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Chapter 542: The Talent to Hunt Treasures

Xiao Yan once again stayed for half a day within the deep mountains after avoiding the search of the black-robed old man. Only then did he display his Purple Cloud Wings and return to the Inner Academy with a relaxed heart.

With the help of the dim sky, Xiao Yan once again successfully shook off those nosy people who wanted to challenge him. He entered ‘Pan’s Gate’ and swaggered back to the pavilion home. However, when he pushed open the door and entered, a white figure suddenly flashed in front of him, causing him to hurriedly take a cautious step back. He focused his eyes and took a look, and was involuntarily a little stunned. This white figure in front of him was actually that so-called first rank on the ‘Strong Ranking’, the avatar of a Magical Beast, Zi Yan.

At this moment, the white-clothed little girl was eyeing Xiao Yan at the entrance with an anticipation-filled gaze. Her dark-black eyes were filled with desire.

“*Cough*, Zi Yan, why have you come?” Xiao Yan relaxed his tensed heart. He let out a dry cough before rubbing Zi Yan’s little head. After which, he moved sideways and entered the room. Upon entering the room, he discovered that Xun Er, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao were present. At this moment, the three of them were using a strange gaze to look at him.

“I have eaten all of those Danwan that you have helped me refine.” Zi Yan was just like a follower at this moment, closely following behind Xiao Yan’s body. Her small face was slightly red as she spoke in an embarrassed manner.
TL: Danwan/Yaowan – pills that has no really medicinal effect to a human and can potentially be harmful if consumed

Xiao Yan could not help but wipe off some cold sweat when he heard this. This little fellow was indeed worthy of having the constitution of a Magical Beast. She was actually able to consume all of the Yaowan that contained such a wild and violent medicinal effect within a couple of days. Based on Xiao Yan’s knowledge of her, it was likely that the latter had eaten those Yaowan as though they were sweets.

Xiao Yan swiftly walked into the hall and heard Hu Jia quietly muttering, “Just who is this little girl? She had suddenly came and found our ‘Pan’s Gate’ this morning and told us that she wanted to find you. When she heard that you are not around, she simply sat down and did not leave. Her small face was so icy-cold that it was frightening. The other party is a little girl, so it is not nice for us to use force.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. With a bitter smile, he said, “Fortunately, all of you did not use force. Otherwise, this entire pavilion would be torn down.”

“Huh?” Upon hearing these words, Wu Hao and Hu Jia by the side were somewhat stunned as they eyed the little girl whose ice-cold face had defrosted ever since Xiao Yan appeared. Such a cute little girl actually possessed this kind of violent strength?

“Although this little girl may be very young, her body appears to contain an extremely great strength. If she were to really fight, there is really hardly anyone here who can handle her.” Xun Er by the side was not too surprised. By hearing these words of hers, it appeared that she had faintly sensed Zi Yan’s strength.

Xiao Yan was somewhat surprised as he eyed Xun Er. This sensitivity of hers did not appear to be something that a Da Dou Shi could possess. However, it was not the first time that Xiao Yan had experienced Xun Er’s mysteriousness. Therefore, the surprise merely lasted for an instant before it swiftly disappeared.

Hu Jia and Wu Hao exchanged looks with one another. They involuntarily muttered, “It’s not possible, right? She is only this young…”

“You cannot just look on the surface of everything.” Xiao Yan smiled. He had also felt shocked when he learned Zi Yan possessed such a powerful strength at such a young age before he had ascertained her identity. Therefore, he understood the emotions of Hu Jia and Wu Hao at this moment.

Xiao Yan sat on the chair. He suddenly could not help but feel a fatigue. His eyes narrowed as he rubbed his forehead with his fingers. Observing Yao Lao refining the ‘Ground Spirit Pill’ these past few days had also exhausted quite a lot of his energy.

“Snap, snap…”

A wave of crashing noises suddenly sounded just as Xiao Yan had managed to sit down. He opened his eyes uncertainly, only to see that the table was piled high with medicinal ingredients. Zi Yan beside the table was wearing a ring on her little finger.

“This is what that old man who guards the medicinal warehouse asked me to deliver. He said that these medicinal ingredients were prepared by some Elder Liu.” This matter was clearly not Zi Yan’s main aim. Therefore, after she threw all these things out, she immediately took out a pink-colored lumpy medicinal ingredient that looked like the root of a plant. Her dark-black eyes looked at Xiao Yan with great anticipation. She used a tender voice and said, “Additionally, you have said that I can come and look for you when I finished consuming all the Yaowan.”

Xiao Yan glanced at the medicinal ingredients on the table and randomly looked over them. He nodded slightly. That Elder Liu was not overly stingy with regards to this. There should be three sets of ingredients among the medicinal ingredients here. Clearly, he was also worried that Xiao Yan’s failure rate would be too high. Therefore, he had clenched his teeth and taken out a little more. All he hoped was that Xiao Yan would be able to successfully refine one ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ among these three sets of medicinal pill ingredients.

Xiao Yan only received that root like medicinal ingredient from Zi Yan’s hand after looking through the other medicinal ingredients. He flipped it around and took a look and could not help but sigh. He recognized this thing. This was a kind of rare medicinal ingredient called ‘Fire Spirit Root’. It contained a rich fire affinity energy within it. Even he himself was involuntarily attracted to it.

“This fellow is really a baffoon who ruins medicinal ingredients.” Xiao Yan shook his head and laughed bitterly, “Elder Hao will definitely be angered to death by you.”

“Nonsense. This medicinal ingredient is something that I have found by myself in the deep mountains. From the very beginning, I possess a kind of special sense for these natural spiritual items. I did not steal them from that old fellow.” Zi Yan’s large dark-black eyes narrowed as she angrily responded upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words.

“Special sense?” Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily moved slightly when he heard this phrase. This Zi Yan was originally a unique beast from ancient times. Did she possess a natural born treasure hunting like talent?

Xiao Yan’s eyes quietly became a little brighter. If this was the case, was this little fellow‘s existence not just like a bowl that gathered treasure? With this mysterious sense of hers, it would undoubtedly save a lot of trouble if one wanted to search for a natural spiritual object within the deep mountains.

“You are able to sense those medicinal ingredients that are buried deep in the ground?” Xun Er by the side was also somewhat surprised as she asked.

Zi Yan glanced at Xun Er. For some unknown reason, she felt a faint fear for this beautiful elder sister. Therefore, her words did not appear cold, “Hmph, I naturally know where the deep mountains of the Inner Academy hide medicine. However, most of the medicine is protected by powerful Magical Beast. For example, a ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ in that deep mountain is definitely guarding something good. However, I have been beaten by him and forced back during the few times I went there. Later on, I met a lady in the Inner Academy who has silver-colored hair. She appears pleasing to the eye so I told her about the thing that the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ is protecting. I wonder if she succeeded. She said that she would even give me a share if she did.”

The expression of the few people within the hall had varying kinds of changes when these words were emitted from Zi Yan’s mouth.

Hu Jia and Wu Hao had eyes that were filled with shock as they watched Zi Yan. They had naturally heard of the name ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’. It was really unexpected that this little girl actually dared to exchange blows with such a ferocious beast? One could likely find hardly anyone with such strength even within the entire Inner Academy.

“It is really unexpected that the reason for Han Yue knowing that the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ was hiding in the mountain valley was actually because Zi Yan had told her about it… this matter was really interesting.” Xiao Yan clicked his tongue and shook his head. A lady who has silver-colored hair. It seemed that there was only Han Yue within this Inner Academy, right?

“Hee hee, Zi Yan, why don’t we make a deal?” Xiao Yan’s eyes rolled. A smile suddenly gathered on his face as he asked Zi Yan a question.

“What are you planning to do?” Zi Yan immediately took a step back and cautiously asked when she saw Xiao Yan’s smile.

“I can put aside everything and help you refine some more once you have consumed all your Danwans in the future.” Xiao Yan smiled and said. “However, I have an exchange condition. You must follow me when I need to enter the deep mountains to search for medicinal ingredients.” As an alchemist, his requirement of valuable medicinal ingredients was a desire greater than anything else. Moreover, Zi Yan’s treasure seeking talent undoubtedly possessed an enormous attraction toward him.

“You want me to help you search for medicinal ingredients?” Although Zi Yan was young, she was not stupid. Hence, she immediately understood Xiao Yan’s intention.

“Helping you refine medicinal ingredients also consumes a lot of strength. You cannot let me do it for free right?” Xiao Yan spread his hands and said.

Zi Yan frowned. She considered this for quite a while before nodding her head unwillingly. She muttered, “It’s up to you. In any case, I will only bring you to search for medicinal ingredients. You will have to handle yourself if you met a Magical Beast guarding the medicinal ingredient. Of course, it is also possible if you really want me to act. However, you will need to give me a reward.”

Xiao Yan nodded. He placed the large pile of medicinal ingredients into his storage ring. After which, he waved the ‘Fire Spirit Root’ in his hand toward Zi Yan and said, “I will help you refine this thing tonight. You can come and take it tomorrow.”

“No, I will wait for you here.” Zi Yan hurriedly shook her head and said when she heard this.

“Up to you. Xun Er, arrange a place for her. I am really too tired after these past few days and need to rest a little first.” Xiao Yan nodded indifferently before instructing Xun Er.

Xun Er smiled and nodded. She eyed Xiao Yan who had turned around and went to the next floor. Her mouth moved slightly. That manner of hers where she wanted to speak only to stop herself seemed to imply that she had something she wanted to tell Xiao Yan. A moment later, however, it turned into a soft sigh. She lowered her head and smiled to Zi Yan by the side. After which, she bid Hu Jia and Wu Hao goodbye and led Zi Yan to a room.


Night covered the entire Inner Academy. The occasional flicker of some light expelled a little of the darkness.

Xun Er was standing in a slender and elegant manner by the window in a room within the pavilion home. The weak moonlight shot through the window and wrapped around her delicate, slim, lovely body. Her black hair blew with the wind, giving her an animated demeanor.

A dark shadow suddenly wiggled at a dark spot within the quiet room. Finally, it agglomerated into an old human figure.

“Xiao-jie.” The human figure appeared and respectfully bowed to Xun Er. From his appearance, this person was Ling Ying.
TL: xiao-jie – young miss/lady from a well off or powerful family

“Old Ling, just tell me if there is something you want to say.” Xun Er turned around. A faint smile appeared on her exquisite and flawless face as she softly spoke.

Ling Ying hesitated a little when he heard this. His gaze stared at Xun Er’s face. A moment later, he finally said softly. “Little miss, the clan head has transmitted an order over…”

Xun Er’s straight lovely body under the moonlight, trembled gently in an unnoticeable manner the moment Ling Ying’s voice sounded.


The young lady’s voice appeared a little cold under the cover of the moonlight.

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