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Chapter 1169

Chapter 1169: Doping

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept around after he had identified the Magical Beast hiding in the deep pool. After which, he quietly withdrew a couple of hundred meters. Next, he found a spot where the wind was blowing in the direction of the deep pool. He took out a fruit tree from his Storage Ring. This fruit tree was icy-blue in color. It was only around half a foot in size and at its tip sat a fist-sized blue-colored fruit. The surrounding air became much more moist when this fruit appeared. Surging water affinity energy rushed out like water in a flood.

This fruit tree was called the Water Drunken Cloud Immortal Tree. The fruit on top of it was called the Water Cloud Fruit. There was an extremely dense water affinity energy within it. This fruit held a potent attraction to some water affinity Magical Beasts. Moreover, the energy within it was vast, mighty, causing the fruit to possess a special drunken liquid within it. The effect of this drunken liquid was fantastic. Even a tier 7 Magical Beast would become drunk and fall asleep after having swallowed it.

Xiao Yan needed the drunken liquid within this Water Cloud Fruit.

“Ugh, in order to obtain the Pill Soul Serum, I can only sacrifice this thing…” Xiao Yan carefully buried the Water Drunken Cloud Immortal Tree under the ground. Moreover, in order to achieve a lifelike look, he made sure the surrounding soil was the same. From a distance, it seemed as though this thing had been growing here the entire time.

The spot where the tree was buried was some distance from the deep pool because Xiao Yan was aware that the intelligence of a rank 7 Magical Beast was not weak. If such a treasure were to suddenly appear beside it, it would definitely stir its doubt. Although the distance was currently a little far, Xiao Yan was confident that the beast would be lured out. The allure of the Water Cloud Fruit to a water affinity Magical Beast was something that Xiao Yan had witnessed once.

After burying this Water Drunken Cloud Immortal Tree, Xiao Yan’s body moved and he leaped into an enormous tree. His body was hidden in lush, green branches. His gaze penetrated the gaps as he observed the calm deep pool from a distance. His aura was completely withdrawn at this moment.

This patch of forest had also become unusually quiet following Xiao Yan’s silence. However, the deep pool not show the slightest response, not even a ripple on the surface of the deep pool.

Xiao Yan did not reveal any anxious emotion despite the situation. After waiting for nearly half an hour and finding that there was still no activity, Xiao Yan finally shut his eyes slowly and recuperated. Today, he would squander time with this fellow…

Nearly three to four hours quietly passed after Xiao Yan shut his eyes. During this period of time, the forest remained quiet. Not even the slightest Magical Beast roar sounded. This quiet atmosphere caused one’s pores to open.


Another hour passed. Suddenly, the sound of a slight wave of water appeared within this quiet forest.

At this instant, Xiao Yan’s eyes, which had been shut, were suddenly opened. He instantly turned to in the direction the deep pool was located, only to find circular water ripples were forming on the pool…

“Is it finally unable to endure any longer? Is it about to come out…”

Xiao Yan smiled quietly in his heart when he saw this. His heart contained some excitement. With his strength, it was not difficult for him to deal with the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake. However, this current location was not suitable for a big battle. After all, if some other Magical Beasts were attracted by it, things would likely become bad for him.

A powerful aura began to gradually appear within Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception, following th

e increasing number of ripples on the surface of the deep pool.

“It is indeed a rank 7 Mysterious Water Tiger Snake…” Xiao Yan lifted his brows upon sensing the aura.


A black figure suddenly got out of the pool not long after the aura appeared. It brought about a wave of foam created by the splashing water.

This black figure was quite short. It was merely two meters or so in length. Its body was covered in blue-colored scales, and the lines on the scales appeared just like a tiger pattern. At a glance, it emitted a fierce aura. Its savage, large mouth revealed a cold glint. A pair of concentrated snake eyes swept all around.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded when he saw the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake appear. It might appear quite small, but if it were to enter combat mode, it was likely that it would swell to a hundred meters in size. At that time, just a swing of its tail might send the entire mountain flying.

For some unknown reason, the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake that had appeared did not take a human form. Its dozens of long tentacles continued swung about. A moment later, its eyes turned to the interior of the forest where Xiao Yan had buried the Water Drunken Cloud Immortal Tree.

This Mysterious Water Tiger Snake was obviously extremely cautious. Even though it had sniffed a scent that it found difficult to resisting, it still did not appear anxious. After hesitating in front of the deep pool, it suddenly widened its large mouth, and a blue light was spat from its mouth. After which, it transformed into a circular energy barrier that wrapped around the Pill Soul Serum and the large stone.

Only after placing this layer of defense did it swing its tail. Its body rushed through the air as it quickly hurried to the forest.

Surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes when he saw that this fellow was this cautious. It was indeed worthy of being a rank 7 Magical Beast. This intelligence was much higher than an ordinary Magical Beast.

The Mysterious Water Tiger Snake rushed into the forest. It sniffed for that serene fragrance and roamed for quite a while before finding the Water Drunken Cloud Immortal Tree that Xiao Yan had planted in a somewhat remote location.

A human-like wild joy flashed across its snake eyes when it saw this Cloud Immortal Tree. Against Xiao Yan’s expectations, it did not act immediately. Instead, it swung its tail. A pale-blue water curtain swiftly spread out in circular shape with it being the center

Xiao Yan’s heart was slightly startled when he saw this tactic of the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake. A thought passed through his heart, and his Spiritual Strength suddenly surged out. After which, this Spiritual Strength completely surrounded his body…

The water curtain rippled over Xiao Yan just as his Spiritual Strength had completely wrapped around him. Fortunately, it did not stir any other activity.

The water curtain spread for nearly a hundred meters before it slowly came to a stop. After which, it suddenly turned into some mist and scattered.

The Mysterious Water Tiger Snake finally relaxed after having surveyed the area. It widened its large mouth and another water curtain shot out, encircling the Cloud Immortal Tree within it. After which, it absorbed the tree into its ferocious, large mouth. With a swing of its tail, it anxiously flew back to the deep pool.

Xiao Yan quietly laughed while he hid between the tree branches when he saw this fellow had finally ate the fruit. His finger slightly moved without leaving a trace

Xiao Yan’s finger had just moved when the Water Cloud Fruit, that had been wrapped by the water curtain, suddenly split apart. Wave after wave of a fluid slowly flowed out and dripped down…

The sudden split of the Water Cloud Fruit attracted the attention of the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake. It immediately became startled. After which, it suddenly seemed to have understood something. A bright-blue glow abruptly surged out of its body.


The glow had just appeared when it came to a sudden stop. At the same time, the body of the Mysterious Water Tiger Dragon suddenly landed on the ground. A dense, serene fragrance, hinting at a drunken feeling, seeped out of its body.


Xiao Yan knew the Water Cloud Fruit had taken effect the moment the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake landed on the ground. His body moved, and he rushed down from the tall tree like lightning. He appeared on the enormous stone within a couple of flashes. After which, he let out a violent punch and broke the curtain of. After which, he curled his hand and the flame agglomerated into a thorn shape that pierced the large rock. Next, he forcefully excavated that hole.

Xiao Yan took out a cold jade box from his Storage Ring after excavating the large rock. He carefully placed this rock, containing the Pill Soul Serum, into it. After which, he flicked his hand and returned it to his Storage Ring. His body moved without hesitation, and he rushed into the distant forest at a low altitude. Within a few leaps, his body had already disappeared…

Although the effect of the Water Cloud Fruit was extremely strong, it was unable to last for long. With the strength of the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake, it was likely that it would wake up in two to three minutes. If he left too late, the infuriated Mysterious Water Tiger Snake would definitely give chase.

This prediction of Xiao Yan proved to be correct. Soon after he had fled from the deep pool, a furious roar resounded over the mountain in an earth-shaking manner. Xiao Yan was still able to hear that mountain-shaking sound from a great distance. Clearly, the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake was unleashing its fury.

Xiao Yan secretly laughed when he heard this roar. After which, he increased his speed and hurriedly left this dangerous place.

There was grand hall built with large rocks standing on the top of the mountain that appeared just like a sky-supporting pillar. Two enormous beasts were guarding the large hall. Two fierce auras were seeping out of the bodies of these two large beasts. From the looks of it, they were even stronger than the Mysterious Water Tiger Snake.

“Grandaunt, have you eaten enough?”
TL: This grandaunt is referring to a woman who is extremely difficult to serve

An angry roar that contained great heartache was suddenly emitted from within the large hall. The two Magical Beasts at the entrance of the hall raised their eyes when they heard this roar. Immediately, they lowered their heads and acted as though they had not heard anything.

In the deepest part of the enormous stone hall was an extremely wide field. At this moment, the field was piled with a countless number of medicinal ingredients neatly ordered. If Xiao Yan and the others were to come to this place, they would immediately become stunned. Anyone of these ingredients could attract the desire of many alchemists if they were taken to the outside world. However, they were as common as cabbage in this place…

There was a large, burly-looking man among these many natural treasures. The large man randomly stood, but he gave one a heavy mountain-like feeling and could not be underestimated.

However, this large man, who appeared to be an extraordinary being, was looking at the middle of the field with the desire to cry at this moment. A lovely little figure had grabbed what seemed like an unusually rare medicinal ingredient. After which, she stuffed it into her little mouth in an unceremonious manner. The clear chewing sound caused the large man’s heart to feel a bleeding pain.

“What are you howling for. Once I have eaten until I’m full and found the person I am looking for, I will naturally bring you out of this place. Relax, isn’t it just breaking open space. That is what I specialize in…”

That little figure muttered as she ate. It seemed that she was extremely dissatisfied with the heartache the large man felt.

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