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Chapter 1259

Chapter 1259: Snatching the Ancient Scroll


Xiao Yan’s cry had just sounded when a purple-brown flame immediately surged out from his body. His feet stomped on the ground and the floor immediately cracked into powder. His body was just like an enormous fire dragon that forcefully charged towards the crowd that was intercepting the bright red scroll in the most brutal fashion.

Xiao Yan’s sudden intervention had also attracted the notice of many people. Immediately, the expressions of quite a number of people changed slightly. A chilling aura flickered in their eyes. They waved their sleeves. Fierce Dou Qi pillars ruthlessly rushed towards Xiao Yan while being accompanied by a rushing wind sound.

Given the strength of these people, they would usually not dare to attack Xiao Yan. However, at this moment, everyone had become crazy under the allure of the Tian class Dou Skill. No one would bother about the other person’s status or strength. Hence, they did not hesitate when attacking.


Xiao Yan let out a cold snort as he looked at the dozen over Dou Qi pillars that had rushed over. He flicked his finger and five purple-brown fire pillars hurriedly shot out from the surface of his body. After which, it collided heavily with the few pillars and destroyed all of them easily. The remaining fire pillars violently exploded on their bodies amidst the shocked eyes of those few who had attacked. The frightening temperature caused them to turn into a couple of fireballs.

Xiao Yan’s merciless attack caused some of the experts, who were preparing to attack, to have a change in their expressions. They woke up a little. Immediately, they could only clench their teeth and gradually suppress the attack brewing within their palms.

With the help of the temporarily deterrence created from this forcefully attack, the fire dragon that Xiao Yan had transformed into brutally charge directly into the crowd. His body flashed and he rushed towards the bright red scroll.

Xiao Yan’s action also caused the only elite Dou Zun present in this circle to have a sunken expression. He had been chasing after this bright red scroll since the beginning. Being the strongest in this group, the chance of him successfully obtaining it was quite high. Currently, this sudden intervention of Xiao Yan had also stirred a dense killing desire within his heart. His eyes flickered as he clenched his hand. An enormous axe appeared in it.


A low and deep cry was being emitted from this expert, whose strength was also around that of a one star Dou Zun. Immediately, deep yellow Dou Qi surged out of his body in all directions. The muscles on his body also wiggled strangely at this moment. A terrifying strength gathered with a lightning like speed.

“All of you should get lost for this venerable self!”

This Dou Zun had a dark and dense expression. His body flashed and he appeared above Xiao Yan’s hand. That enormous axe in his hand carried a frightening strength that could cut through the heavens and earth as it tore through the air and viciously hacked towards Xiao Yan’s head.

“Get lost? You think you are worthy?”

The frightening energy that had suddenly covered a hundred feet radius around Xiao Yan had naturally attracted his notice. A cold smile appeared on his face. He clenched his fist and the Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared. Purple-brown flame rushed out within lightning like speed and transformed into a meandering fire dragon on the ruler’s body.

“Get lost!”

A sharp cry was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth. That heavy ruler carried a hot and sharp wind as it collided heavily with that one star Dou Zun’s Mountain Opening Axe in the fiercest manner.


The ruler and axe c

ollided. An earth-shaking metallic sound immediately exploded. Immediately, a powerful wind ripple swept out from the point of collision. Those experts nearby immediately felt their chest tightened. Their bodies involuntarily flew backwards.


This earthshaking collision also caused the expression of that one star Dou Zun to change. A mouthful of fresh red blood directly shot out. A shocked expression surged onto their faces. Xiao Yan’s strength was at the very most comparable to him. Moreover, he specialized in head on strength collision. Unexpectedly, this strength was actually unable to gain any advantage in Xiao Yan’s hands.

Fresh blood splattered. The aura of that one star Dou Zun instantly became weary. At this moment, he also understood that he had already lost the qualification to compete with Xiao Yan for the scroll. Immediately, he could only clench his teeth unwillingly and pull back. Once he was injured in this chaotic moment, quite a number of people who take take advantage and attacked. He had seen quite a number of experts with similar strength as him being attacked by a hundred over people earlier. In the end, these elite Dou Zuns, who usually stood high above, could only flee miserably.

Xiao Yan flipped his hand after his ruler directly forced the one star Dou Zun back. He once again kept this Heavy Xuan Ruler into his Storage Ring. He clenched his hand slightly and felt a faint numb feeling. His heart involuntarily felt a little surprised at the strength of this one star Dou Zun. He had consumed many natural treasures during these years. Hence, it had resulted in his physical body becoming unusually strong. Although he could not be compared to Zi Yan, it was a little difficult to find an expert of the same level who possessed a strength similar to his.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swiftly turned towards the location of the bright red scroll after having forced back this tiger that had blocked his path. This thing was extremely agile. It still fled in an extremely happy manner despite the combined effort of so many experts. There was not a single person who could touch it even until now. Instead, some people, who were too close to it, ended up being seriously injured by the combined effort of the other experts.

Xiao Yan’s foot suddenly stomped on the empty air when he saw this scene. He once again turned into a purple-brown fire dragon that rushed towards the scroll. Those people blocking him along the way were directly sent flying by him. Under this brutal act of his, he had already charge into the closest spot to the scroll within the blink of an eye.

“Brat, you are seeking death!”

Those surrounding experts with blood red eyes immediately emitted a furious cry in usion when they saw Xiao Yan charge into a twenty feet distance from the bright red scroll. Powerful Dou Qi erupted. Immediately, they blasted towards Xiao Yan from all directions. The momentum from the combined attack by nearly a hundred experts was extremely spectacular.

With such a large scale Dou Qi smashing over, even Xiao Yan’s expression ended up changing slightly. However, he did not turn his body immediately. He once again took a step forward. His large hand gently grabbed towards the bright red scroll that was flying around.

Dou Qi from all over the place arrived in an instant. Just when these attacks were about to land on Xiao Yan’s body, the space around the latter fluctuated slightly. Tian Huo zun-zhe, Zi Yan, Qing Lin and the rest swiftly appeared. With their combined effort, a think energy shield was immediately formed.

“Bang bang bang!”

An endless amount of Dou Qi violently smashed onto the light shield, causing the latter to continuously erupt into waves of ripples. However, it ultimately managed to endure and did not burst apart.

Under the combined effort of the few of them, they had forcefully endured the joint-attack by many experts. Taking the opportunity of their blocking, Xiao Yan’s large hand finally landed on the bright red scroll.


However, just when Xiao Yan’s hand had just touched the scroll, the scroll emitted a hissing sound and shot some distance forward like a fish before he could clench his hand. It had once again escaped from the area that Xiao Yan controlled.


Xiao Yan’s face became cold when he saw this. His hand curled into a claw and violently grabbed at the bright red scroll, which had shot out.

With this grab, the space itself rippled. The space around the scroll immediately became depressed. It formed a narrow spatial cage that trapped the scroll within it.

“Come over!”

A cold cry was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth. The suction force from his palm soared. A frightening strength directly pulled the bright red scroll into the depressed space. After which, the latter could only turn into a bright red light that flashed towards Xiao Yan’s palm.

Xiao Yan’s figure moved. His hand was once again clenched. Half of the bright red scroll had finally landed in his hand. However, he had just used some strength when his expression changed abruptly. This was because a shrivelled large hand grabbed tightly on the other side of the scroll.

“Hee, aren’t you a little too naive in thinking of enjoying the treasure alone.”

Xiao Yan raised his eyes rapidly when he heard this somewhat familiar cold laughter. He discovered that the one who had interfered was actually the chief of the Profound Xuan Sect, Chen Tian Nan.

Chen Tian Nan revealed a dark and cold smile when he saw Xiao Yan looking over. His fight hand swiftly tightened and he violently threw a punch towards Xiao Yan’s head without any fancy action. Looking at his stance, it was obvious that he was planning on blasting apart Xiao Yan’s head with a punch.

“You are seeking death!”

A chilling glint flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw this ruthless tactic of Chen Tian Nan. A golden light immediately appeared in front of him in a ghost like manner. Chen Tian Nan’s fist landed heavily on the latter’s body while being accompanied by a clear metallic sound.


Chen Tian Nan’s expression changed a little as he looked at the dark golden coloured Sky Demon Puppet that had appeared in front of him. He hurriedly withdrew his punch. However, the Sky Demon Puppet that followed closely behind also violently threw its frightening metallic fist towards his head.


Chen Tian Nan had a drastic change in expression when he sensed the frightening strength on the fist of the Sky Demon Puppet. He could only let out a furious curse. Immediately, he unwillingly released the scroll that he had grabbed onto tightly. His body pulled back explosively.

Xiao Yan grabbed at the scroll violently after Chen Tian Nan released it. Purple-brown flame surged out from his palm and firmly pressed onto the struggling scroll. A moment later, that bright red scroll’s resistance finally weakened gradually…

Xiao Yan heavily sighed in relief when the scroll’s symptom had completely disappeared. It was swiftly kept into his Storage Ring in front of the countless number of red eyes. At the same time, a vast and mighty aura surged out from his body without any restraint. Purple-brown flame lingered around his body. This power caused the blood red eyes of the surrounding experts to gradually become calm. A moment later, he glanced at Tian Huo zun-zhe a short distance away. Finally, he could only turn his body around unwillingly and leave. He began to maximise the time left and snatch another scroll.

Xiao Yan’s expression relaxed a little when he saw these ravenous wolves like fellows withdrawing after being deterred. He might not be afraid of the individual strength of these people. However, if a hundred over of them were to charge together, even he would feel somewhat troublesome.

“Old bastard, since you have already attacked, there is no need for you to return!”

Xiao Yan’s expression suddenly became densely cold after having kept the scroll. His eyes turned towards Chen Tian Nan, who appeared somewhat miserable under the attack of the Sky Demon Puppet. A killing intent surged within his eyes.

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