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Chapter 1498: Reunification With Xun Er

Xiao Yan lifted his head, which was filled with joy. He saw an intense ripple appear within distant space before a couple of figures slowly surfaced. The person in front was wearing elegant green clothes and appeared as lovely as a flower. Her pretty face displayed a gentle smile. Her black hair was randomly restrained by a pale-green ribbon. It fell down like a waterfall before spread across her delicate waist. A gentle breeze blew over, causing her hair to drift. Her demeanor appeared just like a fairy that had descended to the mortal realm.

Who else could that extremely elegant demeanor belong to other than Xun Er, whom Xiao Yan had not met for a long time…

Two people were following behind Xun Er. One of them possessed a familiar face. It was Gu Qing Yang, a genius within the Gu clan, whose talent and bloodline was barely inferior to Xun Er. The other person was extremely unfamiliar. He was a white-haired old man in blue robes. A warm smile was always maintained on his face. That smile gave one a friendly feeling, but only a person with strong eyesight could vaguely sense the sharpness hidden under that smile.

The sudden appearance of Xun Er’s group immediately attracted many pairs of eyes. Numerous pairs of eyes swept over the trio before soft private conversations sprang up around them. The people and factions who could appear in this place were not ordinary people. They naturally understood that even though these ancient clans could truly be described as unparalleled super factions even though they seemed to keep a low profile.

“The members of the Gu clan have indeed come…” The deputy chief of the Hall of Souls frowned and softly spoke after Xun Er’s group appeared.

“The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame is not an ordinary Heavenly Flame. Even our Hun clan desires it. It is only natural that the Gu clan has acted aa well…” The eyes of the Hall of Souls’ chief swept once over those three. After which, they paused on the blue-robed elder. Surprise flashed across his eyes as he spoke in a faint voice, “Gu Nan Hai… it is unexpected that the Gu clan has dispatched him this time around.”

“Although Gu Nanhai is powerful, it should not be difficult to stop him with hall chief’s strength…” The junior clan head in black clothes lifted his eyes and said. “There is an agreement between our ancient clans. Those who are five star Dou Shengs and above cannot randomly intervene. The good thing is that the hall chief’s strength is such that few people within this limit can beat you.”

“Although those powerful individuals cannot intervene, they are definitely observing this place…” The chief of the Hall of Souls laughed in a faint voice. He lifted his head and looked at empty space. It was as though there was someone lingering in that emptiness.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, you have finally become a Dou Sheng…”

The elegant girl stood in front of Xiao Yan. A warm smile also spread across his face as he looked at the girl’s pretty smile. Gu Qing Yang and the blue-robed elder by the side involuntarily shook their heads. They had never seen Xun Er this happy within the Gu clan.

Something seemed to have hit the soft spot in Xiao Yan’s heart as he looked at that ethereal-like girl in front of him. His thoughts, which had been suppressed, suddenly surged out from deep within his heart like floodwater. He immediately ignored the many pairs of eyes as he extended his hand to grab Xun Er’s soft long arm. After which, he gently pulled and heavily hugged the beauty in front of him.

The current Xiao Yan had truly grown. Regardless of whether it was in age or strength, Xiao Yan’s current achievements made him completely worthy of her despite her being in possession of a divine bloodline that is seen only once in a thousand years. Although Xun Er’s strength was not weaker than his, such a young two star Dou Sheng was someone even an ancient clan like the Gu clan could not underestimate. In other words, even if the current Xiao Yan were to head to the Gu clan to propose marriage, no one would dare to say that he was not qualified to do so!

A gentle arc surfaced on Xun Er’s beautiful face after she was hugged by Xiao Yan. She gently leaned her face on Xiao Yan’s shoulder as she somewhat greedily absorb the familiar scent that she had not experienced for a long time. It had been three full years since they had last separated. Due to her being in possession of the Gu clan’s divine bloodline, she could not randomly leave the Gu clam before she had become a Dou Sheng. She could only endure the bitter torture of missing Xiao Yan in her heart in order to protect the continuation of the bloodline. She had put all her effort into training in order to obtain the freedom that belonged to her after reaching that class…

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, I have really missed you…”

Xun Er slightly turned her head. She looked at the side of Xiao Yan’s face and curled her lips. A faint bewitchment surfaced on her elegant and beautiful face. Her mutter was quietly transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ear, “Xun Er will be free in the future. I will continue to accompany you…”

She had grown up in the Xiao clan since young because of the Gu clan. She had also parted with Xiao Yan a long time ago because of the Gu clan. Each meeting with Xiao Yan was short and hurried because of the Gu clan. After each short meeting was year after year of waiting… she had gradually endured the days. From this moment on, she was finally able to arrange her time as she pleased. There was no need for her to be tightly managed by the Gu clan…

Xiao Yan was startled upon hearing her words. He immediately smiled and nodded.

“I’ll say… the both of you aren’t treating us as non-existent, are you?” Gu Qing Yang by the side helplessly opened his mouth and spoke while Xiao Yan and Xun Er were softly talking with each other.

Xun Er’s face reddened after hearing Gu Qing Yang’s words. She quickly regained her composure and gently freed herself from Xiao Yan’s embrace. After which, her pretty eyes landed on Yao Lao, who was behind Xiao Yan. She bowed to him as someone from the younger generation. “This must be elder Yao Chen, right?”

“Ha ha, little girl, we are acquainted with each other, but we have never met face to face.” Yao Lso laughed. Xun Er had discovered him hiding on Xiao Yan a long time ago. At that time, she was unable to determine what his intentions were. Hence, she had even secretly warned him, but this was indeed the first time they had formally met.

“Elder Yao Chen, please do not continue to keep what happened in the past in your heart.”

Xun Er was a little apologetic upon hearing Yao Lao’s reply. She had suspected that Yao Lao harbored ill-intent for Xiao Yan. Hence, her tone was a little impolite back then, but the subsequent events indicated that if Yao Lao had not secretly aided Xiao Yan, the route that Xiao Yan would have taken would have been much worse.

“Ha ha, it’s a small matter. I’m Xiao Yan’s teacher. It would really be inappropriate if I am not magnanimous to my disciple’s wife.” Yao Lao fondled his beard and loudly laughed. His heart felt some joy upon seeing a somewhat embarrassed expression surface on Xun Er’s face. He naturally understood Xun Er’s status within the Gu clan. Having someone of this status as his disciple’s wife was something that would give him pride.

Xiao Yan smiled. After which, he introduced Zi Yan by the side. Zi Yan and Xun Er were acquaintances, having met each other at Jia Nan Academy back then, but Xun Er had subsequently left and the two of them did not meet each other again due to various reasons. Now that they had met again, they felt as though they had changed. After all, one had been a young girl in Jia Nan Academy and the other had been a little girl who only knew how to play all day long. However, at this moment, the both of them possessed a peak strength on this continent.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, this is Elder Gu Nanhai from my Gu clan. He is accompanying me to investigate the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame this time around…” Xun Er sweetly smiled and introduced the blue-robed old man behind her.

“Is the Gu clan also interested in the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame?” Xiao Yan’s eyes looked at the blue-robed elder and felt shock within his heart. Although the feeling that this elder gave him was not as profound and unfathomable as the chief of the Hall of Souls, he was still much stronger than Zi Yan. These ancient clans really possessed a strong foundation.

“It is not that we are interested in the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. It is likely that hardly anyone in this world can subdue that thing. It is fine as long as that flame does not land in the hands of the Hun clan…” The blue-robed old man laughed. He did not try to show superiority through age. His tone was as though he was speaking to an equal and was extremely calm. He did not make things difficult for Xiao Yan like some Elders from the Gu clan.

“The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame has appeared in the past, but no one has managed to subdue it. The spatial seal present had been placed by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint. It is extremely mysterious. Even the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame is not able to destroy it within a short amount of time. As long as it slows its attack by even a little, the seal will absorb the surrounding natural energy and repair itself before continuing to seal the flame…” Xun Er grinned and explained. “The Hun clan, on the other hand, has always been targeting the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. They have always come prepared. I wonder just what they are planning to do this time around.”

“They do not seem to be doing anything.” Xiao Yan glanced at the trio from the Hall of Souls and commented.

“They are waiting, waiting for the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame to exhaust its strength from breaking the seal…” Xun Er’s eyes glanced at the man with black eyes among the trio from the Hall of Souls. She bunched her eyebrows as she softly said, “Xiao Yan ge-ge should be careful of that person. That person is called Hun Feng. Those from the Hun clan call him madman. This Hun Feng has extremely shocking talent and possesses the divine bloodline of the Hun clan. He is many times stronger than that Hun Yu, whom you met back then. According to the information that we have gathered, he is likely going to be the next clan head of the Hun clan if no accidents occur…

“Hun Feng specializes in fighting the levels above him. Since he has begun training, he has seldom fought against those weaker than him. Moreover, he is ruthless and merciless in his attacks. Even when sparring in the clan, there are injuries and deaths when he fights. As more time passed, no one in the same generation dared to fight with him. Even some of the Elders within the Hun clan are quite afraid of him. You should be exceptionally careful when fighting him this time around.”

Xiao Yan’s brows twitched. His eyes drifted over that man called Hun Feng before slowly nodding his head. The next clan head of the Hun clan was extremely frightening. Just what were his chances of victory if he fought with this person?

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