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Chapter 1055: Seeing Pill Lightning Again

Thick, dark clouds gathered in the sky above the valley. The ray of morning light, that had just appeared on the horizon, was blocked by the clouds. Within an instant, the entire valley had become exceptionally dark. Only when the silver-colored lightning cut through the dark clouds would the valley below light up.

The medicinal fragrance on the stage had reached a peak saturation when dark clouds gathered in the sky. Even the surrounding natural energy of the stone stage was drawn by this pill fragrance, emitting a slight vibration as it did so.

A jade-green flame fiercely burned within the medicinal cauldron. A green-red spherical medicinal pill was slowly rotating in the air above the flame. A shocking energy was repeatedly being emitted from it. The energy collided with the walls of the medicinal cauldron, emitting a 'clanging' metallic sound.

Xiao Yan looked at the medicinal pill that was rotating within the medicinal cauldron. A smile involuntarily surfaced on his pale-white face. His eyelids were slowly shut and a fatigue spread from his soul, causing him to feel a little giddy. The pill formation this time around had really exhausted him a little too much. If his will has not supports him from within his heart, it was likely that he would have found it difficult to succeed.

The thunderbolt that cut through the dark clouds within the sky lit up Xiao Yan's pale face. He appeared exceptionally frail. Everyone knew that he had used up all of his strength once they saw his condition.

"Young friend Yan Xiao, a mere thanks does not do a great favor justice. Leave the pill lightning to the old me. You can rest for awhile." Tang Zhen woke up from his excited state. He hurriedly spoke with his hands cupped together when he saw the frail condition of Xiao Yan.

Tang Zhen was just about to fight with this so-called Pill Lightning after speaking these words when he suddenly heard Xiao Yan panting, "Valley Chief Tang, leave the matter of the Pill Lightning to me."

Tang Zhen was startled when he heard this. He hurriedly said, "Young friend Yan Xiao. Rest assured that this Pill Lightning won't be able to harm the old me. How can you still receive this Pill Lightning in your current condition?"

"Of course I am aware that you can receive the Pill lightning. However, my Earth Demon Puppet still requires the Pill Lightning to refine its body…" Xiao Yan rolled his eyes and muttered in his heart. He immediately waved his hand and the bright-silver Earth Demon Puppet appeared with a flash. He glanced at Tang Zhen and softly laughed, "Valley Chief Tang, this Pill Lightning is useful to me. Please do not snatch it away from me…"

After the refinement by the Pill Lightning last time, the strength of the Earth Demon Puppet had undoubtedly risen. If it were to undergo another refinement, it was likely that the might of the Earth Demon Puppet would increase again. This thing was a top notch fighter for Xiao Yan. It would naturally be best if its strength could increase.

Tang Zhen was startled when he saw the Earth Demon Puppet that appeared. A surprise immediately flashed through his eyes as he exclaimed, "Puppet?"

With Tang Zhen's eyesight, he was naturally able to identify the Earth Demon Puppet at a glance. Xiao Yan did not feel any surprise about this. He raised his head, looked at the dense, dark clouds in the sky, and nodded.

"Since young friend Yan Xiao insists on doing so, I will allow your puppet to face the Pill Lightning. You can just voice any concerns if anything happens later." Although he was unaware of why Xiao Yan had such confidence in his puppet, this Pill Lightning was ultimately something that Xiao Yan had summoned and Tang Zhen was unable to comment too much. Moreover, Xiao Yan had already done him a massive favor by helping him successfully refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill. Tang Zhen would naturally not say too much about such a small matter.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His eyes looked to the sky. He weakly raised his hand and softly said, "Go."

The order had just sounded when the Earth Demon Puppet's feet violently stomped on the ground. Its body rose like a rocket and paused in mid-air. The thick, dark clouds were emitting lightning's might around a couple hundred feet above its head.

The surprise in Tang Zhen's eyes involuntarily increased in intensity when he saw that the Earth Demon Puppet was able to remain suspended in the air like an elite Dou Zong. His heart let out a praise. He discovered that he appeared to be unable to see through this extremely young man. Not only did this person possess a Heavenly Flame, but he also possessed such a great achievement in terms of pill refinement. Now, he had even took out a puppet that was comparable to an elite Dou Zong. All of this caused Xiao Yan's identity to become much more mysterious…

All of the changes on the stone stage were captured by the eyes of those present, especially the case when they saw Xiao Yan summon a silver-colored human figure that flew into the sky. All of them were stunned. Due to a puppet not possessing any breath, some of those with sharper senses could tell what it was after probing it.

"It is actually a puppet? Does Yan Xiao intend to use this puppet to block the Pill Lightning?"

"The Pill Lightning formed by a high-grade tier 7 medicinal pill is not child's play. Even five star and above expert Dou Zongs will barely be able to block it. Can that puppet receive it?"

Everyone present felt really uncertain about Xiao Yan's . Due to his earlier shocking performance, however, everyone learns to be a little better behaved. They did not dare to randomly ridicule him because everyone knew that this young man, who appeared much younger than all of them, possessed an achievement far from what they could compare with.

Although this was quite harsh to these alchemist grandmasters, it was, after all, the truth. They would not be able to escape it regardless of how difficult it was for them to accept it. Since they could not escape, they could only forcefully accept it…

Of course, they were not the only ones who possessed such thoughts. The Burning Flame Valley disciples around the square were unable to make heads or tails of Xiao Yan's actions. If Xiao Yan was at his peak, they might still believe him if he wanted to receive the Pill Lightning. However, he was completely spent. Forget about receiving the Pill Lightning. Even a random Burning Flame Valley disciple would be able to defeat him at this moment…

"What is father thinking? Although that puppet will receive the Pill Lightning, it is clear that it is connected to Yan Xiao. If the puppet is destroyed by the Pill Lightning, Yan Xiao will suffer an injury as a result. With his current condition, it is very difficult for him to receive such a blow…" Tang Huo Er's eyebrows were vertical as she studied the silver-colored figure in the sky. She involuntarily and softly muttered to herself.

Xiao Yan was unconcerned about the numerous doubtful eyes around the square. He also did not do anything about them because the dark clouds in the sky had unleashed their might after a brewing period. A loud thunderous roar continuously rumbled.

"I wonder if the Earth Demon Puppet will advance in grade after absorbing this Pill Lightning…" Xiao Yan muttered to himself. The Earth Demon Puppet was divided into three grades: the Man, Earth, and Sky grade. When the puppet was initially refined, it was mixed between the lowest Man grade and Earth grade. However, after being refined by the Pill Lightning once, it had leaped into the Earth grade.

Just a mere Earth grade Earth Demon Puppet was able to fight a five to six star Dou Zong. If it was the highest grade Sky Demon Puppet… it was likely that it would possess the ability to fight even in the face of an elite Dou Zun.

"A Dou Zun class puppet…"

Xiao Yan's heart involuntarily turned fiery hot when he thought about this. It gradually calmed down. It was definitely not so easy to reach the sky grade. This kind of thing must be taken slow.


Thunder suddenly exploded across the sky when this thought appeared in Xiao Yan's head. Immediately, one could see a thigh-thick silver bolt of lightning tearing through the dark clouds like a silver, giant python. After which, it rushed toward the medicinal cauldron on the stone stage in a lightning-like fashion.

A thought rushed through Xiao Yan's heart when the silver lightning shot out. The Earth Demon Puppet in the sky immediately rushed down. It appeared on the stone stage, widened its arms, and allowed the silver-colored bolt to violently smash into its body.


Silver lightning struck the body of the puppet while an unusually deep, muffled sound appeared. This sound caused everyone's hearts to suddenly jump.

The body of the Earth Demon Puppet was pushed down by this silver lightning bolt by nearly ten meters. Only then did it forcefully stabilize its body. At this moment, a countless number of silver-colored lightning arcs were flashing as they repeatedly entered its body. If it was an ordinary person, it was likely that their skin would have split open long ago. However, the Earth Demon Puppet did not feel anything. Instead, its shriveled body was gradually becoming stronger as the lightning entered it…

"It is actually absorbing the energy of the Pill Lightning?"

Tang Zhen looked at the puppet which was fine despite having been struck by the silver lightning. It was instead absorbing the strength of the bolt. A surprised expression involuntarily flashed across Tang Zhen's eyes when he did so.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After a silver bolt of lightning was easily received by the Earth Demon Puppet, the dark clouds in the sky began to intensely churn. An instant later, another three lightningbolts, even stronger than the first one, rushed down from the dark clouds. The rumbling sound of explosions followed!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Faced with these three silver bolts, the Earth Demon Puppet did not hesitate even a little under Xiao Yan's control. It appeared just like a lightning rod, attracting the three silver bolts of lightning to its body.

The Earth Demon Puppet fell under the fierce strike of the three silver lightning. It smashed into the ground. Both of its feet were inserted deep into the hard-rock ground. However, it rose after the silver lightning scattered. Its entire body was emitting a dazzling silver glow as it floated into the air, appearing just like a majestic war god that would never fall.

The Pill Lightning appeared to have become angered in the face of this provocation by the Earth Demon Puppet. It repeatedly spat out enormous bolts of lightning from the dark clouds. After which, it appeared like a machine gun as they were beckoned to the Earth Demon Puppet body with a crackling sound. This spectacular scene caused those viewing it to feel their breathing turn sluggish…

Xiao Yan's eyes looked at at the Earth Demon Puppet that was smashed down again and again by the Pill Lightning in the sky before it would rise again. A smile filled with anticipation involuntarily surfaced on his face. He wondered just how much stronger the Earth Demon Puppet would become after being refined by the Pill Lightning this time around.

Xiao Yan's heart was filled with anticipation when he thought of this…

Chapter 1056: Successful Pill Refinement

Silver lightning rammed down from the sky covered in dark clouds. They rapidly materialized from all over the sky. The entire sky slightly shook at this moment. The dim valley appeared like it was daytime because of the continuously flashing silver lightning. A loud rumbling sound resounded unceasingly over the entire valley.

A bright-silver-colored figure floated in the sky amid the pouring of the silver lightning from all over. It attracted the surrounding silver lightning to itself!

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Each silver bolt of lightning that fell from the sky would forcefully cause the silver-colored figure to descend because of the enormous strength present within each bolt. The muffled sound that was emitted when the two made contact caused some people's heads to turn numb. If it was an ordinary person forcefully receiving the blows head-on, they would have turned into a piece of charcoal.

Xiao Yan's eyes intently stared at the Earth Demon Puppet suspended in the sky permeated by lightningbolts. Due to the connection between the two of them, he was able to vaguely sense that the strength of the Earth Demon Puppet was gradually rising amid these silver strikes…

The Earth Demon Puppet was unable to use Dou Skills. However, it possessed an extremely terrifying physical body. This physical body would not only not be destroyed under the smashing Pill Lightning but would actually end up absorbing the lightning strength within it, strengthening its body that did not feel any pain…

"The Pill Lightning that is created by a high grade tier 7 medicinal pill is indeed extremely strong. Even with the strength of the Earth Demon Puppet, one would be barely able to block it. However, it is fortunate that the Earth Demon Puppet is able to absorb the strength of the lightningbolt and allow it to gradually get used to the Pill Lightning. Otherwise, even if it did not feel any pain, it would still be unable to endure after being struck by so many silver bolts of lightning…"

Xiao Yan glanced at the ferocious, thick layer of dark clouds that did not disappear for a long time. He then involuntarily shook his head and softly muttered to himself.

"However, it will be soon. The speed at which the Pill Lightning is descending is clearly inferior to its earlier peak…"

"What a strange puppet. It is likely that this puppet's fighting strength alone would not be inferior to that of a seven star Dou Zong. Moreover, from the looks of it, this puppet can still absorb lightning power to strengthen itself. If this continues and it ends up experiencing a couple more Pill Lightning, it is likely that even an elite Dou Zun will not be able to do anything to it…"

On the stone stage, Tang Zhen revealed the surprise in his eyes as the Earth Demon Puppet remained unharmed in the face of so much silver lightning. Such a puppet was something that he had rarely encountered even with his experience.

"It is really unexpected that Yan Xiao is able to receive this Pill Lightning by just relying on this puppet. This young person really causes one to feel continuously surprised…"

Tang Zhen let out a soft sigh in his heart. He naturally sensed that the shocking Pill Lightning in the sky was gradually approaching its end.

Of course, many people present also had such thoughts. Everyone was clearly aware of the might of the Pill Lightning formed by a high grade tier 7 medicinal pill. Each time a medicinal pill of such a tier was born, one would require a couple of elite Dou Zongs to join hands to provide protection during this final Pill Lightning…

However, the Pill Lightning that had given quite a number of alchemist a headache was easily received by a puppet that Xiao Yan had summoned. This naturally caused quite a number of people to be filled with disbelief. If word of this were to spread, it was likely that even some alchemist gurus would be interested in it. After all, as long as one possessed this strange puppet, one would no longer need to worry about Pill Lightning when refining pills in the future.

Another loud thunderous roar resounded over the sky while various thoughts were churning through everyone present. A five-foot-large silver lightningbolt cut through the sky with a crackling sound, appearing just like a silver dragon as it did. It ruthlessly smashed into the Earth Demon Puppet.


This powerful collision ruthlessly smashed the Earth Demon Puppet down. It immediately landed in the square. Rock fragments shot out, revealing an enormous pit that was over a hundred feet in size. Numerous arm-thick crack lines repeatedly spread out like a spiderweb around the deep pit.

The sudden and unexpected change caused the many Burning Flame Valley's disciples to hurriedly withdraw as though they had suffered. They immediately looked at the enormous pit and inhaled a deep breath of cool air.

The thick, dark clouds in the sky gradually ceased churning after emitting this strong silver bolt of lightning. After which, it swiftly thinned. Numerous light rays penetrated through the dark clouds, transforming into a countless number of light spots that landed on the the Burning Flame Valley, which had just experienced the destruction of Pill Lightning.

The sunlight scattered down and swiftly expelled the darkness within the valley. The shocking lightning's might from earlier swiftly disappeared as a result.

Everyone present sighed in relief upon seeing the Pill Lightning disappear. Immediately, numerous gazes were thrown to that enormous deep pit in union. They faced each other. Did it fail at the last moment after having endured so many thunderbolts?

"Young friend Yan Xiao, are you alright?"

Tang Zhen was also shocked at the last Pill Lightning that had erupted. He looked at the deep bit below before turning to Xiao Yan and hurriedly asking.

Xiao Yan's expression was as white as a sheet. He waved his hand, but his laughter appeared to be without strength, "Valley Chief Tang, rest assured…" Xiao Yan's hand seals changed after speaking. Immediately, a deep sound appeared from the deep pit. A silver-colored human figure rose before steadily landing on the stone stage.

Xiao Yan's eyes swiftly landed on the Earth Demon Puppet in front of him. After this Pill Lightning refinement, the bright-silver color on its body appeared exceptionally pure. It was as though the puppet was made of pure silver, making it extremely eye-catching.

Xiao Yan's hand rubbed the Earth Demon Puppet. The icy-cool metallic-like feeling meant its skin was hard. However, the thing that caused Xiao Yan to be somewhat disappointed was that seemed to be unable to find a golden color on the body of the Earth Demon Puppet.

The Demon Puppet was separated into three grades: Sky, Earth, and Man. It could be differentiated through the color on its surface. The Man grade was bronze in color, Earth grade was silver in color, and Sky grade was gold in colour… currently, the Demon Puppet was bright-silver in color. Clearly, it was still at the Earth grade. When it turned into a golden color, it would finally be truly called the Sky Demon Puppet and not the Earth Demon Puppet.

Although the puppet did not turn into a golden color, Xiao Yan clearly sensed that the strength of the Earth Demon Puppet had risen after this Pill Lightning refinement. According to his guess, it was likely that the current Earth Demon Puppet would be able to barely put up a fight against an old demon on Fei Tian's level. One might not dare to say that it would defeat the other party, but it would be a threat against Fei Tian not like in the past.

"Looks like it is quite difficult for it to advance to the Sky grade…"

Xiao Yan softly sighed. He was just about to store the Earth Demon Puppet into his Storage Ring when his hand suddenly trembled. He stared at the empty eyes of the puppet. There was actually a vague, dark-dull-golden color at that spot.

"Golden color?"

Although this thread of golden color had an extremely weak luster, it was exceptionally obvious in the empty eyes of the Earth Demon Puppet. Hence, it did not escape Xiao Yan's notice.

Xiao Yan's heart was somewhat excited as his eyes stared intently at the thread of dark-golden luster. This golden color was extremely faint. Nevertheless, it caused him to identify the advancement method of the Earth Demon Puppet. This method was using the lightning strength within Pill Lightning to refine the Demon Puppet's body, strengthening it and allowing it to achieve the final quality change.

"Looks like I need to think of a way to allow the Demon Puppet to absorb Pill Lightning in the future. If it can absorb it and advance into the Sky stage, it will be a great help to me. After all, this is a true trump card. Moreover, the matter of betrayal will never happen." Xiao Yan suppressed the excitement in his heart and softly muttered within it.

Xiao Yan extended his hand after making up his mind. He returned the Earth Demon Puppet in front of him into his Storage Ring. After which, his gaze turned to the interior of the medicinal cauldron. There was a green-red, round medicinal pill that was rotating there. The rich pill fragrance it radiated caused one to feel relaxed and happy.

"Is this the Fire Bodhisattva Pill…"

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled as his eyes paused on the green-red medicinal pill within the medicinal cauldron. He flicked his finger and the cauldron cover automatically flew open. Immediately, a green-red glow rushed out of it in a lightning-like manner. It did not pause as it flew into the sky, looking as though it was attempting to flee.

"Valley Chief Tang, I will leave it to you?"

Xiao Yan smiled as he observed the medicinal pill that was attempting to flee. A medicinal pill at this tier had already formed some spirituality. It knew how to avoid danger. Hence, it fled by itself the moment it left the medicinal cauldron.

Tang Zhen laughed out loud when he heard Xiao Yan's words. He immediately nodded and grabbed with his palm toward the sky. The space in the fleeing direction of the Fire Bodhisattva Pill solidified. The pill collided with it and rebounded.

Tang Zhen waved his sleeves and a suction force surged out. He easily swept the Fire Bodhisattva Pill back before he swiftly took out a top quality jade-bottle. After which, he stuffed this green-red pill, that was still attempting to flee, into the bottle.

Tang Zhen sighed in relief as he held the jade bottle in his hand, appearing as though he had released a heavy burden. His expression was solemn as he turned to Xiao Yan, cupped his hands together, and said in a deep voice, "Young friend Yan Xiao, thank you very much. The old me will remember this favor."

"I was also doing as tasked."

Xiao Yan shook his head. An unusually fierce tiredness and frailness suddenly swept out from deep within his soul. Immediately, the area in front of him slowly turned black, causing him to fall from the stone chair head first without any ability to resist it.

"A high-grade tier 7 medicinal pill is indeed not something so easy to refine…"

A mutter that carried a bitter laugh sounded within Xiao Yan's heart just before he fell unconscious…

Chapter 1057: Yin Yang Life Soul Pill

By the time Xiao Yan woke up from his unconscious state, he was surprised to find himself lying on a soft bed. The entire room had a serene fragrance drifting within it.

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes. A dullness remained within them for a moment before a life force gradually surged into his dark-black eyes.

Xiao Yan lay on the bed for a moment as he roughly glanced at the interior of his body. He did not find anything wrong with it. His originally exhausted Spiritual Strength from having refined the Fire Bodhisattva Pill had also significantly recovered. That kind of weak and weary feeling had also long since disappeared.

"This is…"

Xiao Yan quietly sighed in relief within his heart when he sensed these changes. He immediately sat up on the bed and glanced at the empty room with some uncertainty. After which, he rubbed the Storage Ring on his finger as a reflexive action. Only after he found that he did not lose anything did he let out a heavy sigh of relief.

"You have already been unconscious for five days."

A familiar voice suddenly sounded within Xiao Yan's heart while he was sighing. It was actually Tian Huo zun-zhe whom Xiao Yan had not heard from for a long time.

Xiao Yan's eyes glanced at the white-colored ring on his finger and involuntarily laughed in his heart, "Old mister Yao, it has been a while. Your condition seems to be good."

"I can be considered alright. By borrowing your blessing in the Heavenly Mountain Blood Pool, my spirit was also nourished by it and gained some benefits. After which, I did not reveal myself due to there being Dou Zun experts appearing around you all the time." Tian Huo zun-zhe's voice quickly sounded within Xiao Yan's heart.

Xiao Yan was involuntarily startled when he heard this. He asked, "Has your current strength recovered to the Dou Zun class?"

"How can it be so easy? Do you really think that it is so easy to recover to the Dou Zun class…" Tian Huo zun-zhe snappily replied when he heard Xiao Yan's words. "If I am unable to find a suitable body, it is likely that I will never be able to recover my Dou Zun's strength."

Xiao Yan quietly laughed. With Yao Lao's ability, even he had difficulty truly reaching the Dou Zun class without a physical body. It seemed that a body was of great use to the advancement of one's strength.

"Old mister Yao, don't be anxious. I will help you resolve the matter of refining a body for you as soon as possible."

After having entered the Middle Region, which was the center of the entire continent, the experts whom Xiao Yan had to face possessed terrifying strengths. Although he had currently broken through to the Dou Zong class, it was not enough to allow him to roam the Middle Region without fear. Any one of the top tier factions in this place has some old demon present within it. He was in possession of many treasures. If someone ended up getting jealous and wishing to forcefully snatch them, it was likely that he would face continuous trouble if he did not have some strength to act as a deterrence.

An elite Dou Zun would naturally provide the most deterrence. If he had an elite Dou Zun guarding beside him all the time, he would be able to straighten his back when he did anything in the Middle Region. Hence, he needed to try his best to bring forward the matter of helping Tian Huo zun-zhe refine a physical body.

However, if one were to think about it, refining a physical body was also not a simple matter. According to what Yao Lao had told him back then, it would require three items: the first was a Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill, the second was the essence blood of a tier 7 Magical Beast, and the third was the skeleton of a Dou Zong. The last two among these three items were not too difficult to find in the eyes of the current Xiao Yan. However, that so-called Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill was not an ordinary item.

The Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill was a tier 7 peak grade medicinal pill. It was rumored that it was a pill that could save anyone who had a breath remaining. If one were to compare it, this medicinal pill was of a higher grade than the Fire Bodhisattva Pill Tang Zhen wanted to refine. By looking at it from this point of view, it would not be overboard to place this Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill into the eighth tier. Some of its mysterious and unique effects allowed it to possess the qualifications to step into that tier.

Although Xiao Yan had reached the level of a tier 7 alchemist, he was not confident he could refine this Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill. Of course, forget about him, even some old renowned alchemist grandmasters, who had remained at the seventh tier for a long time, had a low chance of success when refining a medicinal pill like the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill.

The level of difficulty when refining a tier 7 medicinal pill was something Xiao Yan had personally experienced. If he had entered into that kind of mysterious condition in the Inner Academy back then, it was likely that he would end up failing. This time around, he could not be considered to have refined the pill alone. Instead, it was the combined effort of Grandmaster Huan, Tang Zhen, and himself in order for it to succeed. Although Xiao Yan had put in the greatest effort among them, it was likely that he would have difficulty successfully refining the Fire Bodhisattva Pill if he had to refine it alone. After all, a high grade tier 7 medicinal pill was not an ordinary item.

Since the chances of successfully refining this Fire Bodhisattva Pill alone were so low, there was no need to even discuss the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill, which was a peak grade tier 7 medicinal pill. Based on Xiao Yan's prediction,unless his strength soared once again, he could forget about refining such a medicinal pill. However, the increase of his strength had become much slower after having advanced to the Dou Zong class. Many Dou Zongs remained at the same level even after training for many years. From this, it could be seen just how difficult it was to advance within the Dou Zong class. Hence, he did not know just when it would be before this so-called 'soaring strength' would occur.

According to ordinary circumstances, Xiao Yan could forget about refining the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill without two to three years time. If this was the case, the matter of the physical body refinement would have to be pushed back. However, even if Tian Huo zun-zhe could wait at this moment, it was likely that Xiao Yan could no longer do so. Therefore, he could only think of other methods to help Tian Huo zun-zhe refine a physical body.

"The Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill is too high tier and I am unable to refine it at this moment. Hence, I can only use a medicinal pill with an effect similar to it as a replacement. The effect of this might be a little poorer, but there is no other choice. Once I have my abilities increase in the future, I can help refine an even better one."

Xiao Yan's eyes revealed an expression of being deep in thought. He immediately shut his eyes and his Spiritual Strength entered the dark-black ring Yao Lao left behind. After which, he swiftly searched within the ocean-like medicinal formulae. He needed to find a medicinal formula that could replace the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill.

The interior of the storage ring contained Yao Lao's entire collection over his lifetime. The volume of the collection was extremely frightening. Hence, the search this time around exhausted over two hours of Xiao Yan's time…

Two hours later, Xiao Yan finally opened his tightly shut eyes. He clenched his hand and a pale-green scroll appeared in it.

Yin Yang Life Soul Pill. A tier 7 middle grade medicinal pill. It possesses the mysterious effect of fusing a soul and returning life. The refining ingredients are the Soul Revival Demon Fruit, Life Soul Ghostface Flower…

This so-called Yin Yang Life Soul Pill possessed an effect that was similar to the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill. Moreover, it was only a middle grade tier 7 pill, something Xiao Yan could coincidentally refine. It was quite a good choice to replace the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill.

"The medicinal ingredients needed to be refine it are a little troublesome. Moreover, there are some extremely rare, precious medicinal ingredients among them. However, it should not be too difficult to find them in this Middle Region. A middle grade tier 7 is something within my acceptable range. I can guarantee the success rate of its refinement. The only flaw is that this pill is not as perfect as the Bone Growing Blood Fusing Pill… however, overall, it can be considered not bad. The imperfections in the medicinal pill can be made up in terms of the skeleton and essence blood." Xiao Yan absorbed the information of the medicinal formula into his mind. He mused for a moment before he softly spoke.

"Yes, I will leave this matter up to you. Everything is fine as long as I am able to possess my own body. I have already had enough of being in such a state." Tian Huo zun-zhe spoke without any objections.

"You can rest assured that I will find the medicinal ingredients to refine the Yin Yang Life Soul Pill as quickly as possible, and I will begin to refine the pill upon having gathered all of them. I will definitely allow you to possess your own body within the shortest amount of time." Xiao Yan nodded and spoke with a smile.

Tian Huo zun-zhe also grinned when he heard this. He said,"If you have the time, you should practice the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique that I have imparted on you. The might of it when you can form the Five Ring Flame Expelling Formation will definitely not disappoint you."

Xiao Yan's heart was also a little excited when he heard this. The Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique was a Di class high level Dou Technique. Its might was something that did not need to be described. However, it was quite troublesome to control. With Xiao Yan's previous strength, he could barely form a fire wolf and it was impossible for him to form a formation. He wondered just how many fire spirits he could form now that he had broken through to the Dou Zong class… if he was able to form all five of them, he would truly be able to unleash the might of this Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique.

Of course, Xiao Yan clearly understood in his heart that only if four of the five types of fire spirits in the Five Ring Flame Expelling Formation were formed from Heavenly Flames, only then would the Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique be unleashed at its peak. However, that level was likely something that could only be achieved after Xiao Yan had obtained the Three Thousand Burning Flame…

"Old mister Yao, please relax. The Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique is your greatest skill. The old me will naturally not abandon it so easily."

Xiao Yan's heart became a little boiling hot when he thought of the skill's might at the peak level. He softly laughed in his heart when he did so.

"The old me has not lied to you. Back then, this Five Ring Flame Expelling Technique shook the entire continent. Unfortunately, the current Dou Qi continent seems to be unaware of my old name…" Tain Huo zun-zhe's tone contained some pride. Clearly, he was also quite a famous person in this Dou Qi continent back then.

Xiao Yan slightly smiled. Any expert who could become a Dou Zun were all renowned individuals. Hence, Xiao Yan did not doubt Tian Huo zun-zhe's words.

After chatting for awhile with Tian Huo zun-zhe within his heart, Xiao Yan leaped off the bed and moved his body a little. After which, he walked out of the room. Since he had already helped Tang Zhen refine the Fire Bodhisattva Pill, it should be time to settle the matter of the Skyfire Three Mysterious Change.

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