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Chapter 1342: Entering the Heavenly Tomb

The ancient spatial door stood between the sky and the earth. An ancient aura spread from it, causing everyone’s soul to quiver…

“Everyone, should be aware of the rules regarding entering the Heavenly Tomb. Every clan has two places. There cannot be an excess number of people entering…” Elder Tong Xuan’s elderly figure was suspended in the sky. His eyes looked down at the surrounding human figures as he spoke.

Everyone slightly nodded upon hearing his words. The rules of entering the Heavenly Tomb has always been like this. Each clan has two places. This has continued even now. However, only the Gu clan, being the clan that guarded the Heavenly Tomb, received preferential treatment. For example, there were five from the Gu clan who could enter the Heavenly Tomb this time around. This kind of preferential treatment made the other clans a little jealous.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, we will be randomly separated if we enter separately. Therefore we must enter together…” Xun Er turned her head and smiled as she spoke to Xiao Yan.

“Aye.” Xiao Yan nodded. He was extremely unfamiliar with the Heavenly Tomb. If he had Xun Er with him, he would be saved from many unnecessary troubles.


The ancient door that was within the spatial crack in the sky suddenly unleashed a loud rumbling sound while Xiao Yan nodded. That large door slowly opened, forming a gap. A glaring light erupted from it and lit up the land.

“If people have been properly assigned, please prepare to enter the Heavenly Tomb. Remember, all of you can only remain in the Heavenly Tomb for three years. After three years, the Heavenly Tomb will automatically expel you…” Elder Tong Xuan once again spoke in a deep voice as he watched the ancient door slowly open.

“Three years, around half a year in the outside world…” Xiao Yan mused. This was quite a good opportunity. The Heavenly Tomb was an extremely useful training spot since the flow of time within it was strange. If Xiao Yan were to train for three years within it, his strength would definitely increase.


The gap of the ancient door in the sky grew wider. It was a hundred feet in size. A dense aura from ancient times rolled out like a fog.


A couple sounds of rushing wind suddenly appeared from within the mountain forest after the ancient door opened. Four figures rushed toward the sky with lightning-like speed and entered the door that had just opened in front of many eyes.

“The members of the Gu clan… Gu Zhen has also entered?” Xiao Yan was slightly surprised when he saw the four figures. The figure leading them was that strong green-clothed man, whom Xiao Yan had sensed back then. Behind that man was a silver-robed man and a man with a burly appearance. Of course, the person who caused Xiao Yan to be the most surprised was the last figure, Gu Zhen.

“Gu Yao did not choose to enter the Heavenly Tomb this time around. It seems he undertook a retreat. Therefore, the Elders got Gu Zhen to replace him.” Xun Er softly explained. “It seems that this failure has been a big blow to him.”

“If he is unable to accept this kind of failure, he will stop at this level…” Xiao Yan indifferently shook his head. When he fought with others, he would not become dispirited if he lost. The stronger the opponent, the greater his desire to win. With the state of mind of someone like Gu Yao, it would be extremely difficult if he truly wished to breakthrough to the Dou Zun class to become a Dou Sheng. Compared with Gu Zhen, Xiao Yan felt that Gu Zhen’s achievement would be even greater. Gu Zhen’s talent might not be as great as Gu Yao, but his character was the most calm and indifferent among all the members of the younger generation whom Xiao Yan and met during these years.

This kind of character, which is as firm as a mountain, has bestowed him with an exceptionally indomitable ability to survive.

Xun Er nodded. She smiled sweetly and asked, “Shall we also get moving?”

Xiao Yan inclined his head. After which, he turned his head and looked at the Little Fairy Doctor behind him. He smiled as he said, “The time that I will spend in the Heavenly Tomb will likely be quite long. You can return to the Falling Star Pavilion first should anything happen.”

“Be careful.”

The Little Fairy Doctor nodded. Her voice was warm and gentle.

Xiao Yan smiled. After which, he exchanged glances with Xun Er. Their bodies moved, and they transformed into two light figures that swiftly bolted toward the large ancient door. They subsequently disappeared within the intense light from the large door. The members from the remaining clans began to move one after another after the duo disappeared. They turned into numerous rays of light that flew into the large door.

After the final figure entered the large door, an intense ripple suddenly appeared, and the door slowly became illusory in front of everyone’s eyes until it disappeared…

The foggy place occasionally had some strange fire glows flashing in the distance. They would flash and disappear. A death-like silence covered this foreign land.


The space within the silent land suddenly became distorted. Immediately, two figures, holding hands, slowly stepped out of the space and appeared. The Dou Qi within their bodies circulated as their eyes cautiously observed their surroundings.

“This is the Heavenly Tomb?”

Xiao Yan sighed in relief after failing to detect an unexpected situation. He curiously observed his surroundings as he asked.

“Aye.” Xun Er smiled and nodded. The others had been transported to other places. This Heavenly Tomb was extremely vast. It was difficult to say whether or not they would run into others.

“There is an extremely rich energy. It is even stronger than the Gu Realm’s energy…” Xiao Yan grabbed the foggy air in front of him. He was surprised to discover that the natural energy contained within the air was extremely dense, and its purity greatly exceeded his expectations.

Xun Er sweetly smiled. She tilted her head, looked at Xiao Yan, and asked, “Which level does Xiao Yan ge-ge wish to head to?”

“If it is possible, I wish to head to ancestor Xiao Xuan’s tomb on the third level of the Heavenly Tomb. However, that place is too dangerous. We are in no hurry now. After all, we have three years.” Xiao Yan mused for a moment before replying.

Xun Er did not appear surprised by Xiao Yan’s reply. She was aware of his character. Having come here, it was only natural that he would not give up on Xiao Xuan’s tomb.

“Let’s get moving. The Heavenly Tomb is extremely large. We should hurry to the second level first. Based on my estimations, it will take around four months or so. Due to the energy pressure within this Heavenly Tomb, we are unable to fly for long. Therefore, we must spend most of the time walking…” Xun Er spoke with a smile. Her pretty eyes landed on Xiao Yan as she said, “When we reach the entrance of the second level, Xiao Yan ge-ge might reach the peak of a five star Dou Zun. Of course, if you are lucky, it is not impossible to even reach the sixth star…”

“Oh? So quick?” Xiao Yan was startled.

Xun Er softly laughed. She turned her head, and her pretty eyes looked at the foggy air to her right. Her hand was slowly lifted before she suddenly clenched it.

Energy swiftly agglomerated when Xun Er clenched her hand. In the blink of an eye, the fog there completely scattered. An illusory body vaguely appeared in Xiao Yan’s sight.

“This is… energy body?”

Xiao Yan was startled when he saw this illusory figure. He had not detected the approach of this thing.

“Aye… they can rely on the energy fog to hide themselves. They will quietly approach us and then launch an attack.” Xun Er smiled and nodded. She flicked her finger and the illusory figure suddenly became distorted. A ‘puff’ sounded and the figure exploded. A thumb-sized cluster of light swiftly rushed to Xun Er before she grabbed it.

“This is an energy core. It stores extremely pure energy, and it is the extremely nourishing thing that I had mentioned…” Xun Er opened her hand and a rhombus-shaped thumb-sized crystal appeared in her palm. It glowed with an extremely rich energy fog.

“Normally speaking, the energy cores within the Heavenly Tomb are divided into nine grades. The energy contained within the core in my hand has only reached the second grade. It isn’t considered very good. Those high grade energy cores are all in the deepest parts of the first level or the lower levels. Well, Xiao Yan ge-ge, why don’t you give it a try first? Hold it in your palm and use your Qi Method to absorb it.” Xun Er flicked her finger as she spoke. She shot the energy core toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan received the energy core and curiously played with it. After which, he did what Xun Er had said. He grabbed the energy core in his hand and circulated his Qi Method.

Following the circulation of the Flame Mantra, Xiao Yan suddenly felt a chill within his heart. He was stunned to sense wave after wave of warm pure energy surging out of the energy core like floodwater. After which, the energy surged around Xiao Yan’s body. He rejoiced because he barely needed to refine this energy. All he needed to do was circulate it within his veins, and the energy was deposited in his limbs and bones. Finally, it entered his muscles, bones, and cells…

The way it seeped in caused Xiao Yan sense the gradually strengthening energy within his body.

“Hu… what a mysterious thing. It is even smoother to absorb it than ordinary medicinal pills… no wonder even the Gu clan, Hun clan, and these ultimate factions hold it in such high regards. It is such a mysterious treasure ground…”

Xiao Yan opened his hand after the final cluster of energy entered his body, and the energy core had turned into dust. An expression of surprise had surged onto his face. If it was not difficult to obtain such an energy core, it would not be impossible for him to advance to a six star Dou Zun within four months!

Xun Er smiled when she saw the shock on Xiao Yan’s face. She placed her hands behind her, and her toes were pressed on the ground. Her lovely body appeared just like a butterfly as she elegantly drifted forward. A sweet clear laughter softly spread.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, let’s go. Why don’t we play a game? Who will be able to obtain more energy cores during these three years?”

Xiao Yan smiled, strode forward, and swiftly followed. He was very curious just how strong he would grow during these three years.

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