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Chapter 659

Chapter 659: Yao Lao Awakens!

The mountain forest was lush, green. The peaks of the mountains pierced into the clouds just like a blade, appearing to be majestic and spectacular.

An enormous rock was extended out on a steep wall somewhere within the mountain range. A black-robed, young man was seated cross-legged on it with his eyes tightly shut. An enormous crimson medicinal caudron was placed in front of him. A dark-green flame fiercely rose and fell within the medicinal cauldron. If one were to look carefully, one could faintly see that there was actually a cluster of colorful liquid slowly wiggling within the flame.

The surface of the colorful liquid repeatedly emitted tiny bubbles while it was grilled under the flame. Each time a bubble burst apart, the size of the cluster of liquid would shrink slightly.

Of course, this kind of shrinking was extremely slight. It was to the point that one would have a hard time discovering that the liquid was gradually shrinking unless one observed it carefully. However, as this little by little accumulation lasted for a period of time, the shrinking was no longer in miniscule amounts.

With the colorful medicinal liquid becoming increasingly thinner, it faintly revealed a slight black-colored thing that it was wrapping over. At a careful glance, there was actually a dark-black ancient-looking ring within the medicinal liquid!

Compared to before, this dark-black ring undoubtedly had an extra refined glow hidden within it at this moment. The color on the surface had become deeper and darker. When the glow on the surface of this ring flickered occasionally, one could discover that the size of the liquid had shrunk a little. Clearly, the pure medicinal strength within the medicinal liquid was gradually being absorbed by the spirit that was slumbering within the ring.

Awakening Yao Lao’s sleeping spirit was an extremely troublesome and slow task. Xiao Yan had already prepared for this. Hence, Xiao Yan was not overly anxious or uneasy that the ring still had no reaction after a month had passed. He would occasionally open his eyes and stare at the ring within the medicinal liquid. A long while later, he would let out a soft sigh before he calmed himself and continued the refinement.

The quiet mountain range did not possess the liveliness of the outside world. Some of the Magical Beasts that occasionally passed by this place would flee in a miserable state because of the frightening pressure that was faintly emitted from the mountain top. Hence, the surroundings of this mountain peak were exceptionally quiet.

Time quietly flew by in silence. Without realizing it, two months had flown by since Xiao Yan had entered the deep mountains. Xiao Yan had guarded the medicinal cauldron by his side for most of these two months. He would only occasionally leave for a short period of time.

With the flow of time and the unceasing burning of the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame, the cluster of the colorful palm-sized medical liquid was now only the size of a thumb. It was coincidentally just able to completely wrap the dark-black ring within it. Moreover, its luster was the difference between Heaven and Earth when compared to before. Clearly, most of the medicinal strength within the medicinal liquid had been forced into the ring under the burning flame…

Medusa was seated cross-legged on a rock at the top of the mountain. Her tightly shut long eyes were slowly opened as she glanced indifferently at Xiao Yan who was on the steep wall of the mountain. Her sleek, red lips moved a little as a cold laugh softly sounded, “It has already been two months. You should have reached your limit. If you were to continue to struggle on, it is likely that someone else will have to come and rescue you.”

Although Xiao Yan was some distance away, Medusa’s cold laughter still managed to be clearly transmitted

into the ear of the somewhat pale-faced young man below.

Xiao Yan also slowly opened his eyes when he heard the voice floating by the side of his ear. The Dou Qi within his body surged as he once again maneuvered a wisp of dark-green flame and shot it out from his finger. The flame was finally poured into the medicinal cauldron. Only after doing all of this did he raise his head and asked a question with a smile toward the mountain peak, “Why? Are you worried about me?”

“I was worried that I won’t be able to obtain the ‘Soul Recovery Pill’ if you were to die!” The corner of Medusa’s lips curled as she spoke coldly.

“Ke ke, you can rest assured that I am still able to continue enduring this. Your medicinal pill will also definitely reach your hands.” Xiao Yan’s somewhat pale-white face was pulled into a smile. He had repeatedly exhausted his Dou Qi to activate the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame and use his Spiritual Strength to perfectly control the flame for two months. Xiao Yan might be able to endure such an exhaustion for a month. However, if time were to drag on, fatigue would gradually appear. Such a degree of squandering was something that even an expert from the Dou Huang class could not afford, much less Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan did not continue to split his attention after speaking. He continued to place all of his attention into the medicinal cauldron in front of him.

“Stubborn fellow!”

Medusa knit her eyebrows as she watched Xiao Yan focusing his attention on controlling the flame once again. She immediately muttered softly to herself, “What does it have to do with me if he dies? I actually spoke such words to him?”

Medusa shook her head in confusion. This totally did not match her character. Although she said this with her mouth, her gaze would occasionally glance below. Her manner appeared as though she was really worried that Xiao Yan would fall head first down the cliff due to his exhaustion.

Time flew by. When the colorful medicinal liquid that wrapped around the dark-black ring was only a thin layer, Xiao Yan’s body, which was seated firmly on the huge rock, began to tremble a little. The dark-green flame within the medicinal cauldron also began to flash in a volatile manner. Clearly, Xiao Yan’s strength was about to be completely exhausted after such a long period of refinement.

Medusa once again knit her brows tightly when she saw Xiao Yan’s slightly swaying body. This fellow was really reckless. Although she quietly scolded in her heart a faint seven-colored energy began to gradually surge on the surface of her body.

Xiao Yan clenched his teeth tightly as he forcefully endured the waves of fatigue and the giddy feeling that was transmitted from his head. His eyes stared intently at the dark-black ring within the flame as he went all out to drain the Dou Qi hidden within every part of his body. He had a premonition that the time for Yao Lao to reawaken was not far away!

The Dou Qi remaining within his body swarmed out at an increasingly slower pace as he repeatedly squeezed it out. In the end, it even began to become intermittent, a sign of exhaustion. Moreover, Xiao Yan’s mind was also completely replaced by fatigue and giddiness. His sight retained traces of blurriness as the angles his body swayed gradually became bigger.

“Seeking your own death!”

Medusa grit her silver teeth, and softly scolded when she saw the swaying Xiao Yan who might fall off the cliff at anytime. Her body moved forward a little. From her manner, it seemed that she was prepared to act and rescue this stubborn little fellow.

Xiao Yan’s vision became increasingly blurry. He clearly understood in his heart that he had reached his limit. However, giving up at such a moment…

Xiao Yan’s teeth bit his tongue. The intense pain braced Xiao Yan’s mind a little. He immediately crazily circulated the ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method route, and the last wave of Dou Qi that was hidden deep within his body was completely squeezed out by him. It crazily transversed his body before pouring into the medicinal cauldron.

Xiao Yan’s vision finally turned from blurry to complete darkness when the Dou Qi surged out from his finger. His head leaned forward and he was finally unable to maintain his body’s stability. His body leaned sideways and became like a wooden log as it rolled down from the smooth, huge rock. Finally, he fell head first toward the edge of the cliff, which was covered with clouds and fog.


Medusa could not resist cursing when she saw that Xiao Yan had finally fallen head first from the cliff. Her lovely body moved forward and was about to act to rescue him. However, her body had just gotten up when her face became volatile, “Why should I rescue him? This kind of person deserves to die!”

During the time Medusa was struggling within her heart, Xiao Yan’s falling speed became faster and faster. From the looks of the situation, it was likely that Xiao Yan would unluckily become a pile of minced meat if there were any protruding huge rocks hidden in the fog.

Medusa’s eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan who had fallen into the lingering clouds. An instant later, she finally clenched her silver teeth abruptly. Her body shook and she turned into a seven-colored flowing light that rushed down the mountain peak in a lightning-like manner, appearing above Xiao Yan within a few flashes.

The colorful layer of medicinal liquid on the surface of the dark-black ring within the crimson medicinal cauldron resting on the huge rock finally merged into it just as Medusa made a move. The ring suddenly shook intensely and an invisible ripple spread out in a wave-like manner. It knocked on the internal wall of the medicinal cauldron and emitted a clear gong-like sound.

The invisible ripple spread in an increasingly faster and fiercer manner. In merely a couple of blinks, that intense sonic wave was emitted from the medicinal cauldron before finally turning into loud thunder that resounded across the mountain range. Wild wind blew wherever the sonic wave spread, and a green-colored sea wave was formed above the sea of trees before sweeping toward the edge of the sky.

The clear sound that suddenly erupted was naturally also sensed by Medusa. However, she did not have the time to bother about it at this moment. She lowered her head and studied Xiao Yan, who was in a close proximity to her. Another flicker appeared within those long pupils that were filled with a wildness. Her expression changed repeatedly. This complicated woman had actually begun a struggle of whether to rescue Xiao Yan at such a time.

The first feeling that Medusa had toward Xiao Yan was that she wanted to kill this disgusting fellow on the spot. However, deep within her spirit, there was another thing that repeatedly resisted this kind of feeling. Moreover, it even quietly urged her to lend a hand and rescue Xiao Yan.

The struggle continued for a moment and the glow within Medusa’s eyes once again stabilized. She clenched her teeth and said, “Bastard, consider yourself lucky. I will personally take your life one year later!”

Medusa extended her long arm as her voice sounded. Her delicate arm firmly grabbed Xiao Yan’s robes. However, her expression suddenly changed when she was about to bring him back up onto the cliff. She immediately threw her palm toward the space behind her without any hesitation.


The space where her hand landed fluctuated. A frightening energy ripple immediately spread out before shaking the cliff wall by the side and forming numerous crack lines.

“Who are you? Show yourself!” Medusa’s feet pressed on empty air. Only then did she remove the force. Her pretty face turned cold as he cried out.

Her cry had just sounded when a strange suction force suddenly surfaced. The unconscious Xiao Yan immediately left Medusa’s hand following the tearing sound of cloth. Finally, he was received by an illusionary human figure in a lightning-like manner while he fell before the both of them rushed toward the sky.

“Queen Medusa, you need to ask if this old me agrees before you can take the life of my disciple!”

The old cry was like furious rolling thunder that reverberated across the sky. The powerful Spiritual Strength caused even an expert like Medusa to change her expression.

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