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 The Preparation Before Leaving

Xiao Yan slowly walked into the city. He passed through the street which had a turbulent human flow. He swept his gaze, and his brows slightly knit together. This was because he realized that on some of the pillars on the street, there were actually wanted posters issued by the Misty Cloud Sect pasted onto them. On those white papers, his appearance was drawn with great clarity. Moreover, the Xuan Class Qi Method that was listed as a reward had also caused quite a number of people to stop under it with their eyes revealing some greediness. For many people, a Xuan Class Qi Method was something that one may meet, but cannot hope for.
TL: may meet, but cannot hope for – one may be lucky to find something, but one cannot expect to obtain it otherwise

“Looks like there really is some trouble.” Xiao Yan carefully hid his face under the shadows of the Doupeng as he softly muttered in his heart.

“Let’s leave the Jia Ma Empire as soon as possible. The influence of the Misty Cloud Sect here is indeed too great. With your current strength, it is insufficient to contend with them.” Yao Lao’s voice suddenly sounded.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded. He suddenly sighed gently. The feeling of being driven out like a dog which had lost its home was really not very good. Although he had openly said that he would return sooner or later, there was still a very long route to walk in order for a Da Dou Shi to reach the Dou Zong class.

“Little fellow, why are your thoughts drifting again? With your own strength, you challenged the Misty Cloud Sect and managed to leave in one piece. The result of such a battle would lead a countless number of people from not only within the Jia Ma Empire, but also the Dou Qi Continent to widen their eyes and feel tongue-tied. Moreover, I think that there is likely quite a number of people within the Jia Ma Empire who admire your courage. After all, even some Dou Huangs cannot be compared to you, a little child in your teens, when it comes to boldness.” Yao Lao appeared to have sensed Xiao Yan’s thoughts and he shook his head helplessly before voicing some words of comfort.

“Hee hee.” Xiao Yan rubbed his head and laughed awkwardly. Upon hearing Yao Lao’s somewhat old voice, Xiao Yan suddenly recalled the plan the former had when he taught him the mysterious ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method. He could not resist laughing softly in his heart, “Teacher, I remember that you seemed to have said back then that as long as I worked hard to gather ‘Heavenly Flames’, I will be able to help you refine a perfect body to hold your spirit? Can that be considered as a form of rebirth?”

When Xiao Yan was speaking the sentence about refining a body, he could clearly sense that Yao Lao’s spirit had abruptly trembled intensely. He was immediately a little stunned. Ever since he came to know Yao Lao, this mysterious teacher of his had appeared to always remain calm and amiable. This was the first time Xiao Yan had sensed anything similar to this spirit fluctuation.

“Looks like teacher is very concerned over this matter.” Xiao Yan blinked and suddenly felt an inexplicable shame. During these three years, Yao Lao had spent an extremely great amount of effort in order to help him become strong. Yet, he had nearly completely forgotten about his teacher’s matter because of the so called ‘Three Year Agreement’.”

The vibrating spirit persisted for nearly half a minute before it gradually calmed down. Yao Lao suppressed his emotions as he said with a smile “Ah, speaking of this, back then, after I got to know you and decided to teach you the ‘Flame Mantra’ which I had undergone great hardships in order to obtain, my main goal was for you to create a merged flame after you had successfully practiced the ‘Flame Mantra’. Using this flame, you could help me refine a body, in the future, which can contain my spirit.”

“After all, that never ending darkness in the ring which is like a prison is really too much of a torment. Moreover, there are some matters which still require me to come out and settle.”

When he reached the end of his words, Yao Lao’s voice slowly became a little low and desolate. It was likely that he had remembered the dark times during the period he was in a slumber.

Xiao Yan’s finger slowly caressed the black ring within his sleeve and gently sighed. He mused for a moment before a bright smile suddenly appeared on his face. In a gentle voice, he smiled and said, “Thank you for these three years, teacher.”

“Ke ke, you… child, why have you suddenly become so sentimental? This isn’t like you.” Xiao Yan’s gentle voice caused Yao Lao to be startled. He was immediately so moved that he smiled involuntarily.

“Teacher has invested so much in me. As a student, I may naturally know that I need to repay this kindness.” Xiao Yan’s voice was somewhat hoarse as he laughed softly, “Rest assured, teacher, I will firmly remember the matter of your revival within my heart in the future.”

“I am satisfied that you have this thought. Being able to teach such an outstanding student in my distressed state has settled one wish of mine.” Yao Lao smiled replied.

Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept across the two sides of the street and suddenly asked in his heart, “That’s right, how many kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ are required to be merged together in order to refine a body?”

“This… should be three types. I am also not very certain. That ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method is far too mysterious and strange. I don’t have a deep understanding of it. Back then, when I obtained it…” Yao Lao suddenly ceased speaking when he spoke to this point and abruptly became quiet.

“Three kinds huh.” Xiao Yan was not bothered by Yao Lao’s silence. He frowned slightly and voiced his thoughts, “Now that I have control of the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’, and I am able to use the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ with teacher’s cooperation, does it not mean that if I were to collect another type of ‘Heavenly Flame’, I should be able to try to help you refine a body?”

“It should be possible.” The voice of the silent Yao Lao suddenly had a little hint of excitement contained within.

Xiao Yan blinked and laughed softly, “I am very curious just whether teacher’s strength can reach its peak condition of the past after you have recovered.”

“At the start, it may feel a little difficult to control. However, as long as I completely familiarize myself with the new body, my strength might be even greater than it was in the past.” Yao Lao faintly laughed. His voice had a confidence which was difficult to hide. After all, he might not have been able to train his Dou Qi during these years, but Yao Lao’s spirit has become much stronger than what it had been in the past.

“What stage would it reach?” Xiao Yan inquired.

“Ke ke, defeating Yun Shan within ten exchanges without needing the slightest effort.” Yao Lao smiled as he replied. In his smile, there was the haughtiness that belonged to a strong person at the peak.

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly and the corner of his mouth curled to form a faint arc. Yun Shan was currently a Dou Zong. Although he was merely a one star Dou Zhong, even a nine star Dou Zong wouldn’t dare to say that they could defeat him within ten exchanges. In other words, if Yao Lao were to recover his strength, he would at least be a Dou Zun!

Xiao Yan slowly exhaled the shock from his chest. A Dou Zun. That was someone who could stand at the top position on the golden pagoda of the continent.

Xiao Yan crossed his ten fingers within his sleeves and said softly, “A very attractive increase in strength. I remember that teacher had said before that there was a possibility of there being a kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ within the Jia Nan Academy, no? What is that flame called again?”

“Fallen Heart Flame!” Yao Lao smiled and reminded.

“Ke ke, ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ huh.” Xiao Yan nodded his head and smiled as he said, “Looks like I have another mission to complete during this trip of mine to the Jia Nan Academy.”

“Since it is like this, let’s not continue wasting time in the Jia Ma Empire. If we can leave early, let’s not delay any longer, shall we?” Xiao Yan sighed and inquired.

“Wait a moment. The Jia Nan Academy is located at the junction between a couple of large empires. That region is extremely vast. Although the region surrounding Jia Nan Academy is a peaceful region, other than that, it is in a state where things must be opposite when something is pushed to the extreme. That place is so messy that it causes people to suckle their tongues. Countless numbers of factions interlace with each other there. Each time Jia Nan Academy recruits students, there are instructors who escort them. Moreover, once they leave the borders of each country, more escort troops from the academy will come out and increase the protection. Otherwise, the new students can’t truly reach the academy without being hurt.” Yao Lao suddenly said.

“Even after leaving the Jia Ma Empire, you must continue to be completely prepared for anything in order to be able to enter that chaotic region. Otherwise, if you are not careful and are caught in someone’s dirty tricks, you will be somewhat unlucky.”

“When I was looking through your storage ring earlier, I realized that the various types of medicinal pills within it have been more or less exhausted. Even the ‘Energy Recovery Pills’, the kind that one must definitely have prepared, have already been completely exhausted within the Magical Beast Mountain Range this time around. If you do not prepare some beforehand, we will have to tarry a little if we want to refine some to be prepared when something happens in the future.” Yao Lao reminded.

“Uh.” Only upon hearing this did Xiao Yan recall that his originally rich reserve of various kinds of medicinal pills had been used to the point of desolation during this one month of escape.

“Then let’s first go to the auction house to buy some medicinal ingredients. After that, I will go and inquire about the route out of the Jia Ma Empire. At the same time, I can casually ask just how many officials of the empire along this route originate from the Misty Cloud Sect. This will allow us to be more prepared.” Xiao Yan mused for a moment before speaking softly.

“Ah, be careful. Do not expose your identity.” Yao Lao nodded his head only after hearing this. After that, he gradually became silent.

Once Xiao Yan had distinguished the things that he needed to do, he no longer procrastinated. He turned around and walked toward a certain street. He then walked swiftly until the end of the street where an auction house stood. Seeing the sign on top of the auction house, it was clear that this was a branch of the Mite-er clan.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept in all directions as he walked into the auction house. After which, he stopped at a spot where there was a black curtain. The top of the black curtain had the words ‘VIP Reception’. He thought quietly for a moment before swaying his hand. A card made of crystal appeared in his palm. This card was the highest grade VIP card of the Primer clan, something that Primer Tengshan had quietly given Xiao Yan back at the capital due to his relationship with Hai Bodong. It was said that this card would allow him to enjoy complete assistance from any branch under the Primer clan.

Xiao Yan held the card in his hand and swiftly walked toward the VIP room.

Around half an hour after Xiao Yan entered the VIP room, the black curtain was rustled once again. The human figure who was completely wrapped in a black robe steadily walked out. The face under the shadows had a satisfied smile hanging on it as he walked directly out of the auction house. At this moment, most of the medicinal ingredients and information that Xiao Yan needed had been successfully obtained. The VIP card which Primer Tengshan had given him was as useful as he had expected.

Xiao Yan did not find a spot in this city to refine all the medicinal pills he needed after completely preparing everything. Instead, he quietly went to the city wall toward the south side of the city and flew out without alerting anyone.

Only after leaving Da Ling City did Xiao Yan find a secluded spot in the forest. He hid within it and began to refine a large amount of medicinal pills. These medicinal pills were things he would use to protect his life in the future.

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