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Chapter 1635: The Ambition of Hun Tiandi

The alliance army filled one’s eyes within the mountain range covered with chilly winds. At this moment, Gu Yuan and the rest had a somewhat ugly expression as they stood in front of a ruins around a huge door. It was possible to detect a vague spatial fluctuation from this mess.

“The path to the Hun realm had already been destroyed…” Gu Yuan’s expression was gloomy. He glanced at everyone before he spoke, “Additionally, base on my probing, the Hun realm has already been hidden. It looks like they were prepared.”

Xiao Yan gently exhaled. His expression was grave. It was unexpected that the current situation would be so severe. The Hun clan had completely hide their realm. In this way, even Gu Yuan was unable to find their position within a short while. Although it was impossible for the Hun clan to continue hiding like this forever, all they needed to do was to hide until Hun Tiandi refine that Di tier embryonic pill. At that time, the alliance army had already completely fell into a disadvantage.

“We have already dispatched people to probe the other tunnels that leads to the Hun Realm.” Yan Jin said.

Gu Yuan shook his head slightly. Since the Hun clan was prepared, it was obvious that they would not leave such a fatal loophole. Their army was currently on the offensive but they were unable to find their way in. This mission of theirs could be considered a failure.

“What should we do now?’ Lei Ying was quiet for a moment. His voice was a little hoarse as he spoke.

“Now… all we can do it wait and see who has a better luck.” Gu Yuan sighed softly.

“Wait for what?” Lei Ying asked in a startled voice.

“Refining the Di tier embryonic pill also involves some chances of failure. Now, the only thing that we can do is to pray that Hun Tiandi is unable to successfully refine the Di tier embryonic pill. As long as he fail to step into the Dou Di class, we will have an opportunity. Of course… if he succeed…” Gu Yuan paused after he spoke until this point. “It seems that the heavens wish for us to parish…”

Everyone was quiet. Their hearts sunk. Without realising it, they had already come to such a stage.

“Let’s scatter. We will leave some spies behind…” Gu Yuan waved his hand. After which, he slowly walked to the back. “During this period of time, I will do my best to find the location where the Hun realm is hiding. If we are lucky, we might be able to discover it early. At that time, we will decide if we will charge into the Hun realm and engage in a decisive fight with them…”

Everyone was quiet after hearing Gu Yuan’s words. All of them understood that they currently did not have much of a choice.

Xiao Yan lifted his head towards the sky and exhaled softly. He immediately looked at the somewhat tired back of Gu Yuan. The eight ancient clans had fought many times for the Ancient God Mansion. It was unexpected that the Hun clan actually ended up benefitting in the end.

“Let’s go.”

Xiao Yan pulled Xun Er’s and Cai Lin’s somewhat icy hands. He shook his head and led the group to withdraw.

The alliance army, which covered the entire place, gradually withdrew from the mountain range. Although news did not spread, that solemn atmosphere still ended up spreading involuntarily. It caused the entire alliance army to feel quite pressured.

The alliance army withdrew. Finally, they returned to the headquarters of the Sky Mansion Alliance. They had ended up in failure but the alliance did not scatter as a result. This was because all of them understood that by cooperating in the face of Hun Tiandi, who had managed to obtain the Di tier embryonic pill, they might still be able to survive. Once they separated, however, they would undoubtedly die!

Hence, the alliance army forces continued to stay guard around the Sky Mansion Alliance and continuously observe the activity on the Central Plains.

Following the scattering of the alliance army, time passed by a day at a time while many waited anxiously. However, Gu Yuan, who had been probing the location of the hidden Hun realm, did not stir any activity as the time flowed by. This result caused the hearts of many to sink slightly.

Given the current situation, every additional day Hun Tiandi had to refine the pill meant an additional danger to the alliance army…

Although their hearts were searing hot, everyone understood that regardless of how anxious one was, one was helpless in the face of the change in situation.

Xiao Yan stood within the star realm as he lifted his head and looked at the huge square floating in the distant sky. It had been brought out from within the Ancient God realm by Zhu Kin. There was a hundred thousand feet tall stone statue on it. Although one was unable to see anything unique, its mountain like size still caused many to be shocked.

“It has been a month…”

Xiao Yan involuntarily muttered to himself as he stared at the huge square floating in the sky. An entire month had passed ever since Hun Tiandi had snatched the Di tier embryonic pill.

During this one month, the Hun clan appeared to have completely vanished from this world. No information about them spread. Some of the outsiders, who were unaware of the situation, even thought that the Hun clan was eliminated by the alliance army. Many factions came to congratulate them. However, Xiao Yan and the rest did not have the mood to bother about these people. They dispatched some individuals to receive them and dismissed these people.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge.”

A gentle voice was transmitted from behind him. Xiao Yan turned his head and looked at the picture like lady, who was gently walking over. He also gave a faint smile.

“Is there any news from uncle Gu?” Xiao Yan inquired. He only sighed in disappointment after seeing Xun Er shake her head. Waves of fertige rose within his heart as he shut his eyes. This kind of waiting without doing anything was really terrible.

Xun Er looked at this young man, whose face was filled with tiredness, as she stood in front of Xiao Yan. She gently leaned against him. Her exquisite face was lifted and her somewhat warm hand gently massage Xiao Yan’s temples in an attempt to relieve him of some fatigue.

Xiao Yan relaxed his arms as he sniffed the tempting body fragrance from the girl in front of him. He hugged that gently waist and buried his head into Xun Er’s black hair. Finally, he muttered, “Am I finally going to fail after working hard for so many years…”

“Xiao Yan ge-ge is already extremely incredible…” Xun Er smiled and softly replied. “Regardless of what the ending will be in the future, Xiao Yan ge-ge will be considered to be the most successfully in the hearts of many people…”

“I have clearly failed.” Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and stated.

“Did Xiao Yan ge-ge not mention that only by putting things down will one be able to lift things up? Letting things go as one wish is the epitome of a free and unrestrained person.” Xun Er spoke in a soft and gentle voice.

“Now is different from the past. If I put things down now, the entire Sky Mansion Alliance and even the Gu, Lei and Yan clans…” Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He lifted his head and looked at the bright moon in the sky. He said, “At times, one can pick things up but cannot simply let them go.”

Xun Er bit her red lips as she looked at the face, which once again revealed a determination. She continued to be embraced by Xiao Yan while an extremely pretty smile surfaced on her face.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, we will succeed…”

Time flowed by. Another half a month swiftly passed amidst everyone’s uneasiness. The Hun clan continued to be completely quiet during this half a month. It was as though they had completely vanished without a trace…

All the various upper echelons of the alliance sat within a large hall. There was a worry on their brow. Each day that passed caused an increase in the uneasiness of their hearts.

Xiao Yan gently sighed as he looked at the somewhat depressed hall. This feeling of being able to do nothing while waiting for the appearance of the Hun clan was really terrible.

“Damnit, why is it that these bastards have still not appear? If they wish to fight, then let’s fight. My Lei clan will fight a bloody battle with them until the end. This period of time is far too suffocating!” Lei Ying suddenly slammed his palm on the table amidst this gloominess and shattered the table into dust. He suddenly stood up and spoke with gritting teeth.

“Who is going to fight with you? Where will you go to fight?” Yan Jin by the side frowned and stated.

Lei Ying clenched his teeth and finally sighed in a tired manner. He sat back down. The Hun clan had been hiding. Where would he find them to fight?

“Everyone…” Xiao Yan overlooked the hall. He was just about to utter some words to raise everyone’s morale when the space within the hall shook. Gu Yuan’s figure was revealed.

Everyone present suddenly stood up after seeing Gu Yuan’s appearance. They anxiously asked, “Is there any information?”

Gu Yuan’s expression was unusually grave. He slowly noddex. Before everyone could rejoice, however, he said, “I have indeed found the location of the Hun realm but… it is already too late.”

A basin of cold water seemed to have splashed over everyone after they heard these words. The excitement on their faces had suddenly disappeared.

“What does uncle Gu mean?” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before asking.

Gu Yuan sighed. His eyes were quickly thrown towards the sky above the Central Plains. The entire Central Plains suddenly shook intensely when he did so.

This scene was detected by Xiao Yan’s group. They hurriedly walked out from the hall and looked at the distant sky. There was suddenly a black circle of light appearing. This light circle spread qt a shocking speed the moment it appeared. The entire Central Plains was enveloped within it.

“Bang bang bang!”

The natural energy that filled the entire Central Plains had suddenly boiled with the appearance of this light circle. Countless number of experts paled from shock as they lifted their heads to observe the sky.

Under the focus of countless number of experts from the central plains, the black light began to shake in the sky. Finally, it turned into a light cauldron in front of many horrified eyes!

The size of the cauldron could not be described. It seemed to have enveloped the entire Central Plains within it.

“This is…”

Xiao Yan and the rest had a change in expression as they watched the unusual scene in the sky. They could sense a familiar feeling amidst the endless light. It was that of Hun Tiandi!

“Hun Tiandi has already formed an initial merger with the Di tier embryonic pill. Now, he intends to use the Central Plains as a cauldron, lives as the ingredients, the world as the flame and his body as the pill…” Gu Yuan clenched his fist tightly as his low and deep voice resounded beside everyone’s ears.

“He is planning to truly refine that Di tier embryonic pill into an actual Di Pill. Once the pill is formed, he would also advance into the Dou Di class!”

“Hun Tiandi, all of us has underestimated his wild ambition!”

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