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Chapter 1143

Chapter 1143: Start of the Test!

The black-clothed lady’s lazy eyes slowly scanned the interior of the large hall. Anyone who was caught by her eyes would feel a fiery heat and fear rise in their hearts. This lady was really filled with temptation. However, behind this temptation, was a greater bone-deep fear…

The name of this lady was something that almost everyone seated in this place had heard of!

The witch from the Cao clan, Cao Ying. One of the future potential successors for the giant heads of the Pill Tower!

That first title might not be a resounding one, but it was sufficient to get a countless number of people to view her as a goddess high above them. A giant head of the Pill Tower. This was a position that possessed a great amount of authority across the entire continent. Anyone seated here would truly experience what kind of feeling a monstrous authority was…

The Pill Tower was the holy ground in the hearts of all the alchemists on the continent. One could even unceremoniously say that the giant heads of the Pill Tower were the spiritual leaders in the hearts of a countless number of alchemists. The ability of the Pill Tower to gather people was something that did not even need mentioning. This kind of summoning ability was completely controlled by the desire of the giant heads of the Pill Tower!

Cao Ying, the most outstanding genius the Cao clan had ever produce was a personal disciple of one of the three giant heads of the Pill Tower. With the direction she was currently developing in, it was definitely possible for her to become a potential successor of one of the Pill Tower’s giant heads a century later. Moreover… if she was lucky, she might even be able to remove the title of ‘potential.’ At that time… she would be one of the few female giant heads ever since the Pill Tower had been established!

The glaring glow over the head of this lady full of such great achievement was sufficient to cause everyone in the hall to look up to her.

The black-clothed lady swept her eyes over the hall. She did not sweep her eyes over the others. Instead, her eyes paused on the seats of the Dan clan. Of course, her eyes did not stop on the warm and elegant Dan Xuan. Instead, they were looking at the timid, young lady beside him.

That young lady bunched her eyebrows together after having appeared to have sensed Cao Ying’s focus. Their eyes crossed each other before the young lady quickly moved her eyes away.

An enchanting smile surfaced on Cao Ying’s face when she saw her look away. Cao Ying shifted her footsteps and walked to the Cao clan’s seats. The members of the Cao clan followed close behind. Xiao Yan finally saw a familiar person among this group, Cao Dan.

At this moment, Cao Dan was closely following behind Cao Ying. His lowered eyes would occasionally drift to the alluring figure in front of him. There was a deeply hidden fondness within his eyes.

Xiao Yan’s gaze paused for a moment on Cao Dan before it turned to another strongly built man. This person had a serious face. His eyebrows were quite thick, giving him a stern feeling. He was the only male from the Cao clan who did not feel the least bit of pressure when standing behind Cao Ying.

“I think that person should be Cao Xiu, right…”

Xiao Yan slowly withdrew his eyes. These three people represented the top strength of the younger generation from the Cao clan. Of course, if it was Cao Ying, it was likely that even some of the older fellows from the Cao clan would be eclipsed by her. This witch was really not someone an ordinary person could compare with.

Cao Ying led the Cao clan and walked to their allocated seats in front of the many gazes within the large hall. Her footsteps slightly paused when she passed by the Dan clan. She turned her head. Her prett

y eyes landed on the weak, young lady as she sweetly smiled, “Sister Dan Chen, it has been a long time since we have last met.”

That young lady, who was called Dan Chen, merely lowered her chin in the face of Cao Ying’s greeting. She did not say much.

“It is unexpected that you have also come this time around. It is likely because of the Pill Gathering, right? Ha ha, the Dan clan has really put in quite a great amount of effort. Could it be that it is planning to embrace the champion spot of the Pill Gathering this time around?” Cao Ying covered her mouth and softly laughed.

Dan Chen appeared just like a little girl under the cold and arrogant demeanor of Cao Ying. She did not show the slightest attempt to verbally spar with Cao Ying.

“Miss Cao Ying must be joking. The champion of this season’s Pill Gathering will definitely land in your hands. The other people don’t have the qualification…” Dan Xuan, who was in front of Dan Chen, smiled and replied on her behalf.

“You really have a way with words. However, you can forget about getting me to lower my guard because of them…” Cao Ying was noncommittal in the face of Dan Xuan’s words. Her pretty eyes stared at Dan Chen as she softly said, “But I really wish to know just how much stronger you are compared to back then after having not seen your for two years. That state… I wonder if you have completely stepped into it?”

Dan Chen no longer revealed a delicate appearance when someone mentioned something related to pill refinement. She appeared to have turned into another person. Her eyes were focused on Cao Ying as she said, “I also wish to know…”

Cao Ying was not the least bit surprised in the face of Dan Chen’s sudden transformation. Instead, she laughed and gently nodded. She waved her sleeves, turned around, and walked toward the seats of the Cao clan. Her footsteps did not even pause when she passed by the Ye clan along the way. She climbed her seat at the front and slowly sat down.

Cao Ying completely ignored the Ye clan, but that Cao Dan suddenly paused his steps. He revealed a cold smile to Xiao Yan and said, “It is unexpected that you have really intervened in this matter.”

Xiao Yan raised his eyes, smiled, and ignored Cao Dan.

A chill flashed across Cao Dan’s face when he saw Xiao Yan completely disregard him. He was just about to let out a cold cry when that strongly built man extended a hand to stop him. That man glanced at Xiao Yan indifferently and said, “Let’s move. What would it look like if you made a big fuss here?”

Although Cao Dan felt a little unwilling, he still nodded hearing Cao Xiu’s words. After which, he let out a cold snort and walked to the seats of the Cao clan.

“Are you that Xiao Yan? I have heard Cao Dan mention you.” That man stared at Xiao Yan before faintly speaking.

Xiao Yan’s eyes looked at this man with a swift and fierce body. Looking at his outer appearance, it was really difficult to tell that the other party was a high tier alchemist. However, this person was indeed as Ye Zhong had described him. He appeared more mature and much calmer compared to Cao Dan.

“Cao Xiu, one of the three great geniuses of the Cao clan. You are quite well-known…” Xiao Yan smiled as replied.

“Genius is not used to describe someone like me…” Cao Xiu’s eyes stared at Xiao Yan. After which, he glanced at Ye Zhong and the others by Xiao Yan’s side. He slowly said, “Your level is quite high, but it is likely extremely difficult for you to rescue the Ye clan. Hopefully, you will not end up pulling yourself into a quagmire…”

“Thank you for your honest warning.” Xiao Yan smiled as he thanked Cao Xiu.

Cao Xiu nodded. He was unwilling to say anything more as he turned around and walked to the seats of the Cao…

“This fellow is indeed not as simple as that impulsive Cao Dan, who is simple-minded…” Xiao Yan looked at Cao Xiu’s back, stretched his lazy waist, and softly commented.

“Cao Xiu’s pill refining talent is not better than Cao Dan’s talent. However, his achievements are greater than Cao Dan’s…” Ye Zhong nodded and sighed. “This person possesses a strong perseverance. The Cao clan is indeed very lucky to possess both Cao Ying and him…”

“Big brother, what is there for you and that fellow to talk about? You must help me take revenge this time around. As long as you can stop that brat from entering the top three, the Ye clan will be finished…” Cao Dan looked at Cao Xiu, who had sat beside him. Cao Dan spoke with dissatisfaction.

Cao Xiu glanced at him. He faintly replied, “He is not a simple person. I am not surprised that he can beat you. He might really end up getting into the top three this time around…”

“He is also a tier 7 middle grade alchemist… and he has achieved this at such an age. Moreover, he does not possess the usual arrogance of a young person. Clearly, his mental state is good… it is indeed not surprising if he enters the top three in this test.” Cao Ying, who was sitting in the leader’s spot, played with a round jade bead using her long, snow-white hand. She did not turn around when she heard the conversation between the two. All she did was randomly utter some words.

Cao Dan felt even more displeased upon hearing this. It seemed he was unhappy that these two had evaluated Xiao Yan so highly. However, he did not dare to comment on anything to Cao Ying. Hence, he could only swallow the words in his mouth in a dispirited manner.

The ground within the large hall suddenly began to shake after the members of the Cao clan took their seats. The position of the five great clans shifted backwards like some mobile ground. In the blink of an eye, an extremely spacious open ground appeared in the middle of the hall.

A white-haired, old man, who was filled with energy, slowly stepped out when the arena appeared. His eyes slowly swept over the hall as he smiled and said, “Since the five great clans have all arrived, the old me shall not say too much. This season’s test will be conducted by me. No one has any objections, do they?”

“Ke ke, Elder Sheng, with your status in the Pill Tower, who will dare to doubt you?” Only Cao Ying replied with a lovely smile when the white-haired, old man laughed because this person’s status was a little too high for quite a number of the people seated here.

“This elder is called Sheng Yao. He is one of the eight great Elders of the Pill Tower and possesses a large say within the Pill Tower. He could be described as a true upper echelon of the Pill Tower…” Ye Zhong softly introduced him beside Xiao Yan’s ear.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. He had sensed a vague pressure the moment this white-haired, old man appeared. This kind of pressure originated from deep within his soul. Therefore, he understood that this white-haired, old man was not an ordinary person.

“You girl… there is no need for you to lick my boots. These old bones of mine cannot endure it…” The white-haired, old man grinned. After which, he swung his eyes around the arena and said, “It is about time. The candidates for the five great clans test, please enter…”

The private conversations within the large hall became quiet after these words were uttered by the white-haired elder.

Xiao Yan gentle inhaled a breath of air. His fists slowly tightened under his sleeves. He turned his head, only to see the anxious anticipation within the eyes of Ye Zhong and Xin Lan…

“Big brother Xiao Yan, do your best!”

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at Xin Lan’s anxious, pretty face. A pride surged out of his heart. After which, he gently stood up in front of the eyes of the entire hall.

“It is finally about to begin…”

Whether or not the big boat of the collapsing Ye clan could be saved by Xiao Yan’s strength would be decided today!

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