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Chapter 668

Chapter 668: Tranquil

This battle, not surprisingly, became a topic that the people in the Inner Academy relished. The fight in the Fighting Arena that caused a countless number of people to be shocked ended in Xiao Yan’s perfect victory.

Lin Xiuyan and Liu Qing were people whose names reverberated like thunder even among the new students within the Inner Academy. They were frightening existences who had dominated the top three on the ‘Strong Ranking’. No one could replace them all the way until they detached from their student identities and became Inner Academy Elders. Hence, compared to them, Xiao Yan, who had been missing for two years, gave people a somewhat unrealistic feeling because of the rich legendary aura that had covered his name due to the influence of public opinion.

Although when Xiao Yan left the tower, he had fought with Lin Xiuya, at that time, it was merely a test and although some strong experts could see the differences in strength between the two, normal students didn’t have the perception to see who was stronger in the quick exchange. As for the huge attack against the ‘Black Alliance’, although he had slain Han Feng who was at the Dou Huang stage, the act of him doing so was too shocking that it made people feel that it was unreal. Especially for people who didn’t witness it first hand.

Although many people didn’t expressed their dissenting feelings out loud, that thought remained in their hearts.

However, this fiery hot fight that had occurred in front of over half of the Inner Academy’s student population caused that thought, which faintly existed in their hearts, to completely disappear…

The students of the Inner Academy were clearly aware of Lin Xiuya’s and Liu Qing’s strength. However, even the combination of these two was unable to last for ten exchanges against Xiao Yan’s hands. This strength was sufficient to automatically swallow all the doubts about Xiao Yan into their stomach while being secretly shocked.

Hence, there were a countless number of students, who did not get enough from the battle and spread the news to their fellow students despite it being a couple of days after the fiery hot battle that caused one’s blood to be boil. Their faces would also reveal a reverence. A person who was able to establish a faction like ‘Pan’s Gate’ was indeed no ordinary person.

The members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ appeared even more excited in the face of the news spreading among other students. When they saw the other party’s reverence upon mentioning this name, a name that carried a legendary feeling in their occasional conversations with those outside, they would pretend to pay no attention and wave their hands. They would immediately randomly mention that they had occasionally met this legendary figure from their mouths within ‘Pan’s Gate’. After which, if they were lucky, they would be given a pill when observing him refining medicinal pill. Each time this happened, the envy that appeared on the faces of those outsiders would cause their vanity to soar limitlessly.

Xiao Yan had once again hidden himself within ‘Pan’s Gate’ as the place outside it descended into a fiery hot state because of the big fight in the Fighting Arena. Occasionally, Lin Yan, Lin Xiuya, and Liu Qing would make a trip over. However, most of the time, Xiao Yan was alone in the secret chamber refining medicinal pills or training.

Time gradually past amid these tranquil like days. Without realizing it, Xiao Yan had already stayed in the Inner Academy for nearly half a month. He had also received news that Xiao Li had brought him during this period of time. He was also making progress gathering helpers on his end. There were many experts within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. However, attemp

ting to gather these rebellious fellows under him not only required him to spend quite a bit of money but also required him to possess a strength that they were willing to submit to. These two things were things that ‘Xiao Gate’ currently possessed. Hence, quite a number of somewhat renowned experts within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ expressed quite a great interest to the recruitment of ‘Xiao Gate’. According to this situation, it was likely that the expert line-up that ‘Xiao Gate’ gathered when the time came would exceed Xiao Yan’s expectations.

Xiao Yan was looking down from a high vantage point from the roof of a building in ‘Pan’s Gate’. A moment later, some sound of footsteps slowly sounded behind him. He turned his head over and looked at Xiao Yu who was climbing up the stairs. He was just about to speak when his gaze swept toward a lovely, beautiful, young woman behind her.

“Xiao Mei?” The familiar face caused Xiao Yan to be startled as he immediately cried out with a smile.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge.”

The young lady was wearing a pale-purple dress. Her lovely body curved in all the right places. Certain aspects of her young self possessed a graceful demeanor comparable to a matured woman. This was especially the case for her little face that was a mixture of enchantment and purity. It was able to emit a kind of unusual charm. It was likely that this kind of outstanding young lady possessed quite a number of suitors within the Inner Academy. However, at this moment, this young lady, who appeared quite cold in the eyes of many suitors, was calling out with a somewhat timid, soft voice.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His gaze immediately turned to Xiao Yu as he said, “I have settled most of the things after staying in the Inner Academy for so long. I am thinking of going to train a little in the deep mountains during the remaining time. I will make another trip back to the Inner Academy to bring Lin Yan and the others away when second brother has settled the things on his end.”

Xiao Yu was startled when she heard this. She frowned slightly and said, “Must you arrange your schedule until it is so tight?”

“The Misty Cloud Sect and Yun Shan are not ordinary enemies. Back then, all that I was thinking of when I was chased out of the Jia Ma Empire was to do everything to strengthen myself. Ke ke, after that, second brother came. Do you know that the me then had nearly lost my sense of reasoning and wished to immediately charge to the Jia Ma Empire upon hearing that the Xiao clan was nearly eliminated by the Misty Cloud Sect.” Xiao Yan smiled. His voice, however, was calm without much fluctuation.

“However, I ended up enduring it at the last moment…”

Xiao Yan rubbed his nose and laughed softly, “This is because I know that with my strength two years ago, it was likely that my end would not be much different from back then even if I did return. Moreover, I might even end up fleeing in a more miserable state, chased away.

“Perhaps many people are surprised that I can reach this stage in three years. However, I don’t find it surprising. This is because the effort and pain that I have paid for is worth this reward.”

A bright smile surfaced on the young man’s face in front of her. Xiao Yu felt a gratuitous heartache. The blood feud of the clan was a heavy rock pressing on the hearts of every member of the Xiao clan. After which, the heavy burden of taking revenge and revitalizing the Xiao clan were all pressed on this fellow in front of her. From the beginning until the end, the young man who was called the trash of the clan back then did not utter a single complain.

Xiao Yu slowly walked to Xiao Yan’s front. She eyed this young man who had unknowingly become almost the same height as her. Her delicate hand suddenly rubbed the head of the former as she gently said, “Little pervert. Uncle Xiao was right about you back then. He always believed that you would become the most outstanding person of the Xiao clan. I, too, believe this now.”

Envy and dejection flashed across Xiao Mei’s bright beautiful eyes as she stood by the side and watched Xiao Yu who was performing such affectionate actions with Xiao Yan. Who said that a young lady did not yearn for love? With the reputation that Xiao Yan currently possessed within the Inner Academy, quite a number of young ladies with good talent and appearance held an admiration for him. There were also no shortage of young ladies who quietly flirted with him. The shadow which had originally existed deep within Xiao Mei’s heart also expanded. However, that single matter back then had completely resulted in her being only able to seal such a feeling within her heart. She already knew that even though they had already buried the hatchet, it was very difficult for both Xiao Yan and her to return to the kind of relationship they had in the past.

From a certain point of view, Xiao Mei’s and Xun Er’s relationship with Xiao Yan stood on the same starting line back then. However, after they began to run, the route had suddenly changed the moment that Xiao Yan had fallen from being a genius to trash. The relationship between the two also changed drastically… resulting in the present where it was difficult for it to heal.

Xiao Yan was somewhat depressed at this action of Xiao Yu which appeared as though she was dealing with a child. He turned his head only to speak with dissatisfaction, “Who are you calling a little pervert?”

“Chi, back then, you barged into the place where I was bathing. Not only did your hands and legs act strangely, but you also yelled that you had charged in because you were panicking from being chased by a Magical Beast after everything had happened. Do you think that I am stupid. Being filled with terrible thoughts at such a young age, what else would you be other than a little pervert?” Xiao Yu’s face was somewhat flushed red as she rolled her eyes and spoke with curled lips.

“*Cough*… I am innocent.” Xiao Yan coughed intensely. His face had turned somewhat flushed for some unknown reason as he opened his mouth to defend against the accusations toward the actions he committed when he was young. On top of defending himself, his gaze quietly glanced toward a pair of sleek, delicate, sexy, long legs on the other side and involuntarily shook his head within his heart. He wondered just which man would benefit from such unforgettable legs.

Xiao Yan’s gaze might be obscured but it was still discovered by the sensitive Xiao Yu. A faint bright-redness rushed on to her pretty face as she stared furiously at the former.

Xiao Yan smiled in an embarrassed manner. He eyed the somewhat flushed face of Xiao Yu and a slight warmness surged in his heart. He smiled slightly and spoke to the two of them, “I will send someone to inform all of you once I have settled the matter within the Jia Ma Empire. At that time, you can all return if you wish. Believe me, at that time, the Xiao clan will become the strongest clan within the Jia Ma Empire!”

Xiao Yu and Xiao Mei nodded slightly as they watched that serious expression of Xiao Yan. They believed that Xiao Yan would definitely be able to fulfill his promise to them!

“Ke ke, it is already quite late. I also need to enter the mountains. I’m afraid that I will really be going to leave this place the next time I return.” Xiao Yan waved his hands to the two of them but did not delay the time any further. He acted free and easy as he headed to the descending stairs.

“Cousin brother Xiao Yan!” Xiao Mei tightly clenched her delicate hand when she saw that Xiao Yan was about to descend the stairs. Finally, she could not resist shouting out loud.

“Hmm?” Xiao Yan turned his head and his gaze swept toward the young lady.

“I’m sorry.” Xiao Mei’s little face was flushed. It was a moment later before she had summoned the courage to timidly speak with a soft voice.

Xiao Yan was startled. He immediately smiled and shook his head as he said, “We can be considered to be brothers and sisters who have grown up together. There is no need to say such words. I have already forgotten about the matter back then.” Xiao Yan did not stop after speaking. He turned around, descended the stairs, and disappeared in front of the gazes of the two woman.

The back of Xiao Mei’s teeth tightly bit her lower red lip as she watched the spot from which Xiao Yan disappeared. Her little face was somewhat pale. A moment later, spoke in a somewhat bitter soft voice, “Have you really forgotten…”

Xiao Yu sighed when she saw the dejected, bitter face of Xiao Mei. She pulled the former into an embrace as her delicate hand rubbed the smooth black hair of the former. Her gaze swept toward the spot where Xiao Yan had left and a faint bitter smile appeared on her pretty face. This fellow was really as stubborn as he had been in the past. Anyone who had hurt him would be completely expelled from his heart.

Xiao Yu vaguely felt some rejoice as she thought of this…

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