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Chapter 1150

Chapter 1150: Unwelcomed Guest

Everyone within the hall watched as Cao Ying led the members of the Cao clan out of the hall. They faced each other and quietly sighed. No one had expected such a dark horse to suddenly appear in this five great clan test. Even Cao Ying from the Cao clan could not suppress him…

Some people did not wish to stay for long after the test ended. Hence, they began to turn around and leave one after another. Some of the factions which had some relationship with the Ye clan in the past also began to greet Ye Zhong at this moment. Although the Ye clan had declined, they had managed to keep their position within the five great clans. In the future, they would also maintain an Elder’s Seat. Their position might not be comparable to the Cao clan, but it was not something that an ordinary faction could compare with…

Ye Zhong smiled in the face of the greetings by these people. The Ye clan might have some time to breath during this period of time, but they did not have the capital to be arrogant. After experiencing days of decline and desperation, Ye Zhong clearly knew what words to say that would be beneficial to the Ye clan in the future.

Xiao Yan randomly replaced the clothes on his upper body. After which, he slowly walked to the Ye clan’s seats and smiled at Ye Zhong and the others.

“Big brother Xiao Yan, are you alright?” Xin Lan hurriedly inquired after seeing Xiao Yan walk over.

Xiao Yan grinned and waved his hand. He was just about to speak when his eyes slid. He saw the Dan clan walking toward them with Dan Xuan at the front.

“Greetings to Elder Ye Zhong.”

Dan Xuan cupped his hands to Ye Zhong before swinging his head to Xiao Yan. He smiled and said, “Ke ke, mister Xiao Yan really surprises others. It is unexpected that even Cao Ying is unable to deal with you…”

Xiao Yan had a good impression of Dan Xuan. He and Cao Xiu were the same in that they were people who would accept their loss and would not act like Bai Ying. Hence, after seeing Dan Xuan taking the initiative to congratulate him, Xiao Yan also smiled as he said, “You have witnessed my awkwardness (humble phase). She had yet to use her full strength. Otherwise, I would not have been able to endure her attacks…”

While he spoke, Xiao Yan’s eyes involuntarily slid to the young lady behind Dan Xuan. At this moment, she was staring at him out of curiosity. A bright redness immediately surfaced on her face when she saw Xiao Yan looking over. She immediately shrank her head like an ostrich and hid behind Dan Xuan.

“Ke ke, this is my younger cousin sister. She doesn’t really like people she is unfamiliar with…” Dan Xuan spoke apologetically.

Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He had come into contact with this young lady before and knew that there was something strange about her. Moreover, from the way Cao Ying had looked at her earlier, it was obvious that this young lady was someone who did not reveal her true strength. However, Xiao Yan felt surprised that he was unable to sense Dan Chen’s spiritual fluctuation…

“Mister Xiao Yan, if you have free time in the future, you can come to the Dan manor within Holy Pill City. At that time, I will definitely share a hearty drink with you…” At this moment, the large hall was in a mess and Dan Xuan was unwilling to stay for long. After chatting a little with Xiao Yan, he smiled, cupped his hands together, and gave his goodbye.

Xiao Yan’s eyes sent Dan Yuan’s group out of the large hall. Only then did he turn his head to Ye Zhong’s group and shrug his shoulders. This was the good thing about displaying one’s strength. It allowed one to be held in high regard by the others.

“Since the test is over, we should al

so leave…” Xiao Yan stretched his lazily waist and laughed.

“Wait…” A voice suddenly sounded behind Xiao Yan after he uttered those words. Xiao Yan turned his head around with some uncertainty, only to see Elder Cheng hurrying over with a face full of smiles.

“Elder Cheng, is there a matter?” Xiao Yan did not dare to slight Elder Cheng as he hurriedly asked with a smile.

Elder Cheng smiled and fondled his beard. He first turned his eyes to Ye Zhong and sighed, “Ye Zhong, congratulations. You have retained your position in the five great clans…”

“This is all thanks to Elder Cheng helping us deal with the situation. The Ye clan will firmly remember this great favor.” Ye Zhong bitterly smiled as he replied.

Elder Cheng waved his hand. His eyes landed on Xiao Yan as he commented with a smile, “However, your Ye clan has really found an outstanding helper this time around… you are called Xiao Yan, right?”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded.

“I have heard of your matter with the Ice River Valley… Yao Chen is your teacher, right?” Elder Cheng smiled as he inquired.

Xiao Yan’s eyes turned slightly cold. Before he could reply, Elder Cheng waved his hand and laughed, “There is no need to be so anxious. If we are to talk about it, even the old me received Yao Chen’s advice back then…”

Xiao Yan’s heart relaxed a little. He hesitated for a moment and decided not to hide who his teacher was. After which, he slowly nodded his head.

“Ugh, that old fellow’s eyesight is still that sharp… how envious.” Elder Cheng sighed. His tone contained an envy that could not be hidden.

Xiao Yan could only smile at these words.

“The reason you have come to the Pill Region this time around should be because of the Pill Gathering right?” Elder Cheng changed the topic and suddenly asked.

Xiao Yan did not hide anything regarding this. He immediately nodded.

“The Pill Gathering is about to begin… however, I am hoping for you will come with me to the Pill Tower before then. Perhaps it might be helpful for you…” Elder Cheng fondled his beard and suggested in a serious manner.

Xiao Yan was a little started when he heard his words. He asked with some hesitation, “Go to the Pill Tower?”

Xiao Yan had always adopted a fearful and respectful attitude toward the Pill Tower. This large being was able to rank alongside the Hall of Souls. It was likely that its strength was extremely terrifying.

“I think that the association head and the others would be interested to meet you. Meeting them would not be detrimental to you…” Elder Cheng solemnly explained after having sensed Xiao Yan’s hesitation.

“Association head?”

Xiao Yan’s heart pounded. A person addressed like this by Elder Cheng, who was one of the eight great Elders of the Pill Tower. Who else could it be other than the three mysterious heads of the Pill Tower?

“From what I witnessed, it seemed that you were extremely interested in Cao Ying’s Spiritual Handprint. Her Spiritual Handprint was learned from the Pill Tower…” Elder Cheng laughed. His voice was tempting.

The temptation was not useless. Xiao Yan’s eyes turned to Elder Cheng almost immediately. He mused for a moment before slowly nodding. With the strength and position of the Pill Tower, there was no need for them to play any tricks if they wanted to harm him. Hence, it should be alright to accept…

“Ke ke, let’s agree on this matter. I will personally head to the Ye manor to bring you to the Pill Tower in a couple of days…” Elder Cheng finally smiled and replied after seeing Xiao Yan nod.

Xiao Yan grinned and nodded again after hearing the elder’s words. He chatted for a moment longer with Elder Cheng before leaving the large hall with Ye Zhong and the rest…

The smile on Elder Cheng’s face was slowly withdrawn as he watched Xiao Yan’s back disappear into the distance. He muttered, “From what the association head had said, the Hall of Souls will dispatch some people to participate in this Pill Gathering. This Three Thousand Burning Flames must not land in their hands. Therefore, all the Pill Tower could do was try its best to search for some trustworthy people with skills to beat the Hall of Souls…

The test of the five great clans was considered quite a grand event within the Holy Pill City. Quite a number of factions were paying attention to the outcomes. Hence, soon after the test was over, what had happened within the large hall appeared to have grown wings as the news spread…

The Ye clan had obtained the top position. This information was like a heavy bomb to the factions and people waiting for the humiliation of the Ye clan. Many people had even been discussing whether or not the Ye clan was qualified to retain its position among the five great clans. However, this sudden information seemed to have given them a ruthless slap, causing many people to fill with disbelief.

After the information began to spread and become clearer, some of the people understood the reason for this matter. All of this was due to a young man named Xiao Yan…

Hence, within a short few days, Xiao Yan had become a hot topic within Holy Pill City. Many people were extremely interested in him. A dark horse comparable to Cao Ying had suddenly appeared…

While the outside world had turned into an uproar over this matter, Xiao Yan had begun to keep an extremely low profile. He seldom left the Ye manor, choosing to stay within it all day. He quietly practiced the Spiritual Handprint he had secretly learned from Cao Ying.

Time slowly flowed by amid this quiet training of his…

The start of the Pill Gathering approached following the flow of time. With this approaching Pill Gathering, a massive crowd began to flood into Holy Pill City. Almost every part of this spacious area was filled with a countless number of human figures. Some of the inns and hotels in the city were completely full…

This region had become the place where a countless number of gazes in the Central Plains region gathered.

Xiao Yan was seated on a stone chair with his eyes shut in a quiet courtyard deep within the Ye manor. Both of his hands were forming numerous mysterious hand seals at a very slow rate. If one were to carefully observe, one would discover that these hand seals formed the Spiritual Handprint Xiao Yan had secretly learned from Cao Ying back then…

Although Xiao Yan was considered slow at using these hand seals, he no longer looked as unfamiliar with them as he had back then. Moreover, with the change of his hand seal, the Spiritual Strength between his eyebrows would automatically spread out. Immediately, it orbited the seals in a unique way.

The change in the hand seals continued for around ten minutes or so before it slowly stopped. Xiao Yan’s eyes were slowly opened. A turbid air was gently released from his throat…

The turbid air left Xiao Yan’s body. Xiao Yan slowly stood up and placed both of his hands behind him. After which, he turned his body, and his dark-black eyes stared at an empty space within the courtyard. He faintly asked, “Since you are here, why are you still hiding yourself?”

“You are indeed worthy of being that old fellow Yao Chen’s disciple. Your perception is quite good…”

A slight fluctuation immediately materialized from that empty space after Xiao Yan’s voice sounded. Soon after, a human figure wrapped in a black robe slowly surface from the distorted space…

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared at the unwelcome guest. He could sense a familiar feeling from the other party.

“Someone from the Hall of Souls?”

Xiao Yan’s tone was icy as he suddenly asked.

“Ke ke, I have heard that the Bone Chilling Flame of that old fellow Yao Chen is with you. I am here to borrow it.” The black-robed human figure laughed. A deep-blue flame slowly rose from his body after his voice sounded…

Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly narrowed when he saw the deep-blue flame.

“Sea Heart Flame?”

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