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Chapter 419: The Last Qualifying Competition

Today was destined to be the most lively day in Jia Nan Academy. This was because the Inner Academy Qualifying Competition, which gathered the gazes of all the students, would reach a high tide where everyone would be the most excited.

Hu Jia, Bai Shan, Wu Hao, Xun Er, Xiao Yan. These five people, who clearly displayed their powerful strengths, caused everyone to be shocked during the past two days of the competition. Today, the most eye catching collisions between the strong would unfold among these five outstanding students from the Outer Academy in this competition!

It was due to this that the number of people who gathered at the stadium today was many times more than the past two days. Not all of the surrounding audience were students of the academy. There were many who had come with admiration from Jia Nan City, outside of the academy. As members who lived in Jia Nan City, in all of these years, they clearly knew that this was the most lively day in Jia Nan Academy every year. Therefore, they would naturally not miss this distinguished affair.

When Xiao Yan and the others arrived outside the stadium and eyed the human dragon, which had totally blocked the entrance to the stadium, they could not help but feel a little speechless. Finally, they relied on Instructor Ruo Ling’s connections in order to enter the stadium from a tightly guarded side entrance.

After passing through a long, dark tunnel, they finally walked out of the hole at the edge of their vision. The moment they exited, various, incomparably noisy sounds suddenly surfaced next to their ears, causing Xiao Yan’s group, which had just been in a somewhat quiet environment, to feel giddy as their eyes became blurry. It was quite a while later before they gradually recovered. They raised their heads and eyed the dense human crowd around the open ground, and could not help but look at each other with bitter smiles.

The group moved along the bottom of the stadium and finally stopped at the Huang class seats they had occupied over the last two days. Only then did they sigh in relief before sitting down.

Xiao Yan, with Xun Er by his side, began to converse with a smile as they sat on the seats. Suddenly, they ceased speaking. Their gaze turned toward a certain special tunnel entrance. At that spot, a group of people, like the stars flattering the moon, clustered around Bai Shan in the middle and were walking towards them. When he saw Xiao Yan’s gaze, a cold smile involuntarily surfaced on Bai Shan’s handsome face. His mouth moved slightly. Although he did not speak, Xiao Yan could still make out the words that he said.

“I want your reputation to totally disappear today!”

A cold glint flashed across those dark, black eyes. A shallow smile was lifted on Xiao Yan’s face as he nodded slightly at Bai Shan. His mouth also moved, “I await you!”

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, you should be careful if you are to fight with Bai Shan. His character really causes people to dislike him but for him to be able to stand out in Jia Nan Academy, a place where talented people are as numerous as the clouds, it means that he definitely has a frightening attainment in terms of his training talent.” Xun Er, who had been paying attention to Xiao Yan, naturally discovered the hidden battle between him and Bai Shan. She immediately gave a soft reminder.

“Ah.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly and did not refute. He did indeed have some enmity and caution toward Bai Shan but that did not mean that it would not cause him to form any disdain or a belittling mentality toward the latter. What Xun Er said was true. If one did not have some ability, even if you were handsome to the point where you could shake the heavens and move the earth, one would definitely not be able to stand out in this Jia Nan Academy, where strength was honored and from there, become one of the top people in this competition.

Not long after Bai Shan entered the stadium, that red-clothed young lady also slowly walked in. Following her entrance, there were quite a number of people in the stadium who threw their gazes over. No matter how one put it, Hu Jia could be considered a beauty. Moreover, the thing which really moved people’s hearts was her background. Jia Nan Academy’s Deputy Headmaster. This position, with monstrous authority, was not any weaker than some of the first rate factions in the continent. Moreover, due to Jia Nan Academy’s special position, even some of the strong Dou Zongs would not dare to appear too arrogant in front of Hu Jia’s grandfather. After all, even if one did not mention the countless number of strong people who had stepped out of Jia Nan Academy, just the strength of the Jia Nan Academy on the surface was sufficient to frighten those first rate factions until they did not dare do anything funny.

Many people in Jia Nan Academy knew that whoever managed to woo Hu Jia would not only have a warm fragrant soft jade (beautiful woman) in their embrace but would also allow himself to reduce his need to struggle and work hard for at least ten years! There were not many who doubted these words. After all, the Deputy Headmaster of Jia Nan Academy, Hu Jia’s grandfather, had this kind of ability!

Although there were many people who were very interested in this kind of enticement, and there were some people who boasted about being a genius had once tried to make contact with Hu Jia, not only did these people not manage to get the beauty, but they ended up returning with wounds all over their bodies. The red-clothed lady used the fiercest attacks to shock all those irritating people courting her until none dared to come and create noise. Therefore, until now, there was no male student who could successfully capture the heart of this Little Witch.

As Xiao Yan eyed the red-clothed young lady, who was slowly walking over to the viewing gallery on the other side, Xiao Yan suddenly recalled Instructor Ruo Ling saying that the lady actually had some feelings toward Xun Er. His face involuntarily became a little strange. A moment later, he shook his head and muttered, “She is indeed worthy of the name ‘Little Witch’. Even her tastes are this extraordinary.”
Around half an hour after Hu Jia entered the stadium, the number of people in the viewing gallery around the arena had finally been packed to the point where it seemed about to burst. As one glanced over the dense, black mass of hair, one would not be able to see an end to it. The noisiness agglomerated together and shot directly to the clouds.


The moment the sun rose high in the azure sky, a clear gong sound finally resounded on the open ground. When they heard the gong, the noisy stadium finally began to become quieter. A countless number of gazes moved toward the gong sound, and eyed the extremely spacious arena.

As all the gazes in the stadium were gathered into the middle of the open ground, the Deputy Headmaster, Hu Gan slowly stood up. His gaze looked all around him while his powerful voice hovered through the air of the open ground, like that of a soft thunder, “Yesterday, the Inner Academy Qualifying Competition has chosen the final fifty people. They all have the qualification to enter the Inner Academy to train. However, the Inner Academy has a clear separation of various grades. If one wants better training conditions within the Inner Academy, one must do their best to obtain the best results in this final competition. Each rank that you rise will provide you with a great amount of help. Therefore, do your best in order to obtain an even more excellent training status!”

Hu Gan’s gaze glanced at those students who were quivering with excitement. He smiled and said, “In the past years, we have chosen a competition where students compete in different rounds. This year, however, after a discussion during the Academy Conference, we will enact a slight change in the method used for this final round of competition.”

The students in the stadium were stunned when they heard Hu Gan’s words. They immediately threw their doubtful gazes back toward the arena.

“Now, can the top fifty students all enter the arena.” Hu Jia smiled and spoke brightly.

Xiao Yan and Xun Er were slightly startled when they heard this. All fifty people in an arena?

Although there were many people who did not quite understand Hu Gan’s words, human figures repeatedly flashed over from all over the viewing gallery after his words were uttered. They finally appeared in the arena.

As more and more human figures appeared in the arena, the atmosphere in the viewing gallery immediately became more invigorated. Especially with the appearance of Bai Shan, who wearing white clothes and appearing extremely handsome, as well as that hot figure of the red-clothed young lady, Hu Jia. The atmosphere was raised to a higher level. An orderly cheer, that was deafening to the ears, erupted from the crowd.

“Let’s go.” As he eyed the human figures scattered across the arena, Xiao Yan also laughed softly and stood up with a smile, before speaking to Xun Er who sat beside him.

“Do your best!” Beside them, Instructor Ruo Ling waved her fist and smiled as she encouraged them.

“Yes.” Xun Er smiled and nodded. Their two bodies leapt up and their toes pushed off of the guardrail. Two arcs cut through the air, created by their bodies. Under the gazes of a countless number of people, they gently landed in the arena.

Following the entrance of Xiao Yan and Xun Er, the originally heated atmosphere once again suddenly soared.

“Today, we do not want a competition where you compete one round at a time. Instead, it will be a large, chaotic elimination competition, which is filled with passion and enthusiasm. Those able to last the longer in this elimination competition will have an higher ranking and vice versa.” Hu Gan smiled as said, while eyeing the numerous competitors, who had successfully entered the competition ground, “Within this arena, no matter what kind of methods you use, even if you join hands with others to form a group, is fine. As long as you all are able to protect yourself in this chaotic battle, you will obtain victory.”

Hu Gan’s voice had just sounded when private conversations sounded in the stadium. Clearly, the different competition method this year caught them a little off guard.

“Once the competition begins, those who leave the arena will be considered to have lost. We have people specially recording the numbers. Therefore, as long as you can last a little longer in this chaotic battle, your ranking might be higher by a lot. Hence, endurance is victory.”

“This kind of elimination method is quite interesting.” Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept across the competitors present while standing beside Xun Er. His gaze finally mockingly stopped on Bai Shan, who stood not too far away, as he smiled and said, “However, if this is the case, we won’t stand to be in a great advantage. Since we can join hands, girl, let’s first chase away all the other people.”

“Yes.” Xun Er would naturally not reject Xiao Yan’s suggestion as she nodded obediently. Her gaze swept through the arena and suddenly said, “Actually, this kind of competition method also has an extremely great advantage for Bai Shan, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao. All of them possess quite a great reputation in the academy. I have taken a look at the competitors in the arena. There are quite a number of people among them who usually interact with the three of them. Therefore, when the chaotic battle is to start later, they might be able to combine with quite a number of people.”

“Uh? I see that you also have quite a great reputation in the academy. Don’t tell me that you cannot rope in some people?”

Xun Er saucily spoke when she heard this, “If this was in the past, there would really be people who come to be the envoys defending the flower. However, that flower already has an owner. Would other people dare to come?”

Xiao Yan face was dull for a second. He immediately nodded helplessly and said, “Alright, since it is like this, looks like we have to really rely on each other in this final elimination competition… I think, other than the situation where everyone present combines strength and attacks us, I just want to see who has the ability to kick us out of the arena? Bai Shan? Wu Hao? Or that Hu Jia?”

Xun Er tilted her head to eye the skinny looking young man who carried a huge black ruler on his back. She then saw the confidence that was revealed on the delicate and handsome face before she suddenly smiled. She liked the confidence on his body.

“Regardless of whether we face some monstrous waves in front of us, let us charge through it together.” Xun Er’s small hand suddenly held Xiao Yan’s hand as she softly muttered.

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