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Chapter 399: The Fierce Fighting on the Road


That Elder Qing from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ did not hesitate at all in the face of the dense, dark cry of Fan Lao. Her expression was dark and solemn as she let out a stern cry. Powerful Dou Qi surged from within her body, and her strong aura directly shook the leaves and plants on the ground around her until they shot backward. From this force of hers, her strength should have already advanced to the Dou Wang level.

Under this cry of hers, the twenty plus strong people from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ around her also let out a “chang” sound as they grabbed their weapons and allow their Dou Qi to surge out. Threads of different snake shaped Dou Qi cycled around their bodies before flowing away, finally and abruptly erupting with terrifying force, which charged toward those red-robed warriors around them.

Two torrents, one green and one red, violently collided, meeting in the middle of the main road. A wave of energy ripples began to shoot out like a wave.

When the cruel and numb faced Blood Sect warriors violently hacked their knives downward, they were surrounded by a bloody aura. They did not emit the slightest sound. The strong people from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ also had dark, solemn faces as they circulated the Dou Qi in their bodies to the limit. Their weapons, which were covered by Dou Qi, carried the ‘si si’ souds in the air being cut as they trickily and viciously targeted the vitals of the Blood Sect warriors.

The strong people from both sides were not mediocre people. Not only were their strengths powerful, but it was also clear that they were well trained. Although there were no loud noises, a bloody fight to the death was buried deep within the slaughter. Frequently, there would be the muffled sounds of sharp weapons piercing into flesh. Fresh blood would immediately scatter.

Elder Qing’s expression was ice cold. She held a snake-shaped longsword. Each time the curved arc of the sword rotated bizarrely, it would slip past the neck of a Blood Sect warrior. After which, it would carry a blood scar as fresh blood which came gushing out. During the time the fresh blood drifted, she would move in a flash, much like a Sand Mandala Snake which was agile and vicious.

Corpses gradually piled up on the side of the road. Most among them were people from the Blood Sect. Although, there were also some from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ among them. However, no matter how Elder Qing led the people to make a killing charge forward, there would be an unceasing number of Blood Sect warriors charging out from within the forest, breaking her intention of fleeing into the forest.

Elder Qing’s eyes were cold as she penetrated the chest of a Blood Sect’s warrior with a stab of her sword. Her gaze swiftly swept across her surroundings and her heart sank as she discovered that the nearly twenty ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ elites that had been by her side at the beginning had been reduced to a mere eight people.

The snake sword in her hand stabbed out explosively behind her and pierced through the throat of a Blood Sect warrior, who had planned to launch a sneak attack. Her shoulders shook slightly and a pair of wings agglomerated from green-colored Dou Qi that swiftly surfaced. Her feet gently pushed off the ground as her old body suddenly rose into the sky. However, she was just about to turn around and flee, a shadow suddenly shot past barreling through the sky. A cold, dark majestic force immediately came pressing down violently from the sky. Due to the force being too strong, it actually caused the sound barrier to be broken, releasing an explosive sound along the way.

Sensing the majestic force that was transmitted from above her head, the expression of Elder Qing changed slightly. She raised both her hands, and a green glow shone brightly from the top downward, wrapping her entire body within it.


The majestic force fell and violently smashed into the green-colored light cover that Elder Qing had just created. The latter trembled intensely and finally could not withstand the attack a moment later. Following a slight sound, the light cover shattered in the air. Elder Qing within it also emitted a muffled groan and her expression was much paler as she fell.

“Ha ha, Elder Qing, I have already said, no one should be thinking of leaving this place today!” A red shadow flashed in the sky. The pair of fresh blood-like Dou Qi wings on Fan Lao’s back were extremely eye-piercing. As they flapped, one could even faintly smell a bloody scent drifting in the wind.

Fan Lao’s gave a thick laugh. He did not give Elder Qing an opportunity to catch her breath. With a flap of the blood wings on his back, his body suddenly shot downward, much like a blood sucking bat which had locked onto its prey.

Seeing Fan Lao pouncing over, that pale faced Elder Qing could only violently grit her teeth as she drew her sword to meet him. As the Dou Qi in her body was circulating at maximum speed, an incomparably ferocious Dou Qi directly caused the surrounding air to emit a slight undulation. From the looks of it, this Elder Qing had already unleashed her strength to the maximum in order to escape from the hands of the Dou Huang class Fan Lao alive.

Seeing the brutal battle to the death on the path below and then carefully watching the fight in the sky, which was basically one sided, Xiao Yan, who was hiding in the thicknet, could not resist shaking his head. He muttered, “Looks like the people from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ don’t have the any chance of escaping alive today.”

“Ah, the Blood Sect must have spent quite a lot of effort in order to place a large force in ambush here without alerting any other factions. No matter how alert the people from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ are, they will likely have difficulty escaping today.” Yao Lao nodded his head and said.

“That Fan Ling is also below. However, there are always two strong Dou Lings protecting him. It is quite troublesome.” Xiao Yan’s gaze swept across the battlefield below. At that spot, Fan Ling was holding a blood knife as he hacked a strong person from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ into two, while wearing a vicious smile. Regardless of what happened, the two old men beside him were no more than a meter away from him.

“Do not rush to strike against that Fan Ling. Otherwise, if Fan Lao were to sense it, things would become a little troublesome. Due to that damn ‘Hall of Souls’, I can no longer lend you my spiritual strength fearlessly like I have in the past. Therefore, you must act cautiously when you meet these strong people in the future.” Yao Lao’s deep voice warned.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He gently inhaled a breath of air and suppressed the anxiety within his heart and quietly observed the development occurring below.

There may be many people from the Blood Sect, but the group from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ was clearly stronger than those of the former. Therefore, by relying on tacit mutual cooperation this seemingly shaky group could ultimately endure and not be destroyed despite their bodies being full of injuries. Those who could follow Elder Qing to come to the chaotic region called ‘Black-Corner Region’ did indeed have some skill.

Although the ground was firmly holding out, the Dou Wang class strength of Elder Qing’s in the sky was no match for Fan Lao, who was a strong Dou Huang. The latter’s movement was swift and ghost like. After merely exchanging over ten blows, the expression of the pale-faced Elder Qing grew even more pale.


Elder Qing was once again forced to receive the palm of Fan Lao in midair. The strong force which surged out from the point of contact between their palms directly caused Elder Qing to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. Her body was swiftly forced back while Fan Lao closely gave chase without giving up in a manner similar to wanting to take a life from one who was sick.

Elder Qing suddenly lifted her head as she hurriedly pulled back. Her originally pretty face was at this moment filled with a savageness. She swayed her hand and a cold jade box appeared in her palm. With a sharp, stern cry, she said, “Old demon Fan, if you dare to come over, the old me will let this ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’ turn into powder on the spot.”

“Duo!” The figure which was pouncing over from the front suddenly stopped. Fan Lao darkly eyed Elder Qing and slowly said, “If you dare to destroy the ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’, I will cripple your Dou Qi, and then lock you up in the Blood Sect and rear you like a pig or a dog, made specially to wait on the men of our Blood Sect.

The words spat out by the calm tone were so vicious, that they caused people’s entire body to feel a chill.

As she thought of this fate where death was better than living, Elder Qing’s expression could not help but change even with her mental strength. The hand, which held the cold jade box, could not resist trembling slightly.

Just as Elder Qing was shocked by the vicious words of Fan Lao until she became a little absent-minded, Fan Lao’s body shook suddenly and actually disappeared into nothingness.

Elder Qing sensed something the moment Fan Lao’s body disappeared. Her expression changed abruptly, but before she had the time to pull back, a vague red shadow appeared in front of her. A blood red hand shot out explosively and violently cut at Elder Qing’s arm. The sound of a bone breaking could immediately be heard.


The intense pain transmitted from her hand directly caused Elder Qing to involuntarily let out a shrill cry. She did not have the time to keep the cold jade box before it was snatched away by Fan Lao in a lightning like manner. The latter smiled and hurriedly retreated.

As he pulled back, Fan Lao swiftly opened the cold jade box. A golden light was shot out immediately. The wild joy and pride on his face grew even more dense as he swiftly closed the box and threw it toward Fan Ling below. He shouted, “Ling-er. Take it and withdraw first. Blood Guards of the Blood Sect, protect the Junior Sect Leader until he reaches Mu Zhi City! I will block everyone here!”

Fan Ling hurriedly leaped up and grabbed the cold jade box with his hands when he heard the command. He swiftly squeezed it into his storage ring and no longer hesitated. With a wave of his hand, over ten Blood Guards left the battleground. The group of people, with Fan Ling as the leader, changed direction and swiftly hurried toward the south.

“Ah! Bastard Fan. I will not let you have an easy time even if I have to stake my own life today!” Elder Qing’s face turned green when the most important thing was snatched right out of her hands. She lifted her head and emitted a shrill. A frightening Dou Qi, that was two to three times stronger than before, came erupting from her body in all directions. As the Dou Qi surged wildly, some fresh blood actually began to overflow from under Elder Qing’s skin.

Elder Qing’s eyes were vicious as she stared at Fan Lao, who was frowning slightly. She held the snake sword tightly and flapped the wings on her back. Her body turned into a ray of light, carrying a sharp, explosive sound that spread all over the sky as she struck wildly at Fan Lao.

“A counter-attack just before death, huh? Hei, no matter how you struggle, you will never be a match for me.” Fan Lao’s laughed when he saw that Elder Qing’s strength had abruptly soared. He curled his hand slightly and a long knife, which appeared to be coagulated from fresh blood, surfaced on his palm. He held the long knife in his hand as the knife trembled slightly. A bloody aura immediately began to spread.

Fan Lao held the blood knife tightly and did not show any sign of shrinking away or pulling back. He chose the method of fighting head on as he turned into a blood colored shadow, which carried a bloody scent that spread throughout the sky as he violently collided with Elder Qing.

An explosion immediately resounded throughout the horizon.

After Fan Ling obtained the jade box and withdrew, Xiao Yan had also quietly snuck out of the thicket. He was like an agile monkey as he passed through the forest and closely tailed Fan Ling’s group. His footsteps paused a little when he heard the loud sound that reverberated throughout the sky. His eyes turned to look at the sky behind him. His gaze landed where two glows, one green and one red, had each occupied half of the sky.

“Hopefully not all the people of the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ die.”

Xiao Yan sighed gently and no longer paused. He turned around and once again locked onto his target, a large red shadow at the edge of his sight. He did not have any deep relation with the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’. Naturally, it was not possible for him to rescue them. In this ‘Black-Corner Region’, forget about the so called ‘acting out at the sight of injustice’. Even if you shouted and walked forward as though nothing had happened after shouting, that would also similarly attract a countless number of knives hacking at you.

Moreover, Xiao Yan currently had difficulty protecting himself. If he were to go and stick his nose into other people’s business, it would clearly be an extremely foolish thing. Therefore, he could only mutter a little quietly in his heart.

The only aim he had now was to use any means to snatch back the map fragment from Fan Ling.

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