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Chapter 1541: Message

“Yi Wa… give it to me.”

Little Yi hugged the bead as a desire filled his face. It appeared as though saliva was about to fall out of his mouth. He had greatly coveted this thing right from the start. However, Xiao Yan had been studying it, and he has not been able to do anything about that. He immediately appeared when he saw that Xiao Yan was finally planning to give up.

Xiao Yan was startled after seeing Little Yi appear. Little Yi’s intelligence was growing. He was even able to use his tender voice to utter some words, but this was the first time Xiao Yan had heard him actively request something.

“It is not beneficial to keep this thing…” Xiao Yan knit his brows and replied. Although this bead contained the devouring power, it did not segregate between enemies and allies. More importantly, this thing devoured one’s life force. Whoever place this thing within one’s body would likely end up aging and becoming weak.

Little Yi shook his little head. A pink flame surged from his body and wrapped around the black bead. After which, it forcefully merged this bead with his body.

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after seeing Little Yi’s anxious actions, but he did not stop him. Although Little Yi was merely a fire spirit, he possessed extremely sharp senses when it came to danger. He would not act like this if the black bead was actually harmful.

The bead was rapidly merged into Little Yi’s body as Xiao Yan watched. The moment the bead was about to disappear, a strand of an extremely faint black flame suddenly surged out of Little Yi’s body. After which, it swiftly headed toward his head.

Xiao Yan and Little Yi shared a mental connection. Thus, Xiao Yan was naturally able to detect the unexpected change. His expression quickly changed.


Little Yi did not panic because of this sudden change. Lines made out of pink fire quickly formed. These lines turned into a fire net that restrained the black flame. After which, the web made from fire quickly shrank, forcefully shattering the wisp of black flame into a large black light spot. Finally, a flame swept over and merged the black light spot into Little Yi’s body.


The pink flower lotus fire seal on Little Yi’s forehead gradually revealed an additional black line after this black light spot merged with Little Yi’s body. At a glance, it appeared somewhat mysterious.

“Yi Wa!”

After completely swallowing the black light spot, Little Yi suddenly extended his little hand and grabbed at the empty space in front of him. An invisible ripple was quickly formed. The energy around this lake swiftly gathered into his palm. Within a short moment, the energy had transformed into a five-colored spotted crystal. This crystal was swallowed by Little Yi.

Xiao Yan was stunned as he watched this scene. After the impure energy crystal entered Little Yi’s body, it was swiftly separated into waves of aboriginal energy that appeared within Xiao Yan’s body without reason…


Xiao Yan’s face was stunned. It was a long while later before a thought passed through his mind. He began to refine that pure energy and turn it into Dou Qi, which he then merged into his body.

“This energy is something that this little thing has ended up feeding back to me…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were searing hot as he stared at Little Yi in front of him. The energy he had been given had come from the impure crystal this little fellow had just swallowed. These energy crystals, which Xiao Yan has not been able to absorb, had turned into pure energy after passing through Little Yi’s body. A portion of this energy was subsequently fed back to him.

“Yi Wa…” Little Yi proudly swayed its small head. After absorbing the energy crystal, the pink flame on his body seemed to have become a little brighter. Moreover, Xiao Yan could vaguely detect that the current Little Yi appeared slightly stronger than before…

“This little thing… can actually train?”

Surprise flashed through Xiao Yan’s eyes after this thought formed in his heart. That devouring power allowed Little Yi to absorb energy from the surroundings to strengthen himself like a human. If this was really the case, Little Yi would end up growing stronger and stronger in the future. Xiao Yan, who was mentally connected with Little Yi, would be able to raise his own strength as well… in this way, it seemed that Xiao Yan had gained an additional free worker. Moreover, it was a worker that did not know how to complain or feel tired.

“It seems that I have accidentally obtained a good result…”

Xiao Yan fondled his chin. He did not have the slightest idea on how to refine the seed flame of the Nihility Devouring Flame. All he could do was randomly attempt to refine it. However, it was fortunate that Little Yi boasted a strange constitution. Being a Heavenly Flame, it was able to accept this unique ability that originally belonged to the Nihility Devouring Flame…

“Ha ha, it seems that you have managed to create a strange thing during this training…”

A familiar elderly laugh suddenly appeared while Xiao Yan was rejoicing over the results of his training. Xiao Yan lifted his head and saw Yao Lao land from the sky. Both of his feet walked across the surface of the lake.

Xiao Yan grinned and asked, “Is there a problem within the alliance? Has there been any activity from the Hall of Souls?”

“Aye, all is well. As for the Hall of Souls, some of the branch halls, which we have found, have been shifted base on the information that we have received recently. Perhaps they are afraid that we will strike again and destroy those branch hall…” Yao Lao fondled his beard and laughed.

“Shifted?” Xiao Yan knit his brows upon hearing this news. For some unknown reason, he felt that the recent actions of the Hall of Souls were a little unusual. Given their character, they could not endure the humiliation of suffering such a loss to the hands of the Sky Mansion Alliance.

“Are you feeling that there is something wrong?” Yao Lao also smiled after seeing Xiao Yan’s facial expression. He quickly sighed, “I have already mentioned that the Hall of Souls seems to be scheming something. Otherwise, they would not have gathered souls for so many years. Although I do not know what their plan is, it is likely not good news for us if the Hall of Souls is allowed to complete it.”

Xiao Yan nodded. The defeat of the Hall of Souls had caused it to lose a great amount of face. Additionally, the Hun clan did not show the slightest activity. This made it difficult for one to clearly know just what this mysterious clan was planning to do.

“I will dispatch some spies to specifically investigate this matter. Hopefully, we will be able to obtain some information…”

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. His heart felt pressured. Although his strength had reached the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class, he was still unable to rescue his father from the Hun clan. He had never thought of forcefully barging into the Hun clan from the beginning. Not because he was afraid, rather it was because the current Xiao clan could not afford him suffering a mishap. If anything happened to him, no one would be able to rescue his father and revitalize the Xiao clan. Hence, he would not take such a big risk unless he was absolutely confident…

“Five star Dou Sheng… is still insufficient…” Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. He no longer needed to be afraid of the Hall of Souls with his strength, but the Hall of Souls was merely an external faction for the Hun clan. His true enemy was the most mysterious and greatest being within the Dou Qi continent, the Hun clan!

A five star Dou Sheng was considered a peak expert anywhere else. However, if one wished to fight the Hun clan… it was still insufficient. Back then, Xiao Xuan possessed the strength of anine star Dou Sheng, but he still ended up dying by the hands of the Hun clan. A mere five star Dou Sheng would not be able to stir a wave.

Xiao Yan’s expression involuntarily became a little shady after having such thoughts. With his current strength, there was no longer any shortcuts left to swiftly raise his strength. He had already obtained the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. The second ranked Nihility Devouring Flame had already landed in the hands of the Hun clan. As for the first on the Heavenly Flame Ranking…

Xiao Yan bitterly laughed. That thing could not even be adequately described by the words ‘divine object.’ One would be daydreaming if one was thinking of obtaining it.

“I’m afraid that I can forget about more Heavenly Flames…”

Xiao Yan softly sighed. A spiritual light suddenly flashed in his heart. He flipped his hand and a jade piece with an ancient aura appeared in his hand. The ancient jade was covered with mysterious lines. At the middle of the ancient jade was a partially visible tiny light spot. It was the spiritual imprint of his father. This jade was naturally the Tou She Ancient God Jade that the Gu and Hun clans wished to obtain!

Yao Lao by the side was also slightly startled after seeing Xiao Yan suddenly take out the Tou She Ancient God Jade. He merely stared at Xiao Yan in surprise.

Xiao Yan rubbed the ancient jade. His finger slowly rubbed that light spot. An apologetic feeling rose within his heart. Despite being a son, he was only able to watch his father suffer at the hands of the Hun clan. This was an unfilial act.

“Father… Yan-er has never forgotten about you. Once I possess the strength to head to the Hun clan, I will definitely rescue you as soon as possible!”

Xiao Yan’s teeth bit his lower lip tightly. A moment later, he inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the churning emotions within his heart.

“The Tou She Ancient God Jade is related to the Tou She Ancient God’s mansion. However, this jade has been separated into eight pieces. It is clearly impossible for me to gather all of them.” Xiao Yan’s eyes flashed. An image suddenly flashed across his mind. It was a magma world. Xiao Yan had met Tian Huo zun-zhe in that place.

Jia Nan Academy’s underground magma world!

Xiao Yan had sensed unusual activity coming from the Tou She Ancient God Jade in that place. Now that he thought about it, it was indeed a mystery. Deep within the magma world were strange magma creatures that seemed to be guarding something.

“The magma world beneath the Inner Academy, perhaps I should find some time to head there and probe around…”

Yao Lao helplessly shook his head after seeing Xiao Yan fall deep into thought. He softly coughed and handed over a beast skin scroll. He said, “This is a message from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. It is for you. Take a look…”

“Yao Ming?”

Xiao Yan was startled upon hearing this information. He received the scroll while feeling slightly uncertain. After which, he slowly opened it. A line of red words immediately appeared in his sight.

“The Demon Phoenix has attacked. There is an unusual activity coming from the Nine Serene Spring!”

Xiao Yan suddenly stood up. His expression was gloomy. His frightening aura caused even the waterfall behind him to stop flowing.

“Cai Lin!”

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