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The Ingenuity of the Secret Technique

The large, light screen was suspended in midair within the cave. Countless words were layered on it in an orderly manner. Beside the words, there was an extremely complicated diagram of the human figure made of light. Within the diagram of light, numerous complicated lines formed by light intertwined with one another, forming a mysterious and strange route.

Xiao Yan’s eyes carried some curiosity as they carefully inspected the screen of light. He immediately turned his head and saw Yao Lao’s eyes, which shone brightly. He heart involuntarily leaped as he softly asked, “Teacher, do you know what this is?”

“Yes.” The glow in Yao Lao’s eyes slowly withdrew as he smiled and nodded. He smacked his lips and smiled as he said with a surprised sigh, “This time around, you have indeed picked up a treasure. This ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ is a very mysterious, high-class Secret Technique.”

“Secret Technique?” Xiao Yan’s eyebrows immediately rose upon hearing these words.

“Ke ke, other than Qi Methods and Dou Techniques there are still some special Secret Techniques which exist on the Dou Qi continent. Their effects are usually something that will cause others to be envious. Some of them can even greatly raise one’s strength. That night back at Wu Tan City, your little female friend used an advanced Secret Technique to enable herself to raise her strength to the Da Dou Shi class for a short period of time.” Yao Lao smiled as he explained.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. The scene of that night when Xun Er stealthily entered the Jia Li clan to murder Liu Xi surfaced in his mind. She, whose strength had been at the Dou Zhe level, had suddenly raised her strength to a level where it was sufficient to contend with a Da Dou Shi. That kind of Secret Technique was really so strong that it was a little terrifying.

“According to what I know, this ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ is one of the hidden treasures belonging to the ‘Burning Flame Valley’. Although it is a useless kind of Secret Technique for most people, it is undoubtedly a treasure which money cannot buy for a person who possesses a certain extraordinary and unique flame.”

“Oh?” Xiao Yan’s heart was moved as he heard this. Possessing a certain extraordinary type of flame? Was there any flame that was more extraordinary than a ‘Heavenly Flame’ in this world?

“If one wants to practice this kind of Secret Technique, the first requirement is that the practitioner must have the fire affinity. The second is that he must possess an extraordinary flame. The extraordinary flame here also includes those flames like your Purple Flame. Of course, the ‘Heavenly Flame’ is naturally the best choice. Ke ke. But since when was a ‘Heavenly Flame’ so easy to find in this world? Therefore, I seem to have heard that only the Valley Leader of the ‘Burning Flame Valley’ possessed a kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’.” Yao Lao smiled as he spoke.

“If I were to fulfill these conditions and practice the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’, can I also raise my strength for a short period of time?” Xiao Yan’s eyeballs rotated as he hurriedly asked.

“Naturally.” Yao Lao fondled his beard and smiled. He eyed Xiao Yan’s face which was filled with excitement as he said, “This so called ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ actually relies on a special and bizarre method to draw out the special flame from within the body, and unleashes an extremely great energy, which is then used to push the opponent back and deter them.”

“Is it as strong as the Secret Technique that Xun Er displayed back then?” Xiao Yan suddenly interrupted and asked.

Yao Lao frowned slightly upon hearing this. He mused for a moment before shaking his head immediately and said, “Back then, I observed the complexion of that little girl and seeing that it was still rosy the next day after using the Secret Technique the night before, really surprised me. From the looks of it, I’m afraid that there is still a gap between the Secret Technique she displayed and this one. After all, all Secret Techniques use a kind of compression or overdraw method to obtain strength. This lets a person’s strength soar for a short period of time, but there would usually be a substantial backlash that appears after each use. Using this ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ as an example example. It is said that each time it is used, the wild energy of the flame will cause people’s body to be badly injured. However, from the external appearance of your little female friend the next day, she did not suffer from an overly large loss. From this, the differences of the two kinds of Secret Techniques can be determined.”

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly and sighed while shaking his head. In his heart, he felt increasingly strong curiosity of Xun Er’s mysterious background. Given her age, she actually possessed a kind of Secret Technique that even Yao Lao could not stop praising. Just how strong was the faction that supported her?

“Ke ke, you should not be so dejected. This ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ is actually not weak either. According to what I know, if one possess three kinds of flame, this Secret Technique can let a person’s strength to increase three different times. The scale at which your strength would increase is related to the strength of the flame that you control. Back then, the Valley Leader of the ‘Burning Flame Valley’ had one kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’ and two ‘Beast Flames’, which were obtained from the bodies of two Magical Beasts. His original strength was around the five star Dou Zong level, but if he used the three transformations of the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’, he could easily contend with a Dou Zhun!” Yao Lao smiled and comforted Xiao Yan after seeing his expression.

“Oh? It actually allows the user to fight across classes?” Xiao Yan was a little moved upon hearing this. After seeing Hai Bodong pushed back by a single attack of the Yun Shan’s clones, he clearly knew just how difficult it was to cross the gap between each class once one reached the Dou Huang level. Yet this ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ actually lets the user fight across the gaps between classes. From what you just said, it can indeed be considered ‘a good thing’ as Yao Lao had just said.

“Ke ke, that is the limit that one could raise if they only possess one ‘Heavenly Flame’. But it is different for you. The you who possesses the ‘Flame Mantra’ does not need to worry about the flames in your body clashing with one another. Therefore, as long as you are given enough time and luck to gather three kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’, the extent that your strength will rise when you activate the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ to the third transformation would likely be something that even the ancestor who had created this Secret Technique did not ever imagine. After all, he couldn’t have also practiced the ‘Flame Mantra’.” Yao Lao laughed softly.

The blood in Xiao Yan’s heart could not help but boil a little when he heard Yao Lao’s words. A flush surfaced on his face. His gaze was a little more fiery when he once again looked at the curtain of light.

“Insert your hand into that light green-colored liquid. In this way, you can completely obtain the training method for the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’. You will not gain anything by looking at this light screen.” Yao Lao reminded.

Xiao Yan hurriedly nodded his head. He placed his finger into the liquid which was somewhat warm. The curtain of light that was suspended in midair trembled slightly. Immediately, it appeared to come to life as it swiftly began to move. A moment later, the screen of light turned into a string of light that poured directly into Xiao Yan’s head.

The enormous flood of information violently charged into his mind. Xiao Yan’s face swiftly twitched a couple of times. He forcefully endured the wave of pain that swept over him as he hurriedly sat down, closed his eyes, and digested the information which contained the practice method of the Secret Technique.

The mountain cave once again descended into complete silence. Yao Lao slowly stroked his beard as he eyed Xiao Yan who was seated with his eyes close. Suddenly, he let out a soft gloating laughter, “It is really unexpected that this heavily guarded Secret Technique of the ‘Burning Flame Valley’ would actually find it’s way into the Jia Ma Empire. Moreover, it was even obtained by this little fellow. Hee hee. That antiquated old fellow Yan Huo wasn’t even willing to let the old me borrow and read it back then. Yet it still landed in my disciple’s hand. It was even obtained without any effort. If he were to know about this, I’m afraid that he would be extremely furious. Ha ha.”

The laugh reverberated throughout the cave. It was a long while later before it slowly faded away. Xiao Yan, who had his eyes tightly closed also gradually opened them. He gently exhaled a breath of air while his eyes flashed.

“The training method for the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ is really strange. I don’t know which odd genius could actually create this.” Xiao Yan shook his head and sighed. While he was digesting the information that had flown through his head earlier, he had roughly took a look at the training method for the ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’. It could indeed be called incomparably strange.

“Secret Techniques are extremely rare in this world. The extent of their rarity can even be comparable to a high Di class Qi Method.” Yao Lao smiled and nodded. He asked, “How is it? Are you satisfied?”
TL: Note that Qi Method > Dou Technique in terms of worth

“Extremely satisfied.”

Xiao Yan’s mouth parted with a smile. Quickly following it, however, he frowned and said, “But I have gave it a brief glance just now. This ‘Skyfire Three Mysterious Change’ does indeed have three transformations. Unfortunately, the information contained within the jade piece merely records the first transformation. There is not even the slightest prospect of the remaining two kinds of transformation.”

“Oh? There is only one change?” Yao Lao’s eyebrows knit together when he heard this information. A long while later, he could only shake his head helplessly and said, “This is perhaps some small trick of the ‘Burning Flame Valley’. In this way, even if someone were to luckily obtain the Secret Technique, it would be difficult for them to practice all of it.”

“But if there isn’t, then there isn’t. The current me coincidentally only has one ‘Heavenly Flame’ within my body. It is perfect to train one kind of transformation for now.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and said in an open-minded manner.

“Ah, then you should temporarily practice it first. Once you have found other ‘Heavenly Flames’ in the future, then we’ll think of ways to obtain the remaining portion of the technique from the ‘Burning Flame Valley’.” Yao Lao nodded his head and spoke softly.

Xiao Yan quietly nodded.

“You have completely recovered from your injuries. What are you planning to do next?” Yao Lao suddenly asked.

Xiao Yan was startled upon hearing this. He mused for a moment, clenched his fists tightly, and said, “I want to search for my father! Seeing that Yun Leng actually insisted that he had never touched my father just before his death, I’m afraid that what he said should be the truth.”

Xiao Yan’s brows knit together as he spoke this point. He smiled bitterly and said, “If what he said were true, how could my father, with the strength of a Da Dou Shi, disappear in front of the eyes of a Dou Wang?”

Yao Lao flicked his finger gently. A long while later, he narrowed his eyes slightly and spoke softly, “Your father’s strength is really that of a Da Dou Shi. Therefore, it is likely that he did not rely on his own strength to disappear into nowhere. It might be that there was someone else who did something to bring him away.”

“Someone else?” Xiao Yan was momentarily stunned. His expression changed slightly as he said: “If it really was someone else who did it, I’m afraid that the other party’s strength would at least be at the Dou Huang level in order to bring my father away in front of Yun Leng without the latter even realizing it. But other than me, it seems that my Xiao clan has never befriended such a strong person.”

“With the background of your Xiao clan, it is indeed really difficult for them to befriend such a strong person. But the faction behind your little female friend does have this ability.” Yao Lao said blandly.

“Teacher, what do you mean? Someone Xun Er sent?” Xiao Yan’s face was at a loss as he asked after hearing this.

“That little girl may be very smart, but she is far too young. It is unlikely that she possesses such great foresight. What I meant is that this may be related to the faction that stands behind her.” Yao Lao shook his head and said, “Your Xiao clan does have some connection with them, but it cannot be considered to be a good one. The relationship is overly complicated with too much implication. As an outsider, I am also not very certain about the details. The next time you meet that little female friend of yours, you can ask her and you may learn some secrets.

Xiao Yan found it difficult to ask more questions when he saw Yao Lao’s expression. He nodded slightly and said in a soft voice, “Alright. In any case, the clan has already been moved. I can also leave with my peace of mind. This time, let’s hurry directly to Jia Nan Academy.”


Xiao Yan turned his body around and slowly walked towards the entrance of the cave. He eyed the dark, black night sky and a cold glint flashed across his narrowed pupils. He said faintly, “However, a hard fight is unavoidable if we want to successfully leave the Jia Ma Empire. Given Yun Shan’s character, he will definitely not allow me leave the Jia Ma Empire easily.”

Yao Lao nodded his head.

“Hei, since they want to get me to stay behind, then they should be prepared to receive a beating. I, Xiao Yan, am not someone who is softhearted!” A green-colored flame abruptly leapt from his long finger. He slowly exhaled a breath of air. A thick, low voice slowly resounded within the interior of the cave.

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