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Chapter 1098

Chapter 1098: Sky Incinerating Expelling Flames

The seal formed by Xiao Yan’s hands suddenly stiffened after the cold cry sounded in his heart. He clenched his hand and a deep-blue-colored flame slowly curled and rose from his palm.

This deep-blue flame was called the Sea Demon Flame. It was not a Heavenly Flame. Instead, it was merely one of the stronger Beast Flames that Xiao Yan had obtained when collecting Beast Flames. This flame originated from the body of a rank 7 Magical Beast, the Sea Demon Beast. It was quite strong. Of course, it was naturally unable to compare with a Heavenly Flame. However, this thing cannot be missing now that Xiao Yan wanted to use the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique.

The deep-blue flame appeared and immediately swelled. It wiggled in a mysterious manner before transforming into a hundred-foot-large deep-blue fire wolf.

The Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique required five types of flames to form five different fire spirits: a wolf, a leopard, a lion, a tiger, and a dragon. Only when all five types of fire spirits appeared together would it be possible to form the Five Ring Flame Expelling Formation. Its strength was extremely frightening. However, it was a little unfortunate that Xiao Yan was only able to form three figures of the five spirits using three types of Heavenly Flames. Thus, its strength would be slightly reduced. Even if that was the case, its strength was still sufficient to burn the seas and boil the skies.
(TL: The last beast is changed to a dragon rather than a snake)

The seal of Xiao Yan’s hands changed once again after forming the fire wolf spirit. A fiery red bead quietly appeared in his palm. The sunlight from the sky caused a large cluster of white-colored flames to appear on Xiao Yan’s palm.

Xiao Yan’s mind controlled this cluster of white-colored flames as it swiftly wiggled. Within a short period of time, it agglomerated into a fire leopard spirit!

With Xiao Yan’s current flame controlling ability and his practice of the Flame Creation Skill, he had already reached the requirement needed for this Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique. The formation of five types of fire spirits did not pose much difficulty to him…

A large fire wolf and fire leopard stood in front of Xiao Yan in a ferocious manner. They emitted a low roar to Tian She’s group. This action of Xiao Yan had also caused Tian She’s group to be somewhat surprised. They were a little uncertain about Xiao Yan’s intention…

While Tian She’s group was feeling surprise, Xiao Yan’s hands once again swiftly changed. A green, invisible, and dense-white flames slowly appeared from his palm one after another!

Following the appearance of these three types of Heavenly Flames, the temperature of this place significantly rose. The cold air barrier that covered Ye City intensely fluctuated. However, it was fortunate that there were many Ice River Valley’s disciples providing cold Qi to it. Therefore no paleness could be found on the barrier of cold air…

The familiarity Xiao Yan had over these three types of Heavenly Flame was far greater than the two flames from earlier. Hence, the formation of the last three types of fire beast did not exhaust too much time. Within a few minutes, a life-like lion fire spirit, a life-like tiger fire spirit, and a life-like dragon fire spirit were born from the churning Heavenly Flames, appearing in this place.

The space of the sky trembled following the appearance of these five types of fire spirits. The originally quiet natural energy also seemed to be dragged by something as it became extremely violent…

The sudden change that had appeared stirred the surprise of a countless number of people. A moment later, numerous gazes were thrown to the five large fire spirits beside Xiao Yan withou

t any prior agreement. These five large beings had only just appeared when such a change was formed in nature. Clearly, there was definitely a relation between the occurrences.

“Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique… it is unexpected that this little fellow has practiced it to this stage. Ke ke, by having practiced my Dou Technique, he can be considered to have obtained some of my inheritance, right?” Tian Huo zun-zhe’s eyes was also attracted by the ripple in nature. Surprise flashed across his eyes when he saw the five familiar fire spirits. The corner of his mouth was immediately a little pleased.

“This Ice River Valley’s way of doing things does really match the word ‘despicable.’ Forget about bullying someone younger just because you are older. Now, you even want to bully others with numbers. It really diminishes the prestige of a large sect.” Tian Huo zun-zhe glanced at Tian Shuang Zi in front of him and faintly chastised.

“The winner becomes the king while the loser becomes the bandit. My Ice River Valley only cares about the results when doing anything, not the process of how it is done.” Tian Shuang Zi gave a smile in the face of Tian Huo zun-zhe’s mockery. He said, “However, the performance of this brat has far exceeded my expectations. He will no longer have the protection of luck this time around…”

Tian Shuang Zi clearly understood the strength of Tian She. Although Tian She had failed the last time, the reason for that was due to Tian Huo zun-zhe. Moreover, he was currently aided by two Ice River Valley’s Elders. With the three of them joining hands, no one below the level of a Dou Zun could fight with them. There was no need to even talk about Xiao Yan!

Tian Huo zun-zhe remained non-committal.

These two people stood in the sky without anyone being able to see through them. A big battle had erupted in the other place, but this side, which ought to be the battle that would attract the most attention, had two people facing each other like wooden pillars. They showed no traces of being about to fight.

Of course, this kind of outer appearance was naturally only what an ordinary expert could see. In the eyes of those with good eyesight, they would naturally understand that Tian Huo zun-zhe and Tian Shuang Zi had just experienced a dangerous clash. Both parties’ auras were locked onto each other. As long as the aura either of them fluctuated even a little due to an external event, they would immediately attract a truly storm-like attack. An elite Dou Zun normally did not fight, but when they do, they would unleash a truly terrifying attack!

The change in nature naturally did not escape the notice of Tian She’s group. Their expressions immediately changed a little as their eyes sank while looking at the five fire spirits around Xiao Yan.

“Don’t delay any longer. Attack!”

Tian She felt a little uneasiness within his heart. His expression was gloomy as he slammed the snake-shaped walking stick in his hand down, and he cried out with a deep voice.

Bing Xuan and Bing Hua nodded slightly upon hearing Tian She’s words. They curled their hands and an ice-cold aura swiftly surged. Immediately, it transformed into two flickering ice swords. Threads of bone chilling air continuously seeped out of them.

The five fire spirit lingered around Xiao Yan’s body. Hot flames continuously surged out of their bodies. Their high temperatures caused even the space itself to distort.


Xiao Yan stood amid the fire spirits. His expression was calm. At a certain instant, he lifted his brows as a sharp, cold wind rushed up from behind him, striking at his fatal spot behind his head!

Xiao Yan did not move his body in the face of this cold wind attack that had suddenly erupted. The wolf and leopard fire spirit by the side emitted low, deep roars. Two waves of flames shot out of their mouths and completely blocked the cold air that was rushing over in an explosive fashion.

“Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique, in formation!”

The sudden sneak attack that had erupted also broke the stalemate. A coldness flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. The seal formed by his hands changed suddenly as a cold cry was emitted from his mouth!

After Xiao Yan’s cry sounded, the five fire spirits beside him emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as they rushed out, forming a pentagon shape. They completely covered an area within a hundred meter radius as they moved!


Low and deep roars were emitted from the mouths of the five fire spirits. Immediately, five completely different colored fire pillars were shot out of their mouths. After which, they shot straight into each other’s bodies, forming a perfect pentagon light shape!

Chi chi!

After the fire pillars were emitted into each other’s body, the surface of the five fire spirits emitted a bright luster. Numerous light pillars erupted from their bodies. They immediately rushed out and transformed into many light rays that began to draw the shape of a mysterious large formation…

The rays of light crossed and orbited each other. Within a short moment, they had actually created an extremely complicated light formation in the sky!

The light formation had just been formed when a bright fire curtain rushed down, covering the space within a hundred meter radius within it. Tian She and the two others were also caught within this fire curtain!

This sudden unexpected change caused the expression of Tian She’s group to change. Their bodies moved and gathered together. All of their hands moved and majestic, cold auras surged out. Finally, they violently smashed into the surrounding fire curtain. However, all it did was cause the fire curtain to fluctuate a little. Their cold auras automatically disappeared upon contact with the fire curtain.

“Old She, the fire affinity energy within this formation is really too wild and violent. The Dou Qi within our bodies is being suppressed…” Bing Xuan’s expression changed as he uttered some words after sensing that his attack had considerably weakened.

Tian She’s face was gloomy. His gaze was dark and dense as he looked at Xiao Yan, who was also within this great formation. He spoke in a dense manner, “There is no need to panic. Regardless of how many tactics this brat has, he will definitely be unable to defeat the three of us! Therefore, don’t panic and lose focus!”

Xiao Yan looked at Tian She’s group within the formation and coldly laughed, “That may not be certain…”

The hand seal of Xiao Yan’s hand suddenly changed after his voice sounded. Following the transformation of his hand, the surrounding fire curtain began to form ripples. Immediately, a five-colored, brilliant flame surged out of it. After which, it transformed into a sea of flames that filled the light formation.

The five-colored flame was extremely beautiful. However, when this flame appeared, even Tian She’s expression became ugly despite his strength because he clearly sensed a kind of unusually destructive energy within the flame…

Three types of Heavenly Flames, one type of Beast Flames, and one type of mysterious Sun Flame. The five types of flames merged together and stimulated each other. The final creation could only be described by the word ‘frightening.’

“Sky Incinerating Expelling Flames!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was ice-cold. The Dou Qi within his body continuously surged out. Finally, it entered the fire curtain around him. His finger suddenly pointed at Tian She’s three men group below. The unusually frightening five-colored flame immediately appeared like a ferocious beast as it swept toward Tian She’s group while being accompanied by distorted space.

The current Xiao Yan had reached the strength of a seven star Dou Zong after having unleashed the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change. There was not much of a gap between him and Tian She. After adding the fighting strength that was erupted from the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique, even Tian She could not help but feel shock within his heart.

Tian She’s expression slightly changed when he saw the colorful flame sweep over from all directions. Bing Xuan and Bing Hua behind him felt their heads become numb. They could clearly sense an extremely violent, destructive might within the beautiful flame…

This kind of destructive strength was something that even someone as strong as Tian She needed to treat seriously. Otherwise, he would only end up dying on the spot!

At this moment, the extremely proud Elder Tian She could not help but withdraw the poor estimation he made for Xiao Yan!

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