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Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203: Soul Battle

Xiao Yan, who was in a state of wild joy, discovered that the dragon seal on his hand had gradually become hot soon after that strange symbol appeared on the forehead of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. At the same time, an extremely mysterious feeling suddenly appeared in his heart…

Xiao Yan felt stunned soon after this mysterious feeling appeared. He stared at the Three Thousand Burning Flame in front of him, and he seemed to be able to sense its emotion.


The Three Thousand Burning Flame was dull for a moment once the symbol appeared, but it once again recovered its cautiousness while Xiao Yan was feeling shocked. At this moment, it appeared to have understood something. An ice-cold, fierce glint suddenly flashed as it firmly stared at Xiao Yan. The symbol on its forehead also grew brighter…

Xiao Yan’s heart was cold when he saw the fierce glint that filled the eyes of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. He was aware that he would be in a dangerous situation soon. It was just as Zi Yan had said. This dragon seal worked both ways. If he was unable to control the Three Thousand Burning Flame, he would be controlled by it. This was something that Xiao Yan would not allow to happen regardless of what happens.

“Come, I want to see just how fierce you are!”

At this moment, only one of the two would survive. Xiao Yan was not some random person. Immediately, a fierce glow surged into his eyes. He had already swallowed two Heavenly Flames. Would he not be able to deal with this Three Thousand Burning Flame?


The Three Thousand Burning Flame raised its head and let out a roar. The seal on its forehead suddenly emitted a golden light. It was just like a dazzling golden sun that had risen within the Star Region.

Following the brightening of the symbol on the forehead of the Three Thousand Burning Flame, the mysterious feeling within Xiao Yan’s heart became more clear. A moment later, his eyes suddenly became dazzled. He was absent-minded. When he appeared again, he was in an extremely foreign space. This space was filled with purple-black flames, and Xiao Yan was present in these endless flames.

“Foolish human!”

A furious dragon roar was suddenly transmitted from the purple-black flames. A wild wind whizzed by and an unusually large dragon slowly rose from the sea of fire. It lingered in the sky while it watched Xiao Yan, who was standing in the sea of flames.

Xiao Yan’s eyes focused on the large dragon within the purple-black flames. A moment later, he inhaled a breath of hot air. He clearly understood that this was the Spiritual World of the Three Thousand Burning Flame. It wanted to dominate the dragon seal and control Xiao Yan in the process.

“A soul battle huh…”

Xiao Yan raised his hand. He glanced at the somewhat illusionary palm while his face was as rippleless as an old well. A thought passed through Xiao Yan’s heart. A vast, mighty Spiritual Strength formed a lotus seat under his body. After which, he sat cross-legged. His dark-black eyes stared at the Three Thousand Burning Flame within the sea of fire as he coldly laughed, “Beast, show me what you’ve got!”


The Three Thousand Burning Flame immediately emitted a furious roar. Under this roar, the purple-black flames within this space wildly soared. After which, they surged toward Xiao Yan from all directions with extremely shocking momentum.

Xiao Yan’s expression was unusually calm when faced with this wild attack from the Three Thousand Burning Flame. At this moment, they were not only fighting with their souls, but also with their wills. Whoever could last until the end would be the final victor. These years of training had forged Xiao Yan into a

n unmoving mountain of toughness and calmness. It was impossible to tell just who would die in whose hand if they were to really engage in an all out fight!

The purple-black flames rushed over as a circular jade-green fire barrier slowly spread out of Xiao Yan’s body. Finally, the jade-green flame transformed into a round cover that wrapped around his body. He appeared just like an unmoving mountain regardless of how the purple-black flames collided with him.

The battle that would decide the fates of the two had just begun…


Cao Ying and the rest in distant empty space revealed faces that were filled with anxiety and doubt as they looked into the distance. Xiao Yan had suddenly ceased all actions. His eyes were shut tight. Moreover, the thing that really surprised them was the purple-black fire dragon in front of him. At this moment, that extremely fierce fellow had descended into a strange silence. Its body had surfaced in the air. If some life-force had not been emitted from the bodies of the person and the dragon, it was likely that others would have wondered if these two had suddenly lost their lives.

“What happened?” Cao Ying knit her brows as she softly asked.

“They seemed to have changed their fighting method. I am able to sense Xiao Yan maneuvering an extremely great amount of Spiritual Strength. The Three Thousand Burning Flame is also showing some activity in this area. I think that it should be a soul battle.” Dan Chen softly said by the side.

“Soul battle?” Cao Ying’s expression changed slightly upon hearing her words. One could only engage in a soul battle if one’s Spiritual Strength had reached a certain level. However, this kind of battle was too fierce. If one were careless, irreparable damage could occur to one’s soul. Moreover, it might even cause one’s Spiritual Strength to gradually weaken. Hence, even some true experts with powerful Spiritual Strengths did not dare to engage in a soul battle.

“However, it is pointless to worry now. Disturbing either one of them at this moment would result in a backlash. The results will be extremely serious. We can only wait for it to naturally end…” Dan Chen said.

Cao Ying tightly frowned. However, she could not think of a solution. All she could do was quietly sigh within her heart.

When Cao Ying’s group discovered the strange condition of Xiao Yan and the Three Thousand Burning Flame, Old Mu Gu and the others also sensed it. They were immediately startled. Although they were unaware of why Xiao Yan would suddenly engage in a soul battle with the Three Thousand Burning Flame, they understood that now was a good opportunity to act. As long as they interrupted the face-off between Xiao Yan and the Three Thousand Burning Flame, both of them would suffer a backlash, killing two birds with one stone.

“You will stop him. I will attack!”

Old Mu Gu clenched his teeth and yelled as a glint flashed across his eyes.

That black-clothed Dou Zun, who was bitterly battling with Qiu Ling, hesitated for a moment upon hearing this. He could only violently nod. There was not enough time. They could only withdraw if they did not gain anything.

Old Mu Gu immediately flew off. Qiu Ling’s expression sank when he saw Old Mu Gu attempt to flee from the battle. He was just about to give chase when the somewhat weary Dou Zun unleashed an extremely crazy counter attack, pulling Qiu Ling’s focus back to the battle.

“Cao Ying, stop him!”

Qiu Ling’s expression changed after being delayed by the black-clothed Dou Zun, who was using all his effort.

Cao Ying and the others hurriedly nodded upon hearing his cry. Their bodies had just moved when the two experts from the Hall of Souls, who had gotten into the top ten along with Old Mu Gu, rushed over and blocked the three of them.

At this moment, everyone had been delayed. Hence, all they could do was watch with their eyes as Old Mu Gu swiftly pounced toward Xiao Yan and the Three Thousand Burning Flame.

“Tsk tsk, Xiao Yan, you have created a great opportunity for the old me.”

A ferocious smile flashed across Old Mu Gu’s eyes as he looked at Xiao Yan and the Three Thousand Burning Flame from close proximity. A deep-blue flame surged out of his palm. After which, it slammed violently toward the top of Xiao Yan’s head.


Just when Old Mu Gu was about to attack, an unusually vast and mighty force suddenly cut through the air and violently smashed into Old Mu Gu’s chest.


This sudden, heavy blow caused Old Mu Gu’s face to turn pale. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. Immediately, shock surged into his eyes as he sharply cried out, “Xuan Kong Zi?”

“The Hall of Souls really acts in a great manner. It has actually dispatched so many experts this time around…”

Old Mu Gu’s sharp voice had just sounded when an ice-cold elderly voice slowly reverberated through the empty space. A slight ripple appeared within space itself when the elderly voice sounded. Immediately, a figure slowly appeared.

“The delay outside has failed… scatter!”

Old Mu Gu’s eyes suddenly shrank upon seeing that it was indeed Xuan Kong Zi. He clenched his teeth and immediately cried out. Since Xuan Kong Zi had appeared, they were completely without hope.

The cry had just sounded when Old Mu Gu swiftly took out a silver-colored jade plate from his Storage Ring. He shattered it without any hesitation. A majestic spatial strength surged out and a dark-black spatial crack appeared.

Xuan Kong Zi had just appeared when the remaining three Dou Zuns from the Hall of Souls expressions drastically changed. There was no need for Old Mu Gu’s reminder. Their jade plates appeared, and a couple of spatial crevices swiftly appeared when they were broken.

“Since you have come, leave some souvenirs behind…”

A cold smile immediately flashed across Xuan Kong Zi’s face as he watched the four Hall of Souls Dou Zuns quickly run. He clenched his fist and smashed at the four of them across space.


His punch bulled through space. As the space around his fist crumbled, four unusually terrifying, invisible fist imprints penetrated space itself. They landed on the chests of the four people after appearing from extremely strange directions. Immediately, the sound of bones cracking apart appeared. Four bright-red blood foams were spat out of the mouths their mouths along with some shattered internal organs. After which, their bodies launched into the spatial cracks, using the terrifying force on the fists to disappear.

Four Dou Zuns were defeated with a punch. This strength was indeed worthy of being one of the three great heads of the Pill Tower.

Xuan Kong Zi had frightened off the four Dou Zuns from the Hall of Souls after just showing his face. He was just about to speak when his expression suddenly changed. It was possible to see the incomparably large, purple dragon swelling at this moment. The purple-black flame was like a volcano that continued to erupt.

“The Three Thousand Burning Flame is about to erupt…”

Even with Xuan Kong Zi’s calmness, he could not help but gently inhale a break of air as he looked at the swiftly swelling body.

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