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Chapter 521: Advancing to Dou Ling

Surprise flashed across Yao Lao’s eyes within the mountain cave as he eyed the medicinal liquid that swiftly swirled within the wooden basin. With his ability, he could naturally sense the suction force that was surging explosively out from Xiao Yan’s body. He immediately muttered softly, “This little fellow wants to break through the Da Dou Shi class in one go? Borrowing this formidable force, it appears that he has quite a good opportunity. However, the energy he needs is an extremely large amount…”

The medicinal liquid swiftly spiraled within the wooden basin. Waves of incomparably pure energy seeped out from the medicinal liquid. Finally, it poured into Xiao Yan’s body during its training state. As this pure energy flowed until it was gone, the color of the originally multicolored medicinal liquid swiftly became pale. According to this speed, it was likely that not much time would be needed before the enormous energy within the medicinal liquid was completely absorbed by Xiao Yan.

On top of absorbing the energy within the medicinal liquid, the overly powerful suction force also forcefully pulled in and absorbed the surrounding natural energy. However, the energy that was being directly absorbed from nature was clearly many times more mottled compared to the energy within the medicinal liquid. However, it was superior in that there was an endless amount of this energy, and it would not run out no matter how much was being absorbed. Therefore, under this two-pronged absorption, the powerful energy was swarming into Xiao Yan’s body in an unceasing trend. It pounced into the Dou Crystal which seemed like a bottomless pit.

Although Xiao Yan’s suction force was extremely quick, the energy that he needed to advance his level was indeed overly large. If an ordinary person wanted to break through, he would undoubtedly require the accumulation of strength over a long period of time. The amount of energy needed for Xiao Yan’s desire to advance two levels in one go was indeed a shockingly large amount. Hence, even though his absorption speed was extremely fast, the fist-sized Dou Crystal still did not have the slightest feeling of being filled. At the very most, the originally bright surface became a little brighter.

Following the gradual flow of time, the momentum within Xiao Yan’s body gradually showed traces of tire. This was especially after the last thread of pure energy within the medicinal liquid was absorbed by Xiao Yan. Having lost the support of this large amount of energy, the absorption of the energy from nature was far too insufficient to meet the swallowing demand of the Dou Crystal. Therefore, the powerful energy that swarmed into Xiao Yan’s body also diminished greatly.

One of the worst things to happen while advancing to the next level is that is an insufficient energy supply. This would result in the failure to advance to the next level. However, there was no other choice for Xiao Yan who was within his training condition. Immediately, he could only repeatedly circulate his Qi Method in order to increase the strength of his absorption of the energy from nature.

One could obtain an endless supply of energy from nature, but only an extremely small amount of that mottled energy can be absorbed after it has been refined by one’s body. This amount was undoubtedly just a drop in a bucket for Xiao Yan who was in the midst of advancing.

Within the mountain cave, Yao Lao was eyeing the medicinal liquid which had transformed into clear water. He once again glanced at the slight anxiety on Xiao Yan’s brows. After musing for a moment, he waved his hand and once again took out that ‘Core Quenching Body Milk.’ He opened the cap of the bottle slightly and carefully dropped one drop of the emerald liquid into the wooden basin.

Following the drop of the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk,’ the originally clear water where one could see the bottom once again transformed into a rich emerald color. It was so rich that there was some fog, that would not disappear, lingering within the wooden basin. Enormous pure energy once again filled the water.

The drop of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ that was suddenly added was undoubtedly like delivering charcoal to someone during a snowstorm from Xiao Yan’s perspective. That wild pure energy swarmed into Xiao Yan’s body through his pores, finally causing the tiredness within Xiao Yan’s body to once again disappear. His mind moved and the pure energy, like bubbling spring water, unceasingly circulated within his Qi Paths. Finally, it poured into the Dou Crystal. contributing to the large amount of energy required.

There was no other medicinal ingredients added to this ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ to neutralize it. Therefore, the energy that it contained was even more overbearing. Fortunately, Xiao Yan’s body had become much stronger after the washing of the marrow Xiao Yan’s earlier. Therefore, this overbearing energy may still have contained a faint piercing pain after it entered his body, but the searing pain from earlier was not felt at all.

This drop of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ gave a considerable amount of energy to Xiao Yan. However, the energy needed for his advancement could perhaps be even called unusual. The energy that was needed to stride across this barrier appeared to be like the sum of all the energy needed to advance within this one class. Hence, even though the energy contained within this drop of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ was extremely powerful, the emerald medicinal liquid within the wooden basin once again became clear after an hour of wild absorption.

Yao Lao narrowed his eyes as he stared at the medicinal liquid in the wooden basin that once again lacked color. He helplessly shook his head. After weighing the degree of the Qi Xiao Yan was currently radiating, he finally, with a hint of hesitation, poured two more drops of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ into the wooden basin.

An ordinary person who wanted to reach this stage of breaking through to a Dou Ling would undoubtedly require a long accumulation of energy. This accumulation could even reach the length of a couple of years. This timeframe allows one to see just how large the energy needed to break through this barrier was. If it were not for the natural spiritual object of the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk,’ Xiao Yan would at the most be able to break through to the nine star Da Dou Shi level. It was undoubtedly the ravings of a lunatic if he wanted to break through to the Dou Ling class in one go. However, it was fortunate that this extremely rare and difficult to find ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ was coincidentally in his hands. One must say that this was a blessing.

The richness of the energy contained within each drop of the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ was extremely shocking. Energy of this degree was likely able to match half a year’s worth of energy accumulation for an ordinary person. Most of the energy of the ten drops of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ earlier were used to refine Xiao Yan’s body. Only ten-percent to twenty-percent of the energy remained and was absorbed by Xiao Yan. In addition, the one drop of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ that was just added in was not sufficient enough to allow Xiao Yan to break through to the Dou Ling class. However, the two drops of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’ that Yao Lao had just thrown in had finally become the final ladle of water in the filled container!

Xiao Yan’s mind repeatedly commanded the energy to follow the route of the ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method to circulate. Unceasing amounts of energy whizzed past just like a car that ran forever on the expressway. Finally, that energy charged into the Dou Crystal.

Regardless of how deep a hole there was, there was ultimately a time when it would be filled. Although, the energy needed to advance was so large that it left one speechless, that enormous energy was swiftly being made-up under the addition of these three drops of ‘Core Quenching Body Milk’…

Just as the medicinal liquid in the wooden basin, again, turned into pure water, the enormous suction force that was erupting from Xiao Yan’s body suddenly disappeared. His body trembled slightly as the pores all over his body shrank, imprisoning all the energy within his body and not allowing any of it to spill out.

The fist-sized Dou Crystal within the vortex was like a bright sun. The warm and eye-piercing light repeatedly shot out from within, shining through the vortex until it was transparent.

The final wave of energy completed its circulation within the Qi Paths and flowed into the vortex before finally pouring into the sun-like Dou Crystal.


Following the pouring in of this final wave of energy, the rhombus-shaped Dou Crystal suddenly shook slightly. A low humming sound was quietly emitted before it finally reverberated. The sound didn’t disappear from the vortex.

“Bang, bang…”

A slight and rhythmic voice sounded from within the vortex. When one listened carefully, it was similar to that of a heart beat, appearing extremely strange.

Following the appearance of this rhythmic sound, the glow on the rhombus Dou Crystal also fluctuated between strong and weak. Moreover, under the focus of Xiao Yan’s mind, he was stunned to realize that the originally somewhat irregular Dou Crystal had become as round as a sphere.

Following the Dou Crystal becoming round, corners strangely protruded out. That manner was as though it was a sea urchin that was covered by pricks… If one were to count it carefully, that sea urchin appeared to coincidentally possess nine long pricks.

The Dou Crystal, which was like a sea urchin, glowed weak at times and intense at others. Following the intensification and weakening of the glow, that rhythm-like heartbeat sounded once again. It was as though it was a heart filled with vigor…

After the rhombus-shaped Dou Crystal completely turned into a sea-urchin-shaped Dou Crystal, the intensification and weakening of the glow on its surface became increasingly rapid. That sound of a heart beating also followed it and became faster…

“Bang, bang…”

A low muffled sound slowly reverberated within his body. In the end, it reached a point where it was nearly the same rhythm as Xiao Yan’s heart.

The instant when the two kinds of beats merged together, the sea-urchin-like Dou Crystal suddenly shook in the vortex. An extremely powerful energy ripple suddenly spread out from the Dou Crystal!

The energy ripple passed through the vortex, his veins, the bones in his body, and finally his skin without any resistance. Immediately, it erupted in a sudden motion!

Xiao Yan, who was seated cross-legged within the wooden basin in the mountain cave suddenly opened his eyes. A sharp, clear substance-like glow shot out explosively. A wave of powerful aura spread out from his body. As his breath spewed forth, Xiao Yan suddenly raised his head. A clear roar that carried a powerful Dou Qi exploded from the mountain cave just like muffled thunder!


As the clear roar sounded, powerful energy ripples broke from his body. Suddenly, a mist began splashing everywhere. The wooden basin which Xiao Yan was in had turned into sawdust under the sweeping energy ripple. The energy ripple did not stop after it shattered the wooden basin, but continued to sweep through the entire mountain cave. In an instant, sounds of explosions came wave after wave in the mountain cave. Numerous crack lines began spreading on the enormous rocks. Finally, they embraced the entire mountain cave.

The entire interior of the mountain cave was a complete mess after the clear roar passed.

The mist gradually fell and a black shadow flashed out in a ghost-like manner. Finally, it stood proudly. The delicate and handsome face was filled with a wild joy.

“Have I succeeded?”

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