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Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234: Beast Region

The azure sky was clear within thousands of kilometres. The sky appeared to be just an enormous blue mirror that was incomparably clear.


A crane cry was suddenly transmitted from the quiet sky. Immediately, a white figure rushed over from the distant sky. It was accompanied by a wild wind that whistled past the sky.

Only when one was close could one see that the white figure was a snow white giant crane. A couple of figures were seated on its spacious back. It was surprisingly Xiao Yan’s group, which had left the Falling Star Pavilion.

This trip to the Beast Region would definitely not be a smooth one. There were too many experts being attracted by the ancient remains. It was not an easy matter if one wish to obtain the things one needed in this place. Hence, Xiao Yan had brought Little Fairy Doctor, Zi Yan, Tian Huo zun-zhe and Xiong Zhan with him on this trip. This lineup, along with Xiao Yan’s current strength, was already very strong. Although it was unable to move unhindered within the Beast Region, it was not one that anyone would dare to come and offend.

“Ugh, what fun is there in the Beast Region. Why are we going there…”

Zi Yan had some complains over the destination of this trip. She continued to mutter in this manner all the way. However, Xiao Yan merely smiled in the face of this. He was aware that Zi Yan had most likely head to the so called Beast Region during this period where she was missing. That was the place where most Magical Beast Tribe in the Dou Qi continent gathered. Although the Ancient Void Dragon was extremely mysterious, it was likely that there would be some similar bloodline linking all of them, which possess some bloodline connection. Therefore, Zi Yan would follow this feeling of hers and head to the Beast Region.

Little Fairy Doctor also smiled slightly when she heard Zi Yan’s muttering. Xiao Yan had successfully awaken and his injuries had completely healed. This caused her to become completely relaxed. Her usually tensed face had also become much more relax.

“Ugh, stop muttering…”

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He tossed a small jade bottle towards Zi Yan. The latter received at and took a look. Only then did some joy appear at the tip of her brows. She poured the Yaowan inside into her mouth as though they were beans before chewing for a long while. Only then did she laughed, “That place is not as nice to muddle in as the Central Plains. Since the ancient remains has currently appeared in the Beast Region, you will need to make the preparations for a bloody battle if you intend to obtain anything from it.”

“Qing Luan, tell us about the faction distribution within the Beast Region. It will allow us to be prepared beforehand and become aware of just who we can offend and who we should not.” Xiao Yan ignored Zi Yan. He turned his eyes towards Mu Qing Luan, who was seated by the side, and smilingly asked.

Mu Qing Luan raised his eyes upon hearing this. Her eyes still contained a complicated expression as she looked at Xiao Yan. Who could have imagined that this fellow would actually directly breakthrough to the Dou Zun class after experiencing a serious injury. This level was one that she had dreamed of.

“The Beast Region has gathered nearly seventy percent of the Magical Beast clan. That place is the world of the Magical Beast. It includes the three great tribes of the Magical Beast world, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python and the Ancient Void Dragon…” Mu Qing Luan stared at Xiao Yan when she mentioned the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. She softly said, “You should be a little more careful. The Heaven Phoenix Tribe is extremely sensitive to the Heaven Phoenix Essence Blood. You are able to hide from Feng Qin

g Er back then because she was not strong. However, if you meet the experts from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe in the Beast Region, it will be very difficult to hide it…”

“The Heaven Demon Phoenix is one of the three great tribes in the Magical Beast world. There are many experts within the tribe and it is extremely frightening. Even though you have currently already advanced to the Dou Zun class, you can only pull back in the face of such a frightening faction… therefore, it is best that you think of a way to get rid of the Heaven Demon Phoenix essence on your before you enter the Beast Region.” Mu Qing Luan spoke seriously.

Xiao Yan fondled his chin. There was no need to talk about the terrifying strength of the Heaven Demon Phoenix given that it was able to become one of the three great tribes of the Magical Beast world. If there was no special circumstances, Xiao Yan did not wish to be enemies with them.

“Chi, the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe is nothing. Xiao Yan, you need not be afraid. With me around, I will let them all be unable to return if they dare to come.” Upon hearing this, Zi Yan, who was chewing happily by the side, immediately curled her lips, patted her small chest and said.

Mu Qing Luan was stunned as she glanced at Zi Yan. She was not certain about the latter’s status. However, from the manner in which Feng zun-zhe and the rest treated her, it seemed that the background of this little girl was strong. However, regardless of how strong her background was, these words were a little boastful. By being able to become one of the three great tribes of the Magical Beast world, there were hardly any person or faction who would dare utter such words to the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Mu Qing Luan did not think that this little girl in front of her possessed such an ability.

Xiao Yan glanced at Zi Yan and involuntarily shook her head. Although this girl was an Ancient Void Dragon, she was still too young. She might be quite strong but it was far from the point of being able to frighten the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe with just her name.

“Relax, I will think of a solution regarding the Demon Phoenix blood…” Xiao Yan turned his eyes towards Qing Luan and smilingly said.

“It is good that you have the confidence. You should be aware of the seriousness of this manner. Offending the Heaven Demon Phoenix in the beast region is equivalent to offending a faction like the Pill Tower in the Central Plains. It will be extremely troublesome.” Mu Qing Luan nodded and softly said, “The subsidiary relationship in the Beast Region is extremely strong. A powerful tribe will possess many subsidiary tribes. These subsidiary tribes view the main tribe as the leader. There are many implications in these relationship. If one wish to discuss about it, it is even more complicated than the main sect and branch sect in the human world.”

“The tribe that I come from is the Green Mythical Bird Tribe. Although we cannot be compared to the Heaven Demon Phoenix, we also possess some reputation within the Beast Region. There are nearly ten subsidiary tribes under my tribe. The combination of the experts from these tribes will be quite strong.”

There was some surprise in Xiao Yan’s eyes. The uniqueness of this region had created a unique style. Although the human world also possessed this kind of subsidiary relationship, it was far from having developed into such an intertwined manner. A human heart was at times far more complicated than that of a beast.

“The one with the most subsidiary tribes within the Beast Region is the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe. Their numbers is the largest amongst the three great tribes. Of course, the result of gaining in numbers was that the bloodline of the current Nine Serene Deep Ground Python is becoming increasingly impure…” Mu Qing Luan spread her hands and said, “The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe has an extremely harsh management of its bloodline. Even the dead Heaven Demon Phoenix must be buried within the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe forbidden ground. Any outsider who obtained the corpse or other parts of the Heaven Demon Phoenix only have two choices. One was to take the initiative to hand it over while the second… was to be chased after by them with killing intent.”

Mu Qing Luan looked at Xiao Yan with a deeper meaning in her eyes when she spoke until this point. It appeared as though she was issuing him a reminder.

“As for the most mysterious Ancient Void Dragon… I have not heard about them having any subsidiary tribes. Of course, this should likely be because they are not interested. Otherwise, there will be quite a number of powerful tribes willingly joining them.” A faint respectful expression flashed across Mu Qing Luan’s face when mentioning the Ancient Void Dragon. The Ancient Void Dragon was different from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe or the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python, which had climbed up slowly. It originated from the ancient times and was worthy of being the ultimate being of all beasts. Since the ancient times, they had always been the top existance within the Magical Beast world.

Zi Yan widened her mouth and poured the final Yaowan into her mouth. She chewed a couple of times before patting her little stomach in a satisfied manner. She casually said, “The Heaven Demon Phoenix is not as strong as you have described. There are similarly some beasts that keeps an extremely low profile within the Magical Beast world. Moreover, all of them possess a bloodline from the ancient times. These tribes might not possess a large number but they are also quite powerful. If their own ancestor was still around, they might still possess the qualification to say such words. Unfortunately… the true Ancient Heaven Phoenix has already ceased to exist in this world…”

“Moreover, it is not that the Ancient Void Dragon does not have any subsidiary tribes but it is just that you are unaware of them…”

Mu Qing Luan widened her mouth slightly upon hearing these words of Zi Yan. The Ancient Heaven Phoenix. This name that originated from the ancient times was something that she had occasionally read about in the old books within the tribe. It is rumoured that this Heaven Phoenix was a peak existence that could be compared with the strongest Magical Beast, the Ancient Void Dragon, during the ancient times. However, she did not expect that this secret name from the ancient times would actually be spoken from the mouth of this little girl.

“My Green Mythical Bird tribe is also a tribe that possess some reputation. If the Ancient Void Dragon possess some subsidiary tribes, how could I not know about such an important matter?” Although she vaguely thought that Zi Yan might be right, Mu Qing Luan was still a little unwilling to be taught a lesson by a little girl. Hence, he immediately retorted.

“Green Mythical Bird tribe?” Zi Yan raised her thin brows. Her eyes were a little strange as she looked at Mu Qing Luan. After which, she let out a laughter and actually ceased to continue speaking.

“You…” Mu Qing Luan felt a little furious when she saw this manner of Zi Yan. Xiao Yan by the side hurriedly stopped her.

“The appearance of the ancient remains this time around is located at the Beast Bone Mountain Range in the Beast Region. That place can be considered the territory of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python. It is rumoured that there is the existence of a Tian class Dou Skill there. It is likely that the experts from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python will also intervene. At that time, the fight will definitely be extremely intense. All of you should try to be careful. We should swiftly leave once we have obtained the Soul Baby Fruit…”

Mu Qing Luan gently inhaled a breath of air. She gritted her teeth and looked at the unconcerned face of Zi Yan before speaking with some fury. After which, she directly sat down and shut her eyes. Clearly, she was greatly angered by Zi Yan.

Xiao Yan could only spread his hands helplessly in the face of this scene. After which, he glared ruthlessly at Zi Yan. Yet, the latter directly ignored him. She stretched her lazy waist before using Xiong Zhan beside her as a backrest and swiftly fell into a deep sleep.,,

Due to the aggressive atmosphere between Mu Qing Luan and Zi Yan, the remaining journey became quite oppressive. Fortunately, this kind of depressing feeling continued for around four days before it was broken by the vast mountain range that appeared at the edge of one’s sight. That place was the Beast Region. A unique area where the Magical Beast tribes ruled…

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