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Chapter 1370: Revealing One’s Hands

Elder Tong Xuan’s body moved as he watched Hun Lin’s two-man team grow distant. He appeared in front of Xun Er and asked, “Xun Er, are you alright?”

Xun Er shook her head. Xiao Yan beside her hesitated for a moment before cupping his hands together and asking, “Elder Tong Xuan, may I know where the Little Fairy Doctor’s group is now?”

“They left three months after you entered the Heavenly Tomb. It is likely that they returned to the Falling Star Pavilion. However, they did not explain what happened. All they said is to inform you to swiftly return to the Falling Star Pavilion once you come out.” Eler Xuan Tong thought for a moment before replying.

Xiao Yan frowned when he heard this. He immediately nodded and hesitated for a moment. Finally, he faced Xun Er and said, “It seems that something has indeed happened. This time around, I will not remain in the Gu clan for long. Are you leaving with me this time?”

Xun Er hesitated for a moment when she heard this. She was just about to nod her head when Elder Tong Xuan by the side hurriedly said, “Xun Er, there have been some big matters in the Gu clan recently. After a discussion by the Elders, you must not leave the Gu Realm.”

“What happened?” Xun Er knit her brows as she asked.

Elder Tong Xuan hesitated for a moment. He glanced at Xiao Yan. He was just about to say something when Xun Er indifferently said, “Elder Tong Xuan, just say what you have to say. There are no outsiders here.”

Elder Tong Xuan could only helplessly nod his head when he heard Xun Er’s words. He softly answered, “The Ling realm has suddenly been shut…”

“Ling Realm? Shut?” Xiao Yan and Xun Er were startled. Xun Er’s expression immediately changed.

“It’s the Ling clan?” Xiao Yan mused for a moment when he saw the change in Xun Er’s expression. He came to an understanding. This Ling Realm was likely the realm where the Ling clan, which was one of the eight ancient clans, resided.

“Why was the Ling Realm suddenly shut? No wonder the Ling clan did not send anyone to the Heavenly Tomb this time around…” Xun Er knit her brows as she spoke.

“We have no idea. We have dispatched experts to investigate, but we have failed to obtain even the slightest news. The space where the Ling Realm was originally located has completely disappeared. Even after some Elders within the clan went to probe, they were unable to discover anything… that manner is as though the Ling Realm has been completely hidden.” Elder Tong Xuan frowned as he explained the situation. Clearly, this unusual matter was really baffling.

“Sealing the realm and hiding it. They would definitely not do this unless they meet with an extremely big matter. Could it be that the Ling clan has met with a trouble so large that even they are unable to resolve it?” Xun Er softly muttered.

“I am not certain about this. Although the Ling clan has been showing signs of declining during these years and had seldom come into contact with us, they still possess an extremely rich foundation. Even the Gu clan, being another of the eight ancient clan, would have difficulty forcing them into such a state…” Elder Tong Xuan’s brows contained some worry as he continued, “Clan head and the rest are doing their best to investigate this matter. If the Ling clan has really met with some catastrophe, we will have to take additional precaution. Hence, I’m afraid that you will not be able to leave the Gu Realm during this period of time…”

Xun Er curled her little mouth. Her face had become a little grave. This was the first time in many years that an ancient clan had actually sealed their realm to hide themselves. This kind of unexpected matter caused one’s heart to become a little heavy.

“Xun Er, since now is not the right time, you should remain in this Gu Realm. This place is the safest…” Xiao Yan frowned and mused for a moment before he spoke with a grave expression. He was unfamiliar with the so-called Ling clan. Hence, he was unaware of just how terrifying their strength was, but since they could be considered one of the ancient clans, they were likely extraordinary. It would still be alright if they met with a non-human related disaster. If it was a man-made disaster, it would be a little shocking.

Elder Tong Xuan by the side sighed in relief when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. Xun Er hesitated for a moment before gently nodding. Her pretty eyes looked at Xiao Yan as she said, “In that case, Xiao Yan ge-ge should be careful outside. The enmity between the Hun clan and you is becoming deeper. There is no guarantee when they will dispatch a true expert.”

“Relax.” Xiao Yan smiled and replied.

“Ha ha, young friend Xiao Yan, please stay in the Gu Realm for one night. Our Gu clan will send you and everyone else out of the Gu Realm tomorrow…” Tong Xuan grinned as he spoke.

Xiao Yan did not object Elder Tong Xuan’s arrangement. He would need the Gu clan to open the spatial door if he wished to leave. Hence, he nodded immediately…

The moonlight was like water as it scattered down from the sky and covered this lush and quiet mountain range…

Xiao Yan stood with his hands behind his back in front of a quiet bamboo house. He watched the bright moon in the sky and felt a melancholy in his heart. Although only half a year had passed in the outside world. He had been together with Xun Er in the Heavenly Tomb for three years. These three years of being together had already caused him to get used to her being by his side. However, he was about to leave tomorrow. He did not know when they would meet again.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge…”

A soft gentle voice suddenly appeared behind Xiao Yan as he sighed. Immediately, Xiao Yan’s hands, which were behind him, felt a soft smooth warm hand gently grab his. A beautiful face that caused even the bright moon to lose its appeal appeared in front of him. That gentle and beautiful smile caused a warmth to flow within his heart.

“Xun Er… there’s a matter that I need to talk to you about…”

Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment as he searched that beautiful face before he finally spoke.

Xun Er’s long eyelashes fluttered when she heard Xiao Yan’s words. Her face leaned on Xiao Yan’s chest as she softly asked, “Is it the matter related to Cai Lin?”

Xun Er clearly sensed Xiao Yan’s body stiffen a little when she said those words. She lifted her pretty face and saw the expected, a stunned face.

“You… you know about it?” Xiao Yan studied Xun Er’s smiling face that contained a slyness as he exclaimed in shock.

“I am worried about you and can only relax after gaining information about you… given my status in the Gu clan, there are people who will take the initiative to deliver any information about you to me. Cai Lin is included among this information.” Xun Er softly muttered.

“This matter…”

A warmth surged into Xiao Yan’s heart when he heard Xun Er muttering to herself. He was just about to say something, but he had only managed to get two words out before having no idea what he should say. His usual eloquence seemed to have been lost today. He was aware that the person in his embrace was viewed by a countless number of people as a goddess regardless of whether they were from the Gu clan or the outside world. Being able to hug this almost perfect lady was already a great luxury. It was likely that many people would think him overboard if he still greedily wished to enjoy multiple women in front of her.

Xiao Yan’s clumsiness at this moment caused Xun Er to shake her head as she muttered to herself. “Back then, I was also very furious, but I have been unable to forget about you still. Since I am unwilling to forget, I will ultimately have to endure… however, you must not be let off too easily…”

Xun Er’s final word had just sounded when she opened her small mouth and ruthlessly bit Xiao Yan’s chest. This time around, she did not show any mercy. Even the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth involuntarily twitched a couple of times when she bit him. However, he merely stood there without daring to move. The Dou Qi within his body was also suppressed. He was afraid that any retaliation from his Dou Qi would harm Xun Er.

“I will see whether you will still dare to be a womanizer in the future!”

Xun Er only released her small mouth a moment later. She lifted her pretty face. Her ferociousness appeared exceptionally lovely under the moonlight.

A fire suddenly surged within Xiao Yan’s heart as he observed Xun Er, who appeared very much like a little girl at this moment. He suddenly lowered his head and ruthlessly pressed down on Xun Er’s small mouth, stunning her.

“Mmm mmm…”

Xun Er’s lovely body stiffened when she was suddenly assaulted by Xiao Yan. An embarrassed redness spread down her long neck like a burning cloud. It reached the tip of her delicate ears before coming to a halt.

Xun Er began to struggle gently after she stilled for a moment. However, her narrow waist was being tightly embraced by Xiao Yan’s arms. She struggled briefly for a moment before she finally felt some lust. She allowed Xiao Yan to wantonly grab her.

At this moment, that goddess from the Gu clan had become so gentle that she could melt anything.

The two figures appeared to have melted together under the bright moonlight that scattered down. Their rich desire had caused even the bright moon to quietly hide behind some dark clouds.

Only after the moonlight gradually dimmed did the pair of lovers, who had been pressed tightly against each other, separate. A flame of desire rose within Xiao Yan’s lower abdomen when he saw Xun Er’s flush red face, which was extremely enchanting. His eyes wandered over her body with a fiery heat. His hand, which had been hugging her delicate waist, slowly began to move along her tempting curves. However, Xiao Yan was preparing to take the next step when a soft cough suddenly formed within this serene bamboo forest.

This sudden soft cough was like thunder. It caused Xiao Yan and Xun Er to separate as if they had been electrocuted. Their eyes looked in the direction where the sound had originated, only to find a middle-aged man in ordinary clothes standing a short distance away. That face surprisingly belonged to the clan head of the Gu clan, who was Xun Er’s father, Gu Yuan…

Xun Er’s originally flush red face turned even redder when she saw Gu Yuan. Her hand ruthlessly pinched Xiao Yan’s waist before her lovely body moved and she left to hide in her room.

Xiao Yan could only bitterly laugh when he saw Xun Er flee. He immediately hardened his skin and looked at Gu Yuan with some embarrassment.

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