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Chapter 1485: Activity of the Hall of Soul

“Are all of you planning to return to the Central Plains? I will also accompany all of you…” Zi Yan by the side smiled and informed everyone after hearing the conversation of Xiao Yan’s group.

Xiao Yan was slightly startled after hearing this news. He asked, “You are also leaving? The Eastern Dragon Island just experienced a big battle. Is it a good time for you to leave now?” Xiao Yan was naturally aware that Zi Yan was intending to aid him in obtaining the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Xiao Yan’s chances of success would undoubtedly rise if he was able to obtain the help of an expert who had reached the fourth star of the Dou Sheng class, but the current Eastern Dragon Island…

“It’s fine. The three great dragon kings have suffered serious injuries this time around, and the Western and Southern dragon kings were crippled. There is no telling just how long they will need before they can recover their strength. The Elders will resolve the matters of the Eastern Dragon Island appropriately.” Zi Yan blinked at Xiao Yan and smiled as she replied, “You have aided me too much this time around. I must at least try to return the favor, right?”

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment after hearing Zi Yan’s insistence. He finally nodded. The fight for the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame would definitely involve the Hall of Souls. Moreover, the Hall of Souls would cease underestimating him. Hence, the experts they would dispatch would definitely be quite strong. It would be a lot safer if an expert of Zi Yan’s strength accompanied them.

“When are we going to leave?” Zi Yan’s eyes revealed some excitement after Xiao Yan had relented. Her tone seemed to suggest that she could not wait to head out.

Xiao Yan looked at her with a somewhat strange expression. Could it be that this girl had become irritated by having to stay on this Eastern Dragon Island and was using this opportunity to head out and relax?

“Since there is no longer any issues to deal with, we should leave now… additionally, tribal chief Yao Ming, please help me watch over Cai Lin when you return to the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. Among the three hostages of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, we will first release Jiu Feng. Otherwise, they might do something drastic in their anxiety. Kun Feng and Ying Feng will continue to be detained on the Eastern Dragon Island. Two Dou Shengs are still able to restrain them. Additionally, the three great dragon islands have suffered a miserable defeat. Even the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will likely not dare to try to rescue them.” Xiao Yan turned his head and smiled as he spoke to Yao Ming. Although Yao Ming was quite strong, he had only recently regained the tribal chief position. Moreover, he had even offended the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Naturally, he could not be away for too long. Hence, Xiao Yan did not request his help.

“Aye.” Yao Ming smiled and nodded. He cupped his hands while facing Xiao Yan as he said, “In that case, I hope that your journey will be smooth.”

Xiao Yan grinned. He ceased speaking as he waved his sleeve. A spatial tunnel formed beside him. After which, he took the lead to slowly step into it. The others swiftly followed behind. Zi Yan swiftly gave some instructions before flying into the spatial tunnel in front of the helpless eyes of the First Elder from the Eastern Dragon Island.

Clouds lazily floated in the azure sky. Warm sunlight scattered down from the horizon, causing everything to fill with a laziness.


Circular ripples suddenly appeared in the quiet sky as a spatial crack was also slowly being torn open. Many human figures slowly walked out of it.

“I’ve finally left that damn island. Why in the world did those people shift to that kind of damn place in the past?” Zi Yan inhaled a deep breath of fresh air after exiting the spatial crack. She spread her arms. Her beautiful face appeared somewhat intoxicated.

Xiao Yan’s group faced each other after witnessing Zi Yan turn from the extremely imposing Dragon Emperor into someone with the characteristics of a little girl. They could only helplessly shake their heads. Despite becoming the Dragon Emperor, this girl still hid her character from back then within her.

“Let’s go. This area is already within the territory of the alliance. We should be able to arrive at the Falling Star Pavilion soon…” Xiao Yan’s eyes looked around him. After obtaining his bearings, he waved his hand and swiftly lead the way to the the Falling Star Pavilion.

The current speed of Xiao Yan’s group could be described as terrifying. Within a short few minutes, many cities had begun flashing below them. However, Xiao Yan ended up frowning after seeing that many of these cities had been damaged. Clearly, they looked as though they had experienced many battles.

“Looks like it has not been peaceful within the alliance during this period of time.”

This thought flashed through Xiao Yan’s heart after capturing the situation along the way. His speed suddenly quickened as his body vanished into the horizon with a flash.

Yao Lao, Ancestor Hou Yun, the First Elder from the Pill Tower, and some others were all gathered within a large hall in the main building of the Falling Star Pavilion. Their expressions were a little gloomy. Clearly, their moods were bad.

“During this period of time, around half of the three hundred plus important cities within the alliance have been attacked. Although these attacks might appear to be from various factions, there are experts from the Hall of Souls mixed among them…” Yao Lao’s eyes swept over the hall as he slowly stated. His eyes contained some fury while he continued, “The Pill Tower has also delivered a message. There has been an increase in the number of sneak attacks recently. Many alchemists have ended up disappearing after the sneak attacks. All of us should be clearly aware of who is behind this.”

“These people from Hall of Souls are becoming increasingly arrogant!” Ancestor Hou Yun’s two fiery red eyebrows moved as he ruthlessly spoke.

The First Elder from the Pill Tower by the side also nodded with a grave expression. Even someone as calm as him had become a little furious by the Hall of Souls despicable methods.

“Fortunately, the alliance has already established patrolling guards. This has ended up preventing a lot of trouble from occurring. However, everyone in the outside world knows that the Hall of Souls has turned our ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ into a complete mess and filled us with fatigue. Some of the neutral factions that were planning to join the alliance have been shaken by the methods of the Hall of Souls until they have begun to hesitate. This is bad for our reputation if this continues.” Yao Lao commented on the situation.

“What do you have in mind?” The First Elder from the Pill Tower slowly asked.

“We will do to them as they have done to us. They have attacked our cities. In that case, we will attack their branch halls!” A chill flashed across Yao Lao’s eyes as he spoke in a deep voice.

“Oh?” The First Elder from the Pill Tower and Ancestor Huo Yun were slightly startled upon hearing this. Although the Sky Mansion Alliance was quite strong, there was still a gap between them and the Hall of Souls, yet Yao Lao was planning on launching an attack. It had been many years since someone had attacked a branch hall of the Hall of Souls. After all, that was no different from pulling the tail of a tiger. Everyone was hurrying to hide from the Hall of Souls, given their fierce reputation. Who would dare head to their territory and fall into the other party’s hands?

“Although the Hall of Souls is extremely powerful, many of their experts are located at their headquarters. Their branch halls are not as frightening as one might imagine. We will not need to be afraid of not dealing with them as long as we gather our strength…” Yao Lao faintly smiled as he spoke. Currently, the Sky Mansion Alliance was indeed weaker than the Hall of Souls, but this gap was not extremely great. Although there was the Hun clan behind the Hall of Souls, there were also other ancient clans constantly monitoring them. Hence, there wasn’t a need to worry about the Hun clan launching a big campaign to destroy the Sky Mansion Alliance. Xiao Yan possessed the Tou She Ancient Jade in his hands and the Gu clan would definitely not simply idly watch the ancient jade fall into the hands of the Hun clan. Hence, the Gu clan would definitely not sit there if the Hun clan dared to attack.

“Ha ha, teacher’s words are correct. It is not polite to not reciprocate the visit from another party. The Hall of Souls is too arrogant. Now is the time to suppress them a little…”

A clear laugh suddenly sounded within the large hall while everyone was pondering the plan. A gentle breeze blew as a couple of figures appeared in the hall. They were surprisingly Xiao Yan’s group.

“Xiao Yan?”

Everyone was startled upon seeing this person before they revealed surprised expressions.

“You are finally back… huh, your aura?” Ancestor Hou Yun laughed and chided. He was just about to stand up when he suddenly appeared to have discovered something. His expression was slightly startled as he stared at Xiao Yan and exclaimed.

“Two star Dou Sheng.”

The First Elder from the Pill Tower also swept his eyes over Xiao Yan. A moment later, he sighed and bitterly laughed, “Within half a year, you have directly leaped from the initial one star Dou Sheng class to the second star. Are you purposefully trying to cause me to be too ashamed to show myself through this speed…”

Yao Lao was a little stunned. Clearly, he had not expected Xiao Yan’s strength to soar after having been away for half a year or so. However, he quickly turned his head and joyously fondled his beard. His eyes shifted slightly before they suddenly paused on Zi Yan, who was beside Xiao Yan. His expression finally became grave. He might only be a high level Ban Sheng, but his Spiritual Strength was unusually powerful. He was able to sense just how terrifying Zi Yan was…

“Who is this?” Yao Lao stood up. He appeared quite grave as he cupped his hands to Zi Yan and inquired in a courteous manner.

Ancestor Huo Yun by the side and the First Elder of the Pill Tower seemed to have also detected this frightening person after Yao Lao treated Zi Yan with a polite posture. A shocked expression surged within their eyes. How did Xiao Yan bring back such a powerful existence after leaving on a trip?

Zi Yan was involuntarily a little embarrassed after seeing Yao Lao being so polite. She had met Yao Lao in the past, but back then, she still possessed the appearance of a little girl.

“Teacher, she is Zi Yan. You have met her before…” Xiao Yan smiled and said, “However, she is the Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. She is here to aid me in obtaining the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…”

“The Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe?”

The Ancestor Hou Yun’s and the First Elder of the Pill Tower’s hearts pounded violently upon hearing this title. Their eyes revealed some disbelief as they looked at Xiao Yan. They could not believe that he could befriend such a frightening existence.

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