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Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191: Evolution! Sky Demon Puppet!

“Bang! Bang!”

Bright thunderbolts danced ferociously in the sky like large, roaring dragons. Immediately, a bright lightning glow rushed down from all directions. Finally, they came together to strike the body of the Earth Demon Puppet.

The thunderbolt violently landed on the body of the Earth Demon Puppet. A bright-silver bolt blasted apart. Immediately, it transformed into countless numbers of tiny electric serpent flowed along the skin of the Earth Demon Puppet before entering its body.

Bright strength surged into the body of the Earth Demon Puppet, swiftly strengthening its bones and shriveled skin.

Looking from a distance, the Earth Demon Puppet appeared just like a thunder god suspended in the sky. Lightning glows flickered in a hundred-foot-radius of it. That terrifying momentum caused people to involuntarily feel the skin on their heads turn numb.

Xiao Yan stood with his hands behind him on the stone stage. The Earth Demon Puppet forcefully received all of the five-colored thunderbolts that shot toward him, letting him be incomparably relaxed. He did not even need to waste the slightest strength to deal with this troublesome Pill Lightning.

Rumbling thunder resounded unceasingly over the sky. The churning five-colored thundercloud a lightning producing device that continuously spat out powerful thunderbolts. Finally, they landed on the body of the Sky Demon Puppet.

The five-colored thundercloud surged. This continued for ten minutes before it gradually came to a stop. Almost a hundred frightening thunderbolts rushed down from the thundercloud during these ten minutes. Fortunately, these bolts of lightning did not harm the Earth Demon Puppet. Instead, its bright-silver surface was vaguely speckled with golden lusters.

“It is indeed worthy of being a five-colored Pill Lightning!”

The sharp eyes of Xiao Yan were the first to discover golden lusters flickering around the body of the Earth Demon Puppet. Immediately, an expression of joy involuntarily surged into his eyes. Although this golden color was extremely faint, Xiao Yan was quite satisfied with it. He clearly understood just what kind of enormous strength would be needed in order to evolve the Earth Demon Puppet into the Sky Demon Puppet.

“However, the entire body of the Sky Demon Puppet is gold in color. Currently, the Earth Demon Puppet still has some distance to it.”

An expression of thought flashed across Xiao Yan’s face after he felt joyful. He softly muttered, “This is insufficient…”

While Xiao Yan mused, the five-colored thundercloud in the sky seemed to have become somewhat furious when the thunderbolts were absorbed by the Earth Demon Puppet. Immediately, the cloud churned. An unusual suction force suddenly surged out from the cloud. Everyone was stunned to discover a couple of the thunderclouds appeared like they were being towed by something. They slowly gathered around the five-colored Pill Lightning…

Everyone was stunned upon seeing this scene. Even Xuan Kong Zi and the others did not expect these Pill Lightnings to form such an unusual change.

The expressions of Cao Ying’s group became stunned. They watched the Pill Lightning above their heads gathering in the sky where Xiao Yan was located. A moment later, an extremely large thundercloud covered the sky…

“This brat’s luck is unusually bad! Even the Heavens are helping the old me!”

Old Mu Gu, who was originally disappointed, had become startled because of this change. A wild joy immediately surged into his eyes. This was an opportunity the Heavens had given him!

Suddenly, the enormous thundercloud stirred a commotion in the stadium. The lightning might in the sky was overly frightening. If it were to randomly smash dow

n, it was likely that those present could end up seriously injured.

“The Pill Lightning has attracted each other and is gathering in the same spot. This might will soar once again. Should we intervene? In such a situation, it would not be overboard for us to intervene.”

Xuan Kong Zi slightly knit his eyebrows as he observed the unusual phenomenon in the sky. He finally asked the people around him a question. He was a little worried that an accident might occur to Xiao Yan in this kind of situation.

“Let’s wait a little first. This little fellow does not appear worried…” The pretty woman shook her head as she softly replied.

The eyes of Xuan Kong Zi’s group turned to Xiao Yan on the stone platform upon hearing her words. They did indeed see him with his head up, looking at the dense thundercloud in the sky. His face was not only without worry, he even seemed excited.


Even Xuan Kong Zi ended up widening his mouth upon seeing this scene. Immediately, he shook his head with a bitter smile. It seemed that he had indeed underestimated Xiao Yan.

The energy in around the plaza had become unusually violent with the gathering thundercloud. A terrifying thunderous might spread across the sky, causing the Dou Qi within one’s body to appear a little sluggish at this moment.

Bang bang bang bang!

The thundercloud finally unleashed its terrifying destructive strength soon after it was agglomerated. Bright thunderbolts rushed down from the large cloud in all directions. Their directions all suddenly changed as they flew through the air, and they all pointed at the Earth Demon Puppet in the sky!


Numerous thunderbolts full of terrifying strength poured down on the Earth Demon Puppet like a storm. Immediately, a clear metallic sound resonated over the stadium.


The Earth Demon Puppet’s body continued to fall under the wild attacks of these thunderbolts. The surrounding space formed some dark-black spatial cracks amid this attack…

“What powerful thunderbolts!”

Quite a number of people’s expressions changed when they saw the dark-black spatial lines. Their eyes were stunned as they looked at the strengthening Earth Demon Puppet within the lightning-filled sky. Although they were unable to sense the aura of the Earth Demon Puppet, anyone with sharp eyes could tell that the Earth Demon Puppet was growing stronger amid the thunderbolts pouring down from the sky.

The bright thunderbolts that continued to fall caused the smile on Xiao Yan’s face to grow more visible. He had discovered that the golden-colored luster on the Earth Demon Puppet’s was expanding as the thunderbolts flashing down increased…


Xiao Yan gently licked his lips. His dark-black eyes were filled with anticipation.

The thundercloud was thick as it covered the sky. The repeated sounds of thunder caused quite a number of people feel their ears go numb. Today, they had witnessed the most Pill Lightnings they would ever see in their life. Moreover, the thing that really rendered others speechless was that such a spectacular Pill Lightning was unable to deal with a small puppet, causing them to feel some doubt over the might of this Pill Lightning…

Of course, this kind of doubt swiftly disappeared upon seeing the dark-black space splitting open around on the Earth Demon Puppet.

The Pill Lightning that had formed was undoubtedly a terrifying thing. The raining thunderbolts continued for nearly half an hour. After this half an hour, the bright bolt of lightning in the sky fiercely destroyed everything around them. Of course, the eyes and ears of those present had also been devastated.

After half an hour of the Pill Lightning’s baptism, the originally bright-silver body of the Earth Demon Puppet had half transformed into a glittering golden color.

Bang bang!

The Pill Lightning continued its destruction even though it felt unsatisfied. Eventually, it involuntarily let go of this bone that was difficult to chew. The energy that fluctuated within the cloud layer slowly paled. After which, the thick thundercloud slowly scattered in front of the countless number of gazes below.

When this frightening Pill Lightning finally withdrew, Xiao Yan watched as the remaining piece of palm-sized silver on the Earth Demon Puppet’s body suddenly changed to a golden color…

While the Earth Demon Puppet’s changed into this golden color, Xiao Yan could vaguely sense the interior of the Earth Demon Puppet undergo a monstrous transformation.

Following the scattering of the thundercloud, the golden-colored Earth Demon Puppet also leaped to its feet. After which, space distorted, and a ‘chi’ sound appeared in front of Xiao Yan. After which, the puppet stood at his side like the most loyal guard.

“Is it finally about to succeed…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were heated as he stared at the Earth Demon Puppet in front of him. His hand gently pressed down on its golden-colored skin. Strangely, not even the slightest feeling of hardness remained. Instead, it appeared even softer.

Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows upon sensing this change. He flicked his finger and a jade-green flame agglomerated into the shape of a dagger on the tip of his finger. After which, it viciously cut across the Earth Demon Puppet’s golden-colored skin.

When the flame transformed into a dagger, Xiao Yan was stunned to discover a faint-white scar form on its skin. Moreover, this white scar automatically disappeared…

“What a terrifying defense!”

Xiao Yan involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air when he saw this. His eyes were fiery hot as he stared at the Earth Demon Puppet. However, calling it the Sky Demon Puppet would likely be more suitable now…

After so many years of grooming, this puppet Xiao Yan had built had finally evolved to the highest level!

With the Sky Demon Puppet, Xiao Yan would own another life preserving trump card!

Xiao Yan’s gently smiled as his finger patted the arm of the Sky Demon Puppet. He smiled. The returns of this Pill Gathering were far beyond his expectations…

When the thick thundercloud in the sky disappeared, a warm light once again scattered down. It covered the stadium that had been devastated by the Pill Lightning. This temperature caused quite a number of people to feel an unusual born-again feeling.

After enjoying being bathed in the sunlight for a moment, the heads of everyone in the stadium suddenly swung to the tall stage where Xuan Kong Zi’s group was located. Currently the Pill Gathering was coming to a close. Next would be the time to announce the final winner…

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