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Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Begin the Journey: Return to the Jia Ma Empire!

There was a slight change in the atmosphere on the mountain peak following the appearance of the black-robed, young man. Those black figures standing behind Xiao Li also turned their gaze to that back. At this moment, the originally quiet atmosphere became completely silent. A kind of unusual pressure covered the top of the mountain. Even the roar of the Magical Beasts in the forest had completely disappeared at this moment.

Tie Wu, Su Mei, and Old Yin Gu were quietly awed in their hearts as they looked at the smiling black-robed, young man. They withdrew a little of the smile on their faces. Although this young man’s age might appear to be much younger than them, they had difficulty maintaining an absolute calm in front of him despite their ruthless characters, that had been honed within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. This was because all of them clearly knew that this young man with a warm smile had caused an elite Dou Huang and an expert with half a foot into the Dou Zong class from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ to die in a miserable manner.

Hence, they might be able to speak in a cheerful and humorous manner in front of the cold, indifferent face of Xiao Li, but they had no choice but to brace their attention in front of this smiling young man, not daring to slight him even a little.

“You have finally rushed over.”

It was likely that only Xiao Li could be unaffected. Therefore, he ignored that slight change in atmosphere and was the first to speak with a smile to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He immediately pointed toward Lin Yan, Zi Yan, and the three others behind him and grinned, “You should also recognize them. They are all my friends and can be considered to be helpers that I have gathered this time around.”

Xiao Li was slightly happy when he heard this. With his eyesight, he could naturally see that Lin Yan and the others were all quite strong. That Zi Yan, whose exterior appearance was that of a little girl, even caused him to have a feeling of being unable to see through her. This kind of feeling was something that Xiao Li had only sensed on Xiao Yan and this extremely cute little girl who appeared to be carved from jade among the Dou Wang class.

“These five people are experts whom I have gathered from within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ some time earlier. Their strengths are all at the Dou Wang class.” Xiao Li spoke with a smile as he pointed to the five human figures whose body was standing as straight as a spear on the slope as they emitted a sharp and stern aura.

“Aye, not bad…” Xiao Yan’s gaze swept over the five human figures. He nodded with satisfaction. The strength of these five people were around that of a six star Dou Wang. They could be considered strong people even when placed in the entire ‘Black-Corner Region’. According to Xiao Yan’s expectations, it was likely that their strength was already sufficient to contend with the so-called ‘Ten Strong’ within the Jia Ma Empire.

“Greetings to Chief Xiao!”

The cold, stern face troops revealed a somewhat stiff smile on their faces as they cried out in unison when they saw Xiao Yan looking over. These fellows were all extremely thorny figures within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Despite this, they did not dare to slight Xiao Yan, who had killed the Blood Sect’s Fan Lao and Medicinal Emperor Han Feng. Strength was honored within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. This point had already been deeply entrenched within one’s bones. Hence, they might be able to deal with Xiao Li indifferently but they must abandon that haughtiness within their hearts and carefully handle the situation when they were in front of Xiao Yan.

“Ha ha, Xiao Yan w

ill remember everyone’s favor in aiding me and will definitely give everyone a satisfactory reward once we are successful.” Xiao Yan smiled, cupped his hands together and spoke. In his heart, he clearly understood that it was only natural that these people wanted quite a rich reward for them to be able to take the risk of offending a great enemy like the Misty Cloud Sect to help him. Therefore, saying any words of thanks could not inspire others like such a sentence could.

As expected. an excitement immediately surged up on the faces of the couple of elite Dou Wang upon hearing these words from Xiao Yan. They had taken such a big risk because of Xiao Yan’s status as a tier 6 alchemist. If they were able to let Xiao Yan owe them a favor, their reward would naturally be rich beyond their imagination.

“As long as chief Xiao gives the order, we will kill the Misty Cloud Sect until blood forms a river regardless how strong that shitty sect is!” On top of being excited, the bloodthirsty words that were unique to the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were emitted from the mouths of the few expert Dou Wangs.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He pressed his palm down in the empty air and calmed them down. After which, he immediately turned his head to look at Old Yin Gu, Su Mei, and Wu Tie. A moment later, his gaze drifted toward the experts from the three factions on the treetop,

The heartbeat of Old Yin Gu and the other two increased a little when they saw Xiao Yan’s gaze looking over. They could carelessly speak when facing Xiao Li. However, in front of the former, they always sensed a pressure that was difficult to describe. This kind of pressure caused them to feel quite uneasy.

“*Cough*, Chief Xiao, the journey to the Jia Ma Empire this time around can be said to be extremely long. Just the trip there and back would require a couple of months without mentioning the additional time needed on top of it. Ke ke, you should also be aware of the situation within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. There is an unknown number of people staring at our properties. If we don’t leave behind a somewhat strong strength within our factions, it is likely that we will be left with nothing.” Old Yin Gu appeared to have sensed the frown on Xiao Yan’s forehead as he let out a dry cough and hurriedly spoke. While he spoke, he also secretly glanced at the graceful figured Queen Medusa, who was standing a short distance behind Xiao Yan. He only sighed in relief within his heart when he did not find any unusual movement on the other side. He really felt a terror deep within his heart toward this true elite Dou Zong.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded when he heard this. He immediately said, “The three of you have already fulfilled our agreement back then by personally making the trip. Xiao Yan will naturally not blame you for anything.”

Old Yin Gu and the other others secretly released the huge stone that was hanging in their hearts after hearing Xiao Yan’s words. They were worried just what kind of difficult situation they would end up in when Xiao Yan would demand they send more people.

“However…” The hearts of the three of them were once again raised at Xiao Yan’s next sentence.

“The three of you should know that there is some danger in this operation. Moreover, this matter is extremely important to Xiao Yan. Hence, I hope that the three of you will not adopt an attitude of randomly dispatching the matter when you fight with the Misty Cloud Sect. Otherwise…” Xiao Yan smiled faintly but a fierce, stern glint flashed across his dark-black eyes. His calm voice also gained an additional coldness.

Although everything was currently prepared, Xiao Yan clearly understood Old Yin Gu and these other fellows. If he did not knock and shake them a little, it was likely that they would really quietly play some tricks. It was just as he had said. This trip back to the Jia Ma Empire was really too important to him. He would not allow any little mistake to cause him to lose everything. Xiao Yan would naturally not be merciful to anyone who would intervene with the implementation of his plan. The current him was no longer that ignorant young man he was back then!

Old Yin Gu, Su Mei, and Tie Wu also understood the warning and coldness within Xiao Yan’s voice. Their expressions immediately changed slightly.

Old Yin Gu laughed dryly and was the first to open his mouth to speak, “Chief Xiao, you can rest assured that since we have promised to lend you a hand, we are all in the same boat. We will definitely not do something stupid like chiseling the boat and sinking together.”

“Ke ke, it is naturally the best this way. Once the matter succeed, Xiao Yan will definitely hand over the reward that all of you want. There will not be any tardiness!” A warm smile once again surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face as he slowly spoke after hearing this.

The three of them accompanied Xiao Yan by smiling as they saw how the latter’s face changed as fast as the flipping of a book. However, they quietly clicked their tongue in their hearts. In what way did this fellow act like a twenty plus year old when he dealt with issues? He was almost no different than those old foxes who had muddled around for half their lives.

Xiao Yan only turned his head around after shaking the three people. His gaze looked at Xiao Li. Both their hearts shared the same thought as they smiled at each other.

“The route to the Jia Ma Empire this time around is extremely far. It is impossible for even an expert Dou Wang to use Dou Qi wings to hurry and cover the distance. Moreover, there are quite a number of Dou Ling class people with us.” Xiao Li finally opened his mouth and spoke after seeing Xiao Yan completely stabilize the situation.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. Back then, he had also spent quite a lot of time when he was traveling from the Jia Ma Empire to the ‘Black-Corner Region’. He naturally understood just how far the journey between the two was. With his current strength, he would need to rest a couple of times along the way in order to complete it.”

“Ke ke, if we were to walk on the ground to the Jia Ma Empire, it is likely that we will not be able to arrive within half a year.” Xiao Li laughed. He immediately blew a sharp whistle with his mouth. When the whistle was emitted, waves of low, deep beast roars immediately sounded. After which, thousands of birds took off from the forest as ten enormous fierce-looking Magical Beast flapped their huge flesh wings, carrying a wave of wild wind as they swiftly rose toward the mountain peak and emitted a low, beast roar toward Xiao Li.

“These ten Tiger Eagle Beasts are all true rank 4 Magical Beast. Not only are they fierce but they also specialize in flying extremely long distances. However, these things are too proud to be tamed. I have spent quite a hefty price in order to exchange for them from the ‘Beast Taming Gate’.” Xiao Li smiled and spoke as he pointed at the ten large-sized Magical Beast that appeared to be both a tiger and an eagle.

“Rank 4 Magical Beast huh…” Xiao Yan felt somewhat surprised when he heard this. Did that not mean that these ten Tiger Eagle Beast were equivalent to ten strong Dou Lings?

“All the various things that we need along the way have been arranged. We can begin flying toward the Jia Ma Empire anytime.” Xiao Li smiled. His gaze faintly revealed some wild heat and anxiety.

“Since that is the case…” Xiao Yan grinned. An unusual heat also surged up his dark-black eyes as his voice suddenly became louder, “What are we still waiting for? Everyone, get on the Tiger Eagle Beast immediately. We will be hurrying to the Jia Ma Empire starting from today!”

Xiao Yan’s words had just sounded when the over hundred black figures, who were standing like wooden poles on the mountain slope, began to orderly hurry forward. They immediately landed on those Tiger Eagle Beast creeping on the ground. The experts from the Dark Sky Sect and the other two factions also rushed to the flying beasts lingering in the air.

Xiao Li waited for everyone to take their positions before his mouth once again emitted the sharp whistle. Immediately, the ten Tiger Eagle Magical Beasts stood up with a low roar. They flapped their wide wings, carrying a wild wild as they slowly ascended into the sky.

The wild wind took shape in the sky. Xiao Yan raised his head and watched the ten enormous flying Magical Beast above and a boiling hot feeling suddenly surged up in his chest. With a low cry, he flapped the jade-green flame wings on his back and immediately rushed toward the enormous head of a Tiger Eagle Beast in a lightning like manner. Queen Medusa, Xiao Li, and the others swiftly rushed over from behind him.

Xiao Yan stood on the head of the Tiger Eagle Beast. The wind blowing from the front caused his clothes to flutter. He lowered his head and watched the increasingly smaller ground before slowly lifting it once again. Those eyes of his stared at the distant northern sky. The corner of his mouth was slowly pulled into a dark and cold smile.

“Jia Ma Empire, Misty Cloud Sect, Xiao Yan is back!”

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