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Chapter 402: Reward!


A pair of bloody palms and a green-colored fire palm heavily smashed against each other within the bloody fog. A frightening air wave suddenly spread out from both of their hands, causing the two Blood Sect’s elder, who were off to the side, to have no choice but to swiftly pull back as their expressions changed slightly.

There was only a momentary silence after the two palms collided within the bloody fog, before a shrill voice that contained some fear sounded, “Fire? Dammit, you actually possess a ‘Heavenly Flame’?”


The shrill voice had just fallen when another wave of hot air spread out from within the bloody fog. As the air wave rolled, the bloody fog, which shrouded the air and land, was directly grilled by the hot air until it became much thinner.


The sound of blood being vomited suddenly sounded within the gradually thinning bloody fog. Quickly following this, a shadow stuck close to the ground as it shot out from the bloody fog. His feet left a deep, nearly ten meter long scar in the ground before he finally collided heavily into a tree trunk. His shoulders shook and the tree trunk was immediately smashed into two.

With his back leaning against the tree trunk, the legs of the human figure became feeble and his body collapsed. His hands supported himself on the ground as blood began dripping down from the corner of his mouth. The hoarse, hurried sound of breathing was heard repeatedly, much like a bellow.

“Junior Sect Leader!” The gazes of the two Blood Sect’s elders shot toward the human figure, who was in extremely dire straits. Their faces changed drastically as they suddenly cried out involuntarily. They had never expected that Fan Ling would be turned into such a miserable state by a person, whose strength was merely that of a Da Dou Shi, after he had used such a vicious and strange Dou Technique like the ‘Bone Transforming Bloody Evil Palm’.

Fan Ling’s entire body trembled as he stood up from the ground. He lowered his head and eyed his charred hands. Shock involuntarily flashed across his pale face. He let out a couple of intense coughs as he raised his head and swept his gaze toward the gradually thinning bloody mist.

Following the silence of the three of them, this area also descended into a quiet atmosphere. A moment later, however, the sound of footsteps slowly sounded from the faint blood mist, causing the expressions of the three of them to completely change.

The sound of footsteps gradually became louder and clearer. The bloody fog also quietly disappeared. A human figure, which was completely wrapped in a green-colored flame, appeared in the sight of the three of them.

As they eyed the human figure, whose entire body was wrapped by the green flame and sensed the hot breath faintly seeping out, the two Elders of the Blood Sect sensed that the Dou Qi in their body began to be a little clogged up as it circulated. Their eyes shrunk immediately as they involuntarily let out a shocked cry, “On his body… is a ‘Heavenly Flame’?”

The Blood Sect’s Qi Method was rather unorthodox and purposefully took the dark and cold route. The flame element and everything about it was the other’s natural allelopathy. Of course, this mutual subjugation was merely with regards to a normal fire type Dou Qi. If they were to meet a natural flame of the earth and heavens, such as a ‘Heavenly Flame’, it would be like a mouse meeting a cat. This kind of meeting meant absolute suppression, where there was not the slightest counter force…

In the first rule of the Blood Sect, it writes that if they met a strong person with a ‘Heavenly Flame’, they should swiftly withdraw! From this, it could be seen to what extent the Qi Method of the Blood Sect would be suppressed by the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Moreover, when a person of the Blood Sect was to fight with a person possessing a ‘Heavenly Flame’, they would have difficulty displaying even fifty or sixty percent of their combat abilities.

It was however fortunate that there were not many people in this world who possessed a ‘Heavenly Flame’. Therefore, the people of the Blood Sect had rarely met any strong people possessing a ‘Heavenly Flame’. This time around, on the other hand, Fan Ling’s group was destined to be very unlucky.

The green-colored flame shrouding Xiao Yan’s body was lessened slightly, revealing a delicate and handsome face, which was so young that it left one speechless. He eyed the shocked faces of the three men and smiled slightly. However, that smile contained a faint chilliness.

“Who exactly are you? Why do you want to go against our Blood Sect? As long as you withdraw, I will use the name of the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect to swear that I will definitely not pursue this matter.” Fan Ling stood up and struggled to gather together with the two Elders as he cried out loud.

“You want to delay until Fan Lao hurries over?” Xiao Yan’s smile was bright, but it hid an icy coldness. In one sentence, he revealed Fan Ling’s goal.

Fan Ling’s expression changed slightly when he heard this. His eyes stared intently at the face, which was much younger than his. He had difficulty imagining how, at such a young age, did the other party possess that kind of terrifying ‘Heaven Flame’, which even his father was afraid of, as well as an extraordinary mind.

“Junior Sect Leader, leave first. I will hold him back! With the Sect Leader’s strength, I think he should have settled the matter with Elder Qing from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’. As long as we delay him for a while, we will be able to endure until the Sect Leader arrives!” Elder Luo, who still had some strength left, held a long knife in his hand. Although fear for the ‘Heavenly Flame’ filled his heart, he was the only one who had the ability to fight with the other party at this moment.

Fan Ling clenched his teeth as he heard Elder Luo’s words. Without any hesitation, he dragged his injured body, turned around, and ran.

Seeing Fan Ling, who did not hesitate to turn and flee, Xiao Yan suddenly smiled. His body did not move.

Fan Ling turned around and ran for some distance. When he did not feel any fierce battle behind him, a doubt rose within his heart. This doubt had just surfaced when in the corner of his uncertain eyes he caught the flash of a seven-colored shadow.

The seven-colored shadow was gone from his eyes in a flash but it was not ignored by Fan Ling, who was like a bird on the edge. His feet were inserted into the ground, sliding and creating a scar in it. The speed at which he was rushing forward came to a halt. However, he did not discover anything when his gaze swept in all directions. He furrowed his brows. He was just about to continue fleeing when an intense pain, like that of a hole being drilled through his heart, was transmitted from his chest. Fan Ling slowly lowered his head and coincidentally saw a seven-colored shadow that entered through his back and penetrate through his chest.

After the seven-colored shadow penetrated through his chest, it turned into a small, seven-colored snake that was not even half a foot long under Fan Ling’s very eyes. Fan Ling’s eyes stared intently at the pair of bewitching and unusual snake eyes that belonged to the little snake. Fan Ling could not understand why it has broken through his Dou Ling’s defence as though it was breaking through bean curd…

“I am about to die this time…” The intense pain that was transmitted from his chest caused Fan Ling’s vision to gradually blur. Just as he was about to collapse, he forcefully twisted his head. His gaze passed through the gap in the forest and he coincidentally saw the green flame at that empty plot of land suddenly becoming more intense. He also heard two miserable shrill cries. Under the absolute suppression of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, the two Elders, one being slightly injured while the other being severely injured, could not possibly survive at the hands of Xiao Yan, whose strength had suddenly soared.

Fan Ling’s body heavily smashed into the ground and his eyelids drooped slowly. He could faintly see a black robe. It slowly passed in between the trees and walked toward him.

Following the movement of the footsteps, the green-colored flame on Xiao Yan’s body gradually withdrew back into him. That Qi, which was comparable to a strong Dou Ling was also quietly withdrawn at this moment.

Xiao Yan’s footsteps stopped in front of Fan Ling’s corpse. His Qi had once again returned to the strength of a Da Dou Shi, while his expression was somewhat pale. He coughed fiercely for a couple of times as he lowered his head and eyed his slightly burnt hand caused by the overly strong energy. With an involuntarily bitter laugh, he whispered, “This ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’ strength is indeed quite good. Unfortunately, the damage it causes to the body is also quite great…”

“It is really unexpected that you have really successfully learned one of the changes among the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’. It is just that you are still not proficient in using it to its fullest potential. Otherwise, you would only be slightly worn out and such injuries would, at the very least, not appear.” Yao Lao’s somewhat strange voice sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart. He felt quite shocked that Xiao Yan had managed to grope the manner to use the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’ within one month.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He returned the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ back into his sleeve and lowered his body to remove the storage ring on Fan Ling’s finger. After which, he swiftly searched within it and took out a cold jade box.

Xiao Yan’s mouth felt somewhat dry as he eyed the cold jade box in his hand, the value of which could be called terrifying. Even with his mental strength, his heart had also began pounding hard at this moment.

After he inhaled a deep breath of air, Xiao Yan did not open the cold jade box. Instead, he threw it into his own storage ring. After which, he began flipping the inside of the storage ring wildly. A moment later, an ancient map fragment flashed and appeared.

When he pulled open the map fragment, the familiar lines, as well as that half of a demonic and unique drawing, appeared in Xiao Yan’s sight.

“I have finally gotten ahold of it…” Xiao Yan held the map fragment as excitement surged onto his face. He carefully stored the map into his storage ring and let out a long breath.

“Little fellow, hurry up and leave. I have sensed the Qi of Fan Lao!” Xiao Yan had just stored the map fragment when Yao Lao’s voice urgently sounded.

Xiao Yan’s heart abruptly tightened. However, just as he was about to turn around, his body suddenly paused. He turned around once again and viciously struck Fan Ling’s head. Only when he heard the sound of bones shattering did he feel completely reassured. His body turned into a black shadow which charged into the dense woods.

About ten minutes after Xiao Yan had disappeared, a red-colored figure flashed past in the sky of this part of the mountain forest. A moment later, his body appeared to have suddenly stiffened as he stared at an empty plot of land.

His expression was extremely dark and cold as he eyed the corpse on the empty land. The red shadow flashed and descended, landing on the empty ground. His gaze swept over the bodies of the Blood Guards one at a time. Finally, his eyes shrunk abruptly as they stopped on the corpses of over ten people whose clothes had a skull sewn on it. A creaking sound appeared as he clenched his fist tightly.

The gaze of the red figure swept over the corpses all over the places, but he did not find the one which he had wanted to find. He began to look around hurriedly and a moment later, his body turned into a blurry red shadow and charged into the dense forest.

The red shadow suddenly paused within the dense forest. His entire body trembled as he eyed a corpse on the ground. Suddenly, he raised his head and let out a vicious roar with a pale face.

After roaring for a while, the roar finally began to gradually disappear. Fan Lao hurriedly walked closer to Fan Ling’s corpse. The glint of blood grew dense in his hand as he covered Fan Ling’s head. Following the sign of the blood glow, a strange drop of liquid blood suddenly began to seep out from the back of Fan Ling’s head and finally surfaced in front of Fan Lao.

Fan Lao’s face was filled with a cold, dark enmity. He waved his hand and the liquid blood burst apart, turning into a tiny blood screen. Within that blood screen, a human figure, whose entire body was covered by a green-colored flame, partially surfaced. Due to the blood screen being too thin, however, Fan Lao was unable to clearly see the exact appearance of the human figure.

“Bang…” The blood screen continued for half a minute before it suddenly burst apart.

“Black Skeleton Tomb… good…”

Fan Lao slowly bent his body and carried the corpse of Fan Ling. After which, he walked out of the dense woods with a dim expression. That voice, which was filled with so much enmity that it caused people to shudder, slowly reverberated in that place.

“No matter who it is, as long as I find out who did this, I will definitely let him suffer the pain of having his flesh cut off by ten thousand knives!”

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