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Chapter 1509: Reverse Control


A grave expression surged onto the faces of Xiao Yan’s group as they watched these Dou Sheng fire slaves rushing over. A soft cry sounded and he took the lead to pull back. Although there were many Dou Shengs on their side, they would not fearlessly charge forward and block these fire slaves, who knew no pain or fatigue.

Xun Er and the rest hurriedly followed after seeing Xiao Yan withdraw. They did not head to those large groups of people. Instead, they found a spacious location of their own.

“Hmph, some mere fire slaves dare to audaciously claim that they can finish off this chief!”

The deputy hall chief of the Hall of Souls coldly laughed, but he did not appear to panic. Given his advanced three star Dou Sheng strength, he could look down on the strongest fire slave present. Hence, he was not the least bit worried about the ten elite Dou Sheng.

“Deputy hall chief, do not take the initiative to attack. We will fight if a fire slave steps forward. Otherwise, let’s just watch the show…” Hun Feng spoke in an indifferent voice.

“Hee, alright…” The deputy chief of the Hall of Souls strangely laughed upon hearing this. His eyes were filled with ill-intent as he looked at Xiao Yan. His eyes flickered. No one knew what he was thinking.

The other experts hurriedly gathered together as the Dou Sheng fire slaves moved. Their eyes revealed some caution as they looked at the ten fire figures who had appeared a short distance away in the blink of an eye.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Ten fire figures appeared in front of everyone. Those hollow eyes slowly scanned the area before they rushed forward. All of them headed in different directions as they flew toward the target they had chosen beforehand.

“Be careful!”

Xiao Yan let out a low cry after seeing these fire slaves split up. Perhaps it was due to them having the most people, but three Dou Sheng fire slaves headed in their direction. The strongest among them was an advanced two star Dou Sheng. It was not very difficult to deal with them.

“Leave the advanced two star Dou Sheng fire slave to me…” Xiao Yan gently stretched his fingers as he spoke.

“Leave that initial two star Dou Sheng to me.” Xun Er also smiled and spoke.

“In that case, I will deal with the last one.” The First Elder of the Pill Tower laughed. The final fire slave was an advanced one star Dou Sheng. Given his strength, it would not be difficult to obtain victory.

“Everyone else should be careful. Pay attention to the activity of others…” Xiao Yan cried out in a deep voice after the allocation of manpower was completed. His body moved, and he appeared in front of the advanced two star Dou Sheng fire slave. The vast and powerful Dou Qi within his body moved. He clenched his hand and the Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared in his palm. He quickly waved the ruler and ruthlessly hacked at that fire slave’s head with a wild attack.


A layer of cream-white fire burned on the body of that fire slave as it faced Xiao Yan’s ferocious strike. The fire slave lifted its arm and forcefully blocked Xiao Yan’s heavy ruler. Sparks shot out from the point of contact.


After forcefully receiving this ruler strike from Xiao Yan, the cream-white flame on the body of the fire slave seemed to possess an intelligence of its own as it suddenly surged and turned into a ferocious huge mouth that bit at Xiao Yan

“What a strange Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…”

Xiao Yan was extremely afraid of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. He could not allow these demonic flames to adhere to his body, so he moved and appeared behind the fire slave. Both of his hands were lifted. Dark-black light circles spread from his hand with lightning-like speed. “Great Heaven Creation Palm!”

Two dark-black light circles swiftly surfaced on Xiao Yan’s palm. With his current strength, it was possible for him to use his other hand to unleash the Great Heaven Creation Palm. After all, his current strength might even be greater than the owner of the Great Heaven Creation Palm!

“Bang bang!”

The light circles surged before ruthlessly smashing into the Dou Sheng fire slave. An unusually powerful force struck the cream-white flame on the fire slave’s body until it became a little dimmer, but this kind of damage was unable to hinder the attacks of the fire slaves since it didn’t possess any senses. The fire slave unleashed a sharp retaliation. This had caused Xiao Yan to momentarily panic, but he quickly focused his mind and gradually obtained the upper hand. He would scatter some of the cream-white flame on the fire slave’s body each time a palm wind fell. Once the demonic flame on the fire slave’s body completely vanished, its strength would diminish…

While Xiao Yan was revealing his great might and pushing this advanced Dou Sheng fire slave toward defeat, both Xun Er and the First Elder also obtained quite a great result. The strength of the two of them was stronger than their respective fire slaves. Adding their agility and powerful Dou Skills, they were able to gain the upper hand despite feeling a little restrained because of their fear of the flames on those fire slaves.

The entire sky above the sea of magma was enveloped in an array of extremely intense battles. Of course, the most fiery hot and terrifying aspect was naturally the hundred-thousand-foot-wide battleground at the middle. It was the battleground of the seven four-star Dou Sheng and the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame!

After the seven cooperating four star Dou Shengs unleashed their full strength, the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame began to get entangled with them. Regardless of how strong it was, the Heavenly Flame’s opponents still had a far greater number of people. Moreover, all of them possessed a lot of battle experience. Although it was their first time working together, their cooperation was operational. Even the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame had to brace its attention when their combined attacks came and treat them seriously…

No one dared step into this hundred-thousand-foot-large battleground in the sky. Frightening storms whistled within it. Waves of entwining energy storms spread in an extremely chaotic manner that did not differentiate between friend or foe. Anyone swept into it would suffer a fatal blow.

There were many relatively smaller battles taking place outside of the big battleground. This was where Xiao Yan’s group was battling the fire slaves.

Xiao Yan’s group had been allocated three of the ten Dou Sheng fire slaves. The remaining seven had also sank into an intense battle with the other experts. There were quite a number of experts who had stepped into the demonic flame realm this time around. If one were to count their numbers, they would far surpass these ten Dou Sheng fire slaves. However, in terms of quality, they were somewhat inferior to these fire slaves. Among the ten fire slaves, everyone had discovered that there were two who had reached the third star of the Dou Sheng class after a battle. One of the two three-star Dou Sheng was being held back by the deputy chief of the Hall of Souls while no one else could block the other. After all, those four star Dou Shengs were already fighting the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. The strongest person present was the deputy chief of the Hall of Souls, but even he had been caught up in the big battle. This final three star Dou Sheng seemed to have become a fierce wolf as it charged into a herd of goat and went on a rampage. Any expert it met was frightened to the point of retreating. In the end, three experts, whose strength had barely reached the second star of the Dou Sheng class ended up holding it back.

Of course, there were still some elite Dou Zuns, who had luckily survived remaining in the sky. Most of these people might be at the peak of the Dou Zun class, but they did not dare to get involve in a battle between Dou Shengs. Each and every one of them could only flee and get as far away as possible. Only at this moment did they discover just how foolish it was to enter this demonic flame realm…

“Yellow Spring Palm!”

An enormous energy palm suddenly formed in the sky. It was accompanied by a vast and mighty strength as it ruthlessly smashed into the body of the fire slave. A frightening force scattered the final demonic flame on the fire slave’s body.

After this final flame was scattered, that fire slave, which had been going all out to attack, suddenly became much slower. Its might was greatly diminished as it attacked.

“Looks like these flames are their source of energy…”

Xiao Yan mused within his heart upon noticing this change. It seemed that this fire slave was not as perfect as he had imagined.

“I wonder if I can use the earlier spiritual symbol from that light cluster to temporarily obtain control of this fire slave?” Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. His eyes swiftly swept around him as his heart pounded. If he could control these fire slaves, his strength would undoubtedly soar!

Xiao Yan acted the moment after he thought about using the symbol since he understood the current situation. His body moved and he appeared in front of that fire slave. The space became still with a wave of his hand. That weakened fire slave froze. At the same time, Xiao Yan’s finger swiftly formed a mysterious fluctuation. He drew a mysterious symbol on the forehead of that fire slave by using his Spiritual Strength.


The symbol was imprinted onto the forehead of the fire slave as Xiao Yan cried out the moment it was formed. This symbol merged with the fire slave’s skin before it entered its mind.


After this spiritual symbol entered the mind of the fire slave, Xiao Yan quickly sensed an extreme heat being emitted from the other party’s mind. He was able to use a feeling to “see” the deepest part of the fire slave’s mind. There was a cream-white fire bead lingering in that spot, and inside the fire bead was an extremely terrifying energy.

The spiritual symbol invaded the fire slave’s mind. It lingered around the cream-white fire bead before it emitted wave after wave of mysterious barriers. It slowly began to isolate the fire bead.

An additional feeling appeared in Xiao Yan’s heart the moment the fire bead was isolated. His heart moved and the fire slave in front of him quietly lowered its arm. It quietly stood beside him like a servant.

“I am able to control it…”

A wild joy that could not be hidden immediately appeared on Xiao Yan’s face after he realized he could control it!

If he were able to control these ten fire slaves, the lineup beneath him would erupt like a rocket. At that time, it would be possible for him to destroy the Hall of Souls!

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