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Chapter 581: Recuperation

The two or three days after the ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Competition had come to a close, the entire Inner Academy was still remained in shock from those soul-stirring battles. Everybody in the Inner Academy was discussing the battles that occurred during the ‘Strong Ranking’ Grand Competition. Among those, the two battles of Xiao Yan against Liu Qing and Xun Er against Lin Xiuya were naturally the ones which were relished the most. This was especially the case for the latter. Everyone’s faces still carried a shocked expression when discussing the latter. No one expected that this young lady, who appeared quite quiet despite having a stunning appearance, would actually hide such a frightening strength.

In the past there were even some people in the Inner Academy who had quietly mocked her as a flower vase because of her appearance. However, after this incident, everyone finally understood that the most frightening person within ‘Pan’s Gate’ was not Xiao Yan. Instead, it was the beautiful, young lady who was always obediently behind him.

Borrowing the momentum that Xun Er and Xiao Yan had established, the reputation and status of ‘Pan’s Gate’ had basically risen continuously within the short two to three days after. Every member of ‘Pan’s Gate’ held their heads up high with a strong aura as they walked within the Inner Academy. The carefulness from the period earlier no longer existed. When passersby saw these members of ‘Pan’s Gate’ their faces carried envious looks. With Xiao Yan and Xun Er, these two experts with extraordinary strength backing ‘Pan’s Gate’, one could anticipate the day when the strength of ‘Pan’s Gate’ would exceed that of the factions of Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing.

However, as different rumors were being spread wildly within the Inner Academy, the two main characters involved, Xiao Yan and Xun Er, had disappeared…

A few human figures were standing in a secret room within the small pavilion home of ‘Pan’s Gate’. Their gazes were resting on Xiao Yan who was sitting cross-legged on the bed with his eyes shut. At this moment, Xiao Yan’s expression no longer displayed the paleness from back then. From the pale-red luster, it appeared that his inner injuries had completely healed. Moreover, his breathing had already recovered the strength of the past. If one were to carefully sense it, one could even feel that this aura appeared to have an indication of not being very stable. This kind of unstable breathing was not foreign to Xun Er and the others beside her. This was because such a situation would occur each time their strength advanced.

“Xiao Yan has already trained for three days, why is he not done yet? Even if he is advancing his strength, it doesn’t appear that it would take such a long time, right?” Wu Hao frowned at Xiao Yan with tightly shut eyes as he opened his mouth to speak.

“An ordinary advancement naturally does not need much time. Therefore, it is clear that he is not undergoing an ordinary advancement, stupid.” A clear muttering voice sounded as Zi Yan, who wore a pale-purple ponytail rolled her eyes at Wu Hao while purposefully speaking in an aged voice. However, this explanation of hers caused Xun Er and the others to laugh spontaneously.

“What is there to laugh about? If this fellow continues to remain unconscious, I will have to nibble at those awful tasting things.” Zi Yan frowned as she spoke in a distressed manner.

Xun Er rubbed Zi Yan’s little head and smiled as she threw her gaze toward Xiao Yan who had his eyes tightly shut. She said, “This time around, Xiao Yan ge-ge suffered extremely serious injuries. The Dou Qi in his body had basically been completely exhausted during the fight with Liu Qing. However, it is because of this high level battle that enabled him to gain from the misfortune, obtaining an opportunity to advance his strength. Moreover, it is just as Zi Yan has said, the advancement of Xiao Yan ge-ge’s strength is not an ordinary one. If I guess correctly, Xiao Yan ge-ge is likely to have his strength raised by more than one star if his advancement succeeds.”

“You mean… continuously raising two stars? This kind of situation is extremely rare. Normally, unless one consumes some natural treasure or medicine, it is very difficult for such an result to occur when simply undergoing an advancement.” Hu Jia was startled as she replied in a somewhat stunned manner, “Moreover, even if one consumed a medicine that results in one’s level rising one after another, there would be quite a few impurities. In the future, one would need to use extremely great effort in order to re-establish a firm foundation.”

Xun Er shook her head and laughed softly, “The battle this time around can be said to have had an extremely great benefit to Xiao Yan ge-ge. I am also not very certain why this kind of situation would appear, or just how much his strength will be raised. However, there is one key point, and that Xiao Yan ge-ge’s strength will advance greatly after this. All of you need not worry. This is not the least bit detrimental to him.”

“Alright, all of you still have other things to do. It is fine with just me here.” Xun Er pretty eyes stared at Xiao Yan’s face as she waved her hands toward Wu Hao and the others.

Wu Hao and the others could only shrug their shoulders when they heard this before leaving.

“Oh, that’s right, Xun Er, Lin Xiuya has come to ‘Pan’s Gate’ again saying that he would like to make a visit to the injured Xiao Yan.” Hu Jia’s footsteps suddenly paused as she knit her eyebrows, and turned her gaze toward Xun Er. “I don’t know what medicine this fellow took these past few days, but he keeps running to this place at all hours of time. I’ve never seen him this enthusiastic in the past. Don’t tell me that you have got him to chase after you after you defeated him?”

Xun Er was slightly startled. She randomly nodded and immediately said indifferently, “Just say that I am not free. You can just dispatch him. Xiao Yan ge-ge is at a critical juncture of his advancement and will not entertain any guests.”

Hu Jia rolled her eyes. Suddenly, she leaned close to Xun Er’s ears and softly said, “I think that the attitude that that fellow toward you seems a little strange. It seems that Bai Shan back then, and even Wu Hao… all are the same.”

Xun Er’s bright eyes glanced at the strange face of Hu Jia as she spoke nonchalantly, “Don’t say these words in front of Xiao Yan ge-ge in the future. Additionally, tell him that Xiao Yan ge-ge is not free these few days and that he need not come. Otherwise, no one will entertain him.”

“What a pitiful fellow.” Hu Jia spread her hands and mused for a moment. She said, “However, it doesn’t seem nice if you don’t show your face, no? He has come a couple of times but you have always avoided meeting him. No matter how little, he still has a friendship with Xiao Yan…”

Xun Er knit her eyebrows slightly and immediately nodded her head helplessly. She turned her body and walked out of the room, “Let’s go, I will dispatch him.”

Hu Jia extended her tongue as she watched Xun Er who had turned around and left. At the same time, she muttered in her mouth, “He can fancy anyone he wants, but if he takes fancy to this girl, who has hung all of her heart on this little fellow… he deserves it… deserves it.”

Lin Xiuya sat in a chair in the living room. His finger slowly knocked against the surface of the table as his gaze looked all around him. For some unknown reason, he quietly felt somewhat anxious.

A group of people suddenly came swarming from the upper level as his gaze took a look around him. Lin Xiuya hurriedly stood up. A faint happiness flashed across his face without leaving his trance when his gaze swept over the green-clothed, young lady who was slowly descending.

“Senior Lin, Xiao Yan ge-ge is recuperating and cannot come out. I’m sorry.” Xun Er slowly walked down the stairs and came to the hall. She smiled faintly at Lin Xiuya as well as Yan Hao beside him as she spoke.

“Ke ke, it’s fine.” Lin Xiuya smiled. It must be said that he was a little handsome and outstanding. Those green clothes of his gave off a somewhat dashing aura, and his voice was warm. It was little wonder why many female students called him the man who possessed the greatest charm in the Inner Academy.

However, this refined smile of his did not appear to have much effect on the young lady in front of him. The latter sat elegantly in her chair, arranging her eyelashes. Her gaze never stopped on the former.

Lin Xiuya laughed bitterly in his heart when he saw this attitude of Xun Er. He finally sighed dispiritedly after the many conversations that he had rehearsed were replied to in an indifferent manner without leaving a trace. After which, he stood up, took a jade box from his storage ring and placed it on the table. He smiled and said, “This is a medicine that possesses quite a great healing effect. I think that it should have some use on brother Xiao Yan. Junior Xun Er, please do not reject this.”

Xun Er hesitated for a moment before nodding her head slightly. Those bright eyes stopped on Lin Xiuya’s face for the first time as she softly said, “In that case, Xun Er shall thank Senior Lin on behalf of Xiao Yan ge-ge.”

“Ke ke, it’s fine…” Lin Xiuya hurriedly waved his hand. Lin Xiuya merely felt that he could no longer maintain his indifferent wind-like expression after his face was being swept by the other party’s eyes. He cupped his hands and brought Yan Hao to leave the hall in a somewhat miserable manner.

Xun Er did not have the slightest bit of intention of holding him back when he left. She nonchalantly left the jade box on the table and slowly walked to the second story.

“What a pitiful fellow…” Hu Jia eyed Lin Xiuya’s back which no longer had that indifferent demeanor before looking at Xun Er who was not the least bit affected. Her face was immediately filled with sympathy as she clicked her tongue and smacked her lips.

“Hey, you fellow… she has only defeated you once and now you are smitten?” Yan Hao eyed the aura of Lin Xiuya in front of him outside of ‘Pan’s Gate.’ He involuntarily pat his head as he spoke with a bitter smile.

Lin Xiuya smiled embarrassingly. He was also extremely helpless and had no solution. That kind of feeling was something that would come without notice. One would not be able to block it even if one wanted to.

“Ugh, looks like it is destined that you are going to be miserable. From the looks of her attitude, it is clear that she does not have the slightest feelings for you. She repeatedly says ‘Xiao Yan ge-ge’ here and there. I don’t think that you have any chance.” Yan Hao sighed.

Lin Xiuya was silent. He also clearly understood what Yan Hao had said. From the looks of the attitude that Xun Er had displayed toward him earlier, he knew that his demeanor and appearance, that had always worked in front of other females, did not have the slightest impact on her. Xiao Yan did not appear to be any weaker than him in terms of training talent, accomplishment, etc. If it was him in that earth-shaking battle back then, it was likely that his ending would not be any better than Liu Qing’s.

Moreover, from the elegant indifference that Xun Er displayed, he basically had no room he could occupy. All of these things clearly pointed to the fact that he, Lin Xiuya, did not have the slightest chance…

“Ugh.” Lin Xiuya faced the sky and let out a long sigh. He shook his head with all his strength. A curse burst out from Lin Xiuya under Yan Hao stunned gaze, “Dammit. I am so jealous of Xiao Yan. Why does that brat have such good luck?”

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