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Chapter 1146

Chapter 1146: Spiritual Control

“The next test is called Spiritual Control…”

Elder Cheng smiled as he looked over the candidates. After which, he took out a dark-black metal bead from his Storage Ring. The surface of the metal bead was extremely smooth. Moreover, it did not contain the slightest luster. The complete-black color gave it a kind of heaviness.

“This is a bead that has been formed from spiritual metal. It is called Soul Testing Bead. If this thing is held by a hand, it will appear extremely light. However, it will appear extremely heavy to one’s soul…”

“When this Spiritual Control test begins, many of these Soul Testing Beads will scatter down from the ceiling. You are required not to use any Dou Qi. Instead, you will use your Spiritual Strength alone to support them. The one who takes the most Soul Testing Beads is over will be in the top segment of this test. The ranks will be determined based on the number of beads received.”

Elder Cheng took a glance at Cao Ying when he spoke until this point. After which, his eyes turned to Xiao Yan. He smiled and said, “The record of this test of one’s Spiritual Control is also set by Cao Ying. Back then, she had picked up 89 beads. This record has yet to be broken even now.”

The numerous eyes from around the hall immediately gathered on Xiao Yan when they heard Elder Cheng’s words. They really wanted to know whether this young person called Xiao Yan would be able to break all of the records left by Cao Ying back then.

“Hmph, these fellows really overestimate this person. Earlier, it must have been his good luck that allowed him to get that kind of result…” The corner of Cao Dan’s mouth trembled as he let out a cold snort.

Cao Ying glanced at him and casually said, “This Xiao Yan is indeed someone with ability, and he does not rely on good luck. I really wish to see just what kind of result he will obtain during this Spiritual Control test…”

The magnitude of the Soul Value represented whether the Spiritual Strength of an alchemist was strong. However, a true alchemist did not merely just look at the strength of their soul. If one wanted to refine a high tier medicinal pill, one would require an exceptionally agile and high degree of control over their Spiritual Strength. Otherwise, it would end up being similar to using a large hammer to smash an egg. There was plenty of strength, but the egg would also turn into smithereens…

Only a person with a powerful Spiritual Strength and extremely familiar with his Spiritual Control could truly be called an alchemist!

“How is it? Are you ready?” Elder Cheng smiled at Xiao Yan’s group and inquired.

The group slowly nodded upon hearing his question. Their Spiritual Strength slowly bubbled from the spot between their eyebrows, ready to erupt anytime.

“I shall first remind everyone. Do not possess the vain hope of completely receiving all of them in one go. Scattering your Spiritual Strength is an extremely foolish act in this kind of test!”

Elder Cheng seriously reminded. After which, he turned around and quickly moved away. At the same time, densely packed, dark-black holes were revealed in the ceiling. A moment later, dark-black metal beads poured down from the ceiling like a storm!

Swoosh swoosh!

Xiao Yan’s group began to reflexively dodge them as they looked at the Soul Testing Beads that came pouring down like a storm. After which, they maintained a distance from each other while a thought passed through their hearts. Vast and mighty Spiritual Strengths poured out from between their eyebrows!

Due to the reminder of Elder Cheng earlier, Xiao Yan did not scatter his Spiritual Strength into a net shape. Instead, he gathered it into an i

nvisible hand that grabbed the densely packed, dark-black Soul Testing Beads with lightning-like speed. Of course, perhaps using the word adhere was more appropriate because the large, invisible hand did not randomly grab around. Instead, it found its target before two invisible fingers quickly rushed out. After which, the bead would steadily be pincered between two spiritual fingers…

“It is indeed very heavy…”

Xiao Yan shivered within his heart when he sensed this weight. His eyes swiftly swept around, only to see Bai Ying and Qiu Ju dodging the Soul Testing Beads that were smashing down in a somewhat miserable manner. The Spiritual Strength that spread over their heads did not slow down the Soul Testing Beads even a little. Instead, the beads penetrated through their Spiritual Strength. Clearly, this was due to their Spiritual Strength being overly scattered.

Other than these two people, the situation of Cao Xiu and Dan Xuan was significantly better. Although they appeared to be running around in circles due to this being their first time, they quickly adapted to the challenge. They tried their best to gather their Spiritual Strength together. After which, they did not act greedily as they received the falling Soul Testing Beads from the sky one at a time…

After Xiao Yan had received the first Soul Testing Bead, he had clearly appeared much calmer. He also understood the weight and uniqueness of this Soul Testing Bead. Immediately, a thought passed through his heart. The large spiritual hand whizzed out, carrying the low and deep sound of rushing wind. One by one, the dark-black Soul Tesing Beads were continuously grabbed by his hand before they were gently suspended beside him…

One bead, two bead, three bead, four bead…

All the eyes within the hall became anxious as they looked at the Soul Testing beads that were continuously added to the black-colored bead circle around Xiao Yan’s body. The many gazes within the large hall became anxious as they quietly counted the number of Soul Tesing Beads within their hearts…

Forty-three, forty-four…

While Soul Testing Beads were continuously being added to the area around Xiao Yan, Qiu Qi and Bai Ying had no choice but to withdraw due to their soul being unable to withstand the heavy burden. When they withdrew, a total of thirty-one and forty-three Soul Testing Beads remained suspended in front of them…

Cao Xiu also helplessly withdrew soon after Qiu Qi and Bai Ying did so. There were fifty-six Soul Testing Beads suspended in front of him.

Only Xiao Yan and Dan Xuan were still persisting after Cao Xiu withdrew. However, Dan Xuan’s expression gradually became a little red as the Soul Testing Beads continued to fall. His breathing also quietly became more intense…


After enduring for another few minutes, Dan Xuan finally exhaled for a long time. He glanced at the Soul Testing Beads suspended in front of him. There were sixty-six of them…

Boom boom boom!

A breath was exhaled from his mouth. Dan Xuan also sensed that he had already unleashed his Spiritual Strength to its limit. At this moment, any additional Soul Testing Beads would be the final straw that would cause the camel to collapse…

Dan Xuan’s heart relaxed and his Spiritual Strength scattered. The Soul Testing Beads floating in front of him appeared to have immediately lost their support as they emitted a clear banging sound while falling one-by-one the ground.

Xiao Yan smiled when Dan Xuan automatically admitted defeat. He ceased continuing to catch Soul Testing Beads. His finger gently rubbed the many Soul Testing Beads in front of him. After which, the Soul Testing Beads began to rotate around his body at high speed, emitting a whistling, wild wind.

“Ninety-three, thank you for going easy on me…”

Xiao Yan pressed his finger gently and the rotating beads slowly stopped. He flicked his finger and the many Soul Testing Beads fell down. Immediately, he cupped his hands to Dan Xuan and the rest. He smiled and thanked them.

Dan Xuan and the other competitors could only bitterly laugh in the face of Xiao Yan’s smile. From Xiao Yan’s leisurely manner, it was obvious that he had yet to use all his strength. Even though this was the case, the result he had obtained had already broken the record set by Cao Ying.

Bai Ying’s face was green. However, he no longer dared to speak any mocking words. Xiao Yan’s performance during the two rounds of tests had already caused him to clearly understand that Xiao Yan’s strength was indeed far from what he could compare with…

“Clap clap!”

After the Soul Testing Beads around Xiao Yan fell to the ground, a loud applause immediately sounded within the large hall. The performance of Xiao Yan during these two rounds let everyone know that the Ye clan had been saved…

The corner of Cao Ying’s mouth lifted amid this applause. Her pretty eyes studied that somewhat skinny back. A faint fiery heat was present in her eyes. During all these years, that little girl from the Dan clan, Dan Chen, was the only person she had seriously viewed as an opponent among the alchemists of her generation. Now… perhaps, there was an additional young person called Xiao Yan.

Elder Cheng smiled as watched Xiao Yan. There was a satisfied expression that could not be hidden on his face. Ninety-three beads, four more beads than the amount Cao Ying had grabbed back then. Moreover, from the leisurely appearance of Xiao Yan, it was obvious that he had done it casually and had yet to put in all his effort.

“Not bad… not bad…”

Elder Cheng continuously uttered two ‘not bad.’ When one reached this level of his, one would be less concerned about power or whatever. He liked to see more and more outstanding young people appear within the Pill Tower because only through members of the younger generation would the liveliness and potential of the Pill Tower be guaranteed…

“Xiao Yan still remains first in this second segment. Dan Xuan is second while Cao Xiu is third…”

Ye Zhong and Xin Lan from the Ye clan’s seats revealed an even denser smile on their faces when they heard Elder Cheng’s announcement from the arena. Xiao Yan’s performance had completely exceeded their expectations from the beginning. In this five great clan test, Xiao Yan had truly let them know what was called domination!

Elder Cheng in the arena fondled his beard and spoke with a grin, “Spiritual Strength is the foundation of an alchemist. However, this test of ours only intends to test one’s soul, but it also requires one to display spiritual attacks. After all, this is one a pretty good attacking method of an alchemist…”

“The final test is very simple. The five of you will enter this circle and use your Spiritual Strength to fight each other. The last person remaining in the circle is the victor…”

Elder Cheng pointed at a hundred-foot-large red circle as he stated with a smile.

The five of them nodded upon hearing his words. They were just about to enter the circle when a lovely laugh suddenly sounded within the hall.

“Elder Cheng. The Cao clan wishes to place a substitute midway through. May I know if we are allowed to do so?”

All the gazes within the large hall turned and finally paused on Cao Ying’s alluring curves. Her curves were prominently revealed as she placed her hands on the table and leaned her lovely body forward.

Elder Cheng was startled. He began to slightly frown.

“Ha ha, Elder Cheng. According to the rules, the clan who won the last competition has the right to one substitute… relax, I will not try anything funny. It is just that my hands are itchy and wish to give it a try. Moreover, you can also treat it as though the Cao clan has given up, so you can eliminate the Cao clan. It will not influence the results of the test…

“What do you say?”

Cao Ying curled her mouth into a slight smile. Her soft question was clearly directed at Xiao Yan.

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