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Chapter 1515: Cattle Herdman

The hearts of everyone quivered after hearing the words of Old Man Hun Mo. Many startled eyes looked to that space. Was there actually an expert, whom they were unaware of, hidden there?

“The old demon from the Small Pill Tower?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes also looked in that direction. A thought passed through his heart. Could it be that this Old Man Hun Mo was referring to the mysterious ancestor of the Small Pill Tower? His heart involuntarily rejoiced upon coming to this conclusion. Regardless of the situation, both the Pill Tower and him were on the same side. This mysterious ancestor would likely not feel any enmity against Xiao Yan’s group if he appeared.

“Ugh, I knew that the Hun clan would not play by the rules…”

That space was quiet for a moment as all gazes present focused on it. Finally, it began to fluctuate. An unusually old and experienced voice suddenly remarked. The ripple in the space became more intense the moment this sound appeared. Soon, a bull stepped onto empty air and appeared in this space while it let out a low ‘moo.’


The eyes of Xiao Yan’s group landed on this bull or perhaps, the person on the bull. However, they were startled after getting a good look at his appearance because an elderly person was not what they saw. The person on the bull had a small figure. He was wearing ordinary rough clothes. His eyes were clear, and his face appeared tender. From his appearance, he appeared as though he was a boy in his teens!

Numerous pairs of eyes were completely stunned as they look at the youth on the back of the bull. They were momentarily speechless. They had not expected the elderly voice from earlier to have come from the mouth of a youth.

“First Elder mentioned that the ancestor likes to have fun experiencing lives. He continues to borrow bodies to be reborn. From the looks of it, this is indeed true…”

“Old demon, you still like to act mysterious like in the past…” Old Man Hun Mo looked at the cow-rearing youth. He coldly laughed coldly, but his originally ancient-well-like eyes had gained an additional fear.

“I would not have needed to show myself if the Hun clan played by the rules…” The cow-rearing youth stretched his lazy waist and smiled as spoke. His unusually clear eyes looked at Old Man Hun Mo as he laughed, “This rule was agreed upon back then, yet the Hun clan has actually dispatched you. I wonder what the clan’s intentions are?”

“My Hun clan must obtain the demonic flame essence. Old demon, it is best that you do not be a busybody. My clan head is very interested in you. After so many years, your current self has probably already reached the peak of the ninth tier of the Xuan Pill. Should you advance further… hee hee, that will be the legendary tier 9 golden pill. Even my clan head will not be able to restrain himself from attacking you.” Old Man Hun Mo laughed a strange laugh.

The cow herder faintly smiled upon hearing this claim. He replied, “It is not as though he has craved me only recently, but even if I were to deliver myself to his mouth, do you think he would dare to eat me?”

“Hmph, you should stop trying to use your age as an advantage. Once my clan head exits his retreat, he will naturally force you to understand the fate of opposing my Hun clan!” Old Man Hun Mo’s eyes turned cold as he spoke.


The black light curtain a short distance away was suddenly blasted apart after Old Man Hun Mo spoke. A figure flew back. One of them spat out a couple mouthfuls of fresh blood along the way. Only then did he stabilize his body while wearing a pale expression. From his appearance, he was clearly the chief of the Hall of Souls, who had unleashed the light curtain earlier in an attempt to trap Xiao Chen.

“Hun Mie Sheng, you have really humiliated the name of the chief of the Hall of Souls…” Old Man Hun Mo knit his brows and made a comment after seeing how miserable the chief of the Hall of Souls looked.

“Old ghost, you should stop trying to suppress me with your age. You should be even more aware of that fellow’s background compared to me!” The chief of the Hall of Souls wiped the trace of blood off from the corner of his mouth as he furiously cried out. He had already guessed the other party’s identity when he took out that huge blood-colored axe earlier. The only person who could use this strange weapon in such a sharp fashion within the Xiao clan was the renowned Xiao clan’s Blood Axe Xiao Chen from back then!

However, no one had expected this person, who had gone missing, to appear in such a place at this moment.

“Blood Axe Xiao Chen… it is unexpected that you have survived until now. However, it could be considered a blessing. If you had been in the Xiao clan, your fate would have been similar to Xiao Xuan and the rest…” Old Man Hun Mo lifted his head. He looked at Xiao Chen as Xiao Chen slowly walked over while holding his large blood-colored axe. An icy-cold luster flashed across his eyes.

Xiao Chen’s footsteps paused. He glanced at Old Man Hun Mo and slightly frowned. He sensed an aura that was far stronger than the chief of the Hall of Souls from the other party. This aura was such that it would not be easy for him to defeat the other party.

“Ha ha, the Xiao clan is indeed an insect that will not remain still no matter how it is beaten down. Xiao Chen, you deserve to be congratulated for living until now…” The cow-herding youth slightly smiled. He was extremely old and it was possible for him to address Xiao Chen, an old demon who had lived for thousands of years, as an equal.

“You are… that fellow from the Pill Tower back then.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes glanced at the young cow-herd. Although Pill Tower Elder’s appearance had drastically changed, Xiao Chen was still extremely familiar with that unique aura. Moreover, there seemed to be only one person in the entire world who possessed such an aura…

The young cowherd smiled. His smile appeared extremely sentimental on that youthful face, but everyone understood that an ancient feeling of having seen through everything was hidden within that smile.


The First Elder from the Small Pill Tower had finally recovered from his shock at this moment. He immediately knelt down. In his excitement, even tears had begun to flow down his old face. Even he had only managed to meet this guardian of the Pill Tower a couple of times. He was incomparably excited now that they had met again.

“Ha ha, you are little Mo, right? It is unexpected that you have also become a Dou Sheng…” The young cowherd smiled. He gently waved his small hand and the First Elder was lifted to his feet. “Now is not the time to catch up on old times. Xiao Yan, hand the demonic flame essence to me.”

Xiao Yan was slightly startled upon hearing the words of this young cowherd. He raised his head and saw a warm smile on the youth’s small face. Although this smile appeared extremely strange on a youth, one would instantly trust him for some unknown reason.

“This old fellow has turned into a child. How strange…” Zi Yan softly muttered beside Xiao Yan’s ear.

“Isn’t this something that you liked to do most back then…” Xiao Yan bitterly smiled and shook his head. He clenched his teeth. With a wave of his sleeve, he threw the black light pillar toward the young cowherd.


Old Man Hun Ho’s eyes became slightly cold when Xiao Yan threw the black light pillar. A cold snort sounded beside everyone’s ears like muffled thunder. That snort contained an extremely powerful spiritual assault, causing the heads of many people to emit a giddy feeling.

“Advanced five star Dou Sheng. What a frightening strength this old fellow boasts!”

Xiao Yan’s ear drums emitted waves of piercing pain. His heart was filled with shock. The strength of this old fellow was far too frightening. If they were to fight head-on, Xiao Yan would probably not even be able to receive one strike.


Old Man Hun Mo’s body disappeared after the cold snort left his mouth. The next instant, he appeared near the light pillar and reached out to grab it.

However, Old Man Hun Mo suddenly discovered that the space around him had strangely undergone a change while his hand was about to land on the light pillar. The space shook and his body appeared where the young cowherd had been. The youth, however, had strangely appeared at the spot where Old Man Hun Mo had been earlier as though the both of them had changed positions in an instant.

Such an unexpected swap had caused everyone to feel flabbergasted. They had not even detected the reason for the switch.

“Spatial Shift. Six Star Dou Sheng? You have actually broken through to the sixth star of the Dou Sheng class?”

Old Man Hun Mo stood in the air at a loss. He suddenly recovered an instant later and involuntarily cried out in shock.

There existed a great gap between every level within the Dou Sheng class. The chief of the Hall of Souls was able to easily defeat Zi Yan after leaping from the advanced fourth star of the Dou Sheng class to the initial fifth star of the Dou Sheng class. One could gain an idea of the enormous gap between the two from this. Even though this Old Man Hun Mo was an advanced five star Dou Sheng, he did not possess an ability to retaliate against this young cowherd, whose strength had reached the sixth star…

The chief of the Hall of Souls, the deputy chief, and Hun Feng revealed somewhat ugly expressions when they saw this exchange. They were completely silent. A six star Dou Sheng was extremely rare even in the Hun clan. Only a handful of grand Elders possessed such a strength. It was unexpected that the ancestor of the Small Pill Tower… had reached such a terrifying level. No wonder the Hun clan would stop the Hall of Souls each time it wanted to attack the Pill Tower. It was because the Small Pill Tower could call on such an existence.

The young cowherd ignored the exclamation of disbelief from Old Man Hun Mo. He grabbed the black light with his small hand. He slowly observed the demonic flame essence within it in front of Xiao Yan’s anxious eyes.

“Old demon, are you planning to be enemies with my Hun clan?” Old Man Hun Mo cried out in a stern voice while wearing a dark and cold expression.

“How foolish…” The young cowherd glanced at him and shook his head. He randomly tossed the light pillar into the sky. Old Man Hun Mo revealed a joyous face. He was just about to snatch it when he hurriedly stopped himself because of the young cowherd’s next sentence.

“Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, you are indeed worthy of being ranked third on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. You have purposefully allowed yourself to be sealed in order to see them fight among themselves. All you need to do is to benefit from their fighting… you have hidden yourself very deeply, but you cannot hide from me… come out.”

The young cowherd slowly lifted his head. He stared at the churning black light pillar in the sky. His clear eyes stared at the demonic flame essence inside as he indifferently laughed.

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