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Chapter 1392: Spatial Trade Fair

Once Xiao Yan had returned to the Falling Star Pavilion, both he and Yao Lao undertook a retreat at the same time. While the both of them were taking their retreats, Pill Lightning and other unnatural phenomenons would often appear in the sky above the Falling Star Pavilion. These frequent events caused many Falling Star Pavilion’s disciples to watch them in surprise. However, these unusual phenomenons did not damage anything in the star realm. A couple of dark-golden figures would quietly charge into the thunder clouds when the Pill Lightning formed and would adsorb all the Pill Lightning as wave after wave of rumbling sounds echoed…

This kind of unusual phenomenon continued for nearly half a month before they gradually slowed.

Yao Lao and Xiao Yan slowly walked out of the stone tower on the mountain behind the Falling Star Pavilion half a month later. Their expressions were filled with fatigue. They exchanged glances with each other but did not have the strength to utter any unnecessary words. Both returned to their own rooms and rested for three full days.

Xiao Yan and Yao Lao only met again at noon on the third day. After three days of rest, their auras had completely recovered.

“Let’s leave…”

Yao Lao smiled and spoke when he saw Xiao Yan. After counting the time, the spatial trade fair was about to begin. It was time they leave.

Xiao Yan nodded. At this moment, only Cai Lin and the Little Fairy Doctor came with him. The Falling Star Pavilion was their stronghold, and Yao Lao was going to leave this time around. Hence, it was better for more people to remain behind to bolster the defenses.

“I have already arranged the matters of the Falling Star Pavilion appropriately and will hurry back if any accidents occur…” Yao Lao stood at the top of a mountain that overlooked this star realm. He smiled and did not remain any longer. His foot stepped through empty air as he swiftly rushed to the exit of the Star Realm.

“Let’s leave too…”

Xiao Yan turned his head and urged Cai Lin and the Little Fairy Doctor after seeing Yao Lao leave. The Little Fairy Doctor gently nodded as the three of them swiftly followed Yao Lao.

The spatial trade fair was an unfamiliar term within the Central Plains. Only the top factions and experts across the continent were aware about information related to the spatial trade fair.

When this so-called spatial trade fair began, there was no specific organizer, but everything ultimately required some rules to keep people in line. As the spatial trade fair gradually expanded, a suitable organizer finally appeared. However, this organizer was not a single expert or faction. Instead, order was maintained by three sects with names that were not very well-known.

The three sects were the Ground Line Gate, Mysterious Space Sect, and Reflecting Treasure Mountain.

These three sects’ names were not as renowned as the four pavilions. However, in terms of strength, even factions like the Burning Flame Valley and the Profound Sky Sect would not underestimate them. There were many hidden powers within the Central Plains. The so-called One Hall One Tower, Two Sects Three Valleys, Four Pavilions could not be the strongest factions within the Central Plains. Some factions kept an extremely low profile, but they also possessed an extremely solid foundation and strength. Moreover, the strength of these factions did not lose to any well-known faction, but these factions did not expose themselves to the eyes of the ordinary people due to their style.

These three factions were quite trustworthy in the eyes of the experts from the Central Plains. After having dealt with them a countless number of times, they were selected as the organizers by many sharp-eyed experts. Thus, no accidents would occur at the event.

The spatial trade fair had become bigger and more grand while being jointly managed by the three factions. Many reclusive experts would be attracted by the ultimate treasures that were trades. This fair could be considered the most lucrative trading ground across the entire Dou Qi continent!

Even Tian class Dou Skills were not extremely rare at this spatial trade fair. Of course, if one wished to obtain such a skill, one needed to take out something that would satisfy the other party. One should not think of trying to rob at this event. Otherwise, one would suffer the combined attack of the three large organizing sects and would be viewed with enmity by the other experts because anyone who wanted to participate in this spatial trade fair needed to swear that they would attack anyone who caused trouble during the event!

Most of the genuine experts still kept the words that they had sworn. Although something like this occurred during some past events, those who wanted to forcefully snatch someone else’s item would not have a good ending…

It was due to all these rules that the spatial trade fair had grown. The number of top experts it attracted also increased.

The location of the spatial trade fair was held in a barren desert in the southern part of the Central Plains. Sand and wind normally blew over this place, causing it to be without people. Moreover, this was a poor area and there would seldom be any faction trying to profit from it. Hence, this desert was a barren wasteland. An ordinary person would never be able to imagine that this place, where even a wild beast would not wish to go, was the best trading area within the Central Plains…


The rushing sound of wind suddenly appeared in the clear sky outside of the desert, and four blurry figures flashed down. The next moment, they appeared on the edge of the desert.

“Is it here?” Xiao Yan lifted his head and looked at the desert where yellow sand raged. He asked as question in surprise.

“Aye.” Yao Lao smiled and nodded. His eyes slowly swept around him as he faintly laughed. “This place might appear completely deserted, but if you sense carefully, you can tell that there are quite a number of powerful auras inside.”

Xiao Yan lifted his brows when he heard Yao Lao’s words. His heart shook as his Spiritual Perception spread out in all directions. Surprise swiftly surged onto his face. He had briefly swept his Spiritual Perception around and had discovered over a hundred auras in this desert. The weakest of these auras was at the three star Dou Zun class while the strongest one vaguely emitted a unique fluctuation. Xiao Yan had sensed such a ripple from Yao Lao many times before. It was a mysterious fluctuation that only an elite Dou Sheng possessed.

Although this ripple was extremely faint, it also meant that the owner of the aura had at least reached the eight change peak of the ninth star of the Dou Zun class. Otherwise, it would be impossible to create such a fluctuation.

“It is indeed worthy of being the highest grade trade fair within the Central Plains. It has attracted so many experts…” Xiao Yan softly praised. These were only the auras he could sense. His heart was aware that there were some auras he could not detect. The owners of these auras would likely have a “Saint” in their name!

“Ha ha, this is only a small portion. After entering it, you will realize that it truly lives up to its reputation of being high-end.” Yao Lao fondled his beard and laughed. He immediately added somewhat seriously, “All of you should behave once we enter. There are many experts inside. Some of the hidden sects might not be well-known, but there sect might contain an old demon-like Dou Sheng existence. Hence, it is best to avoid offending them if we can.”

Xiao Yan’s group nodded when they heard Yao Lao warn them. The current Falling Star Pavilion might be rapidly developing, but this was because it was relying on Yao Lao’s alchemist status and his Ban Sheng strength. Otherwise, the Falling Star Pavilion was merely a faction that was similar to the Wind Lightning Pavilion. One might not be able to say that one could find a large number of similar factions in the Central Plains, but there were definitely quite a few of them…

“Of course, if others come provoking us, we must naturally not be softies.” Yao Lao faintly smiled as he spoke. The Ban Sheng class might not be unmatchable, but he still had another status. He was a well-known alchemist in the Central Plains. In the face of this title, even those true elite Dou Sheng would not act arrogant when meeting him.

“Let’s go…”

Yao Lao did not say anything else after his words sounded. With a wave of his hand, his body stepped through empty air as he rushed toward the deepest part of the desert. The yellow sand storm that blew along the way automatically disappeared when it was around a hundred meters from his body. Xiao Yan and the other two followed close behind.

This sandstorm that an ordinary person was extremely terrified of did not pose any obstruction to them. Hence, Xiao Yan’s group had reached the deepest part of the desert ten minutes later. They followed Yao Lao and ascended a very steep mountain of sand. Their eyes swept over the other side of the sand mountain when they reached the top. A shock surged onto their faces.

One could see a thousand-foot-large black hole slowly rotating at the top of the towering sand mountain, which was located in the middle of the desert. Waves of suction forces slowly spread from it.

At this moment, a couple of people with extremely powerful auras flashed down from the surrounding sand mountains. They charged into the wormhole and disappeared…

“This is the entrance of the spatial trade fair, huh… its own realm has been created for it. How grand.”

Xiao Yan softly sighed and muttered to himself as he studied this scene.

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