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Chapter 510: Core Quenching Body Milk

After summoning out the Purple Cloud Wings, Xiao Yan rushed as fast as lightning toward the spot where the beast’s roar was emitted from. In less than ten minutes, he was already near the place where the beast’s roar resonated from. Moreover, he appeared to be able to sense a few powerful auras on top of hearing the roar. These auras were strong and were even around the same as Lin Yan. There were perhaps even one or two among them who were stronger than Lin Yan.

Surprise quietly rose in Xiao Yan’s heart as he sensed these auras. That Lin Yan was a strong person who had entered the peak of the Dou Ling class. By being stronger than him, did that not mean… this place actually had elite Dou Wangs?

Xiao Yan became slightly cautious as these thoughts flashed in his heart. He carefully suppressed the fluctuation of Dou Qi within his body, and his breathing had also gradually slowed. The Purple Cloud Wings on his back flapped slightly, and his body quietly rushed into the lush green forest.

Xiao Yan swiftly withdrew the Purple Cloud Wings upon entering the forest. After which, his hands flashed in an agile manner just like a monkey. After being careful in this manner for a long while, the view in front of him suddenly broadened. This was especially so when Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across a small mountain valley outside of the forest. The surprise on his face involuntarily became much denser.

Outside of the forest was a small mountain valley that was overlooked by a mountain. The entrance to the mountain valley was like a gourd. At this moment, there was a strongly built giant white-colored ape around thirty to forty feet in size standing at the entrance to this mountain valley. The entire body of the white ape was emitting an extremely sharp icy-cold aura. The heavy and coarse breaths emitting from its large nostrils came out as two tendrils of white fog. Its two arms were also quite long with each of its claw hands about twice the size of a human head. When the claw hands were occasionally swung, there would be a couple of wind blades that violently shot out which were powerful enough to shatter the enormous rock beside it which sent the rock fragments flying in all directions. A pair of blood-red eyes were filled with a wild and fierce killing intent. At this moment, this pair of blood-red eyes was viciously staring at the six human figures around it.

“It is actually a ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape.’ These people are really quite bold. The strength of an adult ‘Snow Monster Sky Ape’ is sufficient enough to shatter gold and split mountains. Although this large fellow in front appears to have just entered the adult stage, it could at least be comparable to a three star Dou Wang…” Xiao Yan immediately spoke with surprise in his heart as soon as he saw that extremely eye-catching, enormous ape at the entrance of the valley.

“Those few fellows aren’t weak.” Yao Lao’s voice sounded faintly.

Xiao Yan hurriedly swept his gaze over the six people surrounding the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape.’ When his gaze swept over the badge on the chest of one person, his expression involuntarily changed a little. “These fellows are all students from the Inner Academy? Why are they this strong? Huh? Senior Han Yue is also here?”

At the end of his words, he suddenly let out a ‘huh’ sound. This was because he suddenly saw a graceful lady standing on the leftmost side. That obviously cold but alluring silver-colored dress and long, bright silver-colored hair was none other than Han Yue who could be considered to have quite a good relationship with Xiao Yan back within the Inner Academy.

“Why have all of them gathered here?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly. Although he did not know the rest of the people other than Han Yue, he was able to gather some clues from their badges. In this Inner Academy, which students, other than the experts ranked within the top ten of the ‘Strong Ranking,’ would have the courage and resolution to come and lay siege to a Dou Wang class Magical Beast?”

“Hei, this large fellow is really formidable. Han Yue, is there really that thing that you have said inside? You better not lie to us in order to get us to be your free fighters. This ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ is a beast that even some of the Elders in the Inner Academy cannot defeat. If anyone of us were to fight it alone, no one would be able to beat it. Once it becomes crazy, we would be faced with quite a bit of trouble.” While Xiao Yan was feeling doubt in his heart, a rough and crude sound suddenly appeared. His eyes glanced over and discovered that the person who had spoken was a man with a strong build and some stubbles on his face. The latter’s strong build was such that he was taller than ordinary people by two heads. His large body caused others to feel an unusual suppression. However, the thing that people paid the most attention to was an enormous metal hammer in his right hand. Under the shine of the sunlight, the black color of the metal hammer reflected a thick and deep glow.

Looking at the green veins bulging on the man’s hand, the weight of this dark,black metal hammer was likely not light.

“Senior Yan Hao, you can rest assured about this. I am clear about the danger involved, and would not joke around with this kind of thing. If any error occurs after this, Han Yue will not shrink from any denouncement of Senior Yan Hao.” Han Yue softly said. Her voice was as clear as an icy mountain spring, causing people to have a strange feeling of icy water flow through their hearts.

“Ha ha, Yan Hao. Han Yue knows how to weigh things when it comes to such matters. You need not be overly suspicious. If there is really that thing in the valley, the benefit that we will gain will be quite great. The grand competition will begin after another four months. If we could advance our strength during this time, the position of an Elder is something that we can anticipate.” A clear laugh sounded. Xiao Yan’s gaze followed the voice and looked over. His heart involuntarily praised a little. The person who spoke was a handsome, young man wearing green-colored clothes. The young man’s age was around twenty-six to twenty-seven years old. At this age, most people had already began to lose the wild arrogance of a young man. Moreover, it was also due to this smiling manner of his that caused other people to have a good opinion of him. He wore his green garment well and carried an elegant demeanor that caused people to be endlessly surprised.

“Yan Hao?” Xiao Yan quietly muttered this name in his heart. He vaguely felt that it was a little familiar.

“Lin Xiuya, it is easy for you to say. This is a Magical Beast that could rival an elite Dou Wang. Even with our strength, it is possible for us to be seriously injured and die if we are not cautious. Moreover, Yan Hao only wants to confirm things. After all, no one wants to spend so much effort and end up in a situation of being empty-handed.” A man whose face was a little dark rolled his eyes as he explained.

“Lin Xiuya? It is really unexpected that he is Lin Xiuya that Lin Yan spoke of. Looking at his disposition, it is little wonder why even the wildly arrogant Lin Yan would have a faint fear when mentioning him.” Xiao Yan’s heart leaped slightly. This name was something that he had heard of quite a number of times. Most of the students within the Inner Academy would carry slight admiration and respect when mentioning this name. Perhaps this person may not be the strongest in the Inner Academy, but if one were to discuss charm, it was likely that no one in the entire Inner Academy could stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

“Ke ke, there is no useless person who could entire the top ten of the ‘Strong Ranking.’ Although our true strength may not be comparable to the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape,’ the beast would likely be at a disadvantage if we were to really fight.” Lin Xiuya laughed. His long finger gently flicked a green-colored longsword he held in his other hand. A clear sound was immediately but quietly emitted. Following the emission of the sound, threads of nearly substance-like rotating wind suddenly appeared around his body out of nowhere, rotating non-stop while emitting ‘hu hu’ sounds.

“All of you, it is a little childish to have such a pointless argument now. Since all of you have already followed me here, it means that the thing similarly possesses a great attraction to all of you. Therefore, the most important thing now is to first defeat this ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’… all of you clearly know about the value of that thing. Once news spreads, it is likely that there would be quite a number of people from the ‘Black-Corner Region’ coming over to steal it. At that time, it would be too late to regret.” Han Yue knit her brows slightly as she spoke in an indifferent, cold voice when she heard the somewhat non-uniform opinions.

The few people by the side laughed when the words left Han Yue’s mouth. They shrugged their shoulders and did not continue arguing. Instead, they turned their gazes toward the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ in the middle.

“Later, the five of us will act to stop it. Everyone should just use whatever skills they have. This fellow is not something easy to deal with. Han Yue’s strength is a little weaker and it is better for her not to participate in this kind of siege. Instead, you should help us pay attention to the movements around.” Lin Xiuya tilted the longsword in his hand and pointed it to the ground as he spoke with a smile.

“Yes.” Han Yue hesitated a little when she heard this before gently inclining her chin. Her toes pressed onto a huge rock and her figure withdrew in a light manner. Finally, her lovely body stood straight on the top of a tree with a wide unobscured view.

“Ke ke, everyone. We have not joined hands for a long while. I wonder if you have had any improvement.” Lin Xiuya laughed faintly when he saw Han Yue withdraw. His green clothes shook slightly as a powerful aura suddenly surged out from his body. Feeling the strength of this aura, it faintly felt like it exceeded that of a Dou Ling.

“It is really unexpected that even you have one step to go into the Dou Wang class. You are really worthy of being the champion among our batch of new students back then.” The large Yan Hao involuntarily sighed in surprise as he sensed the powerful aura seeping out from Lin Xiuya.

“Haven’t you also touched that boundary layer…” Lin Xiuya rolled his eyes at Yan Hao as he spoke.

“I have only touched it extremely vaguely, and cannot be compared with you.” Yan Hao laughed bitterly and shook his head. He held the jet-black metal hammer in his hand and violently rotated it in front of him. Immediately, a frightening aura tore the air and emitted a sharp sound.

The other three people also allowed their Qis to erupt to their limits after Lin Xiuya and Wu Hao. These people were actually strong people who were at the peak of the Dou Ling class. From the looks of their Qis, they were actually not the least bit weaker than Lin Yan.

“This Inner Academy is indeed worthy of being a place in the continent where the talented gathers. All of these people are merely around twenty-five years old but they are fast reaching the Dou Wang class. This kind of talent could be called great. Geniuses who even the Heavens would indulge upon no matter where one placed them…” Xiao Yan involuntarily sighed in surprise within his heart as he sensed the five powerful auras.

Appearing to have sensed the fighting atmosphere that had spread over from the surroundings, the bright redness in the enormous eyes of the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ in the battleground became much denser. His black metal-like claws heavily smashed on his chest which was covered with white-colored fur. Immediately, a ripple with underlying strength that was visible to the naked eye suddenly spread out. Wherever the force spread to, the surrounding enormous rocks would emit ‘ka cha’ sounds and would be about to break, producing numerous crack lines.

“Foolish humans. Do not have delusions of snatching the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk.’ If you leave now, I will spare your lives!” The ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ lifted its enormous head. Its blood-red gaze stared intently at the few people. After being silent for a while, a low, deep, arrogant, wild, thunderclap-like voice suddenly sounded by the ears of everyone present.

“Huh? This ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ is only at the Dou Wang class but it can actually open its mouth to speak?” Xiao Yan’s heart felt surprised at the action of the ‘Snow Demon Sky Ape’ for a moment before he was abruptly startled, “Core Quenching Body Milk?”

Xiao Yan repeatedly uttered this name in his mouth. A moment later, his body suddenly trembled. His face was filled with a stunned, yet wildly joyous look.

“This place actually has the ‘Core Quenching Body Milk,’ a kind of spiritual item of the land?”

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