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Chapter 473: Hidden Confrontation

Under everyone’s gazes, Bai Cheng’s group slowly walked up to Xiao Yan. The former’s gaze swept over the new students who had quite a strong aura before finally stopping on the faces of Xiao Yan’s four-man group.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were locked onto this man in front of him, whose appearance was somewhat similar to Bai Shan. Despite the powerful aura that was emitted from the body of this person, Xiao Yan felt no fear in his heart. His pair of eyes were calm without any ripples.

Seeing these groups staring at one another, the surrounding crowd could not help but become much quieter. The gazes which they used to look at the groups were filled with all sorts of emotions.

“You are Xiao Yan, right? I have frequently heard Bai Shan mentioning you. Now that I see you today, your bearing is indeed extraordinary.” After exchanging looks with Xiao Yan for a moment, the somewhat dark and solemn face Bai Cheng suddenly laughed. He actually extended his hand toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and observed Bai Cheng’s actions. The darkness contained within the other party’s eyes was also captured by his eyes. He laughed softly and extended his hand in full view of everyone before holding Bai Cheng’s hand.

The moment the hands held one another, the smile on Bai Cheng’s face suddenly withdrew. A powerful aura erupted from within his body, shaking the surrounding crowd until their clothes flapped. Some of those who were weaker could not keep their bodies still as they took a step back. The hand which Bai Cheng used to hold Xiao Yan’s was also instantly covered by this dense Dou Qi.

Xiao Yan’s expression sunk as he sensed the surge in strength and the pain coming from his hand. Dou Qi in his body circulated and a wisp of green-colored flame was drawn out. Finally, it moved through the vein and was swiftly channeled to his palm.

However, the instant the flame was about to leave his body, Bai Cheng appeared to have sensed something. A cold smile was lifted from the corner of his mouth. His middle finger was bent slightly and immediately formed an extremely small arc that heavily pressed on Xiao Yan’s palm.

The hidden force that was being transmitted from his palm caused Xiao Yan’s hand to tremble. However, his face was still extremely calm as he stared intently at Bai Cheng opposite of him.

Bai Chang’s single blow struck his opponent and Bai Cheng took advantage of that instant, when Xiao Yan’s hand was numb, to withdraw his palm in a lightning-like manner.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were icy-cold as he eyed Bai Cheng who wanted to withdraw after taking advantage. He flicked his finger and a wisp of green-colored flame shot out from his finger and swiftly caught up to Bai Shan’s hand which was being withdrawn.

Seeing the hot fire seedling that was swiftly flying over. Bai Shan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Dou Qi abruptly swarmed out from his palm before finally forming a half a foot Dou Qi barrier that wrapped the flame seedling within before swiftly pulling back his hand.


Xiao Yan’s mouth moved slightly as a deep soft voice was emitted from his mouth.


As the Xiao Yan’s voice sounded, the green-colored flame seedling which was wrapped by the Dou Qi light barrier suddenly trembled. It abruptly burst open with a muffled explosion. A flame undulation that was not weak smashed heavily against the Dou Qi barrier, blasting it until it was like the surface of a lake after a rock had been thrown into it. This lasted for a moment before the Dou Qi light barrier, which had been hastily constructed by Bai Cheng, was finally overwhelmed. It broke cleanly apart.

Although the explosion of the flame broke apart the Dou Qi light barrier, it merely turned into a fire wave that spread out before it slowly disappeared due to its energy being completely exhausted.

“Bai Cheng, what are you doing?”

This confrontation between the both of them was obscure and swift. Everyone reacted to it only after the fire wave had disappeared. Only then did they understand that in an instant, the two of them had actually secretly exchanged blows. The pretty face of the fiery tempered Hu Jia immediately sank as she took the lead to shout out loud.

After Hu Jia’s cry, Wu Hao, and the other forty plus members of the ‘Pan’s Gate’ also took a step forward in union while wearing furious faces. They appeared to show that they had the intention to fight should there be even a little argument.

“Ke ke, why are you so anxious? I am only exchanging pointers with Junior Xiao Yan. What is there to feel strange about with matters like this in the Inner Academy?” Bai Cheng patted his sleeves and replied with a faint smile. “I will give you an advice. Since you have arrived at the Inner Academy, it would be best to do things according to the rules of the Inner Academy. Otherwise, you will only be seeking humiliation at the end of it all.”

When Bai Cheng spoke, his eyes continued to stare at Xiao Yan. His meaning was naturally understood without needing to give voice to it. In the confrontation earlier, Xiao Yan did not cause any damage to him, but he had firmly given Xiao Yan a punch with his finger. Of course, there was an ambush factor to it, but he had still gained the upperhand. Hence, he could not help but have some obscure pride and laughter when he spoke.

Xiao Yan was expressionless as he waved his hand at Wu Hao and the others, indicating for them not to be impulsive. His other hand was withdrawn into his sleeve. The instant it entered his sleeve, his hand involuntarily trembled a couple of times. That finger punch of Bai Cheng earlier was not weak. If it were not for him taking precautions, it was likely that this hand would not be able to move for quite a number of days.

He had been in the presence of Bai Cheng for only a couple of minutes but by studying this brief attack and the latter’s schemingness, this person was even more sinister than Bai Shan. It was clear that he had the advantage in strength yet he still used this underhanded sneak attack method. This action may cause people to despise him, but it must be said that it was very effective.

A thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart. He lifted his head slowly and eyed Bai Shan on the opposite side. A moment later, a faint smile suddenly appeared on his calm face as he softly said, “Senior Bai Shan is indeed worthy of being an expert on the ‘Strong Ranking.’ In terms of this finger punch today, Xiao Yan is less competent. I shall remember this in my heart and hopefully, Senior will retrieve it in the future.”

Bai Shan could not help but knit his eyebrows together as he stared at the faint smile on Xiao Yan’s face. The degree in which the other party suppressed his emotion had really exceeded his expectation. The obscure gloating expression in his eyes slowly disappeared as he said in a deep voice, “As long as you have the ability, I, Bai Shan will wait for you any time. You set up Fu Ao and caused my ‘White Gang’ to be unable to touch your ‘Pan’s Gate’ for half a year. This can also be considered a little ability of yours. However, I will let you disband ‘Pan’s Gate’ by yourself half a year later!”

“I will still say the same thing. The Inner Academy uses the Inner Academy’s own rules. No matter what your status is outside or what your potential is like, you can only lie on the ground before you have strength. However, you still dare to be this arrogant despite not having strength. You are undoubtedly seeking to humiliate yourself.” Bai Cheng laughed coldly.

Seeing Xiao Yan being willfully reprimanded in public by Bai Cheng, there was a faint golden-colored flame that flashed over the intelligent eyes of Xun Er by the side. There was a rare killing intent present within the flame.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. Some coldness flashed across his dark black pupils. He suddenly extended his right hand and pressed down Wu Hao by the side. The latter’s face was dark and solemn while his blood-colored Dou Qi had shrouded his body. He muttered in a soft voice, “Don’t be impulsive… we will settle the score in the future.”

Wu Hao hesitated as he was pressed down by Xiao Yan. The former could only nod his head and withdraw. He clearly understood that with their current strength, it was still very difficult to fight with Bai Cheng, who was a strong six star Dou Ling.

Bai Cheng gave a cold proud laugh when he listened to Xiao Yan’s group not say anything.

“For other people, it is seeking humiliation just because they have no ability to be arrogant. Is this also the case if you, Bai Cheng, don’t have the ability?” Just as Bai Cheng was prepared to swagger away, a clear voice was suddenly transmitted from the crowd. The voice was not unfamiliar, Bai Cheng’s face changed slightly as he coldly said, “Han Yue! Why are you being a busy-body?”

The human crowd suddenly parted and formed a small path. Immediately, seven or eight graceful figures walked slowly forward. Waves of fragrance caused the observers around to brace their spirits. The person leading the group was Han Yue, who had met Xiao Yan once before.

The few people behind Han Yue were all similar women. All of them wore a crescent shape badge. Clearly, they belonged to the same faction. The appearance of these females may be inferior to Han Yue, but with so many of them gathered together they still attracted many eyes. In this Inner Academy where the males occupied three quarters of the entire population, females, especially beautiful females, were undoubtedly extremely welcomed.

The moment Han Yue’s group revealed themselves, the gazes of those around immediately became much more heated. Private conversations occurred continuously.

“I merely cannot accept watching you bully a group of new students by using your status. If you have the ability, why don’t you go and act imposing in front of Lin Xiu Ya or Yan Hao?” Han Yue’s face was still cold and indifferent, much like a glacier. With the combination of her silver hair that gathered about her waist and her silver-colored dress, only Xun Er and Hu Jia among all the ladies present could compete with her elegant demeanor.


Bai Cheng’s face faintly revealed his anger. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly. Lin Xiu Ya and Yan Hao were experts ranked in the top ten of the ‘Strong Ranking,’ their strength was at the peak of the Dou Ling class. The factions under them were also the top five within the Inner Academy. How would he dare to act arrogantly in front of them?

Although he had some anger in his heart, he did not dare to be too presumptuous toward Han Yue. The other party was not weaker than him regardless of whether it was her strength or her faction. Hence, he could only stare at Xiao Yan with a dark expression as he replied in a somewhat mocking manner, “If what Bai Shan said is true, your affinity with women is really something that people envy…”

“Half a year later, I want to see just what excuses you find.” Bai Cheng waved his hand and laughed coldly. He led his people as they walked toward the ‘Blazing Sky Qi Refining Tower.’

“Half a year later, the ‘White Gang’ will disband…” Xiao Yan slowly inhaled a breath of air and whispered just as Bai Cheng passed by Xiao Yan’s shoulders.

Bai Cheng’s footsteps paused. His eyes carried some ridicule and a teasing manner as he eyed Xiao Yan and said, “I will wait for you. It would be best that you do not hide behind a woman’s back at that time.” Once he said that, he led his people and left this place.

Seeing Bai Cheng’s group leaving, those people around who were waiting to see some fun could not help but shake their heads in disappointment.

Han Yue slowly walked toward Xiao Yan. When she saw his face, which remained calm after being taunted, she sighed softly and said, “I have told you yesterday that it would be best if you try to keep a low profile before you become strong. In the end, you have already attracted trouble today.”

“I am not to be blamed for this. Other people have come to find us… I cannot simply do nothing about it.” Xiao Yan smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Immediately, he cupped his hands toward Han Yue and said, “Senior Han Yue, thank you for speaking out for the ‘Pan’s Gate’ today. If there is anything that you need help with in the future, I, Xiao Yan will definitely do all I can to help.”

“This kind of thing… we can talk about this in the future. The current you cannot help me with anything.” Han Yue shook her head. Her straightforward words caused Xiao Yan to smile helplessly.

“Open the Tower!”

Just as Xiao Yan introduced Xun Er and the two others to Han Yue, an old voice suddenly sounded mightily over the entire crowded area. Immediately, all the noise ceased. The creaking sound of the tower door being opened slowly reverberated…

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