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Chapter 1247

Chapter 1247: Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit

Xiao Yan’s group were startled upon hearing these words of Zi Yan. They followed her eyes and looked towards the spot where she was staring at. However, all they could see was an endless forest. There was not the slightest unusual sign at that place.

Xiao Yan revealed an expression of deep thought. It was impossible for Zi Yan to suddenly have such a feeling. The latter was an Ancient Void Dragon. Forget about him, it was likely that even Yao Lao did not really understand that kind of mysterious existence. As for that kind of mysterious summoning that Zi Yan had mentioned, it was perhaps only something that she alone could sense.

“What should we do? The sound of Magical Beast roar within this ancient forest is becoming increasingly close to each other. It seemed that quite a number of experts had been attracted to this place…” Little Fairy Doctor looked at Xiao Yan and said.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly. He glanced at Zi Yan, whose eyes had remained locked on the deep parts of the forest. A moment later, he finally nodded violently and spoke in a deep voice, “Let’s go and take a look. Since we have entered a treasure mountain, we must naturally witness a true treasure. Those other treasure seekers do not have the deterrence of a dragon’s might. It is not easy for them to successfully walk in. We still have a sufficient amount of time.”

A smile surfaced on the small face of Zi Yan, who had been staring continuously, after seeing Xiao Yan nod his head. Her toes pressed on the ground and her body took the lead to rush into the deep parts of the forest. Xiao Yan’s group hurriedly followed upon seeing this.

The Magical Beast aura in the forest behind the lake was undoubtedly even fiercer than those outside. There were even a couple of auras that caused Xiao Yan’s group to reveal a solemn expression. It was fortunate that there was Zi Yan’s dragon’s might as a deterrence. Although those auras had also sensed Xiao Yan’s group, it was obvious that they gradually withdrew after hesitating. In their memories, those owners of this kind of dragon might were all extremely troublesome existence. It was best to avoid provoking them if they could.

Of course, these beasts that had remained within this ancient forest for an unknown amount of time, failed to sense that the owner of this dragon might was merely a child Ancient Void Dragon…

Nevertheless, Xiao yan’s group was lucky to have not met with much obstruction within this deep regions of the forest where danger lurks all around. Hence, after shuttling through it for nearly ten minutes, the speed of their group had slowly reduced.

“The surrounding aura has completely disappeared…”

Little Fairy Doctor suddenly sensed something when they stepped into a certain region and she softly commented.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly upon hearing this. After briefly sensing the place, he indeed discovered that those monstrous aura that he had felt earlier had actually completely disappeared.

“What happened?” Tian Huo zun-zhe also frowned tightly. A cautious expression also surfaced on his face. If one was careless in this place, it was likely that one could only forever remain in this place as the fertilizer for the medicine.

“There is no need to be worried. This place is already the centre of the ancient forest.” Zi Yan softly said. Her eyes were focused intently on a spot a short distance ahead. That place was a flat land. There was nothing strange on those lush green grass. This caused Xiao Yan’s group to wonder a little. Was this the place that had summoned Zi Yan?

Zi Yan drifted down from a tree branch and she slowly took over a dozen steps on the ground. After which, her small face was serious

as she extended her little hand. Just when her small hand came into contact with the empty space half a foot from the ground, a golden light suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Xiao Yan’s group looked at the golden light that had suddenly appeared. Some surprise flashed across their eyes. This golden light turned into an inverted bowl shape. The bottom and top were round. Its size was a hundred over feet in diameter. Although the golden light was dazzling, it was covered by the many densely stacked trees. Unless one was close by, otherwise, it was impossible to discover it.

“What is this?” Xiao Yan’s group also flashed and appeared beside Zi Yan. They looked at the golden light barrier in front and a solemn expression covered their eyes. They could sense a kind of pressure from this mysterious golden light barrier. This kind of pressure allowed them to understand that even if all of them were to join hands, it was likely that they would not be able to break this strange golden light barrier.

“This is a beast spiritual barrier. Only a Magical Beast with extremely great strength when it was alive could form such a beast spirit barrier and can only do so when it was about to die.” Zi Yan’s small hand gently rubbed the light barrier. A kind of faint grief was present on her face.

Xiao Yan was silent. Since this thing was summoning Zi Yan, it meant that the owner of this beast spiritual barrier was very likely from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

“Something’s wrong…” Zi Yan touched the light barrier. Her small face changed suddenly as she said, “This beast spiritual barrier not only have the scent of an Ancient Void Dragon but there seemed to be a little… Heaven Demon Phoenix scent? However, this kind of scent is far purer than the current Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.”

Xiao Yan’s group looked at each other upon hearing this. Could it be that someone from the ancient Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had also died in this place?”

“Won’t you know if you open and take a look?” Xiong Zhan by the side rubbed his head and said.

Zi Yan nodded slightly. Since she had come here, she must go in and take a look. Immediately, she bit her delicate finger. A drop of golden yellow blood appeared. She placed her finger gently onto the beast spiritual barrier before drawing a golden yellow blood mark.

“Only those with similar bloodline are able to open this kind of beast spiritual barrier…”

Following the drawing of the golden yellow blood mark, the spot where the mark was swiftly fluctuated. Immediately, the golden light barrier rippled and a golden light crack line was slowly being torn and formed.

“Let’s go…”

Zi Yan waved her hand upon seeing this. She took a step in. After hesitating for a moment, Xiao Yan’s group behind her also closely followed. After the last person entered the beast spiritual barrier, that golden light fluctuated once again and the crack line swiftly disappeared.

Xiao Yan’s group felt dazzled the moment they stepped into the beast spiritual barrier. The lush green forest disappeared almost instantly. A desolated plain replaced it.

The size of this plain was quite large. It was covered with bright red sand that looked as though it had been dyed with fresh blood. There would occasionally be some pale white stone dust colour amidst the bright redness. When they looked afar, everyone found that there was a thousand feet large ancient stone altar located at the middle of the plains. A vaguely present pressure permeated from the altar, causing the Dou Qi within the body of Xiao Yan’s group to become sluggish.

“What a frightening pressure…”

Xiao Yan’s group exchanged looks with each other. They could see a shock from the other party’s eyes. Just the pressure alone could cause them to be in such a condition. Just how frightening was the owner of the pressure?

Zi Yan’s eyes were directly locked onto that enormous stone altar the moment she entered this place. She mused for a moment before her toes pressed gently onto the ground. After which, she flew towards the altar. From her manner, it seemed that she was not affected by this kind of pressure.

Xiao Yan’s group hurriedly followed when they saw this action of Zi Yan. A moment later, they finally landed above the huge stone altar.

An ancient feeling pounced towards them upon close contact with this enormous stone altar. This caused Xiao Yan’s group to rearrange their emotions.

Xiao Yan’s group stood at the middle of the altar. Looking up from this spot, they could see a flight of green stone stairs that extended to the end.

Zi Yan’s eyes were startled as she looked at the end of the stone stairs. That summoning feeling seemed to be increasingly strong.


Zi Yan gently exhaled a breath of air. Her small face had also become unusually grave. Her foot stomped on the ground and she transformed into a light figure that rushed up the stone stairs in a lightning like manner before appearing at the end of the altar.

Xiao Yan’s group followed closely behind. When they arrived at the front of the altar, they ended up seeing Zi Yan’s incredible stunned face. His eyes looked over, only to see that there was a golden-purple stone platform at the middle of the altar. A half a foot large groove was present above the stone stairs. At this moment, a small tree seedling was beginning to grow from within the stone platform. The three seedling was only as thick as a thumb but it meandered around like an enormous dragon. The top of this little tree seedling hung a fruit.

This fruit was the size of a palm. It was both golden and purple in colour. If one was to carefully observe it, one could discover that the golden half was twisting and turning, appearing just like a shrunk version of an Ancient Void Dragon. The other purple half was dancing with spread wings… a phoenix?

That’s right. It was indeed a Heaven Demon Phoenix. Although this was a little different from the drawing that Xiao Yan had seen but the overall shape could still be recognised by Xiao Yan.

“A fruit that is formed by an Ancient Void Dragon and a Heaven Demon Phoenix?”

Xiao Yan’s group glanced at each other after looking at this extremely mysterious fruit. All of them were at a loss. Even with Xiao Yan’s ability to recognise medicine, he had never heard that there was actually such a unique treasure in this world.

“It seems that the pressure… is being emitted from within the fruit?” Little Fairy Doctor commented softly. Her voice also contained a disbelief.

Xiao Yan’s heart also shook when he heard this. Only then did he discover that the pressure that permeated this place was indeed emitted from within this Dragon Phoenix fruit, which had an extremely strange outer appearance.

“This is the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit… it only exist inside some of the ancient books of the ancient dragon tribe… that phoenix is also not a Heaven Demon Phoenix. Instead, it is their ancestor… the Ancient Heaven Phoenix. This kind of fruit requires the absorption of the lifeforce from an Ancient Void Dragon and a Ancient Heaven Phoenix in order to gain a ten percent chance of being born. Even in the records of the Ancient Void Dragon, this Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit had only appeared for a mere five times. This is the sixth time…”

Zi Yan’s eyes were startled as she looked at the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit that truly only existed in legends. A moment later, she suddenly turned her head. She stood at the top of the altar and looked down at the vast plains from above. Only then did she discover that the pale white colour amidst the bright red mud vaguely outline an extremely huge dragon and Heaven Phoenix skeleton!

An Ancient Void Dragon and an Ancient Heaven Phoenix had actually died together at this very spot!

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