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Chapter 534: Not a Human

Xiao Yan’s eyes did not blink as he viewed the white-clothed little girl seated cross-legged opposite him within the quiet room. He really did not expect that such a cute little girl had originally transformed from a Magical Beast… Since he was born, this was the first time that he had seen a human transformed from a Magical Beast. Therefore, he felt surprise and gained a sudden understanding in his heart.

“No wonder she dares to eat medicinal ingredients raw. Her original form is actually a Magical Beast. With the strong body of a Magical Beast, the wild and violent medicinal strength is still within the boundary of her resistance.”

“Have you seen enough? Hurry up and help me refine!” The little girl became slightly angry as she was being studied by Xiao Yan. She immediately threw the ‘Hard Gold Pu’ in her hand to him and furiously spoke. Earlier, Elder Hao may have spoken to Xiao Yan in a soft voice but she could still clearly hear what he said.

Xiao Yan received the ‘Hard Gold Pu’ and smiled with a nod. He waved his hand and summoned his medicinal cauldron. The last time, his medicinal cauldron had exploded during the competition. Therefore, the medicinal cauldron which he used this time around was something which he had bought from the Trading Area after the event. Its grade was not very high and was similar to the medicinal cauldron that he had used before. However, it was still passable to use.

With a wave of his hand, a wisp of green-colored flame formed on the tip of Xiao Yan’s finger. He was just about to throw it into the medicinal cauldron when he was surprised to discover that the little girl was scooting away in a somewhat panicked manner beside him. Xiao Yan was startled when he saw her faintly anxious pupils. Immediately, he came to a sudden comprehension. It was likely that she had sensed that this ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ was not ordinary. Normally speaking, as long as one was not a fire affinity Magical Beast, a Magical Beast would have some faint rejection for fire.

“Ke ke, it’s alright.” Xiao Yan comforted. He threw the wisp of flame into the medicinal cauldron. The little girl’s tensed body only gradually relaxed after seeing the flame enter the medicinal cauldron.

Xiao Yan waited for the flame to grill the medicinal cauldron for awhile. After which, he threw the ‘Hard Gold Pu’ into it. With a wave of his hand, the fiery flame immediately began to rise intensely within the medicinal cauldron. This refinement was not considered difficult. It was alright as long as the flame had sufficient heat. Therefore, it did not exhaust too much of Xiao Yan’s spirit.

Besides refining, Xiao Yan split his attention and turned his gaze toward the white-clothed little girl by his side. His heart had become much more curious about her ever since he learned of her identity.

At this moment, the little girl’s large dark-black eyes stared into the medicinal cauldron without blinking.

“Little sister, *cough*, I wish to ask you a question. Will you answer me?” Xiao Yan let out a cough before he smiled and asked a question.

“What?” The little girl did not turn her gaze. She merely carelessly opened her mouth.

“I remember that if a Magical Beast wants to transform into a human form, it must at the very least reach the Dou Huang class, no? Don’t tell me…” Xiao Yan smiled and asked her a question. He really had some difficulty believing that this little girl in front of him possessed the ability of a Dou Huang. Although her strength was extremely frightening, Xiao Yan had quietly weighed it, and it had appeared around the strength of the Dou Wang class.

“I am not that strong. It is just that I accidentally ate a rarely seen ‘Body Transformation Grass’. After which, I turned into this manner and can no longer transform back. The reason for me eating these medicinal ingredients is to quickly grow up. After which, I will be able to transform between my beast body and human body as I please.” The little girl frowned. It appeared that she was not really interested in mentioning this. Therefore, her voice carried a humming tone.

“Body Transformation Grass? No wonder…” Xiao Yan came to a sudden understanding when he heard this. The ‘Body Transformation Grass’ was a key ingredient to refine the ‘Body Transformation Pill’. Therefore, it also possessed some of the transformation effects of the ‘Body Transformation Pill’. However, if a beast who had yet to reach required strength were to consume it, the beast would get stuck in its transformation in human form until its strength suddenly broke through to the Dou Huang class.

“Where are your parents?” Xiao Yan glanced at the ‘Hard Gold Pu’ which was gradually melting under the grilling of the green flame within the medicinal cauldron as he randomly asked.

“I don’t have any.” The little girl lowered her head and folded both legs. Her hands hugged her knees as her snow-white neat teeth tightly bit her lips. Those large dark-black eyes had some moisture. “Since I have gained consciousness until now, I have been living alone deep in the mountains. When I was young, I was bullied by the other fellows and could only flee gloomily… until I ate the ‘Body Transformation Grass’. It was then that I met the First Elder of the Inner Academy. He brought me to the Inner Academy and I have remained here.”

Xiao Yan was startled. He eyed the stubborn manner in which the little girl tightly bit her lips. Even Xiao Yan could vaguely sense the sadness in her heart. He let out a soft sigh and did his best to use a gentle voice to speak, “At the very least you will not be bullied in this place.”

“Those fellows are so afraid of me. How would they dare to bully me? For someone like you, I can eat you up in one gulp.” Pride was lifted on the little girl’s face once again as she spoke.

“Do not say that you will eat someone up in one gulp if you meet anyone in the future. You are now of the human form.” Xiao Yan shook his head in a speechless manner. She should see how hilarious it was when this small body spoke such words.

“Hmph. This is the truth, but I haven’t eaten a human before.” The little girl grunted. Her attitude had become much better after conversing with Xiao Yan for a while.

“Then it is best that you do not eat one…” Xiao Yan muttered. He waved his hand and a lump of powder fell into the medicinal cauldron. Immediately, it merged together with the golden-yellow liquid. Xiao Yan’s ten fingers suddenly danced swiftly. Following the dancing of his fingers, the golden-yellow liquid within the medicinal cauldron swiftly separated. Finally, it transformed into dozens of tiny liquid clusters.

“Coagulate!” Xiao Yan cried out gently. The liquid swiftly solidified. In the blink of an eye, they turned into dozens of shiny gold Danwans, rolling and rotating above the green fire.
TL: Danwan/Yaowan – pills that has no really medicinal effect to a human and can potentially be harmful if consumed

“This kind of refinement is really easy. How good would it be if refining medicinal pills can be this relaxing…” Xiao Yan let out a bitter laughter as he eyed the Danwans that were emitting a golden-colored glow. With a wave of his hand, the dozens of golden-colored Danwans carried the golden glow as they shot out from within the medicinal cauldron. Finally, they landed in a jade bottle in Xiao Yan’s hand.

“Hey, why don’t you try it. The taste should be much better than the medicinal ingredients that you eat raw.” Xiao Yan smiled and suggested as handed over the jade bottle to the little girl by his side. She had been eagerly watching him..

“Ai ai,” The little girl nodded repeatedly as she swiftly poured out a gold-colored Danwan. She ignored the remaining heat present on it and directly threw it into her mouth. She used her great strength to chew.

“How tasty…” The little girl chewed the Danwan into pieces after two to three bites before swallowing it. She licked her lips and eyed the jade bottle in her hand, wishing to continue eating.

Xiao Yan smiled and waved his hand to take out the medicinal ingredients to refine the ‘Dragon Strength Pill’ from his storage ring. He arranged them as he said, “You should keep these Danwans for your own consumption. Do not give anyone else this to eat. Otherwise, you will torment that person to death.” This kind of Danwan could not even be called a medicinal pill. Only she, who had a strong Magical Beast constitution could endure this kind of wild and violent medicinal strength. If a human were to consume this, it was likely that he would lose a layer of skin or even die.

“I myself feel that they are inadequate…” The little girl muttered. She stood up and purposefully acted in an aged manner as she patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders. “You have done quite well. You can come and find me if there is anyone who bullies you in the future. I will stand up for you. There is no one in this Inner Academy who dares offend me.”

Xiao Yan felt neither able to laugh nor cry as he shook his head. He gently rubbed the extremely cute head of the little girl as he smiled and said, “Alright, I will definitely look for you.”

“Then if I have eaten all of these, can you help me refine more? Treat it as a reward for me protecting you.” The little girl immediately rejoiced when she heard this. She sat in a kneeling position in front of Xiao Yan. Those large dark-black eyes were filled with anticipation.

“…” Xiao Yan rolled his eyes. This little girl was actually planning something like this. He nearly thought that she had a good heart.

“Alright, alright. You can look for me after you have finished eating all of them. Remember my name and the place where I reside.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and replied somewhat weakly.

“I know. It’s Xiao Yan. That old fellow from earlier said it. I will also know your place of residence.” The little girl laughed. She no longer needed to consume those awful tasting medicinal ingredients. This caused her to really jump for joy. Xiao Yan was given the title of an extremely good person in her heart.

“In that case, you should continue refining. This medicinal refinement is far too dull. It is fortunate that I did not learn it. Otherwise, I would be bored to death.” The little girl finally stood up with satisfaction after achieving her aim. She extended her tongue toward Xiao Yan and laughed as she responded.

Xiao Yan once again shook his head, feeling speechless. He eyed the little girl who was about to leave before suddenly shouting, “That’s right. Little sister, I still don’t know your name.”

“I am called Zi Yan. It is a name that the First Elder give me. However, those fellows in the Inner Academy are extremely afraid of me. They privately call me ‘Brute Force Queen’. Humph, all of them think that I am unaware of it.” The little girl quietly knit her nose. Her fist danced violently in front of her. Immediately, a sharp sound suddenly appeared and a couple of invisible fist shadows shot out like the wind. Finally, they nestled close to Xiao Yan’s face as they flew by before heavily smashing into the specially made wall that was as hard as metal. At that moment, a couple of deep dark-black holes that carried some crack lines surfaced on it.

Cold sweat dripped down from Xiao Yan’s forehead. He rubbed his forehead in a stunned manner. It was a long while later before he threw a furious stare at Zi Yan, “Little monster, do you want to kill me?”

The small hand covered her mouth. She secretly extended her tongue before giving a hurried bow to Xiao Yan. Currently, Xiao Yan was like a parent providing food for her; she must not offend him.

“Xiao ge-ge, you can continue to refine. I will be leaving first. I will come and look for you after I finish eating them.” Although she spoke like this in her mouth, Zi Yan had hurriedly fled out of the door.

Xiao Yan could only laugh bitterly when he saw that Zi Yan had escaped. This little girl was indeed cute, but she was a little too violent… Xiao Yan sighed. He waved his hand and a wisp of green-colored flames once again formed on the tip of his finger.

“That’s right, Xiao ge-ge, I have a ranking in the Inner Academy. It is that whatever ‘Strong Ranking’. I am the first, alright. If there is anyone who bullies you in the future, you can just mention my name.” A small head suddenly extended in from the doorway. She smiled at Xiao Yan before hurriedly fleeing.


The green-colored flame that was curling upwards suddenly disappeared completely. His mouth widened as he stared at the door in a stunned manner. It was a long while later before his entire body twitched as he muttered, “I… I… she is that top person on the ‘Strong Ranking’ that caused Lin Yan to greatly tremble with fear?”

Xiao Yan only felt that this world was filled with drama at this moment.

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