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Chapter 1368: Leaving the Heavenly Tomb

The space within a silent ancient hall fluctuated slightly. A man and a woman slowly appeared before landing in the hall. They were Xiao Yan and Xun Er, who had killed Hun Li and Hun Ya.

The fight this time around was truly a quick one. Xiao Yan had gone all out during both of his attacks. He had used a swift and ferocious tactic to kill Hun Li followed by Hun Ya!

Hun Ya’s duo were eight star Dou Zuns. If they were to join hands, it was likely that even an ordinary nine star Dou Zun would have difficulty finishing off the both of them. However, these two had been caught off-guard, leaving them at a disadvantage. One of them was immediately killed by Xiao Yan. Otherwise, if the two of them truly risked everything, Xiao Yan would have needed to spend a ton of effort to deal with them.

Xiao Yan and Xun Er stayed a couple of days outside after killing Hun Ya and Hun Li. Only then did they return to this ancient hall.

“You have returned…

Xiao Yan and Xun Er had just appeared in the large hall when Xiao Xuan’s figure gradually appeared in front of them. He did not inquire about the trip’s result. He clenched his hand and a pale-black glow appeared in it. He randomly tossed it to Xiao Yan. “Take it. This is the Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth. This thing can be worn in your body, and it is able to turn into ordinary clothes at anytime. Although this requires Dou Qi to continue supporting it, it can constantly defend against any attacks…”

Xiao Yan extended his hand and received that cluster of black light. He gently held it and a smòoth silk-like feeling appeared in his hand. It was extremely comfortable.

“Drip a drop of essence blood into it and you will be able to store it in your body…” Xiao Xuan smiled and reminded him.

Xiao Yan did as he was told when he heard Xiao Xuan’s reminder. He dripped a drop of essence blood on the black light and the clothe immediately wiggled. It appeared like liquid as it moved over Xiao Yan’s hand and merged with his palm.

Once that black light merged with Xiao Yan’s body, he immediately sensed a strange energy spreading over his skin like a web. It covered every corner of his body. His heart shook and a faint black light surged out of his skin. It swiftly formed inconspicuous black clothes.

“Is this the Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth… it is indeed mysterious.”

Xiao Yan’s palm slowly rubbed the black clothes on his body. The soft material gave Xiao Yan an extremely tough feeling. He involuntarily praised the cloth.

“Ha ha, this Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth is something that is a must have for many experts, especially an Insect Emperor Cloth that has been refined from an Insect Queen. Its value will not be any less than a Tian class Dou Skill, and it is a rare object that one can only obtain through luck. After all, a powerful existence like the Insect Queen cannot simply be obtained just because one wishes to.” Xiao Xuan fondled his beard and laughed.

Xiao Yan nodded. Although this Ancient Insect Emperor Cloth required Dou Qi to maintain, this exhaustion was not much of a burden for Xiao Yan since he possessed a quasi-Tian class Qi Method. Hence, this Insect Emperor Cloth could continuously remain on his body. Therefore, any unexpected sneak attack could be resolved by it. It would really reduce the amount of trouble he would face.

“After counting the days, you should be leaving the Heavenly Tomb today…”

Xiao Xuan gave a slight smile as he watched Xiao Yan play with the Insect Emperor Cloth. He was quiet for a moment before he suddenly spoke again.

Xiao Yan’s eyes shifted away from the Insect Emperor Cloth as he slowly nodded.

Xiao Yan softly sighed, but he did not say anything. In an instant, the atmosphere in the large hall appeared a little solemn.

“Ugh, you will ultimately have to leave. You are the only hope for the Xiao clan…” Xiao Xuan grinned and shook his head. He patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder and laughed, “Little fellow, I will be waiting for you to return to the Heavenly Tomb. At that time, I wish to see if you will disappoint me…”

“Ancestor, please rest assured! Xiao Yan will not have any face to come and see you before I reach the Dou Sheng class!” Xiao Yan spoke in a deep voice.

Xiao Xuan revealed a pleased expression as he slowly nodded.

Xun Er by the side watched the two conversing. She suddenly interrupted a long time later. “Xiao Yan ge-ge, time’s up…”

The two, who were chatting happily, stopped when they heard Xun Er’s words. Xiao Yan was quiet for a moment before cupping his hands to Xiao Xuan before giving him a low bow.

“Ugh, little fellow. The future of the Xiao clan depends on you…” Xiao Xuan smiled and softly stated.

Xiao Yan heavily nodded. He was just about to speak when he suddenly sensed the surrounding space fluctuate. A suction force that could not be resisted was transmitted from the surrounding space. It appeared to be forcefully absorbing the space itself.

“Ancestor, take care! Xiao Yan will definitely find a way to let you escape!”

Upon sensing the powerful suction force, Xiao Yan was aware that three years was up. The Heavenly Tomb was forcefully expelling everyone.

Xiao Yan’s voice had just sounded when a large gap was suddenly torn open. A suction force erupted and fiercely swallowed Xiao Yan and Xun Er…

Xiao Xuan smiled in a pleased manner as he watched the spot where Xiao Yan and Xun Er disappeared. After which, he softly sighed and muttered, “Ancestors of the Xiao clan, you must definitely bless this little fellow. The destruction or revival of the Xiao clan completely relies on him…

Numerous figures were suspended in the sky above a lush green mountain range. Their eyes focused on the distorted space.

“Elder Tong Xuan, the three year time limit should be up today, right?” A figure at a certain spot in the sky asked an elder in grayish-brown robes.

“Aye…” Elder Tong Xuan nodded indifferently. His eyes watched the distorted space. His heart was similarly a little anxious. He was clearly aware of the danger within the Heavenly Tomb. If anything untoward happen to those few young individuals from the Gu clan, the Gu clan would really suffer a great loss.

“I wonder who will have experienced the greatest improvement this time…” An Elder of the Gu clan fondled his beard and laughed.

“This will depend on their own fate…”




While the many figures in the air were chatting with each other, a black spatial mark suddenly cracked open. A few people rushed out in a flash.

“They are from the Lei clan… it seems that they did not suffer much.” The surrounding figures slowly nodded when they saw the two figures who had first appeared. Moreover, the auras of the two were clearly a lot stronger compared to when they had entered the Heavenly Tomb half a year ago. It seemed that they had made significant gains in the Heavenly Tomb.

“Those from the Yao clan have exited… and the Yan clan…”

After those two from the Lei clan, others surfaced from the space one after another. Most of the auras of these people were a lot stronger than before they had entered the Heavenly Tomb, especially the case for one of the members of the Shi clan. He had advanced from from a seven star Dou Zun to the eighth star. This caused many to feel some envy.


Another spatial crack appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Immediately, two figures drifted out under the focus of many eyes. They suddenly fell to the ground the moment they appeared. Some Elders from the Gu clan hurriedly unleashed a gentle force when they saw this. The gentle force lifted the two bodies into the air. At this moment, they discovered that the two figures were completely void of life…

“They are Hun Ya and Hun Li from the Hun clan… the both of them have died in the Heavenly Tomb.”

The expressions of quite a number of people changed when they recognized the bodies. At the same time, Elder Tong Xuan frowned and commented in a deep voice.

All the members of the Gu clan faced each other as they studied the two corpses in the sky. They were quietly gloating in their hearts. The Gu clan was already at odds with the Hun clan. Their hearts would inevitably possess such thoughts when they saw that those two had unluckily died in the Heavenly Tomb.

Huo Xuan and the others, who had entered the Heavenly Tomb with the two of them, were stunned as they looked at the corpses of Hun Ya and Hun Li. They pondered some thoughts. The Heavenly Tomb might be dangerous, but everyone was clearly aware of where they should venture and where they should avoid. However, why did Hun Ya and Hun Li die together?

“It is likely that this matter isn’t so simple…” Huo Xuan softly muttered.

“What do you mean?” Huo Zhi’s thin eyebrows twitched as she asked a question.

“These two were planning on attacking Xiao Yan the moment they entered the Heavenly Tomb. Before all of us gathered, they had exchanged blows with Xiao Yan and Xun Er…” Huo Xuan quietly stated.

“Do you think that Xiao Yan and Xun Er killed the two of them? If the two were to join hands, even a nine star Dou Zun would not be able to stop them from escaping. With Xian Yan’s strength, I’m afraid…” Huo Zhi disagreed.

“Who knows… these two people are not nice characters anyway. It doesn’t matter if they die…” Huo Xuan shrugged his shoulders. His heart suddenly shook and his eyes turned to the space behind him. The space at that spot was slowly torn as four powerful figures slowly walked out. Everyone swept their eyes over these figures and immediately sighed in relief. Those four figures belonged to Gu Qing Yang’s group.

Gu Qing Yang’s group sighed together as they walked out of the spatial crack line and looked at the surrounding lush green mountains. Three years of bitter training was really too unbearable…

“Huh? That’s Hun Ya and Hun Li?”

The eyes of Gu Qing Yang’s group suddenly paused on the two unmoving figures suspended in the sky. They were immediately startled and exclaimed aloud.


Gu Qing Yang knit his brows and softly commented.

“Who could be so ruthless? He actually killed these two ruthless characters.” Gu Hua cried out in surprise.

The four of them blinked. They faced each other. A moment later, they ended up crying out the same thing. “Xiao Yan!”

“Elder Xiao Xuan did not attack back then. Given his character he definitely felt that attacking these two was disdainful. Moreover, these two people are extremely cunning. It is impossible for them to provoke those energy bodies that they cannot afford to provoke. From this, the only possible answer is that they were killed by their enemies. However, the only ones in the Heavenly Tomb who possess the ability to kill them are the four of us if we attack together. However… we did not. Looking at it this way…” Gu Zhen muttered. “It can only be Xiao Yan and Xun Er…”

“If Hun Ya and Hun Li joined hands, they would be able to fight with a nine star expert. Xun Er might be strong, but it would not be difficult for these two to flee…” Gu Qing Yang frowned as he thought about the situation.

While the group was facing each other, the space in front suddenly rippled. Immediately, a man and a woman stepped on empty air and slowly appeared in front of all the eyes in the area…

“That is… Xiao Yan? What a powerful aura! No wonder…”

Gu Qing Yang’s group’s eyes narrowed when the two figures appeared. They muttered among themselves.

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