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Chapter 1003

Mu Qing Luan


Xiao Yan brought Nalan Yanran and walked toward the front of the platform. At this moment, Tang Ying had also coincidentally walked out from the crowd. His gaze glanced at Feng Qing Er at the end of the rock stairs before turning his head to Jin Shi. He cupped his hands together and said, “Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion disciple Tang Ying greets elder Jin Shi.”

Jin Shi nodded his head slightly. His gaze swept over Tang Ying. The other party’s sword aura caused him to slightly nod his head. These four pavilions really lived up to their reputation. The disciples they groomed were all people with great abilities. With such a perfect method to groom new blood, it was little wonder that they were able to possess such a position in the Central Plains.

Tang Ying slapped the large blue-colored sword on his back after the greeting. It emitted a ‘clang’ sound as it automatically flew out. Finally, the sword was suspended in front of Tang Ying. A sharp sword aura permeated out, causing quite a number of people to feel a chill. At the same time, Tang Ying’s toes pressed on the ground and his body gently landed on the sword.

A surprised glint flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at Tang Ying, who stood on his sword. With his eyesight, Xiao Yan was naturally able to discover some energy shooting out of Tang Ying’s fingers and feet. This energy adhered to the sword, providing the large sword with the energy to float in the air.

“This is the Royal Sword Technique of the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion. It is rumored that if one practices it to the highest level, one will be able to control the sword with one’s heart as well as move with the sword. One’s flying speed will also be extremely quick. This can be considered a unique technique of the Ten Thousand Sword Pavilion.” Nalan Yanran softly explained to Xiao Yan. She had gained a slight understanding of these large factions during these few years that she had been in the Central Plains.

“It is indeed quite mysterious.” Xiao Yan nodded. Experts were indeed as numerous as the clouds in the Central Plains. It was extremely rare to see such a mysterious Dou Skill in other places.

Tang Ying’s body slowly rose up while Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanlan were conversing. When he was around thirty to forty feet from the ground, he gradually came to a stop. His gaze stared intently at the densely packed Gold Swallowing Mice on both sides of the rock stairs and narrowed his eyes. An instant later, he swung his robe and the longsword under his feet emitted a ‘chi’ sound and rushed forward like a meteorite. His body transformed into a blue sword figure that rushed toward the top of the mountain.

Screech screech screech!

The sword figure had just charged into the region of the rock stairs when an ear-piercing sound that came from all directions was transmitted toward him. Under this kind of sonic wave attack, even one’s soul would end up intensely trembling. If one did not have a powerful defensive skill, it was likely that one’s soul would end up suffering quite a serious injury.

However, Tang Ying’s expression still remained cold in the face of the powerful sonic wave attack. A sharp sword aura surged out of his body, appearing just like a blue-colored sword lotus, which wrapped around his entire body. The sonic wave formed an intense ripple when it collided with it. However, this did not stop Tang Ying.

In front of the envious eyes of many on the platform, Tang Ying forcefully broke through the many sonic waves within less than three minutes. With a flash of his body, he charged to the top of the mountain and slowly landed on it. His breathing was a little hurried, but his eyes contained a rare excitement. Although only a short amount of time had passed earlier, the danger t

hat it involved was not any less than a big battle between experts of the same level.


Jin Shi nodded slightly and announced after seeing Tang Ying successfully charge to the top of the mountain.


A yellow figure immediately rushed out upon hearing this. Finally, he got out of the crowd ahead of Xiao Yan. He cupped his hands toward Jin Shi and said, “Wang Chen from the Yellow Spring Pavilion.”

Wang Chen suddenly turned his head around after saying this. He looked at Xiao Yan who was a short distance behind and a cold smile surfaced on his face. Xiao Yan completely ignored this. A slight smile still hung on his face.

Wang Chen did not procrastinate. He swiftly turned his body and his gaze landed on the two people at the top of the mountain. With a laugh, a dark-black ink-like Dou Qi swiftly surged out of his body. After which, it wrapped him up like a black ball. His feet stomped on the ground and the black ball used the most brutal method to rush forward with a ‘chi’ sound.

That sonic wave attack once again surged over when Wang Chen entered the area around the rock stairs. However, Wang Chen relied on his powerful Dou Qi to forcefully withstand the sonic wave. His footsteps appeared as though he was flying as he covered a distance of over a hundred feet. In the blink of an eye he was already close to the mountain top.

Quite a number of people emitted an exclamation when they saw that this fellow had chosen to use such a method. They immediately sighed quietly. This fellow’s Dou Qi was indeed vast and strong. He was able to forcefully charge through this sound array. Although it may appear somewhat clumsy, it was still a viable method.

“Ha ha!”

The dark-black ball once again shot forth. Finally, it flipped in the air and landed on top of the mountain with a loud laugh.

“Success.” The corner of Jin Shi’s mouth was also lifted as he spoke when his gaze swept over the mountain top. This fellow’s Dou Qi was clearly much stronger when compared to ordinary experts at the peak of the Dou Huang class. Moreover, it was the rare darkness affinity Dou Qi. Otherwise, even if he could forcefully breakthrough the sound array, he would definitely show signs of being greatly exhausted. However, from the looks of this person, it seemed that he had an easy time. This Yellow Spring Pavilion was indeed also worthy of being one of the four pavilions.


Xiao Yan did not anxiously appear after hearing the voice which escaped Jin Shi’s mouth. His gaze turned and saw a green-clothed, young lady slowly walking over. Naturally, she was Mu Qing Luan from the Falling Star Pavilion.

“Falling Star Pavilion Mu Qing Luan greets elder Jin Shi.” The young lady stood prettily and spoke to Jin Shi with a sweet smile. Her face displayed a playful look.

Jin Shi’s indifferent face finally revealed a smile when his eyes paused on Mu Qing Luan. He nodded his head and slowly said, “Miss Qing Luan’s tongue is really becoming sweeter and sweeter. Back then, your clan asked you to become Feng zun-zhe’s disciple. From the looks of it now, it seems that it was quite a good decision.”

“Feng zun-zhe?”

Xiao Yan, who was randomly shifting his eyes on the platform, suddenly stilled his eyes at this moment. After which, he slowly turned his head in a somewhat stiff manner. His gaze had some disbelief as it locked onto Mu Qing Luan. She was actually Feng zun-zhe’s disciple?

Xiao Yan had the intention of searching for Yao Lao’s extremely good friend, Feng zun-zhe, when he headed to the Central Plains. However, he had not heard much news all this time. Now, he was suddenly able to obtain some information regarding Feng zun-zhe in this place?

“This Mu Qing Luan is a member of the Falling Star Pavilion. If Feng zun-zhe is her teacher, then Feng zun-zhe is likely someone from the Falling Star Pavilion?” This thought swiftly swirled around Xiao Yan’s heart. A wild joy also surged onto his face. He was finally able to obtain news about Feng zun-zhe. If it was really as Yao Lao had said, he would be able to gain a great help and would no longer be alone…

While these thought lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart, Mu Qing Luan’s legs had already stepped onto the rock stairs. After which, she steadily climbed to the end of the rock stairs. When the sonic wave surged over from all directions, a clear bird chipping soft hum was emitted from Mu Qing Luan’s small mouth. Under this soft hum, tho sonic wave that surged over seemed to have met with a nemesis and swiftly scattered. In an instant, the tone within the entire sound array became chaotic.

During this chaos, Mu Qing Luan climbed up leisurely. Around ten minutes later, she ascended to the mountain top. It seemed that she was the person who had the easiest time. Those sonic waves that could hurt a person’s soul seemed to be completely useless against her.

Quite a number of people became stunned when they saw Mu Qing Luan ascend the mountain so easily. No one expected that one could actually pass through this sound array in such a relaxed manner that did not consume any strength.

“Success. Next.” Jin Shi helplessly shook his head when he saw Mu Qing Luan easily reach the top of the mountain. He had forgotten that the sonic wave attack by the Gold Swallowing Mouse did not have much of an effect on Mu Qing Luan. This time around, she had managed to gain a huge advantage.

Xiao Yan was also similarly stunned for quite awhile because of how Mu Qing Luan had easily pass the checkpoint. A moment later, he finally let out a bitter laugh. His eyes swept around him. At this moment, there was still around ten people including Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran who had yet to take the challenge following the success of Feng Qing Er and the three others. There were only four spots left…

Xiao Yan exhaled gently after seeing that no one had stepped forward. He turned his head, lifted his chin toward Nalan Yanran, and strode out in front of everyone’s gazes. Behind him, Nalan Yanran hesitated for a moment before following.

All the gazes present swiftly gathered on Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran. The four people on the mountain top also threw their gazes down with different feelings. One would likely identify Xiao Yan’s strength through this sound array.

“This junior Xiao Yan greets elder Jin Shi.” Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and respectfully spoke.

“Xiao Yan?” Jin Shi’s eyes narrowed slightly upon hearing this name. He had indeed heard of this young man whom even Fei Tian was unable to capture. It was unexpected that even he had come to this place.

“The sound array will strengthen following an increase in the number of people. Are you certain you wish to bring another person along?” Jin Shi’s eyes glanced at Nalan Yanran and said. With his eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that her strength was insufficient to pass this sound array.

Before Xiao Yan could reply, Nalan Yanran behind him began to hesitantly whisper, “Why don’t you go up by yourself? Bringing me along is too much of a burden.”

“Just follow me. Treat it as a gift to her.” Xiao Yan shook his head and slowly walked to the rock stairs.

“A gift to teacher huh…”

Nalan Yanran looked at Xiao Yan’s back. She gently bit her red lips as self-mockery appeared in her eyes. She immediately sighed, lifted her leg, and followed.

Under everyone’s gazes, Xiao Yan and Nalan Yanran slowly paused in front of the rock stairs. Quite a number of people’s eyes revealed a curiosity. Many people really wished to know just whether this person who had created an uproar recently possessed a strength comparable to his reputation.

Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air in front of everyone. He stepped forward and gently landed on the rock stairs!

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