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Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257: Seal Vanishment

The sharp voice spread within the enormous main hall, causing the expressions of quite a number of experts to change slightly. They could sense the unusually powerful strength of the owner of this voice.

While everyone were surprised, a rushing wind sound suddenly appeared within the large hall. Immediately, the black fog surged over from outside the hall in all directions. Finally, it gathered in the midair of the large hall. The black fog scattered and a couple of figures appeared. That unique appearance method immediately caused quite a number of people to recognise them.

“They are actually members of the Hall of Soul?”

The hearts of quite a number of people pounded upon seeing the status of those who had arrived. They frowned slightly. Everyone on the continent were aware of the strength of the Hall of Soul. If they wanted to snatch the Tian class Dou Skill, it would undoubtedly cause the originally chaotic situation to become even more complicated.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the midair. The cold smile on his face became increasingly dense. A gray-white clothed old man with a dark and cold smile on his shrivelled face stood in the air in front of the couple of figures, That appearance was surprisingly that of old ghost Zhai Xing, who had fought with Xiao Yan until both of them were seriously injured.

“Are his injuries completely healed…”

Xiao Yan glanced at old ghost Zhai Xing. Immediately, his eyes paused on the right hand of the latter. However, he could only see an empty sleeve. His brows twitched. It seemed that even though this old demon had managed to keep his life under the Annihilation Fire Lotus, he had also paid quite a great price.

“Hee, this old ghost Zhai Xing has currently become a single arm old ghost.” Little Fairy Doctor laughed. There was some gloating feeling within her laughter.

Old ghost Zhai Xing overlooked the entire place from the midair. He laughed in a strange manner, “Tsk tsk, how lively. It is unexpected that this remains had actually attract so many people. If we were to wait here and capture souls, we will likely manage to gain quite a lot.”

Quite a number of people revealed some dislike within their eyes because of this sentence of this old ghost. The Hall of Soul capturing souls from all over the place was no longer some rare thing on the Central Plains. This act was naturally despised by quite a number of people. However, due to the frightening strength of the Hall of Soul, no one dared to oppose them.

“Why is one of this old ghost’s arm gone?” The large hall did not lack some experts who had seen old ghost Zhai Xing before. The eyes of these people revealed some uncertainty after seeing an empty sleeve of the latter. Quite a number of experts present were clearly aware of old ghost Zhai Xing’s strength. Five star Dou Zun. He could be considered a peak expert even in the entire continent. There are very few people who could cause him to lose an arm.

Old ghost Zhai Xing in the midair had also sensed the direction these gazes were looking towards. The dark and cold smile on his face was immediately withdrawn. The corner of his mouth twitched and he was just about to let out a dark cold cry when his sweeping eyes suddenly stilled. Immediately, a roar that was filled with murderous intent instantly resounded over the entire hall.

“Xiao Yan? You are actually still alive!”

The gazes within the large hall suddenly turned when everyone heard the roar of old ghost Zhai Xing. Finally, they paused on the somewhat skinny young man within the hall.

“Old ghost, even you are still alive, how can I die before you?” Xiao Yan merely smiled in the face of old ghost Zhai Xing, whose face had become green in his anger. He spoke in a slow and casual manner


“Bastard, today, the old me will definitely take revenge for the humiliation of losing my arm!”

The eyes of old ghost Zhai Xing instantly turned blood red. His arm being blasted apart by Xiao Yan was a humiliation within his heart that he could not remove. Although his serious injuries were currently completely healed, his broken arm could no longer be regrown.

This furious cry of old ghost Zhai Xing had also brought about some sound from the inhaling of a cold breath. Numerous eyes looked towards Xiao Yan with disbelief. This arm of old ghost Zhai Xing was actually broken by him?

“This little fellow… why would he possess such strength?”

Feng Qing Er and the rest were also a little stunned. That black robed old man by the side had a somewhat volatile expression. His eyes contained an additional fear when he looked at Xiao Yan. He clearly understood the strength of this old ghost Zhai Xing. This person was one level higher than him. Since Xiao Yan had the ability to break one of old ghost Zhai Xing’s hand, Xiao Yan would definitely possess the ability to turn him into a miserable state.

“I have underestimated this brat. However, since this old ghost Zhai Xing and Xiao Yan had a grudge, hee… the heavens are really helping us.” A cold smile flashed across the eyes of the black robed old man as he softly muttered to himself.

Tang Zhen, who was beside Xiao Yan, also used a pair of stunned eyes to look at the latter. His heart was quite shaken. This young man was really not as simple as he appeared on the surface.


After his furious cry sounded, Old ghost Zhai Xing’s body shook and transformed into a black smoke, which rushed towards Xiao Yan without caring about the many strange gazes within the large hall. Vast and mighty Dou Qi pressure caused a rumbling sound to appear around Xiao Yan’s group, forming a large empty circular space in the process.

“Old ghost Zhai Xing, do you not want your other arm?”

Xiao Yan clenched his hand when he saw that old ghost Zhai Xing pouncing over furiously. Three clusters of Heavenly Flames immediately appeared in front of him as he coldly cried out.

The temperature within the large hall suddenly rose when the Heavenly Flames appeared. That body of old ghost Zhai Xing, which was rushing forward, had also stilled in the midair with a ‘chi’ sound. He had gradually recovered some of his reasoning under the high temperature. He had already tasted the might of that fire lotus once. Hence, his heart had instinctively felt a rich fear when he saw Xiao Yan summoning the Heavenly Flames. Moreover, he had a mission that the hall chief had personally gave him to fulfill in this trip of his to the remains. If anything went wrong, he would definitely be severely punished this time around…

“There are many experts around this brat. Some effort will be needed to finish him off. If I become too exhausted at that time, it is likely that I will not be able to compete with the others. There are quite a number of experts here who even I have to deal with using all my strength.”

Old ghost Zhai Xing’s eyes flickered. A moment later, he could only swallow the explosive fury and killing intent that had rose within his heart. His eyes stared ruthlessly at Xiao Yan as he spoke in a dense manner, “The old me will come and properly finish you off once the matter of the remains is over!”

“I await you!”

Xiao Yan smiled coldly. Currently, he had already formally advanced to the Dou Zun class. The deterrence that this old ghost Zhai Xing gave him was already far from what it was before. If the current him was to use some ordinary tactics, he might indeed be unable to finish off old ghost Zhai Xing. However, it was also impossible for this old ghost Zhai Xing to completely suppress him like back then. Moreover, the Annihilation Fire Lotus at the nine star Dou Zong level could blast away one arm of this old demon. Currently, Xiao Yan’s strength had soared to the Dou Zun class. If he tossed this fire lotus, Xiao Yan believed that he would definitely be able to cause this old ghost to be left without even a corpse!

The current Xiao Yan had many tactics to deal with this old ghost. Naturally, he need not be overly afraid of him. If it was not because it was currently not a good time and that there were other enemies around looking at him with ill intent, it was likely that Xiao Yan would launch an attack at this old ghost and completely repay the debt from back then even if this old ghost Zhai Xing did not attack.

Old ghost Zhai Xing stared at Xiao Yan with a dense gaze. He waved his sleeve, turned around and rushed back. After which, he summoned the experts from the Hall of Souls and directly landed at the front of the large hall. Although the others were displeased with this overbearing manner of theirs, no one dared say much. Some of those stronger experts and large factions were unwilling to offend these people from the Hall of Soul at this moment. Hence, they could only close an eye and act as though they did not see anything.

“It is a little troublesome this time around. Unexpectedly, this old ghost has also come. Although losing one arm will affect the strength of that old ghost, things will also be somewhat troublesome.” Tian Huo zun-zhe mused.

“There is no need to be worried. If I can seriously injure this old ghost once, I will naturally be able to do it a second time. Moreover, the situation here is complicated. When the Hall of Soul fights with the other experts in awhile, the experts from the Hall of Soul will definitely suffer some losses and injuries. That old ghost might even be entangled until he cannot free himself.” Little Fairy Doctor laughed slightly and said.

“Do you have a grudge with those fellows?” Qing Lin softly asked Zi Yan.

“Yes, that is a great enemy of ours. They will also be your enemy in the future. Do not hold back when you fight later on. Every one you kill is one less of them. It can make up for your mistake earlier.” Zi Yna patted Qing Lin’s shoulders. She regarded herself as joining the group earlier than Qing Lin. Therefore, her words also appeared to be that of an older person. This caused Xiao Yan and the others to involuntarily smile at the side.

Qing Lin was also a little awkward. However, she nodded seriously and said, “Be rest assured. Since they are enemies of young master Xiao Yan, I will definitely not show any mercy.”

“Yes, you appear to be aware of the situation.” Zi Yan nodded her small head in satisfaction.

Xiao Yan helplessly glanced at these two girls. His gaze swept over the interior of the large hall before finally pausing on those stone statue puppets around. He softly said, “Do not hurry to do anything when the seal is undone. These things are all hot potato. They would be trouble if they one obtain them first…”

Little Fairy Doctor’s group nodded slightly. All of them understood that whoever obtained those treasures will immediately become everyone enemies. There were many experts within the large hall. If everyone delivered a palm, it was likely that even old ghost Zhai Xing would immediately vomit blood and be defeated.

“This Xiao Yan not only possess quite a strong training talent but he also possess a shocking achievement in terms of alchemy skills. Most importantly, he might be young but he does not possess the haughtiness of the young. His future achievement will definitely be extraordinary. The Burning Flame Valley befriending him should be a correct choice.”

Tang Zhen nodded his head when he saw that Xiao Yan was not impulsive despite being under the lure of the treasures. The weight of Xiao Yan in his heart was raised significantly.

Xiao Yan was naturally unaware that his performance would increase his significance within Tang Zhen’s heart. At this moment, his eyes were focused intently on those light clusters suspended in the midair of the large hall. The light around those light clusters were becoming increasingly weak at this moment.

“The seal is about to disappear!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was grave as he suddenly spoke softly.

After this voice of his sounded, those ten clusters of light suddenly trembled intensely. Immediately, a glaring intense light was erupted. Under this intense light, the scrolls within it turned into numerous rays of light that rushed out from within the light clusters!

The entire hall instantly boiled when these scrolls rushed out!

At the same time, the stone statue puppets around the stone table had also suddenly opened their eyes, which had been tightly shut for countless number of years. A rich killing intent spread apart at this instant!

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