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Chapter 570: One pester and one strong

Not long after Liu Qing entered and left the arena, Xiao Yan had finally waited long enough to see Lin Xiuya’s appearance in the arena. Xiao Yan had been extremely curious of this expert who was ranked in front of Liu Qing. Li Xiuya had been unable to display the sharpness that was associated with his rank deep in the mountains since his opponent was a Dou Wang class Magical Beast and he was busy dodging the entire time. However, from the looks of how he could still jump around in such a lively manner after receiving such a heavy blow from the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape,’ which had awoken its wild and violent bloodline, it seemed that the strength of this fellow belonged to a frightening group.

The appearance of Lin Xiuya was undoubtedly one of the few highlights of today’s competition. Moreover, his popularity within the Inner Academy was something that even Liu Qing could not compare with. His normally approachable, warm manner made it extremely easy to let others get a good feeling about him. Even someone as tenacious as Xiao Yan had difficulty forming any enmity toward him. Therefore, as he entered the arena, the surrounding viewing gallery started emitting a deafening cheer. The faces of some female students also became flushed as their gazes carried embarrassment and joy while looking at the green-clothed, young man who was standing straight and tall in the arena.

If one said that everyone in the Inner Academy held fear and respect for Lin Xiuya and Liu Qing, it was likely that they felt more respect for the former and a greater amount of fear for the latter.

The completely different auras emitted by both of them decided how welcomed they were.

Xiao Yan leaned against the guardrail. His gaze had some interest as he eyed Lin Xiuya in the arena who was smiling in all directions. Xiao Yan’s heart also contained anticipation.

Lin Xiuya’s opponent arrived not long after the former entered the arena. He was a peak expert who was ranked 13th on the ‘Strong Ranking’… however, this expert had a bitter expression similar to what Liu Qing’s opponent had earlier today. Given his level, it was not considered too difficult for him to enter the top ten if he had some good luck. Unfortunately, now that he had drawn a lot that caused him to meet Lin Xiuya, a tiger that blocked his road, he basically had no chance of entering the top ten.

There was not much suspense in this battle since the beginning. Although Xiao Yan hoped that the expert who was ranked 13th on the ‘Strong Ranking’ would be able to force Lin Xiuya to quietly reveal some of his true ability, things did not go the way he desired. Even after the latter displayed all his strength to save himself, Lin Xiuya still maintained his indifferent manner. His green garment flattered as his long clean hands, which seemed to belong to that of a female, repeatedly tightened their grip. Occasionally, both of his palms would form a strange shape.

Lin Xiuya’s opponent was powerless against Lin Xiuya’s hands. They remained close to the former’s body like a maggot in the tarsal bones. No matter how the former struggled, his attacks were ultimately restricted by his opponent’s hands. Additionally, he did not actually manage to touch Lin Xiuya’s clothes from the start to the finish.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes as he eyed Lin Xiuya’s soft snake-like body from the tall platform, which extended and withdrew freely. By relying on the terrain, he was able to clearly absorb the situation of the fight in his eyes. Hence, Xiao Yan was extremely certain that Lin Xiuya’s strange pestering hand attack should be a kind of extremely strong close range Dou Technique.

“Hee hee, Liu Qing has his two ultimates, one claw one lance. Being able to surpass him by one level, Lin Xiuya naturally has ultimate skills that are not inferior to those two.” Lin Yan’s voice suddenly appeared behind Xiao Yan. He smiled proudly when he saw Xiao Yan turning his head to look over, “Do you want to know what they are?”

“Tell me if you want to.” Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and spoke indifferently. Being clearly aware of Lin Yan’s character, this fellow would purposefully refuse to say anything if one were to act curious at this moment.

As expected, Lin Yan merely helplessly shook his head when he saw Xiao Yan’s careless manner. He walked forward. His hands grabbed the guardrail as he eyed the one-sided battle below. He smiled and said, “One pester and one strong.”

“One pester and one strong?” Xiao Yan lifted his brows and softly muttered.

“Lin Xiuya has practiced a kind of strange Dou Technique, ‘Pestering Snake Hand’. It is just like what you have seen. He is able to use this Dou Technique to completely suppress all your attacks within an extremely small area. Someone with weaker strength would basically be toyed with by him until their attacks would move with his wish.” Lin Yan clicked his tongue and spoke with some amazement, “This ‘Pestering Snake Hand’ and Liu Qing’s ‘Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw’ are completely different. If the latter is said to be incomparably strong and tough, this ‘Pestering Snake Hand’ belongs to the type that uses gentle force to subdue a tough one. I have fought with him a couple of times but I was strangely battered by that ‘Pestering Snake Hand’. If one were to discuss the degree of formability, this ‘Pestering Snake Hand’ is even stronger than the ‘Great Rift Coffin Splitting Claw’ of Liu Qing.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His eyes glanced at the arena below and had indeed discovered that as Lin Xiuya moved, his snake-like body was strangely agile. Once those hands were stuck to you, it would likely not be an easy task to escape from them.

“Sticky candy…” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth moved, and gave Lin Xiuya’s Dou Technique an appropriate name.

“What about that so-called one strong?” Xiao Yan softly asked as his eyes flickered.

“Hee hee, I am also not very certain about this one. That ‘one strong’ of Lin Xiuya is much like Liu Qing’s spear. Very few people are able to cause them to use those attacks. However, according to my reasoning, it should be a kind of extremely powerful sword Dou Technique. I have heard rumors that it is very strong… Back then, even Liu Qing was defeated by this move. After so many years have passed, I think that so-called ‘one strong’ is even more frightening.” Lin Yan rubbed his head and laughed awkwardly. There was an anticipation in his tone after his words sounded.

Xiao Yan nodded and sighed, “He is indeed worthy of being an expert in the Inner Academy, only weaker than Zi Yan. Even though he hid his killing move, an ordinary person was still unable to contend with him.”

“There is nothing to be surprised about. Other than a small number of special people, these two people are from the oldest batch of students within the Inner Academy. It is not surprising that they possess such achievements. You, on the other hand, just entered the Inner Academy less than a year ago, yet you already possess the strength to squeeze into the top ten. If one were to talk about it, you are the greatest monster. I think that if you are given enough time, even that ‘Brute Strength Queen’ would not be your match.” Lin Yan glanced at Xiao Yan somewhat strangely. His eyes repeatedly looked in all directions when he spoke the last few words, seemingly afraid that the ‘Brute Force Queen’ would suddenly appear.

Xiao Yan laughed and said, “Forget it, I don’t wish to obtain Zi Yan’s position. Otherwise, if I were to anger her, I would not feel well because I would receive a punch from her.”

Lin Yan shrugged his shoulders and said, “You are able to sense how much Liu Qing and Lin Xiuya view you seriously. I think that even if they didn’t speak it aloud with their mouths, they are very surprised at your current achievement given such an age.”

Xiao Yan smiled and softly said, “I will not stay for long in this place. The Inner Academy is merely a temporary stop…”

“Is it because of the matter of that clan of yours? Hee hee, I have also gained some information about you from the mouths of some Elders.” The gaze which Lin Yan eyed Xiao Yan with had suddenly become a lot hotter. That heat even had a hint of reverence to it. “Challenging a sect with an elite Dou Zong all by yourself and managing to leave safely after that. I really don’t know how an incredible person like you managed to do it.”

Xiao Yan was slightly startled before he immediately came to a sudden comprehension. With the strength of Jia Nan Academy, it was likely that it had obtained information about him the first day he entered the academy. Moreover, the matter of him challenging the Misty Cloud Sect had already become extremely well known within the Jia Nan Academy. Anyone would be able to know about it just by random inquiry.

Xiao Yan smiled, but he did not wish to say anything on this topic.

“According to my timeline, I might become an Elder and stay within the Inner Academy for one year if I enter the top ten. If you wish to return to the Jia Ma Empire at that time and don’t resent the company, I will follow you around a little. After all, roaming the continent is something in my future plans.” Lin Yan patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders and laughed.

Xiao Yan raised his head and eyed the smiling face of Lin Yan by his side in a stunned manner. A moment later, he nodded his head somewhat joyfully. With Lin Yan’s strength, it was likely that he would enter the Dou Wang class sooner or later. An expert Dou Wang could be considered quite valuable even in the continent, much less within the Jia Ma Empire. The break out of a clash between the Misty Cloud Sect and himself in the future was unavoidable. If he were to gather some truly strong people by his side, it would be much more relaxing when he decides to make his move against the Misty Cloud Sect.

“I will definitely call you at that time.”

As the two of them conversed, the fight within the arena gradually approached its end. This battle was basically in Lin Xiuya’s control right from the beginning until the end. His gentle snake-like hands adhered to his opponent until the latter felt dazzled and confused. Hence, this battle carried a little amusement, but ended after lasting for around ten minutes.

When Lin Xiuya’s hand quietly pressed on his opponent’s chest, a gentle force suddenly erupted. At that point, everyone knew that this battle had already reached the expected end result.

“Let’s go. There is nothing much to see in the subsequent battles.” Lin Yan waved his hand at Xiao Yan while eying Lin Xiuya’s opponent, who had been knocked out of the arena below. He took the lead to turn around and walk out of the stadium. As he walked, he said, “Now, let’s just wait for the fight for the top ten tomorrow. However, I don’t know which unlucky three fellows will be eliminated…”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His gaze was thrown into the arena. Coincidentally, Lin Xiuya’s gaze was also thrown over. The two gazes intertwined in mid-air. They smiled to each other but those smiles respectively contained some anticipation and passion within them. Clearly, the two people also had great respect for each other. This was perhaps because of the connection between strong people, allowing them to understand one another. Although the strength of Xiao Yan on the surface did not possess this qualification, Lin Xiuya and any observant person knew that this young man who was a little younger than them had a frightening fighting strength that was comparable to them.

“Hopefully, I will not meet an opponent that will give me too much of a headache tomorrow…” Xiao Yan muttered within his heart. He turned around and walked toward Xun Er and the others outside of the tall platform. Finally, he disappeared from everyone’s sight amid the loud cheers within the stadium.

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