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Chapter 380: Leaving The Jia Ma Empire!

A dense group of people were gathered at the city’s gate. Numerous gazes that contained some expectation or curiosity were locked on the two people who stood in an empty area. During this period of time, Xiao Yan’s name was nearly known by everyone within the Jia Ma Empire. Many people had merely heard of this legendary person who had dared to contend with the entire Misty Cloud Sect with his own strength. All of the faces of those present were now filled with anticipation. Now that they were lucky enough to witness him fighting with their own eyes, they wanted to know if the rumors that were running rampant were true or not. Did this young man, who was not even twenty years old, actually possess the strength to kill a Dou Wang?

Mu Tie’s hands were crossed in front of his chest, much like a black-colored iron pagoda. He stood quietly, but emitted a powerful and stern Qi despite not being angry, pressuring people to the point where the skin on their heads became numb. From the Qi which he inevitably emitted, his strength clearly far exceeded Meng Li’s. According to Xiao Yan’s guess, this middle-aged, large man might have already reached the peak of the Dou Ling class. With his age, even with quite good training talent, this was something that would cause one to suckle their tongue. Of course, the reason for this was partly because of him being in bloody battles all year round. The life and death battles on the battlefield were always the training holy ground that could hasten one’s growth rate.

The current Mu Tie also stared at Xiao Yan, who had drawn the huge black ruler, with some interest. This extremely special weapon had become a sign of this young man. Due to this, there were even some young men within the Jia Ma Empire who had begun to fashionably use this type of weapon. Of course, with Mu Tie’s eyes, he would naturally not think that the rulers of those imitators would be able to compare with this strange black ruler of Xiao Yan’s. This was because when the ruler had appeared earlier, Mu Tie had sensed that Xiao Yan’s body had actually sunk slightly. Clearly, the weight of this ruler could not be underestimated.

“Since Deputy Commander Meng Li plans to personally take action, it is only natural that you all would need to listen to me. As the highest commander of the ‘Zhen Gui Pass’, my rules are law when you are competing in my territory.” He glanced at Meng Li who had drawn a blood-red, large knife from his storage ring and smiled. His feet abruptly stepped on the ground and two crack lines began to immediately spread out from his feet. Finally, it swiftly agglomerated into a large circle. The circle coincidentally encompassed Xiao Yan within it. “Both of your strengths are not weak. I am afraid that you will cause some damage to the surrounding area, which would be a little troublesome. After all, repairing things also requires quite a bit of money. This circle shall be the boundary. Whoever is forced out of this circle loses. However, I will remind you both some things first. This is not some life and death contest, therefore, there is no need to fight until the other person is dead. Otherwise, if Deputy Commander Meng Li were to be unfortunately crippled off by Xiao Yan, where would I go and find another deputy on such short notice? Ha ha.”

The corner of Meng Li’s mouth twitched slightly when he heard Mu Tie’s laughter, which hid a ridiculing tone. He also knew that within this ‘Zhen Gui Pass’, he and Mu Tie were basically like fire and water which could not merge. However, he did not expect that the latter would actually not give him any face in public.

“Hmph.” Meng Li snorted coldly. His gaze was dark and cold as it turned to Xiao Yan. The bloody-red, large knife shook slightly and a dark yellow Dou Qi swiftly wrapped it. Immediately, the faint scent of blood permeated out from the blade.

Seeing that his provocation did not even cause Meng Li to be the slightest bit angry, Mu Tie simply smiled as if he were pleased and said, “However, Xiao Yan, you should not be careless. Deputy Commander Meng Li practices a Xuan Class Low Level ground affinity Qi Method. Moreover, his ‘Blood Killer Knife’ Dou Technique, which is also of the Xuan Class Low Level, is something that even I have to treat seriously.”

“Mu Tie, you’re going overboard!” Hearing Mu Tie actually revealing all his skills in just two to three sentences, Meng Li’s expression instantly became green as he spoke furiously.

“Ha ha, alright. I shall say no more.” Mu Tie smiled and nodded. He shrugged his shoulders at Xiao Yan and waved his hand instantly. In a faint voice, he said, “Begin.”

Xiao Yan exhaled a deep breath. He held the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler and focused on Meng Li opposite him, whose face was filled with killing intent. He was about to strike when Yao Lao’s voice suddenly sounded from within his heart, “Allow me. Don’t waste any more time. Leave the Jia Ma Empire as soon as possible to avoid having even more problems appearing.”

“Uh, alright.”

Xiao Yan helplessly shrugged his shoulders. He could only forget about the thought of taking the opportunity to try using the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’. Under the strange gazes of the people around him, he slowly closed his eyes.

“Hee hee, what a wildly arrogant fellow.”

When he saw this stance of Xiao Yan, Meng Li immediately became furious. Given his status, when had he ever been looked down upon in such a manner? At that instant, yellow sand began to surge around the city gate. The ferocious presence that rose from within the yellow sand caused the surrounding mercenaries, who were observing, to hurriedly take a few steps back. Their faces were immediately filled with envy. Dou Ling class. This was a level that countless numbers of people could only dream of.

The yellow sand gradually disappeared and Meng Li, whose entire body was wrapped in a layer of yellow-colored Dou Qi Armor, appeared in everyone’s sight. A sharp blade-shaped projection shot out from the blood-colored large knife in his hand, leaving a deep scar in the ground.

The bloody knife in his hand was moistened by Dou Qi and grew increasingly brighter. Meng Li’s eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan, who had his eyes closed. His body was quiet for an instant before a sudden, stern cry broke the surrounding quiet atmosphere. His feet stepped on the ground and his body was like a cannon ball, which appeared in front of Xiao Yan in a couple of flashes. The bloody knife in his hand carried a precise, bloody, killing aura as it directly hacked downward, as though he was splitting the ground.

“The bloody knife Dou Technique of this fellow has become increasingly close to the pinnacle. Judging by the force and the power, even an ordinary four star Dou Ling would have difficulty receiving it.” Mu Tie could not resist frowning slightly as he sensed the extreme pressure of the knife’s force that was bearing down. His gaze immediately turned toward Xiao Yan, whose eyes were still closed as though he did not hear anything. He muttered, “What is this fellow doing? From my observation, his breath appears to be only around that of a Da Dou Shi? Don’t tell me this is his true strength?”

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes as the sharp, rushing noise of wind made it’s presence known above his head. At that instant, a green and a white-colored flame strangely rose and flashed within his dark, black eyes.

Meng Li’s face, which was filled with killing intent, became dull as his gaze swept over Xiao Yan’s strange pair of eyes. However, the bloody knife in his hand did not have any hesitation as it viciously hacked at Xiao Yan’s head.


Xiao Yan’s hand was lifted gently. The huge Heavy Xuan Ruler suddenly moved upward and collided with that bloody knife which contained a ferocious force. Immediately, sparks flew and an energy ripple that was visible to the naked eye was emitted from where the two weapons made contact, lifting a yellow-colored sand wave from the ground.

Xiao Yan held the Heavy Xuan Ruler with one hand, while Meng Li’s bloody knife was firmly pressed against the body of the ruler. However, regardless of how flushed Meng Li’s face became and how much force he added, that ruler appeared to have solidified in midair and did not move by even a little.

The flushed face of Meng Li, who was breathing rapidly, was almost too extreme when compared with the calmed face Xiao Yan, whose breathing did not even have the slightest chaos.

“Tsk, what a strong strength and it appears to have suddenly surged out from within his body. This method of Xiao Yan to hide his strength is really very unique. Just looking at his Qi, anyone would only treat him as a Da Dou Shi.” Mu Tie’s brows twitched involuntarily when he saw the tranquil and orderly Xiao Yan as he praised.

The surrounding mercenaries and soldiers around the city’s gate were somewhat stunned as they saw Xiao Yan blocking Meng Li’s ferocious attack with a careless block. It should be known that Meng Li ‘s strength may not be considered the peak in the ‘Zhen Gui Pass’, but it could be considered ranking among the top five. Usually, when he met bandits, that bloody knife would chop off an unknown number of arrogant and despotic bandit heads. However, today, this bloody knife, which was never at a disadvantage, was actually blocked by a young man in such a steady manner.

“Get lost. With this little bit of strength, you still want to come out and show your inadequacies?”

Xiao Yan slowly raised his head. Two different colored flames gently danced within his eyes. A cold smile curled up from the corner of his mouth. His right hand moved as though it was passing through flowers to pick a leaf as it pressed against Meng Li’s chest in a lightning-like manner. His palm was slightly curled and a force suddenly spat out.


Meng Li’s chest felt like it was being smashed by a five hundred kilograms rock. He immediately and wildly spat out a mouthful of fresh blood as his body flew backward. Finally, he smashed heavily against the city wall. After this, he fell down under everyone’s dull gazes. Immediately, he spat out another mouthful of fresh blood. His body was curled up like a pupa. The Dou Qi Armor on his body had shattered into pieces by a single blow.

Meng Li’s hand wiped the blood stain from the corner of his mouth. His face had a painful, bitter expression of disbelief. “Didn’t old Sect Leader say that this fellow’s strength had greatly declined? Why is he still so strong?”


Everyone at the city’s gate fell into silence as they eyed Meng Li, who was struck out of the circular boundary with a single strike. It was a long while later before there was someone who softly moaned. A strong person of the Dou Ling class ended up losing and directly vomiting blood after merely one exchange. This young man who did not appear to even be twenty years old was actually this terrifying?

At this moment, those people, whose hearts were originally tempted by the generous reward for capturing Xiao Yan, instantly gave up any hope of successfully doing so. Seeing the vicious means of the latter earlier, it was likely that the rumor of him killing Elder Yun Leng was true. A person who could kill a strong person of the Dou Wang class. Even if these mercenary company was to unite all their strength, it was likely that it would still not be enough to deal with a few swings of his blade.

“Hu. He is indeed very strong. No wonder the Clan Head sent a letter over to tell me to take the opportunity to sell a favor to Xiao Yan if there was a chance to do so. This strength is worth the price!” Mu Tie slowly exhaled a breath of air. He eyed Xiao Yan who stood still after withdrawing his palm and could not resist muttering within his heart.

Xiao Yan turned his head and the green and white-colored flames in his eyes swiftly disappeared. Just as he had obtained control of his body, Yao Lao’s voice suddenly sounded from his heart, “Xiao Yan, leave here quickly. Don’t delay any longer! Hurry!”

Xiao Yan was initially startled when he heard Yao Lao’s voice. His face immediately changed involuntarily and his heart also suddenly became rapid. From Yao Lao’s words, he managed to distinguish a little panic?

Xiao Yan’s throat rolled slightly. Some cold sweat surfaced on his forehead. The thought in his heart rolled rapidly. Back then, even when faced with the Dou Zong Yun Shan, Yao Lao did not appear to be even the slightest bit afraid. Why did he actually display such emotion within his heart now? Just what was it?

Xiao Yan’s mouth suddenly felt a little dry. He did not dare to ask anything more. The heavy ruler in his hand was swiftly stored in his storage ring as he turned toward Mu Tie and asked, “Chief Commander Mu Tie, may I know if I can leave now?”

“Ke ke, of course. I have already said that as long as you are able to defeat Meng Li, you are allowed to enter and leave this ‘Zhen Gui Pass’.” Mu Tie laughed out loud.

“Thank you very much.”

Xiao Yan laughed softly. Immediately, he walked directly toward the city while being watched by hundreds of people around him. When he was about to enter the dark, black tunnel, his footsteps suddenly paused.

Being the focus of attention of this place at this moment, the private whispers around him immediately became quiet when Xiao Yan paused his footsteps. Numerous heated gazes stared at the young man’s skinny figure. The eyes of some of the women were even filled with a worshipful adoration that left people speechless.

“Commander Mu Tie, I will repay this favor to the Mu Clan in the future.” Xiao Yan tilted his head toward the slightly stunned Mu Tie and said in a deep voice.

Mu Tie was blank for a moment before smiling. One really had peace of mind when conversing with an intelligent person.

“Additionally, Deputy Commander Meng Li…”

Xiao Yan’s gaze turned toward the bright red face of Meng Li, who was being supported by Meng La. Xiao Yan’s gaze then slowly swept across the few hundred people at the city gate. He was quiet for a moment before he suddenly turned around. His body disappeared into the darkness in a calm, free, and easy manner. That faint voice of his, however, was quietly being emitted.

“Help me inform Yun Shan. Within two years or at the very most five years, I, Xiao Yan will return. When that time comes, tell him to wash his neck. I, Xiao Yan, will personally take his life to end today’s grudge!”

When everyone at the city gate heard the faint voice that was slowly transmitted out, even Mu Tie’s face involuntarily turned completely expressionless.

Asking a strong Dou Zong to wash his neck. This young man was likely the first person to ever have such pride and confidence within the Jia Ma Empire!

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