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Chapter 622

Chapter 622: Breaking Through the Tower and Escaping

Today was an extremely lively day within the Inner Academy. According to tradition, the Inner Academy would organize an activity each month where all the students would enter the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ to train. The students greatly supported such an activity. This was because there was no need to pay any ‘Fire Energy’ to enter the tower to train for this single day. Today was coincidentally, the day of the monthly collective training.

Xiao Yan had also heard of such an activity while he was in the academy in the past. However, he had seldom participated in it. This was because he did not need to worry about the problem of ‘Fire Energy’ given his extremely wealthy status. Naturally, he did not need to go and fight with so many people for a training room.

Following the change in the policy of the Inner Academy during these two years, the number of people in the Inner Academy had gradually greatly increased. Hence, the crowd in the Inner Academy was naturally not something that could be compared with the past.

Due to this, there were groups that began coming one after another to the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ not longer after the morning bell rang. By the time the sun was hanging in the sky, the spacious open ground outside the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ had already become filled with people.

Currently, the surroundings of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ had been rebuilt into a large plaza. The middle of the plaza was the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower,’ which still only revealed its peak. Additionally, there was a statue standing at the entrance of the tower. The statue was extremely young. A black robe and a warm smile set off the young and clear face, giving it an extremely handsome appearance.

Almost everyone within the Inner Academy had seen this statue that stood at the entrance. Hence, no one displayed a surprised expression when they walked past it. Occasionally, there would be some students who would pause and bow toward this statue. If one were to carefully observe them, one would realize that these students were wearing a badge on their chest that had a dark-black background with a ruler like thing being carved on it. This badge was not unfamiliar. This was because it was the symbol of ‘Pan’s Gate’.

At this moment, a tall lady was standing prettily in front of the statue. Her gaze contained an unknown feeling as she watched the familiar appearance of the statue in an absent-minded fashion. The lady had quite a pretty face, but the thing that attracted the most attention was that pair of long, smooth, sexy legs. A couple of people walking past would involuntarily sweep their gazes past the former’s legs. However, this scanning was extremely obscure. This was because they were similarly well aware of this woman’s identity. An upper echelon of ‘Pan’s Gate’. It was rumored that she was the older cousin of Xiao Yan’s, the founder of ‘Pan’s Gate’, Xiao Yu…

‘Pan’s Gate’. This faction was currently just like a truly large being within the Inner Academy. No other faction dared challenge it. Xiao Yu, who possessed quite a high status within it, was naturally someone that no one dared offend. Normally speaking, if there was anyone who coveted her beauty and spoke in an impertinent manner, he would end up with a bruise and swollen face the next day.

“You fool, you always love to try appear impressive. In the end… a statue, is there any meaning? Can it allow you to develop the Xiao clan?” A bitter smile surfaced on Xiao Yu’s face as she softly sighed and muttered.

A commotion suddenly began to spread across the crowd over the plaza while Xiao Yu was muttering. Immediately,

a large crowd came surging in like floodwaters. These people who had swarmed in were all wearing similar badges as Xiao Yu.

The noise of the entire plaza immediately became softer when they saw this large group of people who had squeezed in. This was especially so when their gaze saw the little girl swinging her pale-purple ponytail leading the group at the front. All of them hurriedly turned their gazes away. That demon-like little fellow was an extremely frightening existence to many people within the Inner Academy.

The little girl swaggered as she led a large group of people to squeeze into the plaza. She saw Xiao Yu in front of the statue in a glance. With a wave of her small hand, the large group behind her quickly followed.

“Yu-er, you are daydreaming here again.” She obviously looked like a child but she purposefully acted like an elderly person. This scene caused many people to want to laugh. However, other than Xiao Yu who burst out laughing while shaking her head, the remaining people held their mouths tightly shut, afraid that they would emit a laughter and invite that frightening little fist.

“Zi Yan, you think… he is still alive?” Xiao Yu rubbed the statue before suddenly asking with a smile.

Zi Yan was startled when she heard this. Her gem like pupils turned gloomy but she recovered swiftly and spoke, “The chance of survival after being swallowing by a ‘Heavenly Flame’ is very low.”

Seeming to be well aware of this answer, Xiao Yu’s face did not change much. Her delicate hand moved across the statue and laughed softly, “For some unknown reason, my heart has been pounding rapidly these days. There seems to be something big that’s about to happen.”

“Something big would really happen if your heart didn’t beat.” A man and a woman slowly walked out after laughter was transmitted from behind the crowd before speaking to Xiao Yu.

“Huh? Quick, look. It’s actually bloody sword Wu Hao and green wooden woman Hu Jia.”

“These are the top five peak experts in the Strong Ranking. It is normally extremely difficult to see them. It is really unexpected that even they have appeared.”

The appearance of the two people immediately cause the entire plaza to break out in a commotion. Private conversations repeatedly broke out. Clearly, these people felt extremely excited to be able to see people who were truly a renowned top figures within the Inner Academy.

“What, have both of your leaves finished?” Xiao Yu softly laughed as she looked at the two.

Wu Hao and Hu Jia smiled. The two years had also caused the two of them to become much more mature. Their gazes swept over the statue beside Xiao Yu and their smiles were slightly withdrawn. They sighed, “It is fortunate that Xun Er had already left… otherwise…”

Xiao Yu was silent. She clearly understood the relationship between Xiao Yan and Xun Er. If the latter was to see him being swallowed by the ‘Heavenly Flame’ it was likely that she would suffer a pain for the rest of her life. It is somewhat better like this.


A clear gong sound suddenly sounded on the plaza while the few of them were silent, causing the noisy plaza to become quiet.

A sound of rushing wind suddenly sounded after this gong sound. Immediately, a couple of human figures rushed down from the sky before finally appearing on a tall platform.

The one leading them was surprisingly the white-haired First Elder Su Qian. Behind him were some Elders of similarly old age. The people who attracted the most attention in the entire place were still the three young people behind Su Qian. These three people were not very old, but they possessed an extraordinary aura. The badges that they wore on their chests indicated their identity. They were surprisingly holding the position of Elders.

An Elder of the Inner Academy would require a minimum strength of a Dou Wang. From this, one could tell that these three young people had already stepped into the Dou Wang class at such a young age!

“It is really unexpected that Lin Xiuya, Liu Qing, and Lin Yan have really remained behind. The others have mostly left the Inner Academy to roam the continent.” Wu Hao smiled and spoke as he studied the three familiar faces on the platform.

“Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing plan to train for a period of time within the Inner Academy. That stubborn Lin Yan said that he had promised to leave with Xiao Yan. Therefore…” Hu Jia helplessly shook her head and sighed.

“He is indeed very stubborn…” Wu Hao spoke with a bitter smile.

Su Qian’s gaze slowly swept over the extremely crowded plaza from the high platform. A moment later, he paused on the statue at the entrance of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. He, in an absent-minded manner, muttered, “If that fellow is still alive, I’m afraid that even I would have difficulty defeating him.”

Lin Xiuya and the other two behind Su Qian looked at one another and nodded their heads. Even with their haughtiness, they could only admire that name.

“First Elder, according to our news, the ‘Black Alliance’ has invited many other factions to join them recently. They might have some motives. We must guard against them.” An Elder stepped forward and suddenly spoke softly.

Su Qian lifted his eyebrows and slowly nodded his head. He coldly smiled, “That Han Feng does indeed have some ability. In only two short years, he has actually been able to establish a ‘Black Alliance’ to contend with our Jia Nan Academy.”

The few Elders nodded their heads slightly. The gathering ability of a tier 6 alchemist was indeed extraordinary. Currently, the strength of the ‘Black Alliance’ was something that even the Jia Nan Academy would have difficulty getting rid of. They knew that the ‘Black Alliance’ had already become a thorn in the First Elder’s heart.

“Forget it, let’s not discuss such unhappy things at such a time. We have time. Let’s slowly hold it off with them.” Su Qian waved his hand and spoke indifferently.


All the Elders responded after hearing this.

“It is about time. Prepare to open the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’.” Su Qian raised his head to look at the sky as he spoke.

An Elder acknowledged the order, and flew down from the tall platform. He landed outside the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ and his hand swiftly formed a few seals. After which, Dou Qi was spurted on the main door. Immediately, that thick, heavy, dark-black door slowly opened while emitting some creaking sounds.

“Remember, everyone should enter in an orderly manner. No conflict can occur today. Otherwise, for one week, one will be proh…” Su Qian’s gaze swept over everyone as he spoke in a faint manner. However, before all his words were spoken, his face suddenly changed because of his sharp senses. His gaze suddenly turned toward the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’. At that spot, he clearly sensed that a frighteningly hot temperature was swiftly approaching. He hurriedly cry out sternly, “There’s a change in the tower. Shut the door immediately. Hurry!”

Su Qian’s sudden cry caused the entire place to be completely silent. Countless numbers of gazes were stunned as they watched the sudden change in Su Qian’s expression. They were completely at a loss.

Although that Elder was uncertain about what exactly happened, he used the fastest speed to shut that heavy large door with a bang upon hearing Su Qian’s loud cry.

The temperature of the entire place suddenly rose not long after the tower’s door was shut. A loud rumbling similar to the churning of magma softly approached along with an activity that shook the ground and swayed the mountains.

“Dammit, it’s the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. Is that thing about to erupt again? Everyone, leave the plaza immediately!”

Su Qian’s expression became extremely ugly as the temperature of the plaza rose. This kind of situation… was witnessed back then…


Su Qian’s voice had just sounded when a frighteningly loud sound suddenly reverberated. Everyone could see that the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ was trembling violently.


Another loud sound was emitted. The top of the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ began to reveal numerous crack lines as thick as a thumb in front of Su Qian’s shocked gaze.


Another loud sound appeared. The crack lines immediately covered the entire of the top of the tower. This kind of situation cause a paleness to surge on Su Qian’s face. Would the scene back then once again appear?


During the last loud ‘bang’, the incomparably hard roof of the tower finally burst apart. A bright-red magma peak began to blast out from the tower like a volcano erupting before charging toward the sky in front of a countless number of stunned gazes and began to scatter down.

The plaza was immediately in a complete chaos as the magma scattered down. However, the magma suddenly solidified when it was still a couple of meters from the ground. A clear and bright laugh that carried a wild joy, which could not be hidden, resounded over the sky like that of rolling thunder.

“Ha ha, I, Xiao Yan, am finally out. Ha ha!”

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