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Chapter 604: The Fallen Heart Flame, a Cheating Training Machine!

The action of the invisible flame python caused everyone in the sky to be startled. Their gazes followed it and turned to Xiao Yan and Han Feng. They only came to a sudden understanding when their gazes drifted across the green and blue-colored flames which were writhing over the bodies of these two. However, on top of suddenly coming to an understanding, they also felt it was funny and surprising. It was really unexpected that this ‘Heavenly Flame’ actually had plans for those who had come to capture it. It seemed that it wanted to change the position between the hunter and the hunted.

With the many years that Han Feng had spent refining his alchemist skills, he was naturally able to recall all the various shapes and special characteristics of the ‘Heavenly Flames’ on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’ in reverse order. Hence, the former had instantly recognized what kind of flame it was, the moment the invisible fire python appeared.

“It is really unexpected that it is actually the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’…” Shock surfaced on his face. The wild joy in Han Feng’s heart became even denser. With his knowledge of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, he naturally understood the various benefits of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. This kind of flame might appear slightly weaker than the other flames in terms of offensive strength. However, its special ability of increasing the pace of one’s training was something that caused a countless number of people to dream of.

The Fallen Heart Flame, ranked fourteenth. It was born from the heart, and was able to temper one’s Qi and refine one’s bones.

In the alchemist world, this so-called ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ also had another nickname that captures one’s attention: Training Cheat Machine!

Once one successfully refined the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’, one’s body would be able to unceasingly form a kind of ‘Heart Flame’. This ‘Heart Flame’ would not require any form of control as it calcined the Dou Qi within one’s body every second of the day. This repeated refinement was as though one’s body was in training mode all the time. The effect of this training condition was even better than usual. Such training was naturally far greater than an ordinary training. Therefore, it was not strange for it to be called a cheat machine.

From a certain point of view, if the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ and another flame that was ranked between five and ten were placed in front of an alchemist for him to choose, it was likely that most of them would choose the former. For no other reason other than its ability to repeatedly provide Dou Qi to their bodies with a refining effect throughout the day and night was too attractive an offer.

The Inner Academy had sealed the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ and relied on the ‘Heart Flame’ which let it create the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’, a building that could increase one’s training pace. During this period of time, it had groomed quite a number of young experts. If one person were to seize it all for himself, that training speed… just how fast would it be?

Therefore, even an expert like Han Feng would feel such wild joy when he discovered that the ‘Heavenly Flame’ that was sealed within the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower’ was actually the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’. Although the effect of the increased training speed by the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ at his level was no longer as clear as those at Xiao Yan’s level, such an unceasing refinement brought about a benefit to the owner that was difficult to estimate no matter how one put it.

Of course, regardless of how much one craved the special effect of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’, all of it was only on the precondition that one could refine it. However, it was easier said than done when trying to subdue a ‘Heavenly Flame.’ Flames that possessed the greatest destructive strength in the world. Moreover, this ‘Heavenly Flame’… possessed its own intelligence…

Xiao Yan was similarly stunned for a moment at the greedy gaze of that invisible fire python. A caution rose within his heart on top of feeling that it was funny. The strength of this ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ was extremely powerful. Even the seal which Su Qian had guided so many Elders in creating was unable to imprison it. If he were accidentally struck by it, it was likely that his ending would be a little miserable. Xiao Yan had come to the Jia Nan Academy to obtain the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ and not to be obtained by it…

“However, the greed in the eyes of this ‘Heavenly Flame’… don’t tell me that it is actually thinking of swallowing me?” Xiao Yan muttered to himself.

“The ‘Heavenly Flames’ in this world may have different characteristics but they also have something in common. All of them possess an extremely great energy. If a ‘Heavenly Flame’ that was not controlled by anyone were to meet another at the same spot, they would instinctively swallow the other to achieve its aim of strengthening itself. Now that the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ has already gained an intelligence, it naturally knows that its strength would greatly soar if it were to swallow the ‘Heavenly Flames’ within your bodies.” Yao Lao’s voice quietly sounded within Xiao Yan’s heart as he solved Xiao Yan’s doubt.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth parted. His face had a strange expression. It was unexpected that he had ended up being locked on by the ‘Heavenly Flame’ after having come to capture it. The positions of the two had really changed quickly.

“What should we do now?” Xiao Yan rubbed his head and asked.

“Let’s keep some distance from it first. The strength of this thing is now extremely great. Even if you were to join hands with me, it is likely that you won’t be able to hold it off.” Yao Lao mused awhile before speaking.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after hearing his response, but could only end up nodding his head in the end. The green fire wings on his back were flapped slightly as his body rose into the sky.

The invisible fire python also sensed something just as Xiao Yan body was about to move. It abruptly raised its enormous head and violently swung its huge tail. Its large body shot into the sky. However, from the looks of the route that it was hurrying through, its target was not Xiao Yan, but the one who many were clustering around… Han Feng.

The expressions on the faces of those strong people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ around Han Feng changed as they saw the invisible flame that had suddenly charged over. The pressuring feeling brought about by the huge body of the former caused even them to feel as though a great enemy had descended. This was especially the case when the hot fire wave had come pouncing over from the front. Some of the experts could endure it no longer as they hurriedly withdrew.

“Everyone, don’t panic. We have a large number of people here and that beast will not dare to engage in a head on collision with us!” Han Feng hurriedly shouted after appearing to have sensed the low morale of his side. He was also clearly aware of just what kind of frightening strength the invisible fire python possessed. He really did not dare to collide head on with it by relying only on his strength.

“Mister Han, I am already seriously wounded and it is likely that I can’t be of much help. I think I should leave first.” Fan Lao’s expression was pale as he watched the invisible fire python, that let off a curling flame in all directions, sweep over. He swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty before hurriedly cupping his hands toward Han Feng in front of him. After which, he rushed back under Han Feng’s changed expression.

“This bastard! You can forget about begging me to refine medicinal pills for you in the future!” Han Feng immediately cursed furiously in his heart as his gaze saw Fan Lao who was already far away. Although the former was indeed unable to help much, it would be quite a blow for the hesitating people around for him to flee at such a moment.

Han Feng’s gaze glanced all around him as he thought in this manner within his heart. Other than a few experts who were quite strong, most of the expressions of everyone had become hesitant because of the hot wave that had come sweeping over.


A sharp hissing sound was suddenly emitted by the increasingly closer invisible fire python as everyone felt an uncertainty in their heart. Under this hissing sound, an invisible flame that caused space to instantly become distorted quietly spread over.

Even though everyone’s bodies were protected by Dou Qi, the strike by the flame still caused them to feel a searing pain. It was not so easy to isolate the temperature of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’.

The dark-blue flame was like a sea wave that repeatedly churned over the surface of Han Feng’s body. With the help of the ‘Sea Heart Flame’, the temperature of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ did not cause much damage to him. However, the remaining people around could only use all their strength to maneuver the Dou Qi within their bodies and hold out against the flame.

“Han Feng, it is not possible to go on in this manner. The strength that the beast creates appears to be never ending. If we were to continue to hold on in this manner, it is likely that these people on our side would be the first to be unable to hold out.” An old man who was in gold robes eyed the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ who all had perspiration covering their faces before frowning and speaking to Han Feng beside him.

Han Feng’s expression changed as he stared intently at the invisible fire python that had charged over. The flame that came sweeping over contained an incomparable force that caused even him to feel panic in his heart.

“Everyone, lend me a hand. If I can subdue this ‘Heavenly Flame’ today, I will pay everyone double the medicinal pill conditions that everyone had brought up before arriving!” The blue-colored flame on his body surged abruptly while Han Feng turned his head to the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ and cried.

The eyes on the perspiration-filled faces of the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ flickered slightly upon hearing Han Feng’s cry. They hesitated a little before violently nodding their heads at such a lucrative reward. Most of the people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were those who would do anything for profits.

“Listen to my orders and attack it together. You only need to exhaust its strength. Leave everything after that to me!”

Two blue-colored enormous fire spears were swiftly agglomerated between Han Feng’s palms. His gaze stared intently at the approaching invisible fire python. When the latter was around ten plus meters from him, he widened his eyes and cried out in a stern voice, “Attack!”

The two ten foot long fire spears in his hands carried a ‘bang,’ that was similar to being slammed by a wave, as they violently shot toward the invisible fire python following his cry.

Behind the enormous blue-colored fire spears were dozens of other extremely powerful energy pillars of varying color. These attacks were something that the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ had unleashed with all their strength. They had summoned all their strength under the lucrative reward that Han Feng was offering.

“Elder Su, what should we do now?” Hu Gan flashed and appeared beside Su Qian. He watched the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ who were already fighting with the invisible fire python before knitting his brows and asking.

“We will wait and see.” Su Qian narrowed his eyes and voiced his thoughts, “The target of the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ appears to be Han Feng. Since that is the case, let’s allow them to fight with each other first. Instruct all the Elders to seize the time to recover their Dou Qi. The great battle has yet to end. We must definitely not allow the ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ to land in Han Feng’s hands.”

Hu Gan nodded slightly before flashing his body and withdrawing.

Xiao Yan was flapping his green fire wings on the other side of the sky. He crossed his hands in front of him and watched Han Feng and the others who were the first to engage in an all out fight with the invisible flame. A cold smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth.

“Fight, fight. It is best if all of you fight until you are half alive… fisherman… I simply love it the most…”
TL: The term fisherman symbolises someone who benefits from the fight between others


Under the gazes of everyone, the attacks of the experts from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ violently collided with the invisible fire python amid a loud explosion. Immediately, a furious and strange hissing sound roared throughout the sky!

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