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Chapter 1244: Subdue

Xiao Yan was likely the person who was most familiar with this kind of silver puppet amongst those present. This was because he had also refined one of his own. Moreover, this current Earth Demon Puppet had already evolved until the Sky Demon Puppet stage…

Those puppet outside of the stone door were completely bright silver. Clearly, they were still at the Earth Demon Puppet level. Base on Xiao Yan's estimation, these ten Earth Demon Puppet should have the strength equivalent to the peak of the Dou Zong class. They could already be considered quite strong. However, it would be a little lacking if one wished to stop the many experts from the Central Plains with just them alone.

"Looks like the true remains is behind this stone door." Little Fairy Doctor looked at this heavy stone door and softly said.

"Yes. However, the stone door is tightly shut. There's also a faint spatial fluctuation on it. Clearly, one cannot use brute force to open it. In that case, the method to open it would likely lie in these ten puppets." Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His eyes swept once around and discovered that most people's eyes were pausing on the puppets. Clearly, all of them understood this in their hearts.

"Currently, there is no need for us to attack. There will naturally be people who will take care of this kind of thing…" Tian Huo zun-zhe laughed.

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled and nodded upon hearing this old cunning laughter of Tian Huo zun-zhe. They stood randomly on a remote part of the square and watched the action of everyone present.

While Xiao Yan's group remained quiet, the square experienced some private conversations and hesitation before a gray clothed old man slowly stepped out. From his vast and mighty aura, he was obviously an elite Dou Zun. However, a glance from Xiao Yan's group allowed them to recognise that this old man was merely just a one star Dou Zun.

The sect that this gray clothed old man belonged to was one that Xiao Yan had never seen before. However, he did not think too much about it. The Central Plains was extremely vast. There was an unknown number of hidden experts within it. The strength that some of the low profile factions had was not much weaker than those renown factions.

The old man slowly walked out in front of the many gazes. Vast and mighty Dou Qi lingered around him as he directly walked into the area surrounded by the ten Earth Demon Puppet. That manner appeared as though he had an exceptionally great courage.


When that old man was around a hundred feet into the stone door, those ten statue like unmoving figures emitted a low and deep bone cracking sound. Immediately, ten icy cold empty eyes directly stared at the gray clothed old man. Their hands were clenched and silver light surged from them. Ten bright silver long spear appeared in their hands.


Bright silver light flashed. The ten figures were just like lightning as they carried a sharp wind and attacked the gray clothed old man.

"Ha ha, it is merely a couple of broken puppets. Yet, you are intending on blocking the old me!"

That gray clothed old man laughed out loud upon seeing this. He charged into the group of puppet without any weapon in his hands. Majestic Dou Qi surged. Each time he swung his fist, he would force a puppet backwards.

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head as he looked at the gray clothed old man, who was not at a disadvantage despite fighting against ten alone. The gap between the Dou Zong and Dou Zun class was too great. Although these ten puppets had successfully blocked the gray clothed old man, it was obvious from this situation that they would not be able to endure for long.


Silver light danced within the battleground. The gray clothed old man directly forced three puppets back. His hand, which contained a deep yellow colour, left a half a finger deep palm imprint on the puppets' body.


With their continuous defeat, the ten Earth Demon Puppet suddenly paused their footsteps. Silver glow flashed in their eyes and a low and deep roar was actually emitted from their throats. Immediately, their footsteps moved in an orderly manner and immediately formed a strange formation. Silver glow flickered. Waves after waves of silver snake like energy surged out from within their bodies. After which, they were directly connected to each other, forming a circular ring in the process.


The moment the circular ring was formed, the leading earth demon puppet's throat once again emitted a roar. Immediately, the silver glow weakened in front of Xiao Yan's stunned eyes. A little golden light gradually appeared. A moment later, the golden light completely replaced the silver glow.

"It has actually evolved…"

Xiao Yan's eyes involuntarily shrunk a little upon seeing this scene. He clearly understood just how difficult it was for the Earth Demon Puppet to evolve into the Sky Demon Puppet. Back then, the Earth Demon Puppet had absorbed a lot of Pill Lightning in order to evolve at the last moment. Yet, this Earth Demon Puppet had actually completed this within a short instant.

"It is the effect of the formation. No wonder it is something left by an elite Dou Sheng. The strange formation of ten Earth Demon Puppet together is sufficient to contend against a two star Dou Zun. This old fellow is going to be unlucky!"

Xiao Yan swiftly calmed down and softly muttered to himself after the shock in his heart continued for a moment.


That gold-yellow Sky Demon Puppet in the battleground stomped on the ground. Crack lines spread while its body emitted a 'swoosh' sound and appeared in front of the old man, who had experienced a drastic change in expression. His fist, which contained a golden light, was violently swung out.


Faced with the extremely powerful fist, that old man hurriedly used all of his strength to meet it. At this moment, however, his natural and unrestrained manner was no longer present. The Heaven Demon Puppet after evolving had a strength that was far from what he could imagine. Immediately, a deep sound appeared. A muffled snort was emitted from his throat and a trace of blood surfaced from the corner of his mouth. He staggered backward at the same time.

After the old man withdrew by a distance of a hundred feet, the Sky Demon Puppet once again withdrew its fist. Its body flashed and appeared outside of the stone door. The golden light disappeared and it once again turned into an Earth Demon Puppet, which stood guard at that spot.

This kind of unexpected occurrence had also cause the faces of quite a number of people to change. They might not be afraid of ten Earth Demon Puppet at the peak of the Dou Zong class. However, this Sky Demon Puppet, with a strength of a two star Dou Zun, caused them to fear it greatly. This thing did not possess any sense of pain. It was no different from a killing machine. There were indeed experts present who could finish it off. However, even if one defeated it, one would end up being greatly exhausted. Who would be willing to experience such an exhaustion before even seeing the remains? Those people present did not have such magnanimity.

For a moment, the square descended into an embarrassing atmosphere. Everyone wanted to enter but no one was willing to engage in a life and death battle with these puppets.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes. His eyes directly looked towards the ten puppets. An expression of desire flashed across his eyes. If these puppets really only possessed the strength of the peak of the Dou Zong class, he might really not be interested in them. However, if they could reach a two star Dou Zun level Sky Demon Puppet, it was a different matter altogether… moreover, Xiao Yan was also extremely interested in the mysterious formation of the Earth Demon Puppet. If he added his Sky Demon Puppet into it, it was likely that the strength of the Sky Demon Puppet would rise greatly within a short period of time.

His Sky Demon Puppet was currently able to fight against a three star Dou Zun. If he was to add these ten Earth Demon Puppets and the formation to aid it, it was likely that it could even fight against a five star Dou Zun.

This allure was sufficient to get Xiao Yan to act personally…

"Help me keep an eye on the others…" A silver glow flickered in Xiao Yan's eyes as he softly spoke to Little Fairy Doctor. His toes immediately pressed on the ground and his body rushed over everyone's head like a large bird and steadily landed a hundred feet from the stone door.

"Since no one is going to attack, allow me to be the first to do so."

Everyone were startled as they looked at Xiao Yan, who had suddenly stepped forward. Some of those, who had an enmity with Xiao Yan, frowned slightly. Given their understanding of the latter, this fellow was too shrewd. How would it be possible for him to take the initiative to deal with these troublesome puppets?

"This little fellow has taken the initiative to show himself. He definitely has some motive!" Feng Qing Er frowned slightly and softly said.

The white haired man by the side glanced at Xiao Yan's back and laughed. He actually slowly walked out and said, "With your one star Dou Zun's strength, you cannot even be compared to the First Elder of the Ground Xuan Sect earlier. I think you should forget about it. Coincidentally, I am quite interested in these puppets. If I bring them back to act as door guards, it would appear quite domineering.

This person's eyes were extremely sharp. He appeared to have seen through Xiao Yan intention towards these puppets with a glance.

Xiao Yan knitted his brows slightly in the face of this white haired man, who had suddenly interfered. He immediately shook his head and said, "This is not a matter you can be worried about."

After uttering those words, Xiao Yan's foot suddenly pressed on the ground. His body directly charge into a hundred feet radius of the stone door. Seeing this, the white haired man also smiled. His body flashed and he also charge in. He waved his sleeves and a sharp wind was swung towards Xiao Yan's back in front of him.

Xiao Yan's back appeared to have some eyes growing on them in the face of this wind that was headed towards him from behind. His body was twisted and he easily dodged it. A thought passed through his heart and the vast and mighty Spiritual Strength lingering between his eyebrows also surged out in all directions. After which, it transformed into thousands of parts that rushed towards those puppets that were emitting a silver glow.

Xiao Yan had once created the Earth Demon Puppet and was clearly aware of the weakness of such puppets. If it was a head on collision, one could only end the battle after tearing them into pieces. However, Xiao Yan did not which to shatter them. What he wanted was control, a control that was similar to that which he had over his Sky Demon Puppet.

The spiritual imprint of the Earth Demon Puppet's creator was present within its body. As long as this spiritual imprint was removed and a spiritual imprint of his own was to replaced it, he would be able to easily control the puppets. However, this kind of spiritual imprint was hidden in a very deep spot. If it was not because Xiao Yan had personally created one, it would be impossible for him to be aware of it.

"Humph! This brat is really intending to control the puppets!"

The white haired man had also sensed it when Xiao Yan's Spiritual Strength spread. He was unaware of the method to control the puppet. Hence, he was unable to snatch with Xiao Yan. However, he was also not an ordinary person. Seeing that he was unable to stop Xiao Yan, he flashed his body and appeared in front of an Earth Demon Puppet. A fist was violently swung and it landed heavily onto its body.

Since he was unable to obtain it, he would destroy it!


After the frightening fist landed, the Earth Demon Puppet's body immediately cracked and formed numerous crack lines. Seeing this, a smile was revealed on the white haired man's face when it stiffened. This was because he discovered that those crack lines had disappeared rapidly when the silver glow once again surged out from within the body of the puppet.

"I don't believe that I cannot break this puppet!"

A fierce glint flashed across the white haired man's eyes. His tongue let out a sharp cry. Frightening wind swiftly gathered. A golden light suddenly rushed over just when this punch of his was about to be unleashed. A sharp ear-piercing sound of wind being split caused the former's expression to change a little. He hurriedly pulled back.

The white haired man swept his gaze around while he pulled back, only to discover that the golden light was a dark golden coloured puppet. The feeling that this puppet gave him appeared to be even more dangerous than the golden light puppet from earlier.

"This brat also possess such a puppet. No wonder he would attack!"

The white haired man suddenly came to an understanding when he saw the dark golden coloured Sky Demon Puppet.

The white haired man hurriedly raised his head while this thought flashed across his heart, only to coincidentally see Xiao Yan slowly opening his eyes. The latter glanced at him coldly before beckoning with his hand. Those ten puppets emitted a 'swoosh' sound before being kept into the latter's Storage Ring.

Chapter 1245: Ancient Forest

The process of subduing the Earth Demon Puppets was far smoother than what Xiao Yan had expected. This was because he did not discover even a trace of spiritual imprint in the body of these Earth Demon Puppets. This kind of situation also caused Xiao Yan to feel quite lost. Perhaps it was because the countless amount of time had eroded the spiritual imprint or perhaps that Dou Sheng class ancient expert did not possess much interest in these puppets that he had randomly created and was even too lazy to place even a trace of spiritual imprint.

Regardless of what the reason was, when Xiao Yan's Spiritual Strength invaded the bodies of these Earth Demon Puppet, he had discovered that he had already established a relationship with them. This process was without even the slightest difficult. Even if some other random person was to give it a try, he would be immediately able to control them.

Therefore, Xiao Yan's expression had become quite strange after having kept all these puppets into his Storage Ring. His eyes glanced towards the gray clothed old man, who was being beaten to the point of vomiting blood earlier. He quietly thought in his heart about whether this old fellow would vomit blood from anger should he be aware that the method to pass through this place was so simple that it caused one to feel a disbelief?

"This little fellow… he has actually subdued those puppets."

Everyone on the square was looking at Xiao Yan in a speechless manner while that strange thought rose within Xiao Yan's heart. It had only been two to three minutes but the ten peak Dou Zong class powerful puppet, which could even fight against a two star Dou Zun with their combined strength, had actually landed in Xiao Yan's hands. For a moment, the expressions of quite a number of people became exceptionally interesting. The envy and jealousy within their eyes could not be hidden. A puppet that had the strength equivalent to a two star Dou Zun. This was sufficient to stir the envy of anyone regardless of where one placed it.

These people, especially those who had some grudge with Xiao Yan like Lei zun-zhe, Bing He zun-zhe and the rest, were envious and unwilling to resign to the situation. The stronger the strength around Xiao Yan meant that the threat towards them would be greater.

Xiao Yan merely took a glance and withdrew his sight in the face of the gazes from these fellows. No matter how these fellows view him with dislike, they would not dare to attack him here. The motive of this trip of theirs was the Tian class Dou Skill within the remains. How would they dare to engage in a life and death battle with Xiao Yan's group before they obtain it?


Soon after Xiao Yan kept those ten puppets into his Storage Ring, the tightly shut stone door emitted a creaking mechanical sound. That heavy thick stone door was also slowly opened to reveal a hole…

A desolate ancient aura slowly drifted out following the gradual opening of the stone door. This caused quite a number of people to adopt a solemn expression. An item from the ancient times was quite scared to quite a number of people.

Upon seeing the opening stone door, Xiao Yan's figure moved and gently drifted backwards. After which, he once again returned to his position from earlier. The corner of the mouth of quite a number of people twitched upon seeing this action of his. They quietly cursed 'crafty brat' in their hearts. It was obvious that Xiao Yan did not wish to be the first to enter this mysterious remains…

The main door was slowly completely opened and the creaking sound also gradually halted. Everyone on the square looked at each other. However, no one took the lead to walk in.

Xiao Yan ignored the silence on the square. He rubbed the Storage Ring with his finger. The smile on the corner of his mouth was quite brilliant. It was unexpected that he had obtained such a treasure after just having entered the remains. This was considered good luck…

There were occasionally some experts who would hurry over from outside of the square. Clearly, they were experts who had discovered the secret of the fire path. Upon seeing an increasing number of experts gathering at this place, those experts and factions that were the first to arrive became a little impatient. A moment later, there was finally someone who could not endure it any longer and took the lead to slowly walk into the stone door. Fortunately, no miserable cry appeared this time around.

Everyone suddenly sighed in relief upon seeing that nothing happened to the leading goat.

"Let's go."

Xiao Yan smiled slightly. He let out a low cry as his foot stomped onto the ground. His body transformed into a black shadow that rushed into the remains behind the stone door with lightning like speed. Little Fairy Doctor and the rest quickly followed behind him.

"This cunning fellow!"

Quite a number of people cursed in their hearts when they saw Xiao Yan moving immediately after seeing that there was no danger. They also quickly moved their bodies and raised their speed to the maximum. All of them flooded into the large hall like floodwater.

Xiao Yan's group was quick to charge in. In the blink of an eye, they had already entered the stone door. After which, their speed was reduced. Their eyes were stunned as they watched the scene that appeared in front of them.

The thing that appeared in front of them was an incomparably large hall. A person would feel exceptionally tiny when standing in this large hall. Everyone looked around them and discovered that there were quite a number of deep corridors around the large hall that extended to an unknown location. At this moment, there were already quite a few factions and experts who had charged in. They had began to separate and rush towards those pathway.

"Zi Yan, can you sense something?" Xiao Yan knitted his eyebrows as he looked at these pathways with ends that could not be seen. He turned towards Zi Yan by the side and asked. This place was still the entrance area of the large hall. Its interior would definitely be even more complicated. They would really have a tough time searching if they charged around randomly.

"I am able to sniff some scent of medicinal ingredients. However, it is very vague…" Zi Yan twitched her nose and said.

"Lead the way." Xiao Yan hurriedly said with some joy.


Zi Yan nodded. She identified their direction before rushing towards a path at the left of the large hall. Xiao Yan's group hurriedly followed.

The pathway of the large hall was extremely wide. The couple of them appeared just like little birds flying within it. It was also possible to see some other experts coming to seek for treasures along the way. Fortunately, they did not head over and disturb Xiao Yan's group.

There were occasionally some rooms located at the two side of this path. At times, a large group of people would swarm over like bandits and began to thoroughly search the rooms. Although this action was very barbaric, there were indeed some lucky fellows who had found some Qi Method and Dou Skills. However, their class were not very high. The best of of all them had only reached the Di class. Even though this was the case, the one who obtained the treasure would still end up attracting quite a number of fiery hot gazes.

While Xiao Yan's group was following the medicinal ingredient scent in their search, they would occasionally barge into a couple of rooms but they did not obtain anything useful. It was likely that the true treasures were not kept in these places.

Seeing that these rooms would not provide much reward, Xiao Yan's group also completely withdrew their attentions from them. They focused on following behind Zi Yan. After they had flew for around fifteen minutes or so in the corridor, Zi Yan at the front gradually came to a halt.

The eyes of Xiao Yan's group were instantly thrown towards the front after seeing Zi Yan coming to a halt. There was an extremely ancient stone door at that spot. A great amount of moss had climbed over the stone door, allowing one to sense just how long had passed.

"This place has the densest scent of medicinal ingredient. It is likely this is where the medicinal ingredients are stored. I wonder if they are spoilt after so many years." Zi Yan pointed at the stone door and said.

"Unlikely. An elite Dou Sheng has many ways to preserve medicinal ingredients forever." Xiao Yan shook his head. He slowly stepped forwards and carefully checked the place. Only after discovering that there was no trap did he use his strength to push the stone door open.


Amidst a low and deep noise, the mossed covered thick heavy stone door was being slowly pushed open. Waves of rich medicinal fragrance that had been hidden for countless number of years immediately surged out. It caused the mind of everyone to be braced.

A surprise also flashed across Xiao Yan's eyes when he sniffed this fragrance. He increased the strength on his hand and the stone door was completely pushed opened.

A glaring bright light shot out the instant the stone door was fully opened. This caused the eyes of Xiao Yan's group to be narrowed. They swiftly took two steps back and the Dou Qi within their bodies also swiftly began to circulate. They were prepared to intervene in any sudden unexpected situations.

The light gradually weakened and everyone's eyes were once again opened. Immediately, they gently inhaled a breath of cool air.

Behind the stone door was not a stone room as everyone had expected. Instead, it was a forest… an ancient forest that was completely made up of various rare and precious medicinal ingredients!

"Damnit… compared to the medicinal ingredients here, the Ten Thousand Medicinal Mountain Range of mine is really nothing…" Xiong Zhan looked at these many medicinal ingredients that were extremely rare in the outside world. His face was completely stunned.


Xiao Yan was also violently stunned by this ancient forest, which was completely made up of rare and precious medicinal ingredients. It was a long time later before he gradually recovered. He swiftly pulled everyone in before shutting the stone door behind them. Although he knew that this was not very useful to those bandit like fellows, this would at least cause some people to miss it. Such a frightening medicinal ingredient reserve definitely possessed an allure that could not be resisted to some factions.

"Wow, this is a good place!"

Zi Yan's eyes appeared to have countless number of tiny stars in them at this moment. She wiped off her saliva and finally leaped without being able to control. After which, she reached into some ganoderma with an extremely rich energy and grabbed it. She subsequently stuffed it into her mouth. The medicinal ingredients here had an exceptionally dense energy after having grown for countless of years. This was a great nourishment for Zi Yan. Although its taste was a little inferior before having undergone Xiao Yan's refinement, the rich energy was able to allow Zi Yan to bolt out the taste.

Xiao Yan felt neither able to laugh nor cry when he saw this action of hers. His gaze swept around him and forcefully endured the impulse to place all the medicinal ingredients in this forest into his Storage Ring. With a wave of his hand, he walked towards the deep parts of the forest. Currently, there was not much time for him to take all of the medicinal ingredients here with him.

"Let's go and find the Soul Baby Fruit first!"

Little Fairy Doctor's group nodded. After which, she pulled Zi Yan, who was lying within the medicinal ingredient pile and refusing to move, up. Next, they followed Xiao Yan and walked into this ancient forest.

Chapter 1246: Soul Baby Demon Tree

The vast forest had an unusual fragrance lingering over it. A faint fog covered the forest and there would occasionally be some small beast rushing out from the grass. The peaceful atmosphere caused it to appear like paradise.

"This ancient forest had already formed its own world after countless number of years of evolution. It also possess quite a number of powerful Magical Beasts. Everyone should be careful."

A couple of figures rushed over the midair before landing on a large tree. Xiao Yan's eyes swept around him before softly issuing the reminder. He could sense that there were quite a number of powerful auras in this forest. They were clearly the Magical Beasts of this place.

"Yes, quite a number of Magical Beasts here are creatures belonging to the ancient times. Their fighting strength are quite strong. It would be a little troublesome if one get entangled with them." Tian Huo zun-zhe nodded and spoke in a deep voice.

"Tch. What did it matter if they are ancient creatures. Relax, everything will be fine if you follow me." Zi Yan curled her small mouth. Her eyes swept around her before her toes pressed onto a tree branch. Her delicate small body rushed out and headed into the deep parts of the forest.

"Let's follow this girl. It will be safer following her in this place." Xiao Yan smiled towards everyone before taking the lead to follow Zi Yan.

This ancient forest was quite big. Even with the speed of Xiao Yan's group, they were still unable to see the edge of the forest despite having shuttled for over ten minutes. From this, one could tell just how vast the remains left behind by this Dou Sheng from the ancient times was.

Xiao Yan's group had felt quite a lot of powerful auras along the way. There were even a couple of times when there were some large sized ferocious looking Magical Beast passing in front of them. However, perhaps it was because Zi Yan was an Ancient Void Dragon. That vaguely present dragon might caused these Magical Beast to avoid stepping forward and disturb their group. This had caused Xiao Yan's group to travel smoothly.


A couple of human figures rushed passed the forest before Xiao Yan paused his footsteps. He turned his head towards the north and frowned tightly.

"What is it?" Little Fairy Doctor hurriedly asked upon seeing this.

"Other people have entered. Moreover, there's quite a large number of them." Xiao Yan said.

"Looks like they have also discovered the stone door." Little Fairy Doctor knitted her eyebrows and said.

"No, they are from another direction. It looks like there are more entrances into this ancient forest than just the one who took." Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. He immediately continued, "Looks like we need to be faster."

"I've sensed it!"

Xiao Yan's words had just sounded when a joy suddenly surged on the little face of Zi Yan at the front.

"Soul Baby Fruit?" Xiao Yan's heart tightened as he hurriedly asked.

"Yes, that's no mistake. I am more familiar than you when it comes to the scent of these kind of natural treasure." Zi Yan nodded. She did not hesitate as she pressed her toes on a tree branch and swiftly charge out. Xiao Yan's group hurriedly followed behind her.

Swoosh swoosh!

The sound of rushing wind continued to appear deep within the forest. Due to them being afraid of being followed, Xiao Yan's group had increased their speed greatly. Their group randomly moved around behind Zi Yan. Only after ten minutes did Zi Yan in front finally gently landed her body in front of a large tree. Her eyes were staring intently at the front.

Xiao Yan also swiftly landed. His eyes followed Zi Yan's gaze and swept over the place. After which, it stilled. A wild joy that was difficult to hide appeared on his face.

The thing that appeared in front of Xiao Yan's group was a hundred feet large lake. The lake water within was unusually clear. However, one could not see the bottom at a glance. The middle of the lake was a small floating plot of land. It was just like a small island at the middle of a lake. On that island was an extremely strange small tree.

The small tree was grayish silver in colour. Its tree branches were entwined like vines. These tree branches would form a strange arc wherever it was extended. If looked at it while standing from afar, one would discover that the shape of these plants were very much like a pregnant woman with a bulging womb. There was a golden light overflowing from the interior of the belly that was formed by the many branches.

"It is indeed the Soul Baby Demon Tree…"

Xiao Yan sighed in relief when he saw this strange shaped plant and spoke in a rejoiced manner.

"What are you waiting for now that you have found it. Go and get it!" Xiong Zhan parted his mouth and laughed.

"Wait, any natural spiritual objects will have some guardian Magical Beast. This Soul Baby Fruit is a unique treasure that refines a soul. It possess a great effect towards some Magical Beasts too. How is it possible for it not to have a guardian beast." Zi Yan, however shook her head. After which, her eyes paused on the lake. Her small fist was clenched and she threw a punch. A frightening wind violently slammed onto the surface of the lack and creating an enormous hole.


This punch had just been thrown when the calm lake surface suddenly formed a monstrous wave. Immediately, Xiao Yan's group discovered that there was an enormous shadow swiftly surfacing from within the lake. Finally, a splash sounded and it broke out of the water. Its enormous eyes contained a fierce glint as it swept all over the place.

"It is actually the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon. It has already become extinct in the outside world…" Zi Yan was involuntarily surprised when she saw the enormous Magical Beast that broke out of the water.

Xiao Yan's group also looked at this enormous being that had broke out from the water. This thing possessed a body of a snake. Its long body was covered with green scales. That body of it was extremely long, so much so that Xiao Yan's group could only see the portion above the surface of the water. There was also a dark black long horn on its head. The long horn had some mysterious symbols and there was a blue coloured light vaguely flickering over it.

Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon. This kind of Magical Beast from the ancient times was something that Xiao Yan had read about from some ancient text. During the ancient times, the fighting strength of such a Magical Beast was quite famous. It was rumoured that the body of the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon had some dragon tribe bloodline flowing within it. If it could wash and refine it as well as experience many lightning tribulations, it might perhaps be able to evolve into a true Ancient Void Dragon existence.

"It is unexpected that we are still able to see the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon here…" Xiao Yan sighed. After which, he looked at Zi Yan. The latter nodded and said, "Leave it to me."

The strength of this Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon was around that of the peak of rank 7. However, by relying on its bloodline and physical body, it could even fight against an elite Dou Zun. Although Xiao Yan's group could finish it off, it was naturally the best if they need not fight. Should this fellow's beast instincts be unleashed during the battle and end up destroying the Soul Baby Fruit, they would really end up in a situation where there was nowhere for them to go crying to.

Zi Yan leaped down from the tree branch and gently landed on the lake. Purple light spread out from her body and transformed into a ten feet large purple light dragon. This purple dragon roared towards the sky when it appeared.

Although the purple dragon was small in size it was a genuine Ancient Void Dragon. That was the pinnacle existence within the Magical Beast world. Additionally, the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon possessed a similar bloodline to it. That kind of dragon might was obviously exceptionally intense.

Under the low roar by the purple dragon, the fierceness in the eyes of the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon was also gradually withdrawn. Its enormous body slowly shrunk back into the water. That enormous head moved towards Zi Yan in an extremely gentle pet like manner.

Xiao Yan's group sighed in relief when they saw this. Zi Yan patted the head of the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon before pointing towards the Soul Baby Tree at the middle of the lake.

That Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon was startled for a moment after seeing the direction that Zi Yan pointed towards. Its eyes had a human like unwillingness appearing in it. It had protected the Soul Baby Fruit for so many years. Naturally, it was unwilling to just give it to others. However, the bloodline pressure that was emitted from Zi Yan's body caused it to be unable to resist. In an instant, it could only end up being dispirited and appeared quite pitiful.

"Can we give it some compensation? It is really very pitiful." Zi Yan's heart softened upon seeing this manner of the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon. She turned her head and asked Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan's figure rushed down and landed beside Zi Yan. He cupped his hands towards the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon and said, "I am really sorry. Originally, I do not wish to snatch something that you like but the Soul Baby Fruit is really too important to us. This kind of unique treasure might be of great use to one's soul but the main aspect that a Magical Beast train is the physical body. The effect of having a strong soul is not very great. I have two types of medicinal pills that possessed some refining effect towards a Magical Beast physical body. It should possess quite a great effect towards you. Additionally, your body contains the ancient dragon bloodline. There is quite a great difficult transforming into a human form. There is also a matured Body Transformation Grass…"

The eyes of the Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon immediately brightened when it heard the words 'Body Transformation Grass'. Only then did it suddenly nod its large head.

Xiao Yan quietly sighed in relief within his heart upon seeing this. He hurriedly took out the medicinal pills and a jade box. The Heaven Reaching Semi-Dragon sucked with its large mouth and swallowed all of them into its stomach. It was finally satisfied with this compensation. It moved its enormous body and entered the deep parts of the lake while bringing about some ripples.

After gently dispatching with this large fellow, Xiao Yan waved his hand towards Zi Yan by the side. His body subsequently moved and he appeared on the island at the middle of the lake.

Only when he stood beside the Soul Baby Demon Tree did Xiao Yan realise that two fist size golden fruits were hung within the pregnant woman's belly like tree branches. The fruits appeared just like a vivid human like baby. A vaguely present fragrance spread from it, causing the soul between Xiao Yan's brows to involuntarily tremble a little.

"Quickly take the thing away. The sound of Magical Beast roar within this forest is becoming dense. It seems that quite a number of people had barge in." Little Fairy Doctor's group also hurried to the island in the middle and urged.

Xiao Yan nodded. He cut a thick Soul Baby Demon Tree branch before swiftly making a somewhat crude wooden box. This Soul Baby Fruit was extremely mysterious. It cannot be kept using any other materials. Otherwise, it would gradually vaporize. The only thing that could contain it was the tree branch of the demon tree.

Upon the successful creation of a wooden box, Xiao Yan carefully cut through the many branches. After which, he cut off the two tree branches that held the Soul Baby Fruit and carefully placed them into the wooden box. He flipped his hand and kept it into his Storage Ring.

"We have finally obtained the Soul Baby Fruit…"

Xiao Yan's heart appeared as though it had been relieved of a heavy stone the moment he kept the Soul Baby Fruit into his Storage Ring. He had finally completed his mission. Yao Lao would definitely be able to recover his peak strength this time around!

"Let's go…"

Xiao Yan was planning to leave quickly after having kept the Soul Baby Fruit when he discovered that Zi Yan beside him was staring at an even deeper part of the forest in a startled manner. He became stunned as he asked, "What is it?"

"There… something is summoning me."

Zi Yan's eyes also became a little loss and blurry at this moment. That kind of feeling seemed to have originated from her bloodline.

Chapter 1247: Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit

Xiao Yan's group were startled upon hearing these words of Zi Yan. They followed her eyes and looked towards the spot where she was staring at. However, all they could see was an endless forest. There was not the slightest unusual sign at that place.

Xiao Yan revealed an expression of deep thought. It was impossible for Zi Yan to suddenly have such a feeling. The latter was an Ancient Void Dragon. Forget about him, it was likely that even Yao Lao did not really understand that kind of mysterious existence. As for that kind of mysterious summoning that Zi Yan had mentioned, it was perhaps only something that she alone could sense.

"What should we do? The sound of Magical Beast roar within this ancient forest is becoming increasingly close to each other. It seemed that quite a number of experts had been attracted to this place…" Little Fairy Doctor looked at Xiao Yan and said.

Xiao Yan frowned slightly. He glanced at Zi Yan, whose eyes had remained locked on the deep parts of the forest. A moment later, he finally nodded violently and spoke in a deep voice, "Let's go and take a look. Since we have entered a treasure mountain, we must naturally witness a true treasure. Those other treasure seekers do not have the deterrence of a dragon's might. It is not easy for them to successfully walk in. We still have a sufficient amount of time."

A smile surfaced on the small face of Zi Yan, who had been staring continuously, after seeing Xiao Yan nod his head. Her toes pressed on the ground and her body took the lead to rush into the deep parts of the forest. Xiao Yan's group hurriedly followed upon seeing this.

The Magical Beast aura in the forest behind the lake was undoubtedly even fiercer than those outside. There were even a couple of auras that caused Xiao Yan's group to reveal a solemn expression. It was fortunate that there was Zi Yan's dragon's might as a deterrence. Although those auras had also sensed Xiao Yan's group, it was obvious that they gradually withdrew after hesitating. In their memories, those owners of this kind of dragon might were all extremely troublesome existence. It was best to avoid provoking them if they could.

Of course, these beasts that had remained within this ancient forest for an unknown amount of time, failed to sense that the owner of this dragon might was merely a child Ancient Void Dragon…

Nevertheless, Xiao yan's group was lucky to have not met with much obstruction within this deep regions of the forest where danger lurks all around. Hence, after shuttling through it for nearly ten minutes, the speed of their group had slowly reduced.

"The surrounding aura has completely disappeared…"

Little Fairy Doctor suddenly sensed something when they stepped into a certain region and she softly commented.

Xiao Yan's expression changed slightly upon hearing this. After briefly sensing the place, he indeed discovered that those monstrous aura that he had felt earlier had actually completely disappeared.

"What happened?" Tian Huo zun-zhe also frowned tightly. A cautious expression also surfaced on his face. If one was careless in this place, it was likely that one could only forever remain in this place as the fertilizer for the medicine.

"There is no need to be worried. This place is already the centre of the ancient forest." Zi Yan softly said. Her eyes were focused intently on a spot a short distance ahead. That place was a flat land. There was nothing strange on those lush green grass. This caused Xiao Yan's group to wonder a little. Was this the place that had summoned Zi Yan?

Zi Yan drifted down from a tree branch and she slowly took over a dozen steps on the ground. After which, her small face was serious as she extended her little hand. Just when her small hand came into contact with the empty space half a foot from the ground, a golden light suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Xiao Yan's group looked at the golden light that had suddenly appeared. Some surprise flashed across their eyes. This golden light turned into an inverted bowl shape. The bottom and top were round. Its size was a hundred over feet in diameter. Although the golden light was dazzling, it was covered by the many densely stacked trees. Unless one was close by, otherwise, it was impossible to discover it.

"What is this?" Xiao Yan's group also flashed and appeared beside Zi Yan. They looked at the golden light barrier in front and a solemn expression covered their eyes. They could sense a kind of pressure from this mysterious golden light barrier. This kind of pressure allowed them to understand that even if all of them were to join hands, it was likely that they would not be able to break this strange golden light barrier.

"This is a beast spiritual barrier. Only a Magical Beast with extremely great strength when it was alive could form such a beast spirit barrier and can only do so when it was about to die." Zi Yan's small hand gently rubbed the light barrier. A kind of faint grief was present on her face.

Xiao Yan was silent. Since this thing was summoning Zi Yan, it meant that the owner of this beast spiritual barrier was very likely from the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

"Something's wrong…" Zi Yan touched the light barrier. Her small face changed suddenly as she said, "This beast spiritual barrier not only have the scent of an Ancient Void Dragon but there seemed to be a little… Heaven Demon Phoenix scent? However, this kind of scent is far purer than the current Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe."

Xiao Yan's group looked at each other upon hearing this. Could it be that someone from the ancient Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had also died in this place?"

"Won't you know if you open and take a look?" Xiong Zhan by the side rubbed his head and said.

Zi Yan nodded slightly. Since she had come here, she must go in and take a look. Immediately, she bit her delicate finger. A drop of golden yellow blood appeared. She placed her finger gently onto the beast spiritual barrier before drawing a golden yellow blood mark.

"Only those with similar bloodline are able to open this kind of beast spiritual barrier…"

Following the drawing of the golden yellow blood mark, the spot where the mark was swiftly fluctuated. Immediately, the golden light barrier rippled and a golden light crack line was slowly being torn and formed.

"Let's go…"

Zi Yan waved her hand upon seeing this. She took a step in. After hesitating for a moment, Xiao Yan's group behind her also closely followed. After the last person entered the beast spiritual barrier, that golden light fluctuated once again and the crack line swiftly disappeared.

Xiao Yan's group felt dazzled the moment they stepped into the beast spiritual barrier. The lush green forest disappeared almost instantly. A desolated plain replaced it.

The size of this plain was quite large. It was covered with bright red sand that looked as though it had been dyed with fresh blood. There would occasionally be some pale white stone dust colour amidst the bright redness. When they looked afar, everyone found that there was a thousand feet large ancient stone altar located at the middle of the plains. A vaguely present pressure permeated from the altar, causing the Dou Qi within the body of Xiao Yan's group to become sluggish.

"What a frightening pressure…"

Xiao Yan's group exchanged looks with each other. They could see a shock from the other party's eyes. Just the pressure alone could cause them to be in such a condition. Just how frightening was the owner of the pressure?

Zi Yan's eyes were directly locked onto that enormous stone altar the moment she entered this place. She mused for a moment before her toes pressed gently onto the ground. After which, she flew towards the altar. From her manner, it seemed that she was not affected by this kind of pressure.

Xiao Yan's group hurriedly followed when they saw this action of Zi Yan. A moment later, they finally landed above the huge stone altar.

An ancient feeling pounced towards them upon close contact with this enormous stone altar. This caused Xiao Yan's group to rearrange their emotions.

Xiao Yan's group stood at the middle of the altar. Looking up from this spot, they could see a flight of green stone stairs that extended to the end.

Zi Yan's eyes were startled as she looked at the end of the stone stairs. That summoning feeling seemed to be increasingly strong.


Zi Yan gently exhaled a breath of air. Her small face had also become unusually grave. Her foot stomped on the ground and she transformed into a light figure that rushed up the stone stairs in a lightning like manner before appearing at the end of the altar.

Xiao Yan's group followed closely behind. When they arrived at the front of the altar, they ended up seeing Zi Yan's incredible stunned face. His eyes looked over, only to see that there was a golden-purple stone platform at the middle of the altar. A half a foot large groove was present above the stone stairs. At this moment, a small tree seedling was beginning to grow from within the stone platform. The three seedling was only as thick as a thumb but it meandered around like an enormous dragon. The top of this little tree seedling hung a fruit.

This fruit was the size of a palm. It was both golden and purple in colour. If one was to carefully observe it, one could discover that the golden half was twisting and turning, appearing just like a shrunk version of an Ancient Void Dragon. The other purple half was dancing with spread wings… a phoenix?

That's right. It was indeed a Heaven Demon Phoenix. Although this was a little different from the drawing that Xiao Yan had seen but the overall shape could still be recognised by Xiao Yan.

"A fruit that is formed by an Ancient Void Dragon and a Heaven Demon Phoenix?"

Xiao Yan's group glanced at each other after looking at this extremely mysterious fruit. All of them were at a loss. Even with Xiao Yan's ability to recognise medicine, he had never heard that there was actually such a unique treasure in this world.

"It seems that the pressure… is being emitted from within the fruit?" Little Fairy Doctor commented softly. Her voice also contained a disbelief.

Xiao Yan's heart also shook when he heard this. Only then did he discover that the pressure that permeated this place was indeed emitted from within this Dragon Phoenix fruit, which had an extremely strange outer appearance.

"This is the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit… it only exist inside some of the ancient books of the ancient dragon tribe… that phoenix is also not a Heaven Demon Phoenix. Instead, it is their ancestor… the Ancient Heaven Phoenix. This kind of fruit requires the absorption of the lifeforce from an Ancient Void Dragon and a Ancient Heaven Phoenix in order to gain a ten percent chance of being born. Even in the records of the Ancient Void Dragon, this Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit had only appeared for a mere five times. This is the sixth time…"

Zi Yan's eyes were startled as she looked at the Dragon Phoenix Origin Fruit that truly only existed in legends. A moment later, she suddenly turned her head. She stood at the top of the altar and looked down at the vast plains from above. Only then did she discover that the pale white colour amidst the bright red mud vaguely outline an extremely huge dragon and Heaven Phoenix skeleton!

An Ancient Void Dragon and an Ancient Heaven Phoenix had actually died together at this very spot!

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