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Chapter 1361: Changing Blood

The clear pond water became blood-red following the pouring in of the blood light. In the end, a dense wave of the smell of blood drifted out. An extremely frightening energy also slowly formed…

Xiao Yan, who was standing beside the pond water, sensed the terrifying strength within. Not only did he not feel any discomfort, but the blood within his body had begun to rapidly rotate at this moment. He appeared to sense an extremely great desire from it.

“This is the Xiao clan’s bloodline strength, huh…”

Xiao Yan clenched his hands. This kind of strength should have left the Xiao clan. It is unexpected that he was still able to sense it at this moment.

“Xiao Yan, enter the blood pool and inherit the last bloodline strength of the Xiao clan…”

Xiao Xuan in the pool, who had turned into a white-haired old man, smiled. His current voice had become extremely hoarse and elderly. However, this elderly feeling vaguely contained a faint hope. The Xiao clan was not completely hopeless. This member of the younger generation of the Xiao clan might not be able to compare to him back then in terms of achievements, but for some unknown reason, he sensed that the challenges he had failed to pass might be completed by his descendant from the younger generation!

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air as he studied Xiao Xuan’s elderly appearance. He was aware that now was not the time to feel emotional. Xiao Xuan had used such a technique in order to wait for him, turning himself into something that was neither human nor ghost. All he wanted was to pass on the final bloodline of the Xiao clan. The thing that Xiao Yan needed to do now was to not reject it. Instead, he needed to accept it and truly do his best because he was the only hope for this declined clan.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, be careful…”

Xiao Yan merely inclined his head when he heard Xun Er’s soft voice. After which, he ceased hesitating. He stepped forward and entered the blood pool. He then slowly walked to the middle of the pool of blood…

The moment Xiao Yan entered the blood pool, the blood in his body began to fluctuate. Numerous flowing strands of blood energy violently pierced his body like many needles. They finally roared through his pores in an extremely barbaric manner and wildly charged through his body.


The sudden intense pain caused Xiao Yan’s expression to immediately turn pale. A mouthful of cold air was involuntarily inhaled.

“It might be a little painful in the beginning. The bloodline strength must first wash away the ordinary blood within your body. Only then can it pour the blood with the bloodline strength into you… this is the first step of the inheritance, changing blood.” Xiao Xuan by the side spoke when he saw Xiao Yan’s face swiftly turn pale.


Xiao Yan nodded. He clenched his teeth and forcefully endured the tearing pain. He could sense that the blood within his body was rapidly disappearing under this intense pain. Soon an extreme frailness swiftly spread, causing his eyelids to involuntarily lower a little.

“You cannot become unconscious! Otherwise, the blood will not be properly washed, and it will not be possible to unleash the bloodline strength to its limit. All the bloodline strength within the members of the Xiao clan has already completely disappeared. Therefore, it is impossible to use gentle techniques to activate it like other clans. We can only use the most overbearing method.” Xiao Xuan sternly cried out when he saw Xiao Yan’s eyelids gradually lower.

Xiao Yan shuddered when he heard Xiao Xuan’s stern cry. He hurriedly focused his mind and bitterly endured the intense pain and his extremely weakened state…

Xun Er, who was beside the blood pool, involuntarily clenched her hands when she saw Xiao Yan’s bitterness. Her heart felt a little ache.

“Ugh, we can only use extraordinary methods because of extraordinary circumstances.” Xiao Xuan sighed. After which, he sat beside the blood pool. The time required to change blood was quite long. In other words, the pain that Xiao Yan had to endure would last for a long time.

Time swiftly flowed by in the quiet large hall and ten days passed in the blink of an eye. Xiao Yan had been soaking in this blood pool for these ten days. Following the clearing of his blood, the current Xiao Yan had turned into an extremely skinny and frail skeleton. His expression was so pale that it was frightening. If a weak breath wasn’t still existing his nostrils, no one would have treated him like he was alive.

Xun Er observed the changes in Xiao Yan during these ten days from beside the blood pool. Her heart felt as though it was being cut by a blade. Anyone’s heart would feel terrible after watching one’s beloved turn into a skeleton one step at a time with one’s own eyes.

Xiao Xuan was calmer while watching the changes of Xiao Yan, but his heart was still a little worried. Changing blood possessed some inherent risk since the person changing blood was at one’s weakest. If one’s mental strength was not strong, one would descend into a dangerous state. Should that final breath be swallowed, that person would truly turn from being on one’s last breath into a dead person…


While the two of them waited with complicated emotions, the calm blood pool suddenly emitted a slight sound after twenty days. Many bloody bubbles surfaced in the blood pool and burst apart. At the same time, a blood-colored swirl formed. Xiao Yan, who was so skinny that he was hardly any different than a skeleton, was at the middle of this swirl.

“The blood changing has succeeded… once the blood that possesses the bloodline strength pours into Xiao Yan’s body, Xiao Yan will gain the final bloodline strength of the Xiao clan…”

Xiao Xuan appeared to have been relieved of a big burden. He sighed in relief after witnessing the changes. Both of his hands formed a seal, and a blood-colored light shot into the blood pool.

“Fizz fizz.”

The blood pool appeared to start boiling when this blood light shot into it. Blood bubbles continued to rise. At the same time, traces of a mysterious bloody liquid were separated out. Finally, they climbed Xiao Yan’s body, followed his pores and continued to pour in.

Following the pouring in of the blood that was filled with a mysterious energy, Xiao Yan’s extremely pale skin gradually displayed a sleek redness. His dry skin slowly began to recover.

As the situation gradually turned for the better, Xun Er sighed in relief. She softly inquired, “Elder Xiao Xuan, is there still some energy that you sealed back then in the blood pool? If this energy is completely absorbed by Xiao Yan ge-ge, his strength would suddenly soar, right?”

“Aye…” Xiao Xuan nodded. He glanced at Xun Er and smiled as he said, “I know what you are thinking. This increase in strength that relies on external forces might pose a great hindrance when advancing to the Dou Sheng class if they are not properly controlled. However, Xiao Yan should be aware of this already. Therefore, he will choose the most rational method… believe in him.”

Xun Er quietly nodded. Her heart was indeed a little worried. The energy that Xiao Xuan had left behind would be extremely great. The energy would be enough to allow Xiao Yan to soar to the peak of the Dou Zun class in an instant, but if this happened, the chances of Xiao Yan advancing to the Dou Sheng class in the future would become negligible. It was not worth it in the long term. However, this worry was not overwhelming. Given her understanding of Xiao Yan, he was usually rational. He was quite cautious about this kind of external energy. It was possible to tell that he was prepared for this matter from the way he would rarely allow himself to consume medicinal pills that could increase his strength despite being an alchemist.

“Next, let’s just wait for the change of blood to complete. It is likely that this will take a long time…”

Xiao Xuan softly spoke. He slowly shut his eyes. Xun Er by the side also nodded. She once again stared at the blood pool. After failing to see any unusual changes, she finally relaxed and entered her training state.

The ancient hall was completely silent. Only the bubbling sound of the blood continued to reverberate. One mouth quickly passed amid this silence…


Blood bubbles continued to churn within the pool. Xiao Yan’s skin had recovered its past appearance and looked like it was filled with life. One could still see a countless number of blood strands surging out from around him as they poured into his body. Following the pouring in of this energy, Xiao Yan’s aura gradually soared.


This silence continued for an unknown period. At a certain moment, the blood bubbles churning within the pool suddenly stilled as an explosion sounded, causing a blood fog to scatter in all directions. A cluster of purple-golden light strangely spread from Xiao Yan’s body and blocked the blood traces…

This sudden unexpected change caused Xun Er and Xiao Xuan beside the blood pool to open their eyes. They were stunned when they saw what was happening.

“What is this?”

Xun Er was startled as she stared at the purple-golden light. She could vaguely sense an extremely noble and mysterious aura radiating from Xiao Yan. She had never sensed this kind of aura before.

Xiao Xuan also frowned as he studied this purple-golden light. His eyes revealed an expression of contemplation. It was a long while later before he slapped his hands together. A voice that was filled with surprise was emitted from his mouth.

“Dragon Phoenix bloodline strength? Why did this legendary thing appear in Xiao Yan’s body?”

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