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Chapter 424: One versus Three

The faint voice slowly reverberated across the stadium. After which, the skinny, black-robed, young man pulled Xun Er behind him under the focus of a countless number of gazes. He raised his head slightly, and his indifferent gaze stopped on the faces of Bai Shan, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao.

“This fellow is finally awake…” Instructor Ruo Ling and Xiao Yu on the viewing gallery finally let out a long sigh of relief as they stared at Xiao Yan, who had exited his training mode at a crucial moment.

As they watched Xiao Yan, whose aura had become much stronger than before, Bai Shan and the two others clearly understood that the current Xiao Yan had already successfully increased his strength. The fight after this might really be unexpectedly fierce.

There were no ripples in Xiao Yan’s dark black pupils, which were like old wells. Xun Er, who was by his side, however, could clearly sense the brutal emotion that faintly seeped out from within his body. Clearly, the actions of Bai Shan and the other two joining hands to surround and attack Xun Er had enraged Xiao Yan.

“Xun Er, you should withdraw a little first. Let me handle the rest of them.” Xiao Yan said faintly.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, the three of them all possess the strength of a five or six star Da Dou Shi. The Qi Methods that they practice are also not of a low class. Moreover, they also have powerful Dou Techniques . If it is you alone…” Xun Er said hesitatingly.

“Leave it to me.” Xiao Yan repeated once again. A faint, green-colored flame began to slowly seep out from within his body. The high temperature caused the air around him to become blurry until it appeared illusionary.

“Then… alright. I will stand by the side to watch the fight. If there are any unexpected changes, Xiao Yan ge-ge should not blame Xun Er for acting.” When she heard Xiao Yan repeat himself, Xun Er could only nod her head. She slowly pulled back while speaking softly.

Xiao Yan nodded. He once again turned his gaze back to Bai Shan and the two others. A long while later, he slowly said, “If you all walk out of this arena unscathed today, then I, Xiao Yan will never take another step in Jia Nan Academy again!”

Xiao Yan’s words caused the expressions of the three of them to change slightly. They could clearly sense the coldness and the suppressed fury contained within these words that the former had spoken.

“Humph, just boast. Although you have currently advanced by one star, you only have the strength around that of a six star Da Dou Shi. This level is just enough to contend with any one of us alone. However, if you want to fight all three of us by yourself, I think that you are only looking to be humiliated!” Bai Shan waved the long lance in his hand and coldly laugh.

“My original intention was not to hurt Xun Er. After you are defeated, I will let Bai Shan pay the price for the kick of his earlier.” Wu Hao, whose entire body was wrapped in a blood-colored robe, eyed the calm Xiao Yan as he spoke.

“Hee hee, you must count me in.” Hu Jia laughed lovingly.

When he heard the words of the two of them, Bai Shan’s expression could not help but change slightly. However, he smiled instead and said, “I also feel extremely guilty of accidentally hurting Junior Xun Er earlier. Later, there is no need for the both of you to act. I will withdraw by myself in order to apologize to Junior Xun Er. However, before this, we must first defeat Xiao Yan before we discuss anything more.”

“Isn’t it a little late to talk about all this?” Xiao Yan waved his hand and ignored Bai Shan, who wore a cold smile on his face. His hands slowly formed some strange seal in front of him. Following the forming of the seal, the green-colored flame that shrouded the surface of Xiao Yan’s body suddenly coagulated. Immediately, it completely entered his body with a ‘suo’ sound.

Following the disappearance of the green-colored flame, a green-colored flame gradually swarmed into that pair of dark black eyes of Xiao Yan. In an instant, a pair of dark pupils turned into a pair of eyes that were now filled with a green colored flame.

“The First Change of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change: Green Lotus Change!”

The calm voice slowly sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart. When the last word sounded, the aura over Xiao Yan’s body was abruptly withdrawn. An instant later, the aura appeared to be like a volcano, which had broken through the restraint of the land as it erupted forth in all directions!

The green-colored flame Dou Qi hurriedly swarmed out from Xiao Yan’s body. It immediately swept horizontally through the air. The hot flame caused the temperature on the open ground to swiftly rise. Perspiration involuntarily appeared on the faces of some of the students whose strengths were weaker.

At this moment, Xiao Yan’s Qi had already far surpassed the Da Dou Shi class. If one were to vaguely measure it, it was at least something that could stand shoulder to shoulder with a strong Dou Ling!

The faces of a countless number of people in the viewing gallery were shocked and dull as they stared at Xiao Yan in the arena, who was wrapped by a large cluster of flame. They sensed the change in force, which had suddenly soared explosively.

“Dou Ling?” Bai Shan’s expression could not help but change a little as his gaze stared intently at Xiao Yan. A seriousness had similarly surfaced on Hu Jia and Wu Hao’s faces by his side.


Bai Shan’s voice had just left his mouth when the sound of an energy explosion abruptly rang out from within the flame. A vague, green-colored figure let out a ‘chi’ sound and tore through the hinderance of the air. The ten plus meters between the figure and Bai Shan was shuttled past in less than a second. This terrifying speed caused the eyes of Bai Shan and the two others to be dazzled. A green-colored, flaming figure that was around three meters tall brought a high temperature as it appeared in front of them.

A fist abruptly shot out from within the flames. It turned into three afterimages. Each of them carried the hot green flame and violently smashed at the heads of the three of them.

The speed of Xiao Yan after he had activated the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’ had already risen to such a degree that even a Dou Ling of ordinary strength would unable to match him. Therefore, only when the fist was about to reach their heads did Bai Shan and the two others sense something. Their expressions changed greatly In their haste, their arms were swiftly crossed in front of their heads. Dou Qi flowed immediately and repeatedly strengthened their defenses.


The green-colored flame fists landed heavily on the crossed arms of the three of them. Three muffled sounds immediately appeared in an orderly fashion. A sleek redness rose onto the faces of Bai Shan and the two others as their feet rubbed against the ground while they quickly slid back.

After the three of them pulled back for more than ten steps, their feet violently stomped against the ground and they finally managed to redirect the force. They sensed their hands, which had nearly become numb from being struck by Xiao Yan, and shock surfaced on the faces of the three of them. They did not expect that Xiao Yan’s strength had actually soared to such a powerful degree all of a sudden. One versus three. Not only did he show no sign of losing, but he also suppressed them until they were at a disadvantage.

“Go all out!”

Bai Shan clenched his teeth and shouted coldly. Silver-colored Dou Qi was suddenly attached to his body. The long, silver-colored lance was shaking in front of him. Dou Qi, like electric snakes, swiftly danced and flashed from the tip of the lance. Following an intense tremble of the lance in Bai Shan’s hand, the silver-colored Dou Qi began to agglomerate at the tip of the lance, which emitted soft ‘Chi La’ sounds. From its appearance, it was clear that he was preparing a Dou Technique with an impressive force.

Beside Bai Shan, Wu Hao, and Hu Jia also hesitated for a moment before their Dou Qi also began to swiftly gallop around their bodies. With their reputation within Jia Nan Academy, their haughtiness caused them to be extremely unwilling to be defeated by the hands of a young man, who was around their age, at the same time with two others. At this stage, it was naturally impossible for them to choose to hold anything back.

As they decided on this thought, a deep, green-colored and blood-colored Dou Qi began to wildly surge out from within Hu Jia’s and Wu Hao’s body respectively. On top of the whip and the heavy sword, strong offensive type Dou Qi was swiftly being brewed. After their defeat earlier, the current them had began to go all out to counter attack!

Against everyone’s expectations, Xiao Yan did not choose to continue attacking after defeating the three of them with one punch earlier. Under the shroud of the green-colored flame, he had a cold face as he took out a purple-colored Yaowan and stuffed it into his mouth. He began chew it before spitting a mouthful of purple-colored flame, which he finally held in his palm.

Xiao Yan glanced at the purple-colored flame. His right hand shook again and a green-colored flame rose from within it. Xiao Yan slowly raised his head and eyed Bai Shan and the other two who had prepared to go all out just before their defeat. There was not the slightest emotion within Xiao Yan’s eyes, which were filled with the green-colored flame. His hands gradually moved closer together. The purple-colored and the green-colored flames began to merge!

Looking at his manner, Xiao Yan was actually thinking of displaying a small scale ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’… It appeared that the actions of Bai Shan and the two others had truly caused Xiao Yan to be in a furious state.

“That Xiao Yan should have used a certain kind of Secret Technique that can temporarily raise his strength, right? Otherwise, it is impossible for his strength to rise by this much.” The Deputy Headmaster, Hu Gan, on the organizer’s platform eyed the green-colored flame figure, who had ceased moving within the arena, and then Bai Shan and the two others, who were brewing their powerful Dou Qi on the other side before he slowly spoke.

“The current Xiao Yan likely already possesses the strength of a strong Dou Ling. However, looking at the Dou Techniques that Bai Shan and the two others are displaying, it is clear that they aren’t ordinary things. Under the combined strength of the three of them, even a strong Dou Ling would not dare to carelessly slight them. If Xiao Yan doesn’t intend on letting Xun Er participate in this competition, I’m afraid that it may end up in a stalemate.” An elder in the academy by Hu Gan’s side said with a smile.

“There won’t be a stalemate…” A faint voice was suddenly emitted. The gaze of Old Huo, who sat off to the side, stared intently at the green-colored flame which had wrapped around Xiao Yan as he softly said, “If what I think is happening is not wrong, the competition will end after this attack.”

“Oh?” When the others heard this, even Hu Gan felt a little astonished. He threw his gaze into the arena and a moment later, he suddenly sensed that there was an extremely wild and violent energy ripple that had appeared from it. His expression immediately changed. That sharp gaze of his directly shot toward the green-colored flame, “Good fellow. Exactly what Dou Technique is this Xiao Yan actually displaying? It is actually strong to such an extent?”

The silent atmosphere in the arena lasted for less than a minute before it was abruptly broken!

“Glorious Thunder!”

“Quiet Woods Poisonous Snake Vine!”

“Blood Splitting Chop!”

Within the arena, the eyes of Bai Shan and the two others abruptly widened. The powerful Dou Techniques within their hands were finally brewed to their limits. They shook their weapons abruptly and in an instant, silver, green, and red, three incomparably fierce and powerful energies, Dou Techniques were shot out. Anywhere the three energies passed through, the hard surface ended up completely cracked. Numerous eye-piercing crack lines spread all the way to the edge of the arena before stopping.

While the three ferocious energies were shooting explosively, an indifferent voice also gently sounded from within the green flame human figure not far away. Immediately, a greenish-purple glow shot out from the green-colored flame in a lightning like manner. Finally, it quietly carried a beautiful, green-purple trail, and suddenly collided with the three energies under the focus of a countless number of gazes!


The moment they collided, the four energies were at first silent for a moment before an earth-shaking explosion suddenly appeared!

Quickly following this, dense dust rose and spread throughout the arena. At this instant, the entire open ground was turned into ruins!

While they watched the arena, which had basically turned into ruins, the viewing gallery of the arena also descended into a death-like silence!

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