swept toward a distant blurry mountain top outside of the capital. A fierce aura suddenly surged from his body and immediately swept over the entire sky.

The instant that Xiao Yan’s aura erupted, Yun Shan, who was training with his eyes shut, as well as the white-robed lady in the ‘Forbidden Hall’ on the distant Misty Cloud Mountain, suddenly opened their eyes. Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief…

“This aura… how is it possible?”

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