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Chapter 401: The First Change of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change: Green Lotus Change!

From the moment that he obtained the silver-colored scroll until it had been snatched away had only been a split second apart. After hearing that mocking laughter appear, Fan Ling finally recovered from the change that had suddenly appeared. His expression suddenly darkened as he slowly lifted his head. His gaze was dense as he eyed the black-robed person on the tree branch. After seeing the familiar dressing, which he had seen at the auction ground before, he could not help but be startled. He immediately said in a dark and cold voice, “It’s you?”

When Fan Ling spoke, the remaining ten plus Blood Guards in the battleground, who still had some combat strength began flashing aside with great teamwork. Coincidentally, they surrounded the black-robed man within their encirclement. Elder Luo’s face was also dark and cold. His pair of icy eyes were filled with killing intent. Regardless of the intention of this person, this person must definitely not leave this place alive, since he had clashed with their operation.

“Ke ke, Junior Sect Leader Fan Ling, we meet again.” The delicate and handsome face under the black robe was lifted into a mocking smile. Xiao Yan played with the silver-colored scroll in his hand, and was unconcerned of the Blood Guards who had completely surrounded him as he laughed softly.

“Hand over the scroll and I will leave your corpse in one piece.” The long knife in Fan Ling’s hand, which was a bright as liquid blood, was pointed at Xiao Yan. The dark and solemn words of Fan Ling had dark, cold killing intent gushing out from them.

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders. Not only did he ignore Fan Ling, but he also flicked his hand and the silver-colored scroll in his hand was rotated and stored into his storage ring.

“Good, good!

The corner of Fan Ling’s mouth twitched when he saw Xiao Yan’s action. An angry green surged up onto Fan Ling’s pale white face. The two words, which contained a sharp killing intent, were spat out from his mouth one after the other.

At the moment when these two words of Fan Ling rung out, the ten plus Blood Guards surrounding Xiao Yan suddenly cried out fiercely in unison. Dense, dark, blood-colored Dou Qi overflowed from their bodies, and finally wrapped around the entire long knives in their hands. Their feet abruptly stepped against the tree branches and the ten plus human figures shot explosively towards Xiao Yan.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over the Blood Guards, who had rushed over and attacked from all directions. He slowly extended his hand and held the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler hidden on the back of the black robe. He closed his eyes slightly and sensed the thick, cold force which was becoming increasingly close. A moment later, he suddenly opened his eyes, and a powerful force erupted from his body. An enormous black shadow, carrying a pressuring force, immediately lifted the black robe cover. It was like a black-colored wind wheel with Xiao Yan in the center as it began spreading out wildly.

“Clang, clang, clang…”

Any place where the black-colored wind wheel passed, sparks flew in all directions. Those long knives within the Blood Guards hands were actually shaken by the force contained in it until they fell from the their hands. Only a small number of Blood Guards, whose strength were a little stronger, were barely able to keep their weapons in their hands. However, that was on the precondition that the gap on their hand, between their thumb and their index finger, convulsed until they cracked.

The rotating feet suddenly paused and correspondingly, the black-colored wind wheel also disappeared. Xiao Yan lifted his head and watched those Blood Guards who had charged less than half a meter forward, but still had fierce faces. The corner of his mouth was lifted into a cold smile. His feet abruptly stepped on the tree trunk and following an explosion of energy, his body turned into a lightning-fast black shadow. He passed between the attack of the ten plus Blood Guards.

“Bang, bang…”

As his body shuttled past, muffled sounds repeatedly rang out. Each time a muffled sound was emitted, there would be a Blood Guard who would vomit out fresh blood and fall into the dense branches before smashing heavily into the ground. They would struggle a couple of times, but they all ended up collapsing powerlessly.

Fan Ling raised his head and watched the lightning sharp battle in midair. That originally dark and chilly face of his had suddenly become much calmer at this moment. His toes gently lifted a bloodied long knife from the ground. He extended his hand and held it tightly within it. He tore off his clothes readily and slowly wiped the traces of blood off the knife. In an indifferent voice, he said, “Around a four star Da Dou Shi… with this little strength, he still dares to snatch food from my mouth. He is really bold and prideful.”

“Elder Luo, let me handle this person. You stay over there. Stop him should he plan to flee.”

“Yes, Junior Sect Leader, be careful.”

The old man by the side nodded slightly. He lifted the other Elder Han, who had temporarily lost his combat ability, and took a couple of steps back. From the way Xiao Yan attacked the Blood Guards earlier, he had also roughly seen through Xiao Yan’s strength. In terms of strength and agility, this black-robed person was much stronger than the Da Dou Shis of the ‘Black Skeleton Tomb’ earlier. However, regardless of how one put it, he was still merely a Da Dou Shi. Fan Ling, on the other hand, was already a genuine Dou Ling!

“Bang!” The last Blood Guard was also smashed out of the air. Fresh blood covered his face as he gradually shut his eyes one last time.

Following the defeat of the final Blood Guard, Xiao Yan’s body gradually descended. He tilted the heavy ruler in his hand and bright red fresh blood followed the body of the ruler as it gradually dripped down.

“I think that the reason for you following us all the way should be because of that map fragment, right?” Fan Ling randomly threw aside his clothes, which had been contaminated by blood, as he suddenly asked in a faint voice.

The heavy ruler trembled slightly. That young and delicate face under the black robe suddenly had an additional coldness.

“Hee hee, looks like this young master’s luck is quite good to actually be able to obtain a treasure by stumbling across it accidentally. Since you are so concerned about it, I think that it should not be an ordinary thing. Once I return home, I will let father study it carefully. With his experience, he should be able to get some clues about that map fragment.” Although Xiao Yan’s action was extremely slight, it was still caught by Fan Ling, who had been paying careful attention to him. Fan Ling could not resist laughing coldly upon his find.

“You might not have this opportunity…” A calm voice was transmitted out from under the black robe. A green Dou Qi swiftly seeped out from within Xiao Yan’s body before wrapping around it.

“Is that so? I have seen too many boors like you, whose reasoning has been occupied by the treasures in the ‘Black-Corner Region’! However, their final endings do not appear to be any good.” Fan Ling lifted his eyebrows and emitted a dark, cold laugh. The dark, chilly, blood-colored Dou Qi also slowly surged out of Fan Ling’s body. A bloody scent immediately permeated the air.

As the bloody scent permeated the place, Fan Ling’s back became slightly bent. He was like a ferocious beast which had discovered its prey. Blood traces gradually surfaced in his eyes, giving his appearance a certain wild, beastly aura.

Fan Ling’s feet were inserted deep into the ground. At a certain instance, a low roar was abruptly emitted from Fan Ling’s throat. He stomped his feet and his body was like an arrow that had left a bow. In an instant, he appeared in front of Xiao Yan. The sharp long knife in his hand, which was cloaked in blood-colored Dou Qi, carried a sharp sound of air being sliced as it viciously hacked downward.

This powerful strike of Fan Ling resulted in an unceasing ear-piercing sonic boom blasting through the air.

The enormous black ruler abruptly came forward. The green-colored Dou Qi on it was as dense as a thick viscous liquid. After which, it collided heavily with the blood knife.


The sound of metal colliding sounded and a large amount of sparks spluttered. A mixture of green and red, twin-colored energy ripples spread out from the point of contact between the knife and the ruler. It directly and violently cut half a foot of soil from the ground, where both parties stood.

The soil flew all over and filled the sky. Xiao Yan felt his nearly numb arms and his face under the black robe changed slightly. His opponent was indeed worthy of being a strong Dou Ling. This strength was an unknown number of times stronger than a Da Dou Shi. It was just… why does this fellow’s Dou Qi have a sort of thin feeling to it?

With Xiao Yan’s strength, he might be able to contend with a strong Dou Ling for a few exchanges without using any Dou Techniques but he would greatly exhaust his Dou Qi. However, the attack from Fan Ling earlier, which appeared to be incomparably fierce, was not as strong as Xiao Yan had expected.

“This fellow has such great strength…” As the knife and the ruler came into contact, the legs of Fan Ling and Xiao Yan fought a few battles with one another in a lightning-like manner. After which, the other party’s heavy ruler fell crosswise and they took a couple of steps back. Fan Ling felt the faint pain remaining in his feet and could not help but feel a little shock in his heart.

“What father had said is indeed true. Although our Blood Sect’s Qi Method is overbearing and bizarre, it is overly reliant on external strength. This results in the Dou Qi within one’s body to be unable to reach a condensated state. It is a little disadvantageous when fighting with others. However, it is fortunate that this fellow is only of the Da Dou Shi’s class. It is not difficult to finish him off.” A thought quickly flashed across Fan Ling’s heart. He suddenly threw the weapon in his hand aside. The originally pale-white face of his had also become strangely bright red. Following this change, a blood color swiftly surfaced on his palms. It finally seeped into his palm thread by thread. In merely the blink of an eye, a pair of blood palms, similar to the ones which Fan Lao had used earlier to kill Elder Qing, appeared on Fan Ling’s hands.

“No matter who you are, you already do not have the slightest chance to regret your choice today! However, in order to thank you for bringing me the good news that the map fragment has a secret value, I will let you become a shrivelled corpse after you die!”

A bloody stench that caused people to want to puke was repeatedly emitted from both palms. Fan Ling lifted his head and gave Xiao Yan a dense smile. His foot suddenly pushed off the ground and his body turned into a bloody mist which immediately shot explosively toward Xiao Yan. As he waved his palm, the blood mist basically filled the sky and land all around them.

“Bone Transforming Bloody Evil Palm?”

Seeing that Fan Ling’s palms had transformed into fresh blood covered strange palms, the two Blood Sect Elders outside the battleground could not help but be startled. They exchanged gazes and said, “It is really unexpected that the Sect Leader has even taught the Junior Sect Leader this kind of Dou Technique. It can be considered that the black-robed person has collided into the tip of a spear by himself.”

“Hei, he deserves it. He dares to rob something belonging to our Blood Sect. If it was me instead, I would drain all of his blood while he is still alive.” The Elder Han who had lost his combat ability laughed evilly.

The pair of dark black eyes under the black robe stared intently at the blood-colored fog which had shot out forcefully. He sniffed the bloody stench that had spread all over. His outstanding Spiritual Perception of his caused Xiao Yan to clearly sense the ferocious force of the blood palms within the blood-colored fog.

“Little fellow. Be careful. Your current strength is no match for a strong Dou Ling.” Yao Lao’s reminder sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

“That may not be true.”

Xiao Yan laughed softly. He actually slowly closed his eyes. In the Acceptance Spirit within the middle of the vortex in his body, wisps of green-colored flames began spurting out like a volcano. Finally, it followed a mysterious and strange path as it began swiftly circulating within his body.

“You are thinking of…”

Following the strange circulation of the green-colored flame, Xiao Yan, who had his eyes closed, suddenly and faintly felt a powerful energy that was filled with a wildness swiftly seep out from all parts of his body as the flame circulated!

The bloody scent that filled the air came pouncing at him. The dark and cold force within the bloody mist had instantaneously reached Xiao Yan’s body.

However, just as the bloody fog was about to wrap Xiao Yan’s body within it, the eyes under the black robe suddenly opened. A green-colored flame shot explosively from his eyes. A powerful force, that was not weaker than anyone present in the battle ground, suddenly surged out from Xiao Yan’s body.

Xiao Yan’s hands were extended out of the black robe in a lightning-like manner and a green-colored flame was shrouded over it. As a thundering roar sounded within his heart, his palms carried a fiery force that could move mountains and flip the seas as it heavily struck outward toward the bloody fog in front of him.

“The First Change of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change: Green Lotus Change!”

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