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Chapter 421: Shaking Lightning Arc Blast

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled a breath of air as he eyed Bai Shan’s group, whose footsteps were becoming increasingly fast. Within the interior of the vortex of his body, the rhombic Dou Crystal trembled slightly. Threads of surging, green-colored Dou Qi flowed out and circulated, moving along the Qi Paths, like flood water as it roared and galloped. Finally, it surged out of his body and suddenly raised Xiao Yan’s strength to its peak.

The enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler was covered by the green-colored Du Qi. This powerful Dou Qi caused the surrounding air around the heavy ruler to have some slight undulations appear. Xiao Yan raised his head while holding the hilt of the ruler tightly in his hand. He tilted his head toward Xun Er and said faintly, “Finish them off quickly. Don’t delay too long.”

“Three minutes.” Xun Er nodded slightly. Golden-colored Dou Qi surged out from her body. An eye-piercing golden glow caused her to be as radiant as the sun, appearing extremely conspicuous.

Xiao Yan nodded his head as he sensed the fierce Dou Qi erupting explosively from behind him. He lifted his foot slightly and immediately stomped it on the ground. The sound of energy exploding appeared from the bottom of his foot as he immediately turned into a black-colored blur that carried an intense wind pressure. He shot fiercely toward Bai Shan, who wore an icy cold face.

“Hmph! Don’t think that you can run amuck just because you defeated Lu Mu. There are many within Jia Nan Academy who are stronger than him.” The intense pressure of the wild wind blew against Bai Shan’s white clothes until they were pasted tightly to his skin. His expression, however, held no fear. With a cold laugh, his long, silver-colored lance abruptly shook and the flashing silver lightning Dou Qi covered the entire lance, like numerous, small snakes. He held the handle of the lance and with a stern cry, the long lance turned into a silver-colored light that shot toward Xiao Yan’s neck in an extremely ruthless manner.

“Clang!” A large black shadow suddenly fell vertically and the silver-colored glow directly pressing against the enormous ruler’s body. The force contained in the attack merely caused the hand, that Xiao Yan used to hold the heavy ruler, to tremble slightly.

Although the vicious attack was blocked, Bai Shan’s expression did not change even a little. His hand suddenly shook, and carried a lightning-like, silver-colored Dou Qi which moved along the long silver-colored lance and erupted explosively. Finally, it turned into a few opaque silver-colored lance shapes that strangely moved around the heavy ruler and pierced toward Xiao Yan’s head from behind.

The silver-colored Dou Qi carried a lightning glow and emitted ‘chi chi’ sounds as it passed through the air. Xiao Yan already had a sense of the attacking strength of the lightning affinity Dou Qi when he sparred with his second brother, Xiao Li, long ago. Therefore, he would naturally not underestimate it within his heart. The few silver-colored lance shapes that came roaring at him like angry dragons were swiftly becoming magnified in Xiao Yan’s dark black eyes. Xiao Yan’s body quivered. A powerful, green-colored Dou Qi surged out fiercely. In an instant, it agglomerated into a green-colored, substance-like energy helmet that tightly wrapped around his entire head, including his face. The silver-colored lance shapes violently exploded around his helmet, but one could merely see that the silver-colored glow only left a countless number of tiny marks on the surface of the helmet.

The lightning lances disappeared and Xiao Yan abruptly took a step forward. The helmet on his face had almost instantly disappeared. He swung the heavy ruler in his hand horizontally and an enormous force, which carried the sharp sound of air being cut violently, smashed toward Bai Shan’s head.

The terrifying force created by the swinging of the heavy ruler caused the corner of Bai Shan’s eyes to twitch involuntarily. Only after personally fighting at close range with Xiao Yan did he know just how frightening the latter’s strength was.

A silver-colored glow suddenly flooded out from his feet as Bai Shan swayed his body. With a ‘chi’ sound, silver light flashed and his body actually pulled back nearly five to six meters. His speed was so fast that it left people somewhat speechless.

“Your strength may be great but don’t tell me that you didn’t know that the lightning affinity Dou Qi not only has a strong attacking strength but is also very good at increasing one’s agility?” Bai Shan coldly laughed after borrowing the Agility Dou Technique of an unknown name to avoid Xiao Yan’s attack.

“It is indeed very fast.”

Xiao Yan randomly waved his heavy ruler. He faintly nodded, and the corner of his eyes glanced at Xun Er and the other few competitors, who had come to seek refuge. They had already begun coming into contact with each other. At Xun Er’s side, the four strong people, who belonged to the peak of the Dou Shi class, were suppressed until they could only parry her attacks. From the looks of it, it appeared that she would be able to completely expel the four of them from the competition within three minutes. On the other side, the situation was also completely one-sided. Although Xiao Yan’s group’s numbers were larger, the seven people, who were attacked until they did not have any strength earlier, were still defeated after ten exchanges despite only facing four people now. In just one minute, nearly three of the seven people, who had come to seek refuge, were finished off by their opponent’s attack.

“They are indeed a group of slush that cannot support a wall (useless people). If they don’t have their courage, how would they fight with people?” Xiao Yan frowned slightly and shook his head. He withdrew his gaze. As long as he held off Bai Shan, Xun Er would have sufficient time to completely eliminate all of the opponents. At that time, once Xun Er was able to lend a helping hand, this Bai Shan would only be left with the single fate of being defeated.

“I will first defeat you. After that, even if Junior Xun Er is able to struggle free of the others, I can be considered to have withdrawn after successfully completing my mission. It is fine if I am defeated by her. Before this, however, I want to let you, Xiao Yan, become a defeated opponent of mine in front of all the students in the academy!” Bai Shan appeared to be clear of Xiao Yan’s intention. He coldly smiled, and pointed his sharp, long lance at Xiao Yan from a distance as he spoke indifferently.

“On what basis?” Xiao Yan inserted the heavy ruler, in his hand, into the ground and smiled as he replied.

“By relying on my five star Da Dou Shi’s strength and this…” A dark coldness was lifted from the corner of Bai Shan’s mouth. His hands were suddenly placed over the middle section of the lance. He immediately rotated it wildly. As the long, silver-colored lance rotated crazily, an intense silver glow suddenly appeared on Bai Shan’s body. Threads of silver-colored lightning, which were like small snakes, began to repeatedly discharge and shrink. From a distance, it appeared that Bai Shan was currently like a silver-colored ball of light. Moreover, the surface of the ball of light was covered with countless numbers of silver-colored tentacles.

The intense, wild wind blew until Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed. He sensed the powerful energy that was agglomerating in the long lance within Bai Shan’s hands. That was a kind of energy which contained an extremely wild element, much like a thunderbolt.

“He directly used such a powerful Dou Technique from the start. Does he plan to finish me off quickly…” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and slightly knit his brows together as he watched the swiftly soaring energy in the long lance within Bai Shan’s hand. He moved his palm slightly and a pale green flame began surfacing in a partially visible manner under the cover of the green-colored Dou Qi.

“Xiao Yan, let me show you just what a true genius is! You are not good enough for Xun Er!” There was the vague sound of soft, dark, cold laughter from Bai Shan being transmitted from within the whirring sound of the wind. Quickly following this, the sound of wind that permeated the sky suddenly paused. Xiao Yan glanced over, only to realize that the long silver-colored lance in Bai Shan’s hand, which was rotating like a wind wheel, suddenly paused in his hands without moving anymore. The current long lance appeared to have completely turned into a silver-colored lightning lance. Lightning flashed from the body of the lance and there was the sound of thunderclaps being emitted. When the long lance moved slightly, it emitted a powerful energy that would cause the space around it to ripple unceasingly.

“Go and die!”

A dense darkness flashed across Bai Shan’s eyes. He held the long lance tightly as his legs slid. The long lance was slowly lifted above his head and, an instant later, released the sound of a thunderclap as it suddenly smashed into the hard ground. In an instant, a ground shaking explosion pulled all the gazes from the entire stadium over. When they saw Bai Shan, who was like a silver-colored sun, as well as the frightening strength contained in his long lance, roaring repeatedly resonated from the viewing gallery, one after another.

“Shaking Lightning Arc Blast!”

The ice cold cry suddenly rang out from the silver-colored circle of light. Under a countless number of shocked gazes, a silver-colored lightning arc, that was at least ten feet long, was immediately channeled out explosively from the area where the long lance made contact with the ground. Anywhere that the lightning arc passed, the hardened surface of the arena was damaged until it was a complete mess.

The lightning arc was like a meandering silver snake. Its speed was so fast that it caused people to be unable to react in time. Outside the arena, everyone could merely see the silver light flashing within the arena, immediately, they saw a deep gully which was formed while emitting a crackling sound. The appearance was like a field which was plowed by a bull. After this, everyone heard a deafening explosion. Their gazes hurriedly followed the sound to take a look, only to see that the spot where the explosion occurred was actually in the direction where Xiao Yan was standing.

As they eyed the large gully, which appeared where the silver-colored lightning arc passed through the ground, numerous people swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Even a seven or eight star Dou Shi would likely be seriously injured on the spot if they were to receive this kind of terrifying attack.

Dust slowly rose and pervaded the spot where the explosion occurred. There was not the slightest sound within the dust. It was as though the person within it had turned into dust under this terrifying attack by Bai Shan.

A paleness surfaced on Bai Shan’s face as his long lance made contact with the ground. A few drops of cold sweat also rolled down from his forehead. He immediately inhaled a deep breath of air and raised his head to observe the dust, where no movement could be seen. The corner of his mouth was pulled into a dense look. This ‘Shaking Lightning Arc Blast’ was a High Xuan Dou Technique. It was one of the high class Dou Techniques which he had mastered. Back then, when he was training in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, he had once used this attack to seriously wound a strong Dou Ling, who could not raise his defences in time, before finally taking the person’s head. He believed that even though Xiao Yan’s strength was comparable to his, the former would definitely not be able to survive this attack.

The dust in the arena gradually scattered while the arena was completely silent. Countless numbers of gazes were focused intently at this spot. They really wanted to know if that Xiao Yan, who had swiftly and suddenly risen within Jia Nan Academy like a falling star, would be really able to contend against an outstanding and prominent person like Bai Shan.

The dust slowly became thinner. A huge, black ruler, that was inserted into the hard ground, was first to appear in front of everyone’s sight.

A wild wind suddenly blew, and the dust completely disappeared. A human figure that was completely wrapped in a green-colored flame appeared in front of a countless number of gazes.

Bai Shan’s dark gaze suddenly solidified. His expression changed slightly as he eyed the human figure with a green-colored flame writhing over his entire body. Even though they were this far apart, Bai Shan could still feel a terrifying heat from that strange flame.

“Have you attacked until you are satisfied?” The green-colored flaming figure lifted his head slightly. A faint voice was emitted. The flame on his face was slightly thinner as it revealed an indifferent delicate and handsome face. It was shockingly Xiao Yan!

Bai Shan’s face trembled slightly. He held the long, silver-colored lance in his hand. Only now did the current him faintly sense just exactly how strong Xiao Yan was.

“If you are satisfied, then it is my turn.” Bai Shan did not speak, but the green-colored flame human figure muttered to himself.

Bai Shan’s eyes watched every single move Xiao Yan made. After hearing the latter say these words, he suddenly pulled back. However, he had just taken a few steps back when he sensed a heat that was transmitted from behind him. He hurriedly turned around and a pale green figure coincidentally flashed past the corner of his eyes. A fist that was wrapped by a flame was immediately and suddenly becoming larger in his eyes!

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